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Luke, who was observing in secret, was cheerful.

Just two of the evil spirits were killed, and this pretentious prick couldn't take it.

The father was a straightforward man; when his clone died, it died. How could he have such a useless son?

While Luke was thinking this, Blackheart turned around and lunged at the spot Luke had fired from, but there was nobody there.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several bullets shot out from the shadows nearby, and Big Dipper's voice rang out. "Go to hell."

Blackheart turned around and lunged at the source of the sound again.

There was still no one behind the wall, except for a pistol set up with a remote and a small microphone next to it.

It was this remote control device that had pulled the trigger just now, and the words had naturally come from the microphone.

Luke had been communicating through the armor's voice system and microphone.

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation, Transmigration, and the Retarded System Chapter 2: Police Assault, Lipstick Mark, and Everything Is Bigger Chapter 3: Officially Start Work, and First Experience and Credit Earned Chapter 4: Long Legs, Split, and Girlfriend Chapter 5: Party, Bold Idea, and Another Mission Completed Chapter 6: Make Me Happy Chapter 7: The Search for a Room and the Homicide Case Chapter 8: Going to the Morgue on the First Day of Work Chapter 9: The Rookies Golden Words, and Biological Son? Chapter 10: Autopsy, Cause of Death, and Close Relationship Chapter 11: The Wide Preferences of Senior High Students, and a Candy Treat For the Boss Chapter 12: The Grumpy Dad, and the Cowardly George Chapter 13: Bold Deductions, and Providing Clues Chapter 14: Footprints, and Staying Behind Chapter 15: Solving a Case, and the First Level Up Chapter 16: The Truth of Michelle's Death, and First Stat Allocation Chapter 17: I Become Stronger and More Handsome, and Lose Hair Chapter 18: Speeding, Seaweed, and a Chase Chapter 19: Arrest, and First Big Haul Chapter 20: Shifting the Focus of Hard Work, and Mutual Training Chapter 21: Coarse Old Patrick Chapter 22: Relying On Face, and Training Chapter 23: Wrestling a Beauty, and Claire Attacked Chapter 24: Screw You! I Told You I'll Blow Your Head Off, I'll Do It Chapter 25: Gratitude, the Family That Can't Be Lost Chapter 26: The Mad Carlos Family Chapter 27: The Darkness Disperses, The Correct Stat Point Allocation Method Chapter 28: Someone From the FBI, And a Joint Investigation Chapter 29: The Death-Seeking Carlos Family, and Operation Bait Chapter 30: The Missing Gunmen, Night Shift, and Cigarette Butt Chapter 31: Truck Ambush, and AK Strafing Chapter 32: Perseverance, and FBI Assistance Chapter 33: Three Kills, Reload, Four Kills Chapter 34: Pursuit, and Lasso Chapter 35: Shooting From Behind, and Head Shot Chapter 36: Nobody Left Alive, Psychiatrist, and Advancing To Level Five Chapter 37: Double Act, Furniture, and New Sofa Chapter 38: Daddy System's Super Cheat Tool Chapter 39: Vacation, Psychiatrist, and Lone Trip Chapter 40: Jump, Travel, and Arrival Chapter 41: Enter, and Action Chapter 42: Scumbag, Bitch, and a Good Person Chapter 43: Take Them From Behind? Chapter 44: Killing Diego Carlos Chapter 45: Sudden Return, and Alessandro Carlos Chapter 46: Nothing a Good Old RPG Can't Solve Chapter 47: Return Trip, and Kill Gains Chapter 48: Two Sisters, Two Girlfriends, And a Gift Chapter 49: So, When Are the Two of You Getting Married? Chapter 50: You've Changed. Did I Grow Stronger? Or Become More Handsome? Chapter 51: Taking the Blame, Change of Workplace, and Lucky Guess Chapter 52: Houston, Transfer, and Setting Off Chapter 53: Scheme, Reporting, and Newbie? Chapter 54: Troublemaker, Request, and Still Partners Chapter 55: New House, and First Homicide Case Chapter 56: Witch, Missing Body, and Malfunctioning Surveillance Cameras Chapter 57: Case Gone, and the Walking Dead Chapter 58: On Our Side, and FBI? Chapter 59: Evidence, Help, and Action Chapter 60: Kill Shots, and Close Range Combat Chapter 61: SWAT? DEA? IRS? Sheriff! Chapter 62: Carol's Gratitude, Windfall, and Cooking Chapter 63: A Superhero Comics and Movies Ignoramus Chapter 64: Chef, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Promotion Chapter 65: Relocation, Criticism, and Cooling Chapter 66: Dinner with an Unexpected Guest Chapter 67: Help, Survival, and Dollar Chapter 68: Misty Town (5 in 1) Chapter 69: Rescue (4 in 1) Chapter 70: Harvest, and Questioned by Old Friends Chapter 71: Office Politics Chapter 72: Another Work Trip? Chapter 73: Golden Tips Hostel Chapter 74: Stupor and Transport Chapter 75: Game Chapter 76: Fast Runner and Faster Swimmer Chapter 