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"She also made a wrong step, wrong step. I remembered that when she was with her back then, she was a kind-hearted queen, how did she know that for her own children, for the throne, she could kill the thoughts of the person next to her pillow? , Really vicious." Gu Xiaowan said quietly.

Thinking of Empress Leng's eyes that looked like a snake and scorpion back then, now that I think about it, I still shudder. There is something that someone who even dared to kill his own husband would not dare to do!

"Don't think so much, everything is over. Now Yong Cheng is raised by the empress dowager, and he is no longer in the position of prince and prince. If he can't afford to think about it, it would be best to give him a back cover and enjoy life in the future. With the thoughts that shouldn't be there, it is like his mother, frustrated and ashes, and will never recover." Qin Yizhi comforted, clasped Gu Xiaowan's shoulders tightly, and hugged her into his arms.

Qin Yizhi asked, "The fragrance of flowers today seems to be much lighter."

Gu Xiaowan couldn't smell it, but she sniffed, "Really?"

Qin Yizhi quietly opened her top and looked at the big red Utambula on the back. Now the color is lighter than before. Although it is still red and gorgeous, it is not as **** as before. Is red.

Anan had told herself before that after having sex, the flower would slowly disappear, and the smell on her body would gradually dissipate. After all had disappeared, her blood would no longer have the effect of a dead person or bones.

It seems that what Anan said is being verified little by little.

That's good, he wished his wife was an ordinary person.

The two of them came to the Imperial Study Room, and Shu Tianci stood with his hands on his back, standing in front of the windowsill, waiting for them.

Seeing two people who looked like Bi, walked into the Imperial Study Room holding hands, and then secretly looked at the delicate and picturesque eyebrows of the woman.

Entangling all night, her eyebrows are more charming than before. She also exudes an indescribable charm, yes, she has become a woman, and the charm and charm were brought to her by the man next to her.

There was a pain in his heart, and Shu Tianci saw them approaching, so he could only turn around quickly, came to the desk, and pretended to read.

His hands trembled a lot, the books shook slightly in his hands, his feet trembled a lot, and his body trembled like chaff. Where did he have a half-hearted mind to read, even his thoughts were involved.

Grandpa Qi shouted outside: "The slave and maidservant give the regent, and the regent please greet you."

Shu Tianci threw the book in his hand, smashed it heavily on the desk, and smashed all the folded memorabilia to the ground.

Hearing the sound of something falling inside, Qi Song hurriedly came in to take care of him, and saw Shu Tianci squatting on the ground, cleaning up the messy memorials, his expression was painful and hopeless, at this moment, Qin Yizhi followed closely behind him. Came in with Gu Xiaowan's fingers.

As soon as he raised his eyes, Shu Tianci saw their hands clasped tightly, and his heart felt more like someone was going to cut his flesh and blood with a sharp dagger.

But he still insisted on laughing: "You are here!"

Her eyebrows were flowery and charming. Her original delicate eyebrows, with the charm of a woman, made people want to look at it. Shu Tianci could hardly remove his eyes. Fortunately, Qi Song on the side saw this and hurriedly said, "The emperor, come on slaves."

Only then did Shu Tianci come back to his senses and realized that he had lost his temper, put the memorial he picked up in his hand on the large desk, and saw a pair of Bi people salute him.

Shu Tianci didn't know what to say, and could only say: "You two have gone through a lot of hardships together. You should cherish and love each other."

Qin Yizhi looked at the people beside him with a soft voice, "Midye knows that in this life, I only love Wan'er, and I will live up to it."

Shu Tianci's heart is bitter: "Okay, I will allow you."


He didnt know what to say, he only said to Qi Song who was on the side: "The regent and the regent are newly married, and I will give some gifts to them, Qi Song, you can pick one from my inner bank and give it a reward. Princess Regent. In addition, I also want to make a decree, just as Midnight said: There can only be one princess in one lifetime."

