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Chapter 585 – Forced Up the Mountain

Edited by Rose and Ea

Yan Tianhen was calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos. "I dont know what the relationship between Senior Martial Brother Ying and Shi Yi is. Is it so good that you can speak for him? Although I dont have much talent in business, even I know that he and I are the two parties involved. Even if he wants to return the goods or destroy the contract, elder martial brother Shi Yi should still pay a personal visit for that."

Ying Zhens expression became cold. He already had a bloodthirsty and murderous aura, to begin with, but now, he made peoples legs tremble in fear. The Alchemy Divisions disciples looked at one another and didnt know whether they should leave or stay and watch the play.

A senior martial brother behind Ying Zhen said, "Boy, dont refuse us when were asking politely. If you make our boss angry, be careful that you wont be able to leave unharmed."

He Lianyi glanced at that person. "Stop fanning the flames. Do you know who this is? Are you tired of living?"

That person stuck out his tongue and shrugged.

He Lianyi told Yan Tianhen, "Junior Martial Brother Yan, Im afraid you dont know this the composition of the snake poison inside Shi Yis body is very complex, and that snake is also extremely difficult to find. Weve found countless poisonous snakes these years, but not a single one matched. Shi Yi is our friend. I heard that you have never tested out the antidote pill you refined on a living person before. Naturally, we cannot allow you to casually use Shi Yi as a test subject."

When the topic of the test subject was mentioned, Ying Zhens expression became even uglier. Yan Tianhen could guarantee that if they werent inside the academy right now and if he wasnt the Yan familys successor, then Ying Zhen would probably give him a beating before speaking.

Yan Tianhen thought about it. "Senior Martial Brother and Sister, your thinking is wrong. Although its very necessary to find the correct poison and target that toxin to make a cure, this world has hundreds of thousands of methods to cure poisons. You dont necessarily have to know what the toxin is in order to cure it. There are countless medicinal pills that can cure a hundred poisons. It just so happens that I know a few and can refine them, so I am quite confident about them. Since there is hope right now, why do you guys still give up short-term benefits for long-term gains and insist on other methods?"

Ying Zhens smile didnt reach his eyes. "You are simply wildly arrogant! There are indeed medicinal pills that can cure a hundred poisons, but those are extremely rare. Not even Pill Limit Halls Pill Saints had found those pill formulas. Dont tell me that you think youre better than Pill Saints?"

Yan Tianhen smiled. "The standard for being recognized as a Pill Saint is for ones cultivation to reach Earth Realms Major Perfection Stage and to refine a single top-grade Earth Rank pill. But even if someone becomes a Pill Saint, it doesnt necessarily mean that they would know lots of pill formulas or have a good refining technique."

Nobody knew who gasped. They were frightened by Yan Tianhens wild and arrogant words.

Yan Tianhen paused, then continued, "The gentlemen are indeed incredible, but they are all upright, honest people. All the medicinal pills they refine have extremely small side effects and are of high quality. These pills are warm and gentle. But its already difficult to find a pill formula that can cure a hundred poisons. If they want to find the sacred ingredients in the pill formula, it will be even harder."

"Its good that you know this." Ying Zhen swept a glance at him disdainfully.

He had already asked the gentlemen of Pill Limit Hall to refine an antidote pill for Shi Yi a long time ago. Although Mr. Lan was very kindhearted and was willing to help him, the spiritual plants needed for the pill formula were sacred materials that were extremely difficult to find.

Over these years, Ying Zhen had been searching for that evil spirit arrays poisonous snakes and was also searching for the spiritual plants in the remedy. However, even after many years, he was still missing two kinds of herbs.

Yan Tianhen said, "I have also seen that gentle-natured pill formula capable of curing a hundred poisons. Among them, the Exquisite Seven Petal Fire Heart Lotus, there is only one left in the world and it is located inside the Imperial Palace of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital. Besides that, there is also the Nine Layered Snow, which is said to be located inside the Nine Deep Abyss, which is on the border of the demon world and the Qianyuan Dynasty. Reportedly, ghosts are rampant there, and it is an ancient battlefield. The living cant enter, and the dead cant leave, unless they are half-demon, it just so happens by coincidence that only I can enter these two places, maybe you wont be able to obtain these items for the rest of your life."

Ying Zhens face was completely dark. He clenched his fist and said, "So what if I search for it for a lifetime?"

Yan Tianhen shined a smile and said, "Did Senior Martial Brother perhaps go insane? You can search for it for your lifetime, but it is not Senior Martial Brother Shi Yis lifetime. Although his poison has been repeatedly forced up to his face by you, it has still spread along the spiritual Qi vessels toward his heart. In a few years, Senior Martial Brother Shi Yi may die of poison attacking his heart. How can he wait for your lifetime?"

Ying Zhens forehead veins jumped out as if resisting anger.

Yan Tianhen took a step back and said, "No, you have a lot of people. I only have one person. If I go talk to you, I am afraid you will beat me."

