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Lin Shan returned to his booth.

was seeing Qi Rui helping him receive customers, and he closed a deal in a hemp, looking fancy, but very low-quality multi-function saber, as a small stall, naturally it is impossible to sell high-quality, because others do not believe it.


Lin Shan admits that he is now a small vendor selling fake and shoddy products, but he doesn't want it, because no one wants it because it is expensive. He thinks you must be a bargain. This is the limitation of street stalls, forcing people to buy inferior products. goods.

"Lin Shan, did you go to the bathroom? Here, thirty-five yuan." Qi Rui handed the money for the knife just now.

"Yes, urgency."

Lin Shan said casually, took the money and put it into his pocket, but suddenly he stopped and took out his wallet.

After looking at the handful of change and the 600 yuan red ticket inside, after thinking about it, Lin Shan took out 600 yuan of it and handed it to Qi Rui: "Help me, there is a sister in front who is selling for ladies. With a checkered umbrella, go and spend all the money."

He knows that Liu Yues family is not very good. His parents are farming and his sister is still in school. This time it is estimated that Liu Yue came here to help earn money and subsidize the family on May 1st. He was embarrassed to buy it just now because Liu Yue. My sister has seen him.

But it's nothing if Qi Rui goes up.

Hearing Lin Shan's words, Qi Rui looked at him in surprise, and said, "Lin Shan, what are you... You want to chase someone else's girl? Then go personally."

"I can go and want you in person, not chasing people, you think too much, do a favor, spend the money, I invite you to eat skewers in the evening, you can eat it hard." Lin Shan said, he knows that Qi Rui is the best I like to eat skewers, no matter winter or summer, I use this to seduce it.

Sure enough, Qi Rui was stabbed in the weak underbelly, his face became excited, and he didn't say much. He knew that Lin Shan was not a squanderer, so he quickly took the money, unlocked his pocket, put it down and left.

the other side.

"Sister, how much did we earn today?" Liu Yue's sister sat on the small bench and mumbled her head. Her name is Liu Xi. She is still in the sophomore year of high school and helped her sister during the May Day holiday.

"I have earned 67 yuan so far." Liu Yue didn't want to answer. She would write down every business in a small notebook, then calculate the profit, and take it out from time to time to look at it, so the record is very strong.

"Isn't that sure you can earn 100 yuan today?" Liu Xi's eyes lit up.

"Sister, you think too much. The weather is too hot after lunch. Many people have to take a nap again. The business in the afternoon is still uncertain." Liu Yue smiled. My sister is quiet in front of outsiders, but in front of her is a cute thing.

But Liu Xi is very sensible and has never asked too much. She just likes to eat roast duck legs, because she thinks that there is more meat. The difference between duck legs and chicken legs is only one dollar, but the meat is half more than chicken legs.

"Well, my roast duck legs, don't fly, God bless you." Liu Xi pleaded with her hands together.

"..." Liu Yue was speechless for a while.

At this time.

"Boss, how do you sell this?" A little fat paper appeared in front of the stall. This person is naturally Qi Rui. Seeing the two sisters are so watery, Qi Rui added a sentence in his heart: Beasts, Linshan, why are you so special? Got it.

Looking at the bracelet in Fat Paper's hand, Liu Yue came to the spirit: "Brother, are you going to buy it to give away your girlfriend. This only costs ten yuan." He calculated the cost of four yuan, which would make six yuan.

"Yes, mainly because I don't know what she likes?" Qi Rui said embarrassedly, touching his chin.

Hearing this, Liu Yue felt that this business was going to be a bad deal, but Qi Rui's next sentence made her overjoyed.

"In this way, I don't know what she likes. You can give me one, but my budget is only 600 yuan, so you can find a way to make it together." After saying that Qi Rui directly put the 600 yuan given by Lin Shan Arrived at the booth.

If Lin Shan sees him, he will definitely say something: What a real pig teammate.

Buying things like this, are you sure its normal business practices?

As expected.

Liu Yue was a little doubtful whether the purchases made like this were counterfeit coins, but she didnt shy away and picked up the money. Liu Yue glanced at it first. Unlike counterfeit coins, she looked at it one by one. Finally, Make sure that there is no counterfeit currency. Could it be to tease her?