Qi Song: "The emperor", how good is this to make an decree? The regent said that he said it, but it is really not good to write on the imperial decree. What if the regent can't do it?

Whose man does not have three wives and four concubines, besides, he is still a regent!

Shu Tianci: "Let you off, you can do it at midnight." If you can't do it, and it hurts Xiaowan's heart and makes Xiaowan suffer, then he must seek justice for Xiaowan.

Qin Yizhi smiled: "Chen, it must be done."

Qi Song could only write down: "The slave follows the order."

The two newly married Yaner, please Ann to the Empress Dowager, and also to the emperor. After counting the time, they have to go back.

Shu Tianci was a little bit reluctant, see you today, don't know when you can see you again.

Seeing the two of them go away, Shu Tianci's eyes seemed to be fixed on Gu Xiaowan's body, and he couldn't move away, but he, like a ghost, walked forward step by step, and when he saw them down the steps, he was already far away. Without knowing it, he climbed up to the viewing platform, and when he saw the two figures close together, there was the only warmth in this huge cold palace. His heart suddenly became cold and sad.

The figure went farther and farther, and finally disappeared.

Shu Tianci couldn't hold it anymore, leaning against the wall, crying silently.

The two hot red ropes in my arms, the red ropes I have hidden in my body for more than two years, after all, no one tied them for me, and I can't send them out!

Leaving the palace, Gu Xiaowan and Qin Yi got on the carriage and looked at the majestic palace. Gu Xiaowan rarely felt relaxed.

Although this palace is large, it is strictly guarded, and it always gives people a feeling of stubbornness. If you can leave here and travel around, it would be great.

Qin Yizhi seemed to have guessed her thoughts: "Wan'er, after returning to the door, let's put this down and travel around."

"Really? Can you walk away?" Gu Xiaowan asked excitedly.

"Of course, everything is ready now, and the emperor can stand alone. I, the regent, should also be the idle prince. From now on, we will play around and have a child, wherever we go, wherever we are. Home, okay?" Qin Yizhi said longingly.

Gu Xiaowan nodded fiercely: "Okay, but I don't agree with one thing."

"What?" Qin Mozhi panicked.

"One child is not enough, let's give birth to a nest, and have a companion in the future." Gu Xiaowan said excitedly.

Qin Yizhi also grinned: "Of course it's good. The lady has orders, and I dare not disobey my husband. It seems that I have to work harder for my husband and give birth to a nest. Let's take it slowly. Practice makes perfect. Slowly Will be there"

The wheel of the car was rolled on the pavement of bluestone slabs, sending out beautiful songs.

From time to time, there were singing and laughter from the carriage, and Ah Zuo and Ahmad, who were driving the carriage, looked at each other and laughed.

Now that's great!

