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The black knives that changed from the sacred magical system flew into the hands of Yue Zhong, and the endless information immediately poured into his knowledge of the sea. M.

Everything that happens in the Great World of the Gods, the Earth, and the Eighty Worlds, can be easily perceived between Yue Zhong and his thoughts.

Yue Zhongxins thoughts, in a deserted and ridiculous planet without any life, a golden light suddenly descended from the sky and illumined the planet.

Soon, the cold and dead planet quickly spawned the atmosphere, and a tiny sun emerged out of the air, floating over the planet and spilling the sun on the earth.

A cloud of clouds gathered to form a cloud of dark clouds, thunder and lightning, pouring down the rain, and the numerous rains met and merged into a huge pothole to form the ocean of the planet.

Soon, in the ocean of the planet, single-celled creatures were born, and then countless single-celled creatures evolved directly into plankton, and the planktons evolved to form marine life.

The whole planet has also evolved into a living star of life. Countless creatures survive and evolve in it.

At the same time, the creatures in the planet also evolved into a kind of angel with a white wing and a white aperture on the head, all made up of women.

"It's awesome, this is the means of creation. After having this system of gods, I can become a omnipotent omnipotent in these eight hundred worlds." Yue Zhong looked at the changes in the planet, and his heart was full of excitement.

After possessing the demon system, Yue Zhong is like the God in the Bible who is generally omnipotent and omnipotent. It can create any species recorded in the demon system database, and can also intervene between the eight hundred worlds. Any one species.

Yue Zhongs thoughts were swept away, and it was clear that the energy in the demon system was very high: "Hey, the energy is consumed a lot."

Red Crystal King: "Creating species, accelerating time, resting time, and catalyzing biological evolution all require a lot of energy. The crystal nucleus of the mutant beast and the nucleus of the Tanduula beast are the best source of energy. Except those mutant beasts and tankers. In addition to the Doula, there are many excellent sources of energy in the universe, but the nucleus of the mutant beast and the nucleus of the Tanduula beast are among the best of the ten energy sources in the universe. The cosmic currency trades between forces."

The red crystal king looked at Yue Zhongs eyes and flashed a touch of relief: "Now, please kill me."

Only one head was left by the King of the Sea, and it was nailed to the Throne of the Red Crystal for countless years and could not die. The Red King has already had enough of such a day. At this time, it only wants to die and seek relief.

"it is good!"

Yue Zhong picked up the black sword and looked cold and cold, and the body re-converges. The power climbed forty-eight times in an instant, holding the huge black sword to the head of the Red King.


When Yue Zhongs black knives slammed into the red crystal king, there was a loud noise, and the only remaining level of the red crystal king was actually a hard block that blocked the knife. After a stalemate, the magic system was The black knives bloomed out of the demon black mans, and the first level of the red crystal king was cut into two pieces, together with the broken soul of the red crystal king smashed together.

The first-level break of the King of Red Crystal, the spear and black nail nailed to its first level immediately turned into a fly ash collapse disappeared.

The king of Chijing was killed by Yue Zhong, and a pure and incomparable life force rushed into Yue Zhongs body, letting his body evolve again and become endless and arrogant.

After killing the Red King, between Yue Zhongs thoughts, all the conditions of Tandoorula were completely mastered through the magic system.

Using the magical system, Yue Zhongs thoughts can grasp the intelligence of a world. When he explores the intelligence of a world, he suddenly sees something interesting.

"Oh! This is Amano, interesting, his strength has reached the real thing, but in order not to be led to this Tandoorula star, forcibly suppress his own cultivation."

Yue Zhong smiled softly, and disappeared from the original place.

In the world of the gods, within a hidden area, the three majors of the Temple of the Wrath, the Temple of the Ogre, and the Holy Kingdom have **** enemies. The different races of Daitian have joined forces.

The planet of the Thousand Magical Hall evolved into a giant with a pair of demon wings behind it. The cannibal temple was turned into a giant with a single-horned, claw-shaped claw. The Holy Heaven was transformed into a huge silver battleship, struggling wildly.

These three huge incomparable existences are the ultimate means of the three major races. They combine the strengths of the three most powerful elites, and the horror of combat power. Within a short period of time, they can even exert the power of the true god-level powerhouse. Just launching such an ultimate means, every moment will consume a lot of energy, and the savings of the three major races can not be eaten. Once this force is launched for more than four hours, the energy of the three major races will be exhausted, and the savings will be consumed in a million years.

In the void, Amano evolved into a huge black hole, and the violent insensible swallowing law surged, forming a horrible black whirlpool, firmly grasping the two giants and a warship.

The two giants and a warship were struggling in the black whirlpool, trying to break free of the huge black hole, but no matter how they struggled, they could not break away from the huge black hole.

Among the sacred heavens, the surviving God sees the huge black hole in the sky, and the eyes are full of horror: "Damn, this Amano is so ferocious, what monster is it, how can it have such a terrible power !! It is the ultimate means of rivaling our tribes. Has it been promoted to be a true god?"

Only the true God-level power can shake the planet with its own strength, against the strongest means of the three races, the rest of the strong have no way.

At this time, among the sacred heavens, all the strongmen stood in a fixed position, constantly inputting their own power into one node. From time to time, the fifth-order powerhouse is directly absorbed by the force and turned into fly ash.

Near a node, more than a dozen young men and women stood together and madly transmitted power into those power nodes.

"Do not!"

Suddenly, a fifth-order young womans face suddenly became white, and after a desperate scream, she was suddenly sucked into a dry corpse and turned into a fly ash.

Seeing this scene, the faces of more than a dozen young men and women are changing, and their eyes are full of horror.

Among the dozens of young men and women, Bishiya paled to the side of George and asked: "Father, will we die?"

At this time all the powerful human beings have been recruited into the Holy Kingdom, and George has been recruited into the Holy Kingdom together with his family.

George paled and barely smiled and said: "No, we will be able to win the final victory. We also have great people, he must lead us to defeat the monster."

Lina looked pale and desperately screamed: "No, we have no hope. That monster I know, I saw it from an ancient classic. It is the first true god-level powerhouse in ancient times." After it is reborn now, no one is its opponent. We will all be its bait, we played!!"