77: Counterattack Chapter 78: Calm Killing Chapter 79: Rescue and Unexpected Death Chapter 80: Reinforcement, Sheriff, and Shootout Chapter 81: Reinforcements and Selina Missing Chapter 82: Four Women and Monsters Chapter 83: Evacuation Chapter 84: Besieged and Retreat Chapter 85: FBI Reinforcements and Treatment Chapter 86: Slap and the Right to Choose Chapter 87: Come Back When You're Clean Chapter 88: Do You Need My Help to Take a Shower? Chapter 89: The Inside Story of the Hunting Club Chapter 90: Lucky Recovery, Considerate Brock Chapter 91: Part-Time Patrol Officers Chapter 92: Patrol and Harvest Chapter 93: Great Loot and Bittersweet Ability Chapter 94: Virtue and Wit Chapter 95: Bet, Dinner, and Pick Me Up Chapter 96: Extra Meal and Pleasant Surprise Chapter 97: Brock's Blessing and an Unexpected Offer Chapter 98: Good News and Bad News Chapter 99: Cash Over Promotion Chapter 100: New Partner, New Case, and New Star Chapter 101: Dead, Swimming Naked, and Inspiration Chapter 102: Inaccessible Video Tape Chapter 103: Videotape for Videotape Chapter 104: Culprit, and Case Solved Chapter 105: Back-to-Back Encounters Chapter 106: The Only Explanation For a Trip Chapter 107: Escape, and the Infatuated Fatty Chapter 108: Trip to New York, and Lovely Girl Chapter 109: Angel, and Kindhearted Helper Chapter 110: Operation, and First Aid Chapter 111: Instant Kill, and Emergency Landing Chapter 112: Lucky Girl and Black Driver Chapter 113: Settling In and Negotiations Chapter 114: Renting a Place and Becoming Familiar with the Environment Chapter 115: Selecting a Target, and Attack Chapter 116: Robbery, Reunion, and Unprofessionalism Chapter 117: Default, and Operation Chapter 118: Action, Ambush, and Four Women Chapter 119: Long Legs, Robbery, and Bike Chapter 120: Car Accident and Sexy Girls Chapter 121: A Rewarding Robbery and Superficiality Chapter 122: Acquaintance, Man of Disaster, and Coincidence Chapter 123: Relationship? Where Is the Loot? Chapter 124: Surveillance and Elsa's Plan Chapter 125: Request, Questions, and Discrimination Chapter 126: Favor and God of Misfortune Chapter 127: Shower Show Chapter 128: Deadlock and Ambush Chapter 129: A Third Robbery and the Fish Escaping the Hook Chapter 130: Playing Baseball Isnt Enforcing the Law Chapter 131: Domination and Helpful Baseball Chapter 132: Gamble or Fight? Chapter 133: American Style Chapter 134: A Slice of the Cake Chapter 135: Miss Vanessa, Here's the Food You Ordered Chapter 136: Treat, and Splitting the Credit Chapter 137: Respect "Aunt" Elsa Chapter 138: Farewell Gift and Safe Return Chapter 139: Cooking and Reminiscing Chapter 140: Save Your Actions For Your Mom Chapter 141: Award and Promotion Chapter 142: Christmas Eve and a Date Chapter 143: Christmas Eve and Colleague Chapter 144: Reunion and Communication Chapter 145: Clear the "Battlefield" Chapter 146: Give Me the Code, and Rob and Run Chapter 147: No Meeting, and SWAT Attack Chapter 148: Professional Criminals, John on a Rampage, and Luke's Triple Kill Chapter 149: A Chaotic Christmas Eve Chapter 150: John's Furious Charge, and Luke's Silent Assistance Chapter 151: A Professional at Stealing Credit Chapter 152: The Deputy Director's Reminder Chapter 153: Folly In the Competition for Credit Chapter 154: Appeasing Selina Chapter 155: Takagi's Little Gift Chapter 156: New Gift and Another Level-Up Chapter 157: Champagne, Steak, and a Bubble Bath Chapter 158: Family Reunion and Holiday Celebration (PART 1) Chapter 159: Family Reunion and Holiday Celebration (PART 2) Chapter 160: Trickery and Secret Base Chapter 161: Confidential Case and Big Star Chapter 162: Help From an Awesome Uncle, and Field Investigation Chapter 163: Inspiration and Clues Chapter 164: Uncle Greyson? Do You Have Fried Bugs? Chapter 165: Shrink and Observation Chapter 166: Good Mood and Great Food Chapter 167: Headhunting and New Mission Chapter 168: Dad Is Still Dad Chapter 169: Temporary Beautiful Seatmate Chapter 170: Oh, My English Is Bad Chapter 171: Business and Bet Chapter 172: Attack the Illegal Brothel (PART 1) Chapter 173: Attack the Illegal Brothel (PART 2) Chapter 174: Where Is Marco? Chapter 175: Harvest, Mockery and Preparation Chapter 176: Observation and Attack Chapter 177: Your Business and Mine Chapter 178: Clean Up and Pack Away Chapter 179: A Good Guy, Rewards and Level-Up Chapter 180: Expansion and Getting Hit On Chapter 181: A Little Help and a New Apartment Chapter 182: Lost Bet and a Part-Time Tour Guide Chapter 183: Benefit and Luck Chapter 184: A Family Should Always Be Together Chapter 185: Robbery? Give Me Your Money Chapter 186: Nimble or Dead Chapter 187: Raise Your Head and Behold Your Karma Chapter 188: Be Loud When You Enjoy Coffee Chapter 