"Big brother, are you sure? If you buy it and turn around and return it, you can return up to 80%, and the goods are in good condition." Liu Yue reminded that the general stalls do not return the goods and can only exchange them. After all, they are not shops. , Can not stand the toss.

But Liu Yue didn't do that. It's very simple. Comparing heart to heart, I bought something unsatisfactory. If the thing is OK, why can't I return it? It's not a full refund.

Qi Rui also knows that his behavior is a bit scary, and he waved his hand quickly: "Don't worry, I won't return the goods, this little money, small, please install it quickly for me, and I will rush away."

Seeing that there is no problem with money, and Qi Rui didn't seem to be teasing her, Liu Yue immediately began to load things with joy, and finally put a small bag of small accessories and handed it over.

"Brother, this is 600 yuan. I'll give you three facial masks." Liu Yue stuffed three facial masks in. This facial mask was actually a gift she bought. There were only three in total, all of which were given to Qi Rui.

She and her sister have never used cosmetics. If only three of them are displayed, no one would buy them. It would be better to give them away.

"Okay, bye."


Qi Rui took the bag and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

"Sister, we are rich." Liu Xi happily shook Liu Yue's hand. She knew that her roast duck legs would never escape.

"I only earned more than two hundred yuan, what kind of fortune." Liu Yue was not angry, but the joy on her face could not be concealed. The happiness came too suddenly.

"Two hundred yuan is enough for me to eat for half a month." Liu Xi thought it was big money.

"... I'll buy you roast duck legs later." Liu Yue's eyes are a bit moist, her own conditions are not wealthy, her parents are in poor health, she is taking medicine every day, and her sister eats the cheapest meals at school.

However, she was strong and did not cry.

"Well, we each have one." Liu Xi clapped and cheered.

"it is good."

. . . . . .

"Lin Shan, the task is completed. What do you plan to do with these." Qi Rui handed the bag over.

Lin Shan took the bag and put it in the box he was loading.

"Keep it and give it away." Lin Shan gave him four words.

"Who is it for?" Qi Rui said curiously.

"you guess."


The two words are absolutely lethal.

is definitely a topic terminator.

"Lin Shan, I... Damn, old and old..."

Qi Rui was about to vomit, but he jumped up as if seeing something terrifying, looked at one place with horror, and couldn't say anything clearly.

Lin Shan looked down.

After seeing it clearly, I felt a little speechless.

You are a bit manly, alright.

It turned out to be a courageous mouse. In broad daylight, he dared to go out and basking in the sun. He was gnawing on the snakeskin bag loaded by Lin Shan. Is there anything to eat in it? You are not a strange beast, UU reading www. uukanshu.com can still bite the iron.

silly mouse.

Identification is completed.

As for the beasts, all he had in mind was to kill them. Moreover, the mice were not poultry and pets. Lin Shan's light swept away and saw a saber in front of his stall. He picked it up and pulled out the scabbard.

waved his arm and aimed at the mouse's head.

Wow. .

The tie is off.

just pierced the mouse's tail.

The mouse with its broken tail was frightened and panicked. It chirped a few times and ran towards the middle of the road. Just as Lin Shan thought the mouse was about to escape, a bicycle passed by.

silly mouse.


The owner of the car was hit and run without realizing it.

"Huh... I'm scared to death."

Seeing a mouse in a car accident, he died on the spot, Qi Rui was holding his liver with a lingering fear. He was bitten by a mouse when he was a child, and this was the reaction when he saw a mouse since then.

Lin Shan shook his head.

But its not good to leave dead mice there. Its unlucky. Just as Lin Shan tried to pick up the mice in the middle of the road and throw them to the side of the road, only a pale white light appeared from the mice in front of him.


The white light flew towards him at an unparalleled speed, Lin Shan's instinctive hands were in the first gear, but it was too late, and the white light hit his head.

next moment.

A piece of information appeared in his mind.

"The lord of the souls, the boundless land, the beasts are exalted, the gods live forever."

Lin Shan was taken aback.

What does it mean?

does not seem to be an illusion, otherwise vision and hearing will not appear at the same time.

I remembered the word "Qing Yu".

Lin Shan felt as if he had discovered something extraordinary.

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