From knowing that fact, this truth was pressed in Lina's heart, and now she finally said the truth that was not vomiting in her heart.

"What? The first true god-level powerhouse in ancient times?"

"It's over! If there is such a existence, as long as it is not completely destroyed, even if there is a trace of remnant, after being reborn again, it can be promoted to become a true god-level powerhouse."

"We are dead!!"


The original people have already vaguely guessed that things are not good. After hearing the truth, everyones eyes are full of despair. Its just that everyone cant relax their strength. Once they relax a little, they are likely to be sucked out and swallowed directly by Amano.

Just as the people were desperate, there was a crack in the void, and Yue Zhong came out directly from the crack.

Seeing Yue Zhong coming out directly from the crack in the space, Armando took a glimpse of his heart and instantly took back the huge black hole. He was very alert and looked at Yue Zhongs voice and said: "I am Amano, this friend, may I ask? ,who are you?"

As the first strongman of the ancient gods, Amano is extremely sensitive. He can feel the threat of terror from Yue Zhong's body and make him more vigilant.

Among the sacred heavens, George looked up at the suddenly lit display screen and gave a slight glimpse: "That is Yue Zhong!!"

In the eyes of Bishiya, she flashed a splendid color and cheered: "Really!! That person is a big brother of Yue! He came back from the Tongtian Tower. He came back from the Tongtian Tower. We are saved now."

Lina looked at Yue Zhong in the sky, her eyes flashed a horror, and immediately became excited. Two lines of tears flowed out of her eyes and muttered: "It is Yue Zhong, he is Yue Zhong. He is from Tongtian. The tower is back. We are saved."

Jody looked at Yue Zhong in the void and finally gave a long sigh of relief: "He is back. Great."

At this time, all the display screens in the Holy Kingdom are already lit, and the image of Yue Zhong is clearly visible to everyone.

"What is going on?" Zhuo Jian perceives that after the display screen of the Holy Kingdom is lit up, his brows are slightly wrinkled. He has never ordered that everything that happens in the void be relayed to the interior of the Holy Kingdom.

Yue Zhongs emptiness and coldness: "I am Yue Zhong, and Amano has come up with your strongest ability to attack. I know that you have been promoted to become a true god-level powerhouse. If you can't kill me, go to hell. ""

"A big tone, let you see my true ability. Even if you want to be forced to summon the Tandoorula star, I will kill you guy." Armano was furious and unlocked the power of the seal. The horror of the true god-level power volatility spreads in all directions, as the endless universe is generally deep, vast, and fearsome.


"True God!! He really is a true god-level powerhouse!!"

"A terrible guy!!"


The power fluctuations of the Amanona true gods spread to the three major groups. Among the three major groups, the strongmen below the sixth order were suppressed and squatted on the ground. They were pale and even difficult to breathe.

Below the sixth-order powerhouse, the true god-level existence can be killed by one eye as long as it moves. When they face the true god-level powerhouse, they can't even do it.

Endless power emerged from Armeno's body, and his body mutated into a golden giant with numerous golden bones and a body length of up to 100 meters.

In an instant, Armano instantly morphed a million shadows, completely spread throughout the void, madly flew directly toward Yue Zhong.

There was no sound and no interest. Suddenly, a golden color figure suddenly appeared behind Yue Zhongs figure. The two golden bone blades went straight to Yue Zhong with the law of annihilation.

The golden color of the figure is as fast as the speed of light. After the top strong people of the three major groups below are discovered, it has appeared behind Yue Zhong, almost on the body of Yue Zhong.

"You only have this ability, it really disappoints me! In the ancient times, the first power of the true **** level is no different."

Just as the golden bone blade was about to hit Zhongyue Yue, Yue Zhong stretched out his index finger and slammed it on the head of Armano.

A loud bang, Armand body was shocked and shattered together with the soul.

"No!! Impossible!! I am the strongest.... How can I be killed by you!!... I am not willing!!"

In the midst of the collapse, Armenos remnant soul made a fierce and unwilling sorrowful sound, and eventually collapsed completely and disappeared directly from the world.

The sacred heavenly king looked at Yue Zhongs finger to kill Armen, the invincible powerhouse. His eyes were full of horror and unbelief: "What? Amano was killed by him, how is this possible? How could he be so Powerful? How is it possible?"

"Dead!! The oldest god-level powerhouse in the ancients, Mannor, was killed by him!!"

"It's incredible!"

"It's too strong, he is too strong!!"


Looking at the figure standing in the void, Yue Yue, all the people in the holy heaven are full of awe and worship to Yue Zhong. Countless female elites looked at Yue Zhong in the sky, and their eyes flashed a touch of sorrow and worship.

Besiya looked at Yue Zhong in the sky, and her eyes were full of worship and jealousy: "It's too powerful, too great. Yue's big brother is really amazing, too great."

The eyes of George looking at the sky in the eyes of Yue Zhong are also full of excitement: "It's too strong. It's too strong. Fortunately, I made good friends with him."

"Cannibals should not exist in this world, destroy it!"

Yue Zhong stood in the void, coldly overlooking the cannibals below, and directly pressed down. In an instant, a giant finger that can rival the planet's giants directly bounces toward the giants who evolved from the power of the cannibals.

The horned giant who evolved from the power of the cannibals gathered a roar and waved his right fist to the huge finger in the sky.

The huge fingers of the beautiful planet that Yue Zhong evolved pressed, and instantly crushed the giants who evolved from the power of the cannibals. The whole cannibal entrenched planet was also poked by the huge finger, directly smashed and exploded.

One of the four major ethnic groups in the world of the gods, the elite of the cannibals was thus wiped out directly by the godlike spirit.


"Long live!! Yue Zhong Wan Wanling!!"

"Yue great people, you are too great!!"


Seeing that the cannibals were destroyed by Yue Zhong, in the sacred heaven, there was a burst of cheers. The cannibals use humans as food to devour human evolution and become stronger. I dont know how many humans have died in their mouths. Such a great enemy was wiped out, and most of the elites of the Holy Kingdom were full of awe and praise to Yue Zhong.

After killing the cannibals, Yue Zhongs eyes swept away and fell into the Devils Temple of the Devil. The sound was cold and cold: "In addition to the succubus, the demon, etc., the rest of the demons are all Desperate."