189: Tip and Coffee Chapter 190: Late Hint and Immediate Action Chapter 191: Sexy Times and Elsa's Privacy Chapter 192: Farewell, Message and Gift Chapter 193: Did You Rob a Perfume Store? Chapter 194: Slipping Away From Work Chapter 195: Promotion and Reunion with Bobby Chapter 196: Let's Sell It For Five Hundred Million Chapter 197: Barbecue and Night Talk Chapter 198: Robbing Friends of Food Chapter 199: Innocent Love and College Widow Chapter 200: Beautiful College Student and Unexpected Encounter Chapter 201: Lunch Together and Terrifying Shooter Chapter 202: Flying Female Shooter and New Ability Chapter 203: Unexpected Speculation Chapter 204: Harvesting Points, and Partners Again Chapter 205: Case Facts and 40 Strength Chapter 206: Reborn and Recovery Chapter 207: Beautiful Lobster and Diorama Killer Chapter 208: Gift, Inelegant Case-Solving, and Hanging Out Chapter 209: Happy Birthday and Car Accident Chapter 210: Unexpected Birthday Gift Chapter 211: Educated Chapter 212: Henry and Henry's Ex-Wife Chapter 213: A Coroner's Coffee Machine and a Psychological Report Chapter 214: Using Abilities to Win Money Chapter 215: I've Won This Game Chapter 216: Jackpot and Old Friend Chapter 217: Terrifying Woman and Petty Magnate Chapter 218: Learn From Tony and Refreshed Abilities Chapter 219: Grand Entrance Chapter 220: We All Need a Sense of Security Chapter 221: Met Two Girls Chapter 222: Aftermath and Authenticity Chapter 223: Natural Partners Chapter 224: Familiar Faces and Familiar Cases Chapter 225: Old Friend of an Old Friend Chapter 226: I'll Remember to Wear Pants Chapter 227: Long Time No See Chapter 228: Use This For Now Chapter 229: Persuasive Detective Luke Chapter 230: Same Old Trick Chapter 231: Hard, Black, Thick and Long Thing Chapter 232: Young Ladys Visit Chapter 233: Rich Father and Rich Daughter Chapter 234: No Blood and No Bodies Chapter 235: Dependable Man Chapter 236: How to Prove that Youre Not Gay Chapter 237: Future Secretary Chapter 238: An Abundant Offering Chapter 239: Kiss the Boss's Boss's Boss's Ass Chapter 240: Serial Killer and Disguise Chapter 241: The Right Way to Call a Sister Chapter 242: Next Victim and Womens Self-Defense Chapter 243: We're Different Chapter 244: Billy's Acquittal Chapter 245: Party Invitation Chapter 246: Mr. Billy's Little Tails Chapter 247: Family Reunion Chapter 248: Rescue and Escape Chapter 249: Disappearance of the Real Killer Chapter 250: Increased Training Chapter 251: I Can't Take It Anymore Chapter 252: Unexpected Client and Unexpected Order Chapter 253: Everybody Loves Donuts Chapter 254: Two Shooters Chapter 255: Traitor and Abandonment Chapter 256: Welcome, and Take the Blame Chapter 257: Who Shot Me? Chapter 258: Shield, Quick Draw and a Tie Chapter 259: Do You Want to Go Back to Houston? Chapter 260: The Mastermind and His Muscle Chapter 261: Old Acquaintances From the FBI Chapter 262: Training Rookies Chapter 263: Bullseye Again Chapter 264: Fierce Battle Chapter 265: Blow Up Everything If You Think You're Good Chapter 266: Power at the Lowest Level Chapter 267: Acting Chops Chapter 268: Weird Body and Another Assault Chapter 269: Ruined Crime Scene Chapter 270: Big Reveal Chapter 271: Secret Recordings and Murder Weapon Chapter 272: I've Never Seen Such a Murder Weapon Before Chapter 273: Call Your Family When You're In Trouble Chapter 274: Taking Morgan Down Chapter 275: Perfume and Camera Chapter 276: Boss, I'm Done Chapter 277: Maids or Security? Chapter 278: Don't Be Blinded by Money Chapter 279: The Cases in Wever Chapter 280: Haunted House in Wever Chapter 281: The System's Hidden Ability Chapter 282: We're Not Professionals Chapter 283: Watching People Shoot a Horror Movie Chapter 284: Fake Body Chapter 285: Poch Is Dead and the Body Still Lives Chapter 286: Narrow Down the Range Chapter 287: The Biggest Suspect (1) Chapter 288: The Biggest Suspect (2) Chapter 289: Two Experiments Chapter 290: Luke's Reassurance and Selina's Conscience Chapter 291: Old Greyson's Friend Chapter 292: Professional Code Chapter 293: Pull Yourself Together! Chapter 294: Closure and Business Introduction Chapter 295: A Favor for Elizabeth Chapter 296: You Are and Always Will Be Chapter 297: The Most Beautiful Sheriff Other Than You Chapter 298: Mike's Discovery and the Entomologist Chapter 299: Luke's Fear of Lack of Firepower Chapter 300: Hellhound Bruce Chapter 301: Tricky Mines, and the Spiders Attack Chapter 302: A Quick Change, and a Request For Reinforcements Chapter 303: The Nature of Human Beings Chapter 304: Fierce Battle and Instant Kill Chapter 305: The Missing Mayor and the Mysterious Cave Chapter 306: Exploration and Rescue Chapter 307: Tarantulas In the Front, Black Widows in the Back Chapter 