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1276: Go To Fanjia Chapter 1277: Love Chapter 1278: Fan Daqu Chapter 1279: Fan Ling Chapter 1280: Homely Chapter 1281: Successful Marriage Proposal Chapter 1282: Reopen Chapter 1283: Ears And Temples Chapter 1284: Sun's Mother And Daughter Make Trouble Chapter 1285: Mother And Daughter Beaten Chapter 1286: Qin Yizhi's Power Chapter 1287: Groundless Accusation Chapter 1288: Hong's Mother And Daughter Appear Chapter 1289: Persuade Yuner Chapter 1290: Conspiracy Chapter 1291: Party Celebration Chapter 1292: Accept Your Fate Chapter 1293: Ridicule Chapter 1294: Come Back Home Chapter 1295: Furniture Arrived Chapter 1296: Lanxue Tea Chapter 1297: So Many Things Chapter 1298: I Will Do My Best To Protect You Chapter 1299: I Only Have You Chapter 1300: Love Him Chapter 1301: Do As Promised Chapter 1302: Peace Of Mind Chapter 1303: Met Again Chapter 1304: Looking For Something Again Chapter 1305: Bomei Smiled Chapter 1306: Take In Sun's Mother And Daughter Chapter 1307: Pregnant Chapter 1308: 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Chapter 1339: Precursor Chapter 1340: Lost Chapter 1341: Return To The Other Body Chapter 1342: Have To Cover Up Chapter 1343: Zhao Family Ancestral Hall Chapter 1345: Jan's Pregnancy Chapter 1345: A Bitter Kiss Chapter 1346: Marrying Chapter 1347: Dating In Five Days Chapter 1348: Never Leave Chapter 1349: Qi Qiao Festival Chapter 1350: Brother Song Chapter 1351: Out Of Water Chapter 1352: Save People Chapter 1353: Remember First Chapter 1354: Disfigured Chapter 1355: Ninth Of July Chapter 1356: There Are Artificial Rumors Chapter 1357: Edelweiss Chapter 1358: Just Want To Give You The Best Chapter 1359: Find Medicine To Remove Scars Chapter 1360: Ning An Is Missing Chapter 1361: Go To Zhao's House Chapter 1362: Funeral If You Can't Find Anyone Chapter 1363: Home Chapter 1364: Ning An Was Injured Chapter 1365: Partner To Lie To Her Chapter 1366: Sibling Fornication Chapter 1367: Master Zhao Is Here Chapter 1368: Chasing James Chapter 1369: You Deserve It Chapter 1370: Escorted To Court Chapter 1371: Chopped Off Zhao Xun's Hand Chapter 1372: Untouchable Chapter 1373: The House Is Sold Chapter 1374: Living On The Street Chapter 1375: Set Off To The Capital Chapter 1376: Ninh Binh's Anxiety Chapter 1377: I Am Willing To Suffer Chapter 1378: Enter Beijing Chapter 1379: Meet Li Fan Chapter 1380: Guanglong Street Chapter 1381: Qingyuan Chapter 1382: Weeping Flower Gate Chapter 1383: The Origin Of Qingyuan Chapter 1384: Remember The Past Chapter 1385: Go Out Chapter 1386: Fairview Cloth Village Chapter 1387: Re Meet The Old Chapter 1388: Tentative Chapter 1389: Did She Mention Me Chapter 1390: Pigs Are The Happiest Chapter 1391: Never Married Chapter 1392: He Is Hiding From Her Chapter 1393: Why Bother Chapter 1394: For His Good Chapter 1395: Not Seen Chapter 1396: Yushu Fell Ill Chapter 1397: Meet Chapter 1398: Sweet Preserves Chapter 1399: Mutual Expression Chapter 1400: Beat Chapter 1401: Follow Along Chapter 1402: Go Around Chapter 1403: Deja Vu Chapter 1404: 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Chapter 1438: Improvisation Chapter 1439: Shocking Chapter 1440: Sisters Fighting Chapter 1441: Going To Be Famous Chapter 1442: Invite Chapter 1443: Deliberate