Yue Zhongs words just fell, and among the ten thousand magic halls, a demon who was hidden in the depths burst open, no matter how strong or weak, and in a moment, the demon in the entire Wan Mo Temple died. to make.

Yue Zhong controls the demon system, and all the creatures in the world of the gods and the eight hundred worlds are between him. Only those world creatures outside the eight hundred worlds can resist the power of the demon system.

The remaining Mozus are some of the Mozu who are very beautiful and beautiful, but have a strong fighting power. These Mozus are not strong in combat and are much weaker than the main Mozu. Yue Zhong can use them as vases or maids.

Yue Zhong Gao is on the top of the gods and overlooks the cold and cold of the remnants of the Devil's Temple. "You can be willing to surrender to me? Take me as the Lord?"

"Yes!! We are willing to serve you with the great Yue Zhong, and serve you wholeheartedly! Eternal life is your most loyal slave."

The remaining Mozus in the Temple of the Devils squatted on the ground, and the body trembled and vowed to Yue Zhong that they could not defy the invincible existence like Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong quickly declared: "Very good, color sound, moon fire, fragrant incense, falling flowers. You four people from today are the four magic masters of the Wan Mo Temple, managing the Wan Mo Temple for me."

The color sound, the moon fire, the fragrant incense, and the falling flowers are the four most powerful and powerful devils among the Wan Mo Temple. They can quickly re-establish and restore the order of the Wan Mo Temple.

Color sound, moon fire, fragrant incense, falling flowers, and respectful response: "Yes! Master!"

After the murder of Amano to conquer the remnant Mozu of the entire Wan Mo Temple, Yue Zhongs body shape disappeared directly from the place.

The next moment, Yue Zhong appeared on the earth.

At this time, because the gates of **** have been closed, the earth has already fallen into chaos, and countless races are fighting for the hegemony of the world.

At the same time, the aliens hidden in the earth have been multiplied to a terrible number, and the entire planet can see the alien trail.

At this time, around Tianjing City, countless forms of various forms formed a horrible torrent, and were madly attacking Tianjing City.

Countless combat robots and mechanical beasts resisted the smashing of the aliens on the first line.

Various mechanical parts and shaped blood and blood were spattered in the battlefield, and a large number of troops were destroyed every moment. Among human beings, except for a few of the most top-notch powerhouses, there is no way to intervene in such a battle.

After this period of evolution, dozens of eight-order aliens have been evolved in the aliens, and ten-and-a-half-step nine-order aliens, and dozens of horrific aliens command the army to attack wildly, constantly compressing Tianjing City defense. Let the defense line of Tianjing City retreat.

Even if there was a mechanical emperor, Zu Yuanting, he could not resist the attack of the alien army.

Among the command centers of the capital, Ji Qing Dance and Chen Yao and other high-level leaders were worried about the battle on the outskirts of Tianjing.

Although there is a mechanical emperor's ancestral court, the security in the capital can still be maintained within a short period of time, but according to this situation, the entire Huaxia country will soon be swallowed up by endless aliens.

Ji Qingwu looked at the constantly influx of almost endless aliens, thinking in his heart: "If he is there."

"are you thinking of me?"

Suddenly, a voice rang in the room, and the people looked back and found that Yue Zhong appeared behind them.

"Yue Zhong!"

"Big brother!"


"Yue is a great man!"


The people present could not help but make a cry of excitement. In their hearts, Yue Zhong is omnipotent.

Ji Qingwu came directly to Yue Zhong and asked directly: "Yue Zhong, in the time you are not there, the speed of the alien evolution has become faster. Now almost all of the earth is above these shapes. What should we do?" "

Above the earth, the greatest threat to humanity is not the strong of other races, but the monsters of aliens. The growth speed of those aliens is too horrible, and as long as they hide in the dark corners for a while, they will soon breed a lot and kill them. Moreover, if one is not careful, human beings will be parasitized and become the bait and carrier of the aliens.

"It's very simple, let those aliens die." Yue Zhong smiled and said: "I ordered that all the aliens of the whole earth will be extinct."

The words of Yue Zhong have just fallen, and more than one billion of the aliens that have been multiplied on the whole earth have burst open, and there is not even one cell left.

Looking at all the abnormal shapes that suddenly exploded on the display screen, the people in the command center were in a state of sluggishness.

"From now on, we don't need to fear any monsters any more." Yue Zhong smiled gently, and Ji Qing, Fichnia, and the girls who were directly rushing over, hugged them into their arms.

Two years later, on the beaches of Hawaii, Tong Xiaoyun, Chen Yao, Zhuo Yazhen, Yinshuang, Han Han and other women wore bikinis to play in the ocean.

Yue Zhong was lying in the sand, Bisiya was kneeling on the ground for him, and Lina peeled the grapes for him.

At the side of Yue Zhong ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ is lying in the sunglasses wearing a black bikini, Ji Qing dance.

Numerous beautiful devil, angel, flower and other beautiful girls sit on both sides, serving as waitresses, flowers, like a fairyland.

Suddenly, Yue Zhong Shen said: "Qing Wu, I am going to the Ai Zhuoma domain."

In the eyes of Ji Qing dance, there was a slight disappointment in the eyes: "When are you going?"

Yue Zhongdao: "Three days later."

Ji Qing dance stood up and came to Yue Zhongs side, huddled into his arms and kissed Yue Zhongs lips deeply: "Okay. Come back soon, you have to remember on earth, and us. Waiting for you."


Three days later, Yue Zhong took the magical system and embarked on a journey to the universe again, starting a new adventure.