308: The Forgotten Dog Chapter 309: Eliminating the Black Widows Chapter 310: Professional Weapons For Professional Men Chapter 311: Suppress the Warriors and Steal the Points Chapter 312: Good Rewarded with Good Chapter 313: An Invitation From Good Guy Luke Chapter 314: Guests At a Picnic Chapter 315: Gratitude Chapter 316: Old Cases and Sticking Your Nose In Chapter 317: Tailing the Beauty Chapter 318: Ambush, and Singing With the Beauty Chapter 319: Lookout and Sniper Chapter 320: Captives, Doctor, and Texans Chapter 321: I Have An '82 Lafite Chapter 322: The DEA Without Traitors Wouldnt Be the DEA Chapter 323: Returning the Favor Chapter 324: One Riot, One Ranger Chapter 325: Extravagant Big Nick Chapter 326: Bank Robbery Chapter 327: Bank of Banks, and Garbage Trucks Chapter 328: Overly Professional Robbers Chapter 329: Stubborn Robbers and Luke's Secret Weapon Chapter 330: A Lose-Lose Situation, and Mastermind Behind the Curtain Chapter 331: Firmly Evading Non-Beneficial Matters Chapter 332: Communicating Important Business Matters Chapter 333: Cooperation, and the Elsworth Family Chapter 334: Feeler, and an Unsavory Meeting Place Chapter 335: The Real Suspect, and Taking You For a Spin Chapter 336: Baby, and Unexpected Gunfight Chapter 337: Licensed Legitimate Therapy Clinic Chapter 338: I Just Want An Answer Chapter 339: Rules and Violence Chapter 340: Smith's Hardcore Battle and Luke's Covert Assistance Chapter 341: Genuine Carrot and Another Elsworth Chapter 342: Elsworth Again Chapter 343: Falling Objects Chapter 344: Old Acquaintances Chapter 345: Rescuing Knight Smith Chapter 346: Mr. Smith's Rescue and Gratitude Chapter 347: Rich Man Luke? Ascetic Luke? Chapter 348: An Idea, and a Plan For College Chapter 349: The Truth About the Baby Chapter 350: Elsa's Visit, and a Constant Reminder Chapter 351: Going Through the Motions at the Party Palace Chapter 352: Arrogant Man and Kindhearted Sister Chapter 353: Public Arrest and a Deliberate Performance Chapter 354: Useless Teammates, and Lawyer Chapter 355: Cuckolding Chapter 356: A Piece of Cake, and Personal Gratitude Chapter 357: Beautiful and Kindhearted Woman Chapter 358: New Weapon and New Case Chapter 359: One on Vacation, the Other on Duty Chapter 360: Hitchhiking Annie Chapter 361: Barbecue Chef and a Chat Chapter 362: Acting and Setup Chapter 363: A Couple on Holiday and Bratty Kids Chapter 364: Rubbing on Oil and Dog Without a Leash Chapter 365: Conflict, and Do You Have Any More Questions? Chapter 366: "Drowning" Girls, and Murderous Kids Chapter 367: Steve: I Think I Can Still Be Saved Chapter 368: Hospital, Alarm and Trouble Chapter 369: Unexpected Call and Abnormal County Police Chapter 370: Help Me! I'm Just a Kid Chapter 371: Night Massacre in the Wet Mountain Woods Chapter 372: Battle and True Invulnerability Chapter 373: Permanently Unavailable Chapter 374: Learn to Be a Good Kid in Your Next Life Chapter 375: What Are You Doing? Chapter 376: Bad Parents of Bad Kids Chapter 377: Error in Judgment, and Smiling Tiger Chapter 378: The Angels Return, and Blueberry Cheese Chapter 379: Promotion and Pay Rise Chapter 380: Wolf's Little Secret Chapter 381: Sonia's Intelligence and Privacy Chapter 382: Visit, and Discovering the First Crime Scene Chapter 383: Sunbathing and the Shabby Pickup Chapter 384: Even If You Dont Work Overtime Today, Youll Have to Tomorrow Chapter 385: Guys, We Have More Work To Do Chapter 386: Investigating the Seaside Villa Chapter 387: Unexpected Guest, and Rebecca Again Chapter 388: Anonymous Good Samaritan Chapter 389: Good Mood and Personal Favor Chapter 390: Superstar? Rock Star? Luke Has Potential Chapter 391: Last Performance and Birthday Gift Chapter 392: High Heels, High-Cut Bodysuit, and Admirals Jacket Chapter 393: Sounds Great, Good Pans Chapter 394: Unknown Staff Worker, and Cook Chapter 395: Fishing In Troubled Waters, and Fighting for Points Chapter 396: Learn to Live, Live to Learn Chapter 397: Another Expert? Chapter 398: No, No, We're Different! Chapter 399: Teletubby, and Poser Chapter 400: Cannon Fire, and Two Acquaintances Chapter 401: Well... I'm More of a Doer Chapter 402: Bickering and Gratitude Chapter 403: Wow, What a Shame Chapter 404: 40 Work Hours a Week, Paid Annual Leave, and Insurance? Chapter 405: New Neighbors, Old Neighbors Chapter 406: Visit Old Neighbors, Enquire About New Neighbors Chapter 407: Three-Way Conversation and Awkward Scene Chapter 408: Specialty Dish and Undisguised Assets Chapter 409: Isnt It Just Roast Chicken? Oh, How Delicious! Chapter 410: Darts and Forks Chapter 411: Scary, Paranoid Housewife Chapter 412: Ghost Butcher and Unsubtle Tail Chapter 413: Lunch For Three Chapter 414: I Like Chinese Specialties Chapter 