Digging Chapter 1444: Want To Be Humiliated Chapter 1445: Anti General Chapter 1446: Cow Louver Chapter 1447: Make Her Faceless Chapter 1448: She Obviously Likes Chapter 1449: Fang Family Grievances Chapter 1450: Help You Lose Weight Chapter 1451: Be A New Self Chapter 1452: Thin Chapter 1453: People Are Afraid Of Being Famous Chapter 1454: Complaint Chapter 1455: Something Happened To The Fang Family Chapter 1456: Mrs. Lu Chapter 1457: Pickled Things Chapter 1458: Go Back To Your Mother's House To Recover Chapter 1459: Take Her Life Chapter 1460: Back To Natal Chapter 1461: I Recognized My Sister Chapter 1462: Curious Person Chapter 1463: Found Mistake Chapter 1464: Incredible Chapter 1465: Come Up With A Good Idea Chapter 1466: I Teach You To Settle Accounts Chapter 1467: Lanqing Cloth Chapter 1468: First Acquaintance Chapter 1469: Female Hero Chapter 1470: The Trouble Should End It Chapter 1471: Can't Tell Sister Chapter 1472: Sister Got It Chapter 1473: Just Want Everyone To Be Well Chapter 1474: Gonna Thank People Chapter 1475: Deep Affection Chapter 1476: Can't Wait Chapter 1477: The Battle In Front Of The Palace Gate Chapter 1478: Upward Chapter 1479: Thank You Chapter 1480: Keep Her Down Chapter 1481: He Is Looking For Someone Chapter 1482: The Second Stage Of Weight Loss Chapter 1483: Make Me Lose My Life Chapter 1484: Fate Chapter 1485: The Persistent Son Of Shen Chapter 1486: Madam Fang Is Almost Dead Chapter 1487: Why Chapter 1488: Ylang Ylang Chapter 1489: Still Save Chapter 1490: Allelopathy Chapter 1491: No One Can Say Chapter 1492: Difficulties Chapter 1493: Liu's Conspiracy Chapter 1494: Red Plum's Mind Chapter 1495: Conceited Chapter 1496: Provoke A Dispute Chapter 1497: Angrily Beat The Prostitute Chapter 1498: Out Of Control Chapter 1499: Liu Bought Cloth Chapter 1500: Palace Proceedings Chapter 1501: King Ming Comes Up With Ideas Chapter 1502: Missing A Son Chapter 1503: Poetry Song Chapter 1504: Brother And Sister Dispute Chapter 1505: Mother And Daughter Chapter 1506: Horrible Secret Chapter 1507: Who Invited Chapter 1508: Agree To Attend The Banquet Chapter 1509: Is It A Blessing Or A Curse Chapter 1510: Haven't Seen For Many Days Chapter 1511: Fang's Marriage Proposal Chapter 1512: I'm An Errand In The Palace Chapter 1513: Bright And Moving Chapter 1514: Suspicious Chapter 1515: Who Is This Person Chapter 1516: Guess Identity Chapter 1517: Back To You Chapter 1518: Extraordinarily Jealous Chapter 1519: Mohe Chapter 1520: Lost Sense Chapter 1521: She Is Her Chapter 1522: Bicker Chapter 1523: Pig Brain Chapter 1524: Target Everywhere Chapter 1525: Witty Chapter 1526: Play The Rest Chapter 1527: Not His Sweetheart Chapter 1528: Generous Gift Chapter 1529: See Also Making Things Difficult Chapter 1530: Amazing Chapter 1531: Wet Sleeves Chapter 1532: Amazing Time Chapter 1533: Who Is This Person Chapter 1534: Breathtaking Chapter 1535: Where Did Baby Come From Chapter 1536: Maid Caught Chapter 1537: Su Ziyue Chapter 1538: Don't Know Who It Is Chapter 1539: Who Is The Cruelest Chapter 1540: Dispute Chapter 1541: Good And Evil Are Rewarded Chapter 1542: Cruel Chapter 1543: Too Frightening Chapter 1544: Can I Go Back Chapter 1545: Sisters Affectionate Chapter 1546: Clue Chapter 1547: Brother And Sister Fight Chapter 1548: King Ming's