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Chapter 504: Fracture! Chapter 505: The Glory of Humanity! Chapter 506: Conquering the Town! Chapter 507: Purple Scorpion Xue Ning! Chapter 508: Hidden Concern! Chapter 509: Evil Youth! Chapter 510: Truth Chapter 511: Thousand Hero Alliance! Snow Palace! Chapter 512: Shangguan Bing Xue Chapter 513: Divine Envoy of Steel! Chapter 514: Seize The Opportunity Chapter 515: Underground City! Chapter 516: Laser Gun Designs Chapter 517: Burning Halumanda! Chapter 518: Ruined! Chapter 519: Chaotic Battle! Chapter 520: The Situation Is Reversed! Chapter 521: Fleeing From Might! Chapter 522: Opportunity! Chapter 523: L4! Promotion to Level 70! Chapter 524: Promotion! Second Order Devil Flame! Chapter 525: Pointing towards Yan Zhou! Chapter 526: Attacking Yan Zhou! Chapter 527: Unstoppable! Chapter 528: Pursuit! Chapter 529: Gaining Yan Zhou! Chapter 530: Evolving Liquid! Chapter 531: Railroad! Chapter 532: Ji Qing Wu Heavily Injured! Chapter 533: Biological Armor! Chapter 534: Type 5 Mutant Beast! Chapter 535: Japan! Chapter 536: Xenophobia! Chapter 537: Blade Beam! Chapter 538: Dispute! Chapter 539: Type 3 Liger Beast! Chapter 540: Killing The Liger Beast! Chapter 541: Takama-ga-hara! Chapter 542: Surrender! Chapter 543: Valley Chapter 544: Battle in the Night! Chapter 545: Defeating the 3-clan alliance! Chapter 546: Enjoyment Chapter 547: Clash! Chapter 548: Annihilating the Arai Clan! Chapter 549: Alliance Chapter 550: Rascal Chapter 551: 5 Evolvers! Chapter 552: Training! Chapter 553: The Viciousness of the Thunder Fighter! Chapter 554: Instant Killing Julius! Chapter 555: Cluster Bomb! Chapter 556: Destroy the Thunder Fighters! Chapter 557: Repelling the Zombie Horde! Chapter 558: Type 4 Nuclei! Chapter 559: Chaotic Battle in the Night! Chapter 560: Takama-ga-haras 4 Demons! Chapter 561: Beheading Gun Demon! Chapter 562: Battling Tenpyo Saka! Chapter 563: Capturing Tenpyo Saka! Chapter 564: Defeating the 2 armies! Chapter 565: Jasper Green Lotus! Chapter 566: Concentration Camp! Chapter 567: Envoy from Takama-ga-hara! Chapter 568: Attack of the Sea Mutant Beasts! Chapter 569: Aircraft Mothership! Chapter 570: Into the Yokosuka Base! Chapter 571: Zombie Hordes Odd Movements! Chapter 572: Army of Sea Mutant Beasts! Chapter 573: Appearance of the Entire Marine Biology! Chapter 574: Escape the Base! Chapter 575: Mer-people! Chapter 576: Corpse Amaterasu! Chapter 577: War between Zombie Horde and Sea Clan! Chapter 578: Tyrannical Corpse Amaterasu! Chapter 579: Mer-people Royal Family! Chapter 580: Hitting Corpse Amaterasu Hard! Chapter 581: Killing the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish! Chapter 582: Electromagnetic Gun Chapter 583: Country A! Chapter 584: Mixed-Chinese! Chapter 585: Hell on Earth! Chapter 586: Massacre! Chapter 587: Slavery! Chapter 588: Country A Northern Coalition! Chapter 589: Defeating the Country A Northern Coalition! Chapter 590: Swallowing 2 cities! Chapter 591: Back to Japan! Chapter 592: Port Fang Cheng! Chapter 593: Pressure! Chapter 594: Forceful integration! Chapter 595: Recruiting Lie Ming Yi! Chapter 596: Strange Blood Lotus! Chapter 597: Mutant Infected Womb! Chapter 598: Clash of 2 Tigers! Chapter 599: Striking while the iron is hot! Chapter 600: The ovum of the Mutant Infected Womb! Chapter 601: Gaining the God and Devil Worlds 18th Novice Village! Chapter 602: Evolving Temple! Chapter 603: Reaching the Central Plains! Chapter 604: Yin Shuangs Terrifying Strength! Chapter 605: Qi Mu County! Chapter 606: Tian Mu Town! Chapter 607: Zhao Jing Lei! Chapter 608: Gold Wolf Riders! Chapter 609: Alliance Meeting! Chapter 610: Attack of the Gold Wolf Riders! Chapter 611: Fierce Dong-Er Molei! Chapter 612: Repelling the Gold Wolf Riders! Chapter 613: Aisin Gioro - Xuan Zhen! Chapter 614: Miserable Victory of the Manchurian Army! Chapter 615: Geng Da Zhong! Chapter 616: Battling the White Armor Army! Chapter 617: Tough Battle! Chapter 618: Meat Grinder! Chapter 619: Assassinating Xuan Zhen! Chapter 620: Burning Camp! Chapter 621: Victorious Troops! Chapter 622: Situ Jin! Chapter 623: The army of the Mongol King! Chapter 624: Grey Wolf Rider and Blood Eagle Rider! Chapter 625: Defeating the Grey Wolf Riders and Blood Eagle Riders! Chapter 626: Refining the Blood Lotus! Chapter 627: Mutant Army Ant Colony! Chapter 628: Rescue! Chapter 629: Taking in the defeated! Chapter 630: Ulan Mountain Range! Chapter 631: Man-Eating Mutant Flower! Chapter 632: Trap! Chapter 633: Treants! Chapter 634: Tree Spirit Bi L! Chapter 635: Heart! Chapter 636: Underground Lab! Chapter 637: Underground City! Chapter 638: Freak! Chapter 639: Terrifying Parasites! Chapter 640: Raiding the Underground City! Chapter 641: Research Lab! Chapter 642: Wiping out the Parasites! Chapter 643: Killer Lie Ming Yi! Chapter 644: Mongol-Manchu Alliance! Chapter 645: Pressure of the Army! Chapter 646: The Slave Army Attacks! Chapter 647: Fight on the Hill! Chapter 648: Night Raid on the Manchu