415: Honey, Arent You Too Awesome? Chapter 416: "Professional" Infiltration Chapter 417: Unprofessional Kill Chapter 418: Call It a Day, and Tim Takes a Hit Chapter 419: But Your House Just Blew Up Chapter 420: Professional Ball Roaster and Professional Code Name Chapter 421: A Feast, and I Have Money, I Do What I Want Chapter 422: Acting Separately, and Jeff Exposed Chapter 423: I've Fallen For You Chapter 424: What Did She Teach You? Chapter 425: Mr. Bruce, the Real Tyrannosaur Chapter 426: Pulling the Monsters Aggro Chapter 427: The Big Beauty's Toy Banana Chapter 428: Stealing Monsters? Whos Afraid?! Chapter 429: Just Steal! Chapter 430: A Bullet For An Eye Chapter 431: Mental Strength 20 Chapter 432: Sparkling Eyes Chapter 433: Professional Hitman and Jeff's Request for Help Chapter 434: Argumentative Sisters and Horror Story Chapter 435: Small Town, Old News and a Funeral Chapter 436: Nightmare and the Man In It Chapter 437: He's Here Again Chapter 438: Comfort and a Call For Help Chapter 439: Delivering Abilities Chapter 440: Method, Medium and Entering Dreams Chapter 441: Spineless, and Third Intruder Chapter 442: A Bunch of Unlucky B*stards Chapter 443: There Is Only One Truth Chapter 444: Truth, Answer and Trap Chapter 445: One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You! Chapter 446: Drowning In Blood and Making the Most Out of It Chapter 447: Monster, Release That Girl! Ill Do It! Chapter 448: Trash Talk Battle Chapter 449: Professional Third Intruder, and Ill Be Back Chapter 450: Research, and Trust Science Chapter 451: Reluctant to Part With Bobby? Chapter 452: Heartbreaking Surprise and Triumphant Homecoming Chapter 453: Home Sweet Home Chapter 454: Gifts For Everyone and Contract of Transfer Chapter 455: A Relaxing Day and a Stupefied Selina Chapter 456: A Birthday Present That Will Never Go Out of Style Chapter 457: Enough, Time to Show You How It's Done Chapter 458: Camping = Appreciating the Sights of Our Homeland? Chapter 459: Night Run and Selina's "Homecoming" Chapter 460: Too Reckless! Can't They Be More Cautious? Chapter 461: Crazy Martin and His Crazy Old Partner Chapter 462: Sneak Shot 20 and Rogers Buff Chapter 463: Beautiful Island and Hot RPG Chapter 464: The Call of the Chief: Surprise, Motherf*cker! Chapter 465: Infiltration Chapter 466: It's Showtime and Grenade 80 Chapter 467: Dont Need Grenades or RPGs for Work Chapter 468: Even Jesus Can't Save Dito Chapter 469: I Gave You A Chance But You Didnt Take It! Chapter 470: Crushed Selina Chapter 471: Camping With a Crybaby Chapter 472: Dollar Catches a Fish and the FBI Catches a Fugitive Chapter 473: Sick? Or Hungry? Chapter 474: Dont Go Too Far Chapter 475: The Reticent Dog Chapter 476: Selina's Anemia and Malnutrition Chapter 477: Dollar, Is the Dog Food Delicious? Chapter 478: Golden Dog Head: Apologize! Chapter 479: Are You In Any Trouble? Chapter 480: A Three-Party Chase On the Sea Chapter 481: Lunatic "Hitman" Chapter 482: Voracious's Violation and Mr. W's Haggling Chapter 483: Voracious is Hard to Trick and Is a Blabbermouth Chapter 484: Complete Form = Baldness = More Strength Chapter 485: Buddy, Let Me? Chapter 486: The Best Hitman Never Loses Chapter 487: Goods, Mine. Cash, Yours, Until It Becomes Mine Chapter 488: That's Unfair? Then I'll Be Reasonable Chapter 489: Birth of Gold Nugget and Selina's Appearance Chapter 490: A Scapegoat For the Scapegoat Chapter 491: Smaller, It's Really Smaller Chapter 492: Work Hard to Return the Favor Chapter 493: Rio, Here I Come Chapter 494: The Local Gangs Really Have No Manners Chapter 495: Can You? Hm, Of Course Not Chapter 496: The Baldies Mutual Love-Hate Relationship Chapter 497: Can I Buy You a Drink? Chapter 498: Is That a Yes? Or Are You Mad? Chapter 499: God Is an Old Black Man? Chapter 500: Ive Let You Go Chapter 501: Didn't You Offer to Buy Me a Drink? Chapter 502: A Farewell That Isnt Awkward Chapter 503: Stop! This is Money! Chapter 504: Your Hard-Earned Money? No, It's Mine Now Chapter 505: Old Acquaintance Still Needs a Commission Fee Chapter 506: You Think Money Is Everything? Chapter 507: Who's Robbing Who? Chapter 508: What Did You Just Say? Chapter 509: You Dare Shoot My New Car? Chapter 510: This Is Very American and Hollywood Chapter 511: Beauty, Need a Hand? Chapter 512: Men In This World Ultimately Are All About the Face Chapter 513: Damn You, You Actually Want... Chapter 514: Dating Is Free, and I Have To Work Tomorrow Chapter 515: To Intervene or Not to Intervene? My New Car! Chapter 516: He Said Hes Not Interested In Money Chapter 517: The Lofty View of a Long-Legged Woman Chapter 518: A Man Who Understands Manners Should Be More Proactive Chapter 519: Hernan Has a Cold, and the Mysterious Attacker