Mind Chapter 1549: Furious Chapter 1550: Propose Chapter 1551: Nails Around Chapter 1552: Happy Event Again And Again Chapter 1553: Madam Fang Chapter 1554: Persuade Fang Peiya Chapter 1555: Shock Chapter 1556: Mother And Daughter Talk Chapter 1557: Tease Chapter 1558: You Are Mine Chapter 1559: Twosome Chapter 1560: Sleep In Bed Chapter 1561: Letter Chapter 1562: Read The Letter Chapter 1563: Letter To Yushu Chapter 1564: Streamer Like Hibiscus Chapter 1565: Want Someone's Love Letter Chapter 1566: Xiao Wan In A Trance Chapter 1567: Guessed The Mind Chapter 1568: Qingxin Is Like A King Chapter 1569: Flying Pigeon Teaser Chapter 1570: Accident At Jinfulou Chapter 1571: Four Dead Chapter 1572: Handwriting Chapter 1573: See Ni Bing Chapter 1574: Go To Jail Chapter 1575: The Identity Of The Deceased Chapter 1576: Old Hatred Chapter 1577: Lijiamenkou Chapter 1578: Go To The Doctor Chapter 1579: I Won't Let You Do Something Chapter 1580: You Are Dissatisfied With The Emperor Chapter 1581: Defeated Chapter 1582: Imperial Concubine Chapter 1583: Ni Bing Is Injured Chapter 1584: Shattered Temple Chapter 1585: Weird Youjia Chapter 1586: Night Talk For Two Chapter 1587: Guess The Reason Chapter 1588: Someone Invited Chapter 1589: Tian Ming Court Chapter 1590: Subject Chapter 1591: Take A Step To Speak Chapter 1592: I'm Not Happy Chapter 1593: Di Yu Gu Zhai Eat Chapter 1594: Talk To Him Chapter 1595: Complicity With Her Chapter 1596: Punish Li Fan Chapter 1597: Offend Father Qi Chapter 1598: Cruel 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The Conspiracy Chapter 2328: Aoyama Painting Chapter 2329: The Root Of Nightmares Chapter 2330: Yilu's End Chapter 2331: His Worry Chapter 2332: Horoscope Chapter 2333: Suspicion Chapter 2334: Leave Unhappy Chapter 2335: Two Are Gone Chapter 2336: Shen Wenjun Killed Someone Chapter 2337: Condolence Chapter 2338: Don't Move The Body Chapter 2339: Huang Family Is The Master Chapter 2340: Wit And Courage Chapter 2341: I Have The Final Say About My Family Chapter 2342: Unlucky Woman Chapter 2343: Cold Blooded Chapter 2344: Mother Training Daughter Chapter 2345: Half Of The Family Property For Life Chapter 2346: Luxury Yellow Chapter 2347: Found A Clue Chapter 2348: Small Monthly Report Chapter 2349: Where Did Xiaoyue Go Chapter 2350: Fail Chapter 2351: Nightmares Chapter 2352: Almost Vomiting Blood Chapter 2353: Please Come To The Palace Chapter 2354: Unprovoked Anger Chapter 2355: Just Agreed Chapter 2356: Queen Mother Makes Things Difficult Chapter 2357: Got An Idea Chapter 2358: Caught Fire Chapter 2359: Who Set The Fire Chapter 2360: The Body Was Charred Chapter 2361: Who Set The Fire Chapter 2362: The Emperor Is Out Of The Palace Chapter 2363: Flower Bowels Chapter 2364: Mother Daughter Dispute Chapter 2365: Someone Is Back Chapter 2366: The Bones Are Back Chapter 2367: Panic Again Chapter 2368: The Old Lady Is Dizzy Chapter 2369: I Also Have Witnesses Chapter 2370: Each Step Back Chapter 2371: Ji Chang Testifies Again Chapter 2372: Where Did The Corpse Come From Chapter 2373: Cause Of Death Chapter 2374: The Real Truth Chapter 2375: Abandoned By The Huang Family Chapter 2376: In Lower Anan Chapter 2377: A Little Ambiguous Chapter 2378: Doubts Chapter 2379: Another Dream Chapter 2380: His Story Chapter 2381: The