Camp! Chapter 649: Defeating the Manchu Troops! Chapter 650: The Mongolian Army Retreats Chapter 651: Assault throughout the Night! Chapter 652: Clash! Chapter 653: Defeating the Mongolian Army! Chapter 654: Advice to Surrender! Chapter 655: Hu-er Rans conditions! Chapter 656: Elder Council! Chapter 657: Undercurrent! Chapter 658: Dog Hu-er Ran! Chapter 659: Reorganizing Troops! Chapter 660: The Strange Movement of 4 Million Zombies! Chapter 661: Snipe! Chapter 662: Zombie with Art of War! Chapter 663: Yue Zhong arrives personally! The might of the Laser Gun! Chapter 664: Cunning Zombie! Chapter 665: Obtaining Bao Xi City! Chapter 666: The Allied Forces Appear! Chapter 667: The Tyrannical Apostles! Chapter 668: Intense Battle with the Apostle! Chapter 669: Hitting the Apostles Hard! Chapter 670: Erek! Chapter 671: Yin Shan Mountain Range! Chapter 672: Tiger Wolf Army! Chapter 673: 8-Leaf Blue Plant! Chapter 674: Obtaining the Nuclear Bombs! Chapter 675: Strategic Granary! Chapter 676: The 5 Heads of the Greater China Alliance! Chapter 677: Arrival of the Beast Horde! Chapter 678: Fierce Battle with the Mutant Beast Horde! Chapter 679: Strange Change! Chapter 680: Fierce Battle with the Apostles! Chapter 681: Collapse! Chapter 682: Fierce Battle with the Type 3s! Chapter 683: Su Xing He joins! Chapter 684: Swallowing the Alliance! Chapter 685: Negotiations! Chapter 686: Satellite Base! Chapter 687: The Woman who controls Zombies! Chapter 688: Triple-Spirit Evolver! Chapter 689: Sneak! Chapter 690: Artificial Intelligence! Chapter 691: Mars No.1! Chapter 692: Liu Yue Meis Tyrannical Ability! Chapter 693: Horde of Zombies in the Capital! Chapter 694: Evolved Zombie with Intelligence! Chapter 695: Terrifying Feng Bo! Chapter 696: Yue Zhong Gravely Injured! Chapter 697: Persistence! Chapter 698: Threat of Missiles! Chapter 699: Rebellion! Chapter 700: Quelling the Rebellion! Chapter 701: Assistance! Chapter 702: The Might of the Sky Fortress! Chapter 703: Cleaning up the Traitors! Chapter 704: Gates of Hell! Chapter 705: Enter! The 2nd World! Chapter 706: Strange Land! Chapter 707: Brutal Human-like Creatures! Chapter 708: Soul Enhancement! Chapter 709: Radiation Detector! Chapter 710: Precious Water! Chapter 711: Mutation! Chapter 712: The Price of Water! Chapter 713: Mutants! Chapter 714: Type 3 Mutants! Chapter 715: Half-Mutants! Chapter 716: Red Rock City! Chapter 717: Sacred Clan! Chapter 718: Lisa! Chapter 719: Rebel Army! Chapter 720: Type RH2 Main Battle Robot! Chapter 721: Fleeing Red Rock City! Chapter 722: Luo Chen! Chapter 723: Contact! Chapter 724: Strike! Chapter 725: Relentless Assault! Chapter 726: Jack! Chapter 727: Victory at a Cost! Chapter 728: Prophecy! Chapter 729: Exchange of Authority! Chapter 730: Vast Difference in Strength! Chapter 731: The Ancient Ruins! Chapter 732: Type 4 Divine Warrior! Chapter 733: Battle between the Saint Clan and Mutants! Chapter 734: Mysterious Traction Force! Chapter 735: Underground Hall! Chapter 736: Type 5 Divine Warrior Radis! Chapter 737: Treasure of Hope! Chapter 738: The Might of Bai Yi! Chapter 739: Shaxi! Chapter 740: Stunning Torrent of Steel! Chapter 741: Important Meeting of the Council! Chapter 742: Qing Zhang City! Chapter 743: Qi Qinger! Chapter 744: Liu Yi Chen! Chapter 745: Courtesan Competition! Chapter 746: Hunting Party! Chapter 747: Burning Carl to Death! Chapter 748: Entering the City Lords Mansion! Chapter 749: Puppet Box! Chapter 750: The Airship arrives! Chapter 751: Puppet Rune! Chapter 752: Type 4 Puppet! Chapter 753: Floxenia! Chapter 754: The Resistance Headquarters! Chapter 755: Traitor! Chapter 756: Cluster! Chapter 757: The Saint Clan Army! Chapter 758: Type 5 Saint Clan Member, Sitolius! Chapter 759: Reversal of the Situation! Chapter 760: Entering the Ship! Chapter 761: Suppressing Xiangma Yiming! Chapter 762: Horde of Strange Snakes! Chapter 763: The Snake Race! Chapter 764: Destroying Sitolius! Chapter 765: Type 6 Giant Snake Aremando! Chapter 766: Saint City! Chapter 767: Returning to Earth! Chapter 768: Fury! Chapter 769: Consecutively Destroying 11 Cities! Chapter 770: Gong Chang Tians Death! Chapter 771: Type 5 Mutant Beasts Battle! Chapter 772: Velociraptors appears! Chapter 773: Level 10 Treasure! Chapter 774: Prehistoric Giant Mosquitoes! Chapter 775: Dino Slave-Hunting Team! Chapter 776: Prison Break! Chapter 777: Icy Hell! Chapter 778: Dino-General! Chapter 779: Suppressing Uribi Taichi! Chapter 780: Mid-Grade Dinosaur General Ku Misaki! Chapter 781: Flee! Chapter 782: Sea of Mutant Beasts! Chapter 783: Type 6 Cetiosaurus! Chapter 784: Face-off of the 3 Clans! Chapter 785: Radiant Battleship! Chapter 786: God-Devil Nucleus! Chapter 787: Gaining the Radiant Battleship! Chapter 788: Signs of Humans! Chapter 789: Shao Village! Chapter 790: Beast Meat in exchange for Beauty! Chapter 791: Vulture Tribe! Chapter 792: Slice the Enemy! Chapter 793: The Sun Alliance! Chapter 794: Storming the Vulture Tribe! Chapter 795: Han Qiongs Transformation! Chapter 