Chapter 520: A Race In Rio Chapter 521: Confrontation on the Bridge Chapter 522: The Black Man's Interception, and Hernan's Fall Chapter 523: Gains For Everybody, and A Crafty Escape Plan Chapter 524: You Got the Wrong Guy, Its Not Mine Chapter 525: Work-Life Balance Chapter 526: Betrayed By an Old Acquaintance, and a Deal Chapter 527: Actually, It Isn't That Hard to Kill You Chapter 528: System Rules, and Stamina for a Night Swim Chapter 529: Great Arm Strength, My Lady Chapter 530: May I Know Your Name? I Think I've Fallen In Love With You Chapter 531: So, You Crashed and Burned? Chapter 532: They're Here For You? Theyre Together! Chapter 533: Another Level-Up, and Hard-Earned Experience and Credit Chapter 534: Progress and Promise Chapter 535: Everybody Is Busy Chapter 536: Eat, Drink, and Work Hard Chapter 537: Rich and Wilful Guy Was Robbed Chapter 538: Dont Look Down On the Young Chapter 539: Who's Been Abducted? Chapter 540: You Really Lost Half a Million? Chapter 541: Something Is Wrong With These Two Kidnappers Chapter 542: A Professional: What Does It Mean to Be Handsome? Chapter 543: Was Your Head Squashed By a Car Door? Chapter 544: Girl, We're Rich! Chapter 545: Rejection and New Proposal Chapter 546: Free Shares, Dividends, and Secret Agreement Chapter 547: Wade's Name Card and Job Scope Chapter 548: Kill and Maim, Good Cop and Bad Cop Chapter 549: Stay True to Your Heart, and Flegg's Intervention Chapter 550: Your Reward Is a New Assignment Chapter 551: Best Hamburger, and Takagi Again Chapter 552: Opening of the Expo, and Nonstop Delivery Chapter 553: A Sudden Attack Chapter 554: Who Says My Gun Only Has Five Bullets? Chapter 555: Last Wave, All Down? Chapter 556: Holy Sh*t and Rain of Gold Chapter 557: Will the Chairman of the Board Give You Any Trouble? Chapter 558: You Can Call Me Phil Chapter 559: Testing for Mutants and Their Abilities Chapter 560: A Word of Advice and Bright Prospect Chapter 561: Gains and Speculation Chapter 562: The Fiend Isn't Home, Let's Go Out and Play Chapter 563: Mission at the South Pole, and Weyland's Willfulness Chapter 564: Entering the Cave, and the Hunt Begins Chapter 565: Transformation of the Ruins and Impending Danger Chapter 566: Rescue and the Creature with the Cat-Faced Helmet Chapter 567: Your Skills Aren't Bad, But You're Too Weak Chapter 568: After All That, Were Doing a Round Robin! Chapter 569: A Second Monsters Group Attack Chapter 570: The White Lotus and the Exploration Team's Harvest Chapter 571: Vulnerable Necks, and Super Crematorium Chapter 572: The Little Monsters Are Always Protected Chapter 573: Whats Important In Battle Is to Grasp the Tempo Chapter 574: Shot Put and Instant Kill Chapter 575: This Thing Might Explode? Why Didn't You Tell Me Sooner?! Chapter 576: What Are You Looking At? Run! Chapter 577: Questions and Answers Chapter 578: Isn't Beating Up People What We Do Every Day? Chapter 579: Don't Believe That Rotten Old Man Chapter 580: Gold Nugget Buys a Fridge and Luke Delivers Things Chapter 581: Transfer and Promotion Rumors Chapter 582: Support and Consideration Chapter 583: A Good Place Full of Simple and Honest People Chapter 584: Gold Mine Yields, and the Limb-Breaking Vigilante Chapter 585: This Is America, This is Our World Chapter 586: Negotiation, and Tony Who Never Bargains Chapter 587: Business Is Business, and It's Hard to Repay a Favor Chapter 588: Selina's Progress and Gold Nugget's Reward Chapter 589: An Impromptu Trip Around the World Chapter 590: Sorry, the Number You Have Dialed Is Not In Service Chapter 591: Dont Dare Come Out? Fine, I'm Coming Over to You! Chapter 592: Diego Garcia's Tricks and Trump Card Chapter 593: Revenge! Neither of Us Is a Judge Chapter 594: Mr. Dirty Cop Who Was Hit by a Teammate Chapter 595: Airport Welcome and Training Chapter 596: Rookie Transfer and the First Lesson Chapter 597: Helping to Train, Let Me Say a Few Words Chapter 598: The Truth About Cowards and Free Ride Chapter 599: Bro, Is There a Problem? Chapter 600: Maybe He Wants to Eat Himself to Death? Chapter 601: Your Food Has Been Delivered. Thatll be Fifty Bucks in Total Chapter 602: Selina Will Train You Chapter 603: I Forgot! Chapter 604: Reinforcements, Flying, and What Are You Looking At? Chapter 605: Itll Cost More to Get There Earlier, and I Don't Accept Checks Chapter 606: Flight and Gold Nugget's Landing Chapter 607: The Professional and the Professional Who Has a Wife Chapter 608: Brutal Battle Above and Below the Water Chapter 609: Two-Party Gunfight, and Cleaned Up by a Monster Chapter 610: Big Seafood Looks Delicious Chapter 611: Big Seafood Cuts Off Its Leg to Save Its Life, and I'll Have a Chat with Robert Chapter 612: Big Harvest, and Theres Someone Who Wants to