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Introduction 90000 Years Of Longevity

He once separated heaven and earth with Pangu, created humans with Nwa, and explained Buddhism with Tathagata. Once filled the sea with Jingwei, saved Chenxiangs mother with Chenxiang, and tasted poison with Shen Nong. The Taoist Trinity was his disciple, the Jade Emperor worshipped him as the godfather, and Jesus and Odin respected him as the ancestor. He was drunk with the Dragon King for three days and three nights, and he also witnessed the graceful beauty of Chang'e flying to the moon. He once saw the stone popped out the Monkey King, and also once burned the Book of Life and Death. He was a man, a god, wind, rain, and a demon. He knew the past life and knew the future... In this way, Ye Bei lived for 90,000 years! Looking for the mystery of longevity in the endless years...Warning: My storys initial arcs does not focus on action much. The MC actually lost some of his memory, so he needed to collect all the relics that have his memory of which he sealed it in them. In the long run chapters in the future, he will find a reason why the legendary myth characters of the past disappeared from earth. If you cant endure my style of writing and my story, then this book is not for you, and if you wanna leave a rating, please leave a reasonable ones with constructive criticism/review. Dont leave a review just because my story makes you frustrated, thanks for understanding.

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