796: Explosive Potential! Chapter 797: Prehistoric Technology! Chapter 798: Sun Warriors! Chapter 799: Silencing Kisame Shinji! Chapter 800: Blood-sucking Bee Swarm! Chapter 801: Emissary! Chapter 802: Trap! Chapter 803: Type 5 Diplodocus! Chapter 804: Monstrous Threat! Chapter 805: The Sun Alliance City is destroyed! Chapter 806: Treasury! Chapter 807: Killing Shinya Takahiko! Chapter 808: Battling the Type 5 Diplodocus! Chapter 809: Taming the Type 5 Diplodocus! Chapter 810: Storm Valley Queen Luo Qing Qing! Chapter 811: The Entrance of Storm Valley! Chapter 812: Beautiful Willianna! Chapter 813: Lingering Emotions! Chapter 814: Storm Imperial City! Chapter 815: Choosing a Consort! Chapter 816: Abnormal Change! Chapter 817: The Oriole Behind! Chapter 818: Yue Zhongs True Strength! Chapter 819: Slaughtering Zheng Zhen! Chapter 820: Subjugating Liu Meier! Chapter 821: Cracked Tooth Gorge! Chapter 822: Mutual Destruction! Chapter 823: Controlling the Storm Battleship! Chapter 824: Ambush! Chapter 825: The Army Enters the Fray! Chapter 826: Building a Dam! Chapter 827: The Intense Battle at the Gorge! Chapter 828: The Brink of Collapse! Chapter 829: Huge Flood! Turn the Tides! Chapter 830: Clash of the Titans! Chapter 831: Type 5 Mount Tais Might! Chapter 832: Intense Battle with a Mid-Grade Dino-General! Chapter 833: Killing Ku Kinken!! Chapter 834: The Dino-people Retreats! Chapter 835: Eradicating the Type 4 Mutant Water Snake! Chapter 836: Cloud Region! Chapter 837: The Winged Race! Chapter 838: Winged Queen Shailene! Chapter 839: Courtship Offering! Chapter 840: One-Move Victory! Chapter 841: Genius Lai Wei! Chapter 842: Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizard! Chapter 843: Intense Battle! Chapter 844: Morale! Chapter 845: Survival from Danger! Chapter 846: Dino-General Ku Feng! Chapter 847: Killing Ku Feng! Chapter 848: Type 5 Metamorphosis! Chapter 849: The Lion Opens Its Jaws! Chapter 850: Assault! Chapter 851: Victory! Chapter 852: Alliance! Chapter 853: Entering the Type 5 Realm! Chapter 854: Shock! Chapter 855: Mutant Green Gulls Flock! Chapter 856: Dominating the Green Gulls! Chapter 857: Cloud Region! Chapter 858: Gloom! Chapter 859: Five Ghosts Gang! Chapter 860: Wiping out the Five Ghosts Gang! Chapter 861: Rebel Army! Chapter 862: Reapers! Chapter 863: Siege! Chapter 864: Tyrannical Yue Zhong! Chapter 865: Situation Under Control! Chapter 866: Tyrants Orders! Chapter 867: Co-operation! Chapter 868: Sneaking in! Chapter 869: Seen Through! Chapter 870: Danger! Chapter 871: Forceful Breakout! Chapter 872: Striking it Rich! Chapter 873: Control! Chapter 874: Gaining 8 Forts! Chapter 875: Han Qiong! Chapter 876: Capital City! Chapter 877: Phantom! Chapter 878: Threat! Chapter 879: Red Dragon Pill! Chapter 880: Phantom Chase! Chapter 881: Strange Movements from the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom! Chapter 882: Sneaking into the Capital! Chapter 883: Choice! Chapter 884: The 4 Great Clans! Chapter 885: Helpless! Chapter 886: The Destruction of 1st Prison! Chapter 887: Deployment! Chapter 888: Guided Energy Missile! Chapter 889: Intense Battle! Chapter 890: Sneaking into the Heart of the Imperial Capital! Chapter 891: Earth Manipulation! Chapter 892: Invincible Wei Ming Qing! Chapter 893: Massacre! Chapter 894: Killing Wei Ming Qing! Chapter 895: Fallout! Chapter 896: Reversal of Situation! Chapter 897: Occupying the Outer City! Chapter 898: Seeking Peace! Chapter 899: Government! Chapter 900: Eyeless Beasts! Chapter 901: The Gate of Hell Reappears! Chapter 902: Battle at the Xue Luo Forts! Chapter 903: Mountain of Corpses and Sea of Blood! Chapter 904: Seeking Reinforcements! Chapter 905: Surrender! Chapter 906: Flowers Blooming Everywhere! Chapter 907: The Terrifying Might of the Mechanized Battalion! Chapter 908: 15th Day of Bloodshed! Chapter 909: Iron-Blood Warriors! Chapter 910: The Fall of the 1st Fort! Chapter 911: Yue Zhong arrives! Chapter 912: The objective of the Type 7 Dino-Emperor! Chapter 913: Coercion! Chapter 914: The Terror of a High-Grade Dino-General! Chapter 915: Battling Agu Ya! Chapter 916: Killing Agu Ya! Chapter 917: Bad Situation! Chapter 918: Type 7 Emperor Ba Long! Chapter 919: Halfway Down, the Last Fort! Chapter 920: Raytheon Cannon! Chapter 921: The Fall of Xue Luo Fort! Chapter 922: Emperor Ba Longs Tactics! Chapter 923: Counter-Attack! Chapter 924: Annihilating 80,000 Velociraptor Warriors! Chapter 925: The Battle at Imperial Capital! Chapter 926: The Seeds of Division! Chapter 927: Ghost City! Chapter 928: Killing a Type 5 Ancestor! Chapter 929: 8 Armies! Chapter 930: Defeating the 8 Armies! Chapter 931: Heart of Hope! Chapter 932: Korea! Chapter 933: Gathering Point! Chapter 934: Seok Wi Guk! Chapter 935: Killing Seok Wi Guk! Chapter 936: Beautiful Jung Ri Soo! Chapter 937: Mechanical Enhancement! Chapter 938: Entering Seoul! Chapter 939: Massacre! Chapter 940: Invincible Suppression! Chapter 941: Conflict during the Banquet! Chapter 942: Negotiations! Chapter 