See You Chapter 613: Retired? Dead? On a Trip? Chapter 614: Safe Return, and Catherine's Previous Hope Chapter 615: Idle Harrison and Not-so-idle Morning Chapter 616: Don't Follow Up on New Cases, Take It Easy on Old Cases Chapter 617: New Legend and New Reward Chapter 618: Crash at LAPD HQ Chapter 619: Looking For Reinforcements or Scapegoats? Chapter 620: Advance Guard Taking It Easy and Rapid Exposure Chapter 621: A Warm and Friendly Greeting From LAPD Chapter 622: Gunfight? How About a Dance? Chapter 623: Here Come the Armored Trucks Chapter 624: Here Comes the Helicopter Chapter 625: Get Off Work? If Only! Chapter 626: Attack, Explosion, Roar Chapter 627: Lions Roar and Shock Wave Explosion Chapter 628: Want Some Candy? Tell Me If You Do Chapter 629: A Great Thing, and a Minor Problem Chapter 630: Third Wheel Chapter 631: The Legendary Knee Breaker of Los Angeles Chapter 632: Foul Language and Late Puberty Chapter 633: Beginnings of an Earthquake, and Police Pressure Chapter 634: No Major Problems, Minor Problems Everywhere Chapter 635: Oddities of the World Chapter 636: Your Friend's Mom Is Really Awesome Chapter 637: Hes a Hero Chapter 638: Don't Refuse to Do Good Just Because It's Small Chapter 639: Falling Person, Falling Elevator Chapter 640: Who's Stealing Our Job? Chapter 641: Switching Identities, and Claire Calls for Help Chapter 642: Rescuing Blake the Pretty Girl Chapter 643: Rescuing the Stupid Bigshots Chapter 644: Stupid Bigshots, and Sucking Up Chapter 645: The Guest Staying Over Chapter 646: Outdated Battle Suit and the Tycoon's Contempt Chapter 647: Batman's Rivals Chapter 648: No Discord, No Concord Chapter 649: The Man Who Should Be Given an Honorary Medal Chapter 650: Cosplay and Real-Life RPG Chapter 651: What's the Most Important Thing For Family? Chapter 652: Super Ability Versus Pegasus Meteor Fist Chapter 653: Dart Message and Professional Cleaner Chapter 654: Same Goods, Sold Three Times Chapter 655: Suspicious Big Bad, and Hit Girl's Long Saber Chapter 656: Whos Copying Who? Mr. Mysterious? Chapter 657: Rowdy Police School and Picking Targets Chapter 658: The Chief Is Here, Irrelevant People Go Away Chapter 659: We're Just Helping Him Move Chapter 660: Friendship Tab, and What Is the Bigshot Doing? Chapter 661: Secondhand Apple and Timet Phones Chapter 662: The Appalling Class D15 Chapter 663: Humiliation, and Who's Next? Chapter 664: Is This How You Examine the Students? Chapter 665: Batman's Fangirls Chapter 667: Who Was Your First Time? Chapter 668: Coffee, Tea or Me? Chapter 669: The Investigation Begins, and Money Opens Doors Chapter 670: 1200 Becomes 400. Does Your Heart Ache? Chapter 671: Old Farmer Is Online, and the Start of the Harvest Chapter 672: Immortal Bodies? Weapons are Useless? Chapter 673: The Woman Bathing In the Secret Chamber Chapter 674: Eat Sh*t, Old Monster! Chapter 675: Supplier and "Intermediary" Chapter 676: Acting Too Quickly and Rushing to the Next Stop Chapter 677: Switching to Modeling, Still a High-risk Job Chapter 678: Daywalker? Blade? You Called? Chapter 679: Wrong Answer! Call Me Nightwalker Chapter 680: Very Good, We Won't Meet Again Chapter 681: Efficient and Ruthless, and Overflowing Aggression Chapter 682: Is Your Future Wife Still Well? Chapter 683: So This Is Love? Chapter 684: Unreliable New "Partner" Chapter 685: Young Person Who Doesn't Know Love, Old Person With Quick Hands Chapter 686: What Crime Did She Commit? It Was Love Chapter 687: Why Can You Hit Me Every Time? Chapter 688: Nobody Gets Out Alive Chapter 689: A Good Person and Giving Flowers Chapter 690: Partners Chapter 691: The Big Toy In One Hand Chapter 692: I Said, He's Behind You Chapter 693: Dukhovich's Final Madness Chapter 694: I Admire Those With Backbone the Most Chapter 695: Meeting an Old Friend and an Artist's Instinct Chapter 696: Goodbye, and Los Angeles Welcomes You Chapter 697: Breakfast and Gifts Chapter 698: New Case, Old Enemy Chapter 699: Stupid American Wade Chapter 700: Runs In the Family and a Blacklist Chapter 701: Is Miss Jenny Angry? Chapter 702: Very Good News Chapter 703: Taking Advantage, and Going for a Spin Chapter 704: Speeding Ticket? A Setup? Chapter 705: Looking for Help With the Investigation Chapter 705: $250 a Day, and Instructor Harry Is Awesome Chapter 706: Why Do All of You Look So Delicious? Chapter 707: Lets Go Do a Live Broadcast Chapter 708: Interview Switched to a Live Broadcast Chapter 709: Theyre All Cunning Fellows Chapter 710: God Bless Los Angeles Chapter 711: Gunfire Rescue and Three Key Points to Remember Chapter 712: Stop Dreaming Chapter 713: Sending Someone Home and No Comment on Love Life Chapter 714: All Of You, Guilty! Chapter 715: Start of the Earthquake, and the Tycoon