Laughing Stock Of The Capital Chapter 2382: Back Home Chapter 2383: Su Mang Went To Find Aunt Chapter 2384: Heartless Liang Dabao Chapter 2385: Thanksgong Chapter 2386: Name Problem Chapter 2387: I Am Looking For Someone Chapter 2388: Her Mark Chapter 2389: Su Ziyue Is Saved Chapter 2390: She Go Ask The Old Man Chapter 2391: Girl Is Gone Chapter 2392: Kill The Python Chapter 2393: Find Old Ghost Chapter 2394: Familiar Room Chapter 2395: Puzzled Child Chapter 2396: Enjoy The Scenery Chapter 2397: His Sister Chapter 2398: No Plate Chapter 2399: Countless Secrets Chapter 2400: Let Me See The Dead Chapter 2401: The Grave Was Dug Chapter 2402: Want Your Blood Chapter 2403: What's In The Coffin Chapter 2404: I Want Her To Die Chapter 2405: Seven Day Period Chapter 2406: Finally Home Chapter 2407: Clarified The Misunderstanding Chapter 2408: Unbelief Chapter 2409: Seriously Injured Chapter 2410: You Have To Protect Her Chapter 2411: Zuo Recovered Chapter 2412: Comfortable Days Chapter 2413: I Already Have A Sweetheart Chapter 2414: Two People Make Love Chapter 2415: Cross Examination Chapter 2416: Eyes Are So Familiar Chapter 2417: Poor Child Chapter 2418: Weird Behavior Chapter 2419: Weird Dream Chapter 2420: Treat Each Other Sincerely Chapter 2421: Su Family Come Chapter 2422: Resignation Chapter 2423: Cherish Chapter 2424: Reverse Scale Chapter 2425: Father And Son Conspiracy Chapter 2426: Cook And Eat Chapter 2427: Ask Lin Jingru Chapter 2428: Same Invitation Chapter 2429: Together We Will Chapter 2430: Come Often Free Chapter 2431: Joking To Change Chapter 2432: Enchanted Night Chapter 2433: Love Each Other Chapter 2434: Dream Man Chapter 2435: Aunt Is Back Chapter 2436: Arm Out Chapter 2437: Admonish Aunt Chapter 2438: She Is A Court Lady Chapter 2439: Pretend To Be Mourning Chapter 2440: Let's Make Up Chapter 2441: Hearsay Chapter 2442: The Fearful Nanling Chapter 2443: Go To Meet Chapter 2444: The Wicked Complain First Chapter 2445: Almost Dazed Chapter 2446: Step Up Chapter 2447: Want Princess And Kiss Chapter 2448: I Do Not Know Mountains Chapter 2449: Who Will Let Go Chapter 2450: Mother Child Dispute Chapter 2451: Won't Let You Go Chapter 2452: Brain Is A Good Thing Chapter 2453: Drugged Chapter 2454: He Took Her Away Chapter 2455: Curious Ladies Chapter 2456: Hurry Up And Save Her Chapter 2457: Bite Tongue And Swallow Blood Chapter 2458: Vip Chapter 2459: Catch Rape Chapter 2460: Three Birds With One Stone Chapter 2461: Damn It Chapter 2462: Dead Time Is Up Chapter 2463: Heaviest Punishment Chapter 2464: Turn Danger Into Peace Chapter 2465: Chattering Chapter 2466: Human Mind Chapter 2467: Cough Chapter 2468: Doctor Song Ci Chapter 2469: Severe Snake Venom Chapter 2470: Almost Out Of Breath Chapter 2471: Coquettish Chapter 2472: She's Fine Chapter 2473: Know The Truth Chapter 2474: Master Flower Chapter 2475: Song Qingshi's Strategy Chapter 2476: Talent Show Chapter 2477: Magic Tea Chapter 2478: Magical Peony Chapter 2479: Someone Outside Chapter 2480: Let's Bet Chapter 2481: Bet A Big One Chapter 2482: I Challenge Chapter 2483: What Is She Doing Chapter 2484: Stunning Chapter 2485: I Am Your Master Chapter 2486: Canonize Her Sweetheart Chapter 2487: A Small Leak Will Sink A Great Ship Chapter 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