943: The First Divine Envoy! Chapter 944: The Flesh-Eaters Appear! Chapter 945: Breakthrough! Chapter 946: Seoul Falls! Chapter 947: Departure and Death! Chapter 948: Pyongyang, Sea Beasts Come on Shore! Chapter 949: Battle of Type 5 Mutant Beasts! Chapter 950: Killing the Type 5 Sea Snake! Chapter 951: Fall of Pyongyang! Chapter 952: Lee Won Myung! Chapter 953: Killing Lee Won Myung! Chapter 954: The Russian Empires Torrent of Steel! Chapter 955: Position of Commander! Chapter 956: The Battle at Hu Hot City! Chapter 957: The Russian Army Surrenders! Chapter 958: Defeating the Heaven Sect! Chapter 959: Catastrophe! Chapter 960: Obliteration! Chapter 961: Obliteration (2)! Chapter 962: The 15th Battalion! Chapter 963: Arriving at Vietnam! Chapter 964: Massacre! Chapter 965: Destruction of the VPDC! Chapter 966: Remorseful Tsar! Chapter 967: Beast Transformation Technology! Chapter 968: 10-Million Zombie Horde! Chapter 969: Scarlet Reaper, one against a million! Chapter 970: Ambush! Chapter 971: Falling into the Zombie Horde! Chapter 972: Exhaustion! Chapter 973: Metamorphosis, the Type 6 Realm! Chapter 974: Controlling the Zombie Horde! Chapter 975: Shangguan Qing Cheng! Chapter 976: Strange Treasure! Chapter 977: Traces of the U.S. Army! Chapter 978: Selena from India! Chapter 979: The Tyrannical God-Devil Body! Chapter 980: Superhuman Alliance! Chapter 981: Suppressing the Type 5 Mutant Beast! Chapter 982: Alliance! Chapter 983: The Arrival of the Saint Clan! Chapter 984: Enter the Rebel Forces! Chapter 985: Yue Zhongs conditions! Chapter 986: England in Peril! Chapter 987: Blood Sacrifice! Chapter 988: Earths Strongest! Chapter 989: Bai Xiao Sheng Defeated! Chapter 990: Slashing down the Apostles! Chapter 991: Display of Super-Abilities! Chapter 992: Distribution of Territories! Chapter 993: The Arrival of the Saint Emperor! Chapter 994: Plot! Chapter 995: Injuring the Saint Emperor! Chapter 996: Annihilating the Saint Emperor Xue Shi! Chapter 997: Swallowing Treasure, Reaching the Peak of Type 6! Chapter 998: Monster! Chapter 999: Alien! Chapter 1000: Blood Manipulation! Chapter 1001: Chaos in South Origin City! Chapter 1002: Alien Queen! Chapter 1003: Killing a Type 6 Alien! Chapter 1004: Type 7 Alien! Chapter 1005: People from the Saint Lands! Chapter 1006: Black Dragon Beast! Chapter 1007: Reaching the Type 7 Realm! Chapter 1008: Saint Lands! Chapter 1009: Arrogance! Chapter 1010: Battle! Chapter 1011: The Terrifying Alien and Despair! Chapter 1012: Yue Zhong Acts! Chapter 1013: Saint Lands Saint Lord! Chapter 1014: Saint Land Protectors! Chapter 1015: One-hit K.O.! Chapter 1016: Red Dawn Holy Palace! Chapter 1017: Sky Fragrance Dance! Chapter 1018: Deal! Chapter 1019: Stealth! Chapter 1020: Great Harvest! Chapter 1021: The Saint Lord Spits Blood! Chapter 1022: The Powerful Saint Lands Protector Battleships! Chapter 1023: Defeating the Alien King! Chapter 1024: Request for Aid! Chapter 1025: Besieged South Origin City! Chapter 1026: Alien Spawn! Chapter 1027: Type 7 Yin Shuang! Chapter 1028: Concept of a Large City Base! Chapter 1029: Americas Calamity! Chapter 1030: The Mighty Tyranno-King! Chapter 1031: Nuclear Attack! Chapter 1032: The Beastmen Race! Chapter 1033: S.O.S from the Kingdom of God! Chapter 1034: The Miserable Plight of the Kingdom of God, Berlins Fall! Chapter 1035: Jonass Choice! Chapter 1036: The Beastmen battles the Zombies! Chapter 1037: Sneak-attack on Taylor! Chapter 1038: Killing Taylor! Chapter 1039: Negotiations with King Limo! Chapter 1040: Heaven-Piercing Bow! Chapter 1041: Yin-Yang Palm! Chapter 1042: Beastmen V.S Zombies! Chapter 1043: Sichuans Base Request for Help! Chapter 1044: Turning Zombies into Ash with a Wave of a Hand! Chapter 1045: Chaos! Chapter 1046: Floxenia! Chapter 1047: The Arrival of the Mech Empire! Chapter 1048: Combat Mech! Chapter 1049: The might of the Yin-Yang Palm! Chapter 1050: The Terrifying Might of the Mech Kingdom! Chapter 1051: Galastar! Chapter 1052: Order of the Mech Lord! Chapter 1053: Galastar Virtual Network! Chapter 1054: Exchanging a B-Grade Particle Cannon and B-Grade Laser Blade! Chapter 1055: Battling the Mutant Bronze Bashing Black Boar Horde! Chapter 1056: Killing the Type 7 Mutant Black Boar! Chapter 1057: Type 8 Winged Wyrm King! Chapter 1058: Exchanging for Treasures! Chapter 1059: Challenge! Chapter 1060: Killing Halledor! Chapter 1061: Comprehending the Flame Domain! Chapter 1062: Relax! Chapter 1063: The Fate of Losers! Chapter 1064: Genius Mech Pilot! Chapter 1065: Chaos in the Mech Empire City! Chapter 1066: 9-headed Type 9 Dragonhawk! Chapter 1067: Young Star Lord! Chapter 1068: Type 8 Ape Lord Titus! Chapter 1069: Suppressing Titus! Chapter 1070: Joining hands with Xing Bing Yun! Chapter 1071: Fleeing Mech Empire City! Chapter 1072: The Strike of the Type 9 9-Headed Dragonhawk! Chapter 1073: Human Underground City! Chapter 1074: Dark Saint Assembly! Chapter 1075: The Black Widow! Chapter 1076: Killing the Black Widow! Chapter 1077: Taking over City 67! Chapter 1078: Taking over City 67! Chapter 1079: Desert Region! Chapter 1080: Mutant Lizard Horde! Chapter 1081: The Powerful Type 7 Mutant Lizard! Chapter 1082: The Mighty Yue Zhong! Chapter 1083: Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King! Chapter 1084: The Might of the God-Devil Domain! Chapter 1085: Invincible! Chapter 1086: Chapter 1087: Entering Headquarters! Chapter 1088: Green Drake Emperor Ogg! Chapter 1089: Suppressing the 3 Emperors! Chapter 1090: Base Camp FED4456! Chapter 1091: Comet Cannon! Chapter 1092: The Crafty Murphyte! Chapter 1093: The American Forces request Aid! Chapter 1094: Coercion! Chapter 1095: Yue Zhong Acts! Chapter 1096: The Asura Clan! Chapter 1097: Miracle! Chapter 1098: Slaughtering the Asuras! Chapter 1099: Leo Dies in Combat! Chapter 1100: The Dino-Warriors retreat! Chapter 1101: Stepping into the Type 8 Realm! Chapter 1102: Entering the Radiant Battleship Once More! Chapter 1103: Embracing Chen Yao! Chapter 1104: The Sea Clans Invasion! Chapter 1105: Chaos! Chapter 1106: Suppressing the Chaos! Chapter 1107: Killing Human Scum! Chapter 1108: Subduing the Zombie King! Chapter 1109: 3-Headed Wyrm Beast! Chapter 1110: Boundless Rain of Blood! Chapter 1111: Conflict in the Hotel! Chapter 1112: Strength! Chapter 1113: Bermuda Triangle! Chapter 1114: Deep Sea Mutant Beasts! Chapter 1115: Killing the Mutant Beast! Chapter 1116: Sea God City! Chapter 1117: Possia! Chapter 1118: Heroism! Chapter 1119: Defeating the Sea God! Chapter 1120: Agnis! Chapter 1121: Entering the Great God World! Chapter 1122: Type 8 Mutant Bug! Chapter 1123: Rescue! Chapter 1124: Giant! Chapter 1125: Man Eating Giants Chapter 1126: Type 8 Giant Chapter 1127: 3 Giants Chapter 1128: Defeating The Giants Chapter 1129: Wiman Chapter 1130: Jody And Lina Chapter 1131: Holy Heavens Chapter 1132: Wiping Out The Giants Chapter 1133: Imperial Conflict Chapter 1134: Killing Everyone Present Chapter 1135: Dominance Chapter 1136: George Chapter 1137: The Fang Clan Chapter 1138: Death In One Blow Chapter 1139: Fish Taking To Water Direction Translation Actual Meaning: Sexual Relations Chapter 1140: Starship Port Chapter 1141: Howling Dragons And Roaring Tigers Chapter 1142: Contest Chapter 1143: Missions For A Holy Son Chapter 1144: Cheng Tang Mountain Chapter 1145: Black Devil Clan Chapter 1146: Destroying The Black Devil Giant Chapter 1147: Green Faced Ghost Chapter 1148: Hunt Chapter 1149: Wiping Out The Green Faced Ghosts Chapter 1150: True God Experts Will Chapter 1151: Absorbing The Will Chapter 1152: Undying Devil Spirit Chapter 1153: Spatial Devil Ghost Chapter 1154: Cosmic Finger Chapter 1155: Type 9 Specter Skeleton Chapter 1156: Golden Treasure Armor Chapter 1157: Killing The Devil Witch Chapter 1158: Tear In Space Chapter 1159: Destroying Ghost Tun Chapter 1160: Crumbling Of The Temple Chapter 1161: Sealing Wade Chapter 1162: Annies Charms Chapter 1163: 180 Change In Attitude Chapter 1164: Jiao Beast City Chapter 1165: Capturing The Mayor Manor Chapter 1167: Attack Chapter 1168: Silk Domain Chapter 1169: Defeating The Holy Race Chapter 1170: Killing A Holy King Chapter 1171: Evolve: Half Step Type 9 Realm Chapter 1172: Controlling The Gold Wyrm King City Chapter 1173: Half God Aji Hong Chapter 1174: Eliminating A Half God Chapter 1175: Alien Invasion Chapter 1176: Killing The Aliens Chapter 1177: Jubilation Chapter 1178: Reaching The Type 9 Realm Chapter 1179: Guarding Earth Chapter 1180: Intense Battle With Type 9 Mech Emperor Zu Yuan Ting Chapter 1181: The Powerful Mech Emperor Chapter 1182: Subduing Zu Yuan Ting Chapter 1183: Gathering Of The Various Races Chapter 1184: Holy Lord Yue Hua Chapter 1185: Pledge Of Friendship Chapter 1186: Dragon Mantis Beast Horde Chapter 1187: Fight Chapter 1188: Bull Head Dragon Devil Chapter 1189: Bull Crusher Devil Chapter 1190: Red Jade Mantis Horde Chapter 1191: The Dao Of Fire Chapter 1192: Breaking Out Of The Cocoon Chapter 1193: Defeating Jeffery Vol 9 Chapter 1213: The Giant Above The Throne Vol 9 Chapter 1214: The Horror Power Of Brilliant Warships Vol 9 Chapter 1215: 8 Mobs Of The Lord Vol 9 Chapter 1216: The Golden Giant God Vol 9 Chapter 1217: Awkward Amano Vol 9 Chapter 1218: Spike Half A Step True God Level Powerhouse Vol 9 Chapter 1219: Golden Blood River Vol 9 Chapter 1220: Law Temple Vol 9 Chapter 1221: Invincible Vol 9 Chapter 1222: Tandoorula Beast Vol 9 Chapter 1223: Hope The Fortress Vol 9 Chapter 1224: Odd Sheep Vol 9 Chapter 1225: God Magic System Artificial Intelligence Vol 9 Chapter 1226: Star Tree Vol 9 Chapter 1227: Tandogula King Beast Vol 9 Chapter 1228: The Beast Is Fierce Vol 9 Chapter 1229: Kill The King Beast Vol 9 Chapter 1230: Desperate Vol 9 Chapter 1231: The Strongest 10th Order Powerhouse In Ancient Times Vol 9 Chapter 1232: Tenjin World Wide Trap Vol 9 Chapter 1233: Yue Zhong Advanced 10th Order Vol 9 Chapter 1234: Kill The Real Dragon Vol 9 Chapter 1235: The Owner Of The Magic System Vol 9 Chapter 1236: Omniscient The Finale : End This Testimonial