Enters the Ring Again Chapter 716: Don't Run, and Do You Think I'm a Child?! Chapter 717: Im Iron Man! Chapter 718: Taking the Big Baby On a Walk Through L.A. Chapter 719: Running Away After a Fight Is Exciting Chapter 720: Luke Switches Disguises and the Tycoons Fall Chapter 721: Escape Car and Location Tracker Chapter 722: Look What We Found: A Lieutenant Chapter 723: Look What Else Weve Found Chapter 724: Girl, Do You Need Strength? Chapter 725: Each with Their Own Thoughts and Gains Chapter 726: What Do You Think? Theyre Together! Chapter 727: Abilities Refresh, Armor Skills for Version 1.5 Chapter 728: Old Man Gold Nugget Is to be Praised Chapter 729: Victims, Lackey of the Rich, and Dirty Cop Chapter 730: Sweeping Away All Enemies with Words Chapter 731: Confirming the Enemy on Sight Chapter 732: Jennifer Is Shot Chapter 733: Are You Ready to Save Your Cousin? Chapter 734: Heroic Jennifer and Digging Pits Chapter 735: It Isnt Easy to Pay Luke Back Chapter 736: Manufacture Evidence, Preserve Evidence Chapter 737: Hooking a Small Fish Chapter 738: Preparing Breaking News Chapter 739: Batman Notices Activity, Batman Goes to Take Down Crime Chapter 740: Outsiders, You're Guilty! Chapter 741: Various Reactions and the Correct Direction Chapter 742: Bravely Pursue the Cornered Enemy Chapter 743: The Blood God Beaten Up Chapter 744: Old Acquaintances Chapter 745: Wrapping Up and Summoning a Professional Cleaner Chapter 746: Sheldon's "Grand Dominance" Chapter 747: The Lousy Ad for The Colin Show Chapter 748: A Date! For You, I Will Always Be That Luke Chapter 749: I'll Take You With Me to Beat Up People Chapter 750: Satisfaction, Going Back and Official Meeting Chapter 751: Claire's Plan for the Future Chapter 752: Passionate Young Ladies and Cold, Male Shut-Ins Chapter 753: I Know Someone at the Top! Chapter 754: My Dream Was To Be a Singer! Chapter 755: Creating News Even When There Is None Chapter 756: A Young Selina and an Irascible Robert Chapter 757: Love Rival? Yet Another Love Rival? Chapter 758: Claire's Choice and Clarice's Identity Chapter 759: Fake Luke, Fake Neighbor Chapter 760: Fight the Landlord In Passing, and Following the Clues Chapter 761: The Righteous Luke Isn't Afraid Chapter 762: The Butterfly The Wizard Left Behind Chapter 763: Curse! This Is the Great Wizards Curse Chapter 764: Why Should I Explain to Other People? Chapter 765: You Need to Be Instructed In the Six Words of Truth Chapter 766: You Need Basic Training Chapter 767: Claire's New Song? Chapter 768: Jebs, Trust Me! Its Fine Chapter 769: Cellphone Hits the Market, and Joseph's Call Chapter 770: Stubborn Old Man and Good Child Chapter 771: Little Jack's Uncle Drax Chapter 772: Grandpa Returns and Sudden Disaster Chapter 773: Flaming Skeleton and Blue-Skinned Four-man Team Chapter 774: Eat My Face-Breaking Fist Chapter 775: Luke Steals and the Little Girl Cleans Up Chapter 776: Triggering the Active Defense Mechanism Chapter 777: I'm Your Father! Chapter 778: Pinky Promise, Seal and Swear Chapter 779: You, Guilty! Look into My Eyes Chapter 780: One of the Biggest Trump Cards Chapter 781: All of This? It's All a Lie Chapter 782: Tough Guy or Scumbag Chapter 783: Outstanding Police Officers Chapter 784: Victory Within the Polices Grasp and Crazy, Death-Courting Hoodlums Chapter 785: You Can Run, I Can Fly Chapter 786: Best Experiment Conditions? I'm Really Too Resourceful Chapter 787: Special Deception Chapter 788: Sneak Attack, Sneak Shot, and Confronting Blackheart Chapter 789: Blackhearts Upgrade Chapter 790: Big Dipper Doesn't Want to Talk to You, He Throws a Ghost Rider at You Chapter 791: A Small Mistake From Being Hasty Chapter 792: Enemies Everywhere, and Two Teammates Chapter 793: We're Going to a Concert for Our Anniversary Chapter 794: Dog: I Do Too Much for This Family Chapter 795: Suspicious Vehicle, FBI Agents? Chapter 796: The Inventorys New Function? Chapter 797: A 1-Star Enemy Suddenly Appears Chapter 798: Self-worth and the Right to Choose Chapter 799: Cast the Net and Catch Fish Chapter 800: Sophistry, and Divided or United Chapter 801: I Am a Man In a Mask Chapter 802: Buying Votes and Apologising to the Country Chapter 803: Hot-selling Phones, Friendly Assistance, and Scalpers Take Action Chapter 804: Why Not Be a Scalper? Chapter 805: Final Exam, and Leaving Chapter 806: September, and Similar but Different Days Chapter 807: The Tycoon Sets Out Chapter 808: Ambush, Hole, and Pain Chapter 809: Kindhearted Luke Wants to Help Chapter 810: Quick Change of Scene, and the Tycoon In a Pinch Chapter 811: Mistake and Defeat Chapter 812: Smart, Uneducated Criminals Chapter 813: Luke Observes, and Crude Attack Chapter 814: Ascending to Heaven and Almost Becoming an Immortal