He Lianyi, ""

Others, ""

Just now you obviously didnt have this attitude.

Ying Zhen took a deep breath, and seemed to understand something, and said, "You cant attack other disciples within the sect, I wont beat you."

Yan Tianhen thought about it and said, "Lets do it like this, let me find someone to back me up, you wont mind right?"

Ying Zhen said, "Feel free, let him go to the East Courtyard, Listening Pine Pavilion No.1 Courtyard. Dont dawdle, quickly!"

Yan Tianhen cleared his throat, pinched a voice transmission talisman, and said, "Listening Pine Pavilion No.1 Courtyard. Ying Zhen wants to talk business with me. There are a lot of them and their attitudes are not very nice. I am afraid of being beaten. Hurry, come over to support me!"

Ying Zhen flattened his mouth, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

Not long after the talisman disappeared, in front of Yan Tianhen, another talisman appeared, "Okay."

The voice was gentle and sounded slightly familiar, but Ying Zhen could not tell who it was for the time being. After all, he was not familiar with that person. Yan Tianhen got a response and beamed with joy at Ying Zhen and said, "Senior Martial Brother, lets go."

Ying Zhen swept a glance at him, and took a bunch of younger brothers and Yan Tianhen, and walked towards the courtyard.

The dormitories of the East Courtyard were gathered on a mountain, at the foot of the mountain lived the students who had just entered, and the batch of disciples before them lived halfway up the mountain. The closer you were to the top, the earlier the disciples entered, and the top of the mountain was where the teachers stayed.

Because the disciples of Myriad Dao Academy could only study in the academy for at most twenty-one years, that was, three generations, Ying Zhen, as the disciple in the oldest generation, lived very close to the top of the mountain.

Yan Tianhen entered the courtyard and couldnt help feeling how much better the treatment for the old students was. He also thought that he would have to live in this kind of dormitory when he became an older student.

Ying Zhen, as an academy legend, was the first among the disciples who were magic cultivators and had many followers. He and Yan Tianhen sat in the house, He Lianyi sat next to him, and around him stood four disciples holding blades. Two were standing at the door, and in the yard, there was a row of them.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but sigh. "Youre pretty successful, do you plan on ever going to the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital?"

Ying Zhen flicked his eyes gently and said, "I never intended to enter the secular world."

Yan Tianhen asked, "Thats why you dare be so rude to this Prince?"

Ying Zhen smiled then said, "Do you have any misunderstandings about what rude is? Or in other words, does Prince Ye want to see what the real rudeness is like?"

Yan Tianhen immediately shook his head and said, "I dont want to see it. I was just kidding."

Ying Zhen asked with a straight face, "You said that the Fire Heart Lotus is in King Yes Palace?"

Yan Tianhen nodded. "Its true. My dad found it in a mysterious land. Im afraid there is only one left in the heavens and earth. No matter how many people wanted to buy it, my dad didnt agree."

Ying Zhen narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "What do you want?"

Yan Tianhen asked, "Do you think youre worth more than the Fire Heart Lotus?"

Ying Zhen said, "The Fire Heart Lotus is priceless. It is naturally incomparable to one of me."

Yan Tianhen said casually, "Since you are not worth the price of Fire Heart Lotus, what do you want to talk to me about? Besides, Im afraid what you want is not only Fire Heart Lotus, but also Nine Layered Snow, both of which added up, even if I were to cut you up and sell you, you could not buy them."

Ying Zhe suddenly stood up, his palm was ignited with an ice flame.

Yan Tianhen jumped up. "What are you doing? Do you want to beat me?"

He Lianyi was startled and stood up, pressing Ying Zhens shoulder. "If you have something to say, say it clearly, dont get angry.Aiya,dont be so impulsive, okay?"

Ying Zhen sneered and said, "If I take you as a hostage, I wonder if your father would be willing to exchange those two things for ransom."

Yan Tianhens face turned dark. "Im afraid your Ying family will be exterminated by then."

"Ying Zhen, what are you doing?" There was a clamorous voice coming from outside the door. Shi Yi rushed towards them with red eyes, regardless of the people blocking him. At the sight of Ying Zhen, who looked as if he was going to kill someone, his whole person did not feel good.

Shi Yis face was grim, and he slapped one hand on Ying Zhens back, rushing over to obstruct him, saying, "Im really fed up with you. Let him leave right now!"

Ying Zhen put away the ice flames on his hands, took a deep breath, and said calmly, "He wants to use you to test his medicine, and what he refined is even a poison pill. Such a malicious-hearted person deserves a lesson."

Shi Yi helplessly said, "It is my own decision and has nothing to do with others. Dont meddle in others business."

Ying Zhen moved his neck. "I insist on meddling in this business."

Shi Yi took a deep breath and said, "Whatever, if you are concerned or not you shouldnt force people to come here with you. Younger Martial Brother Yan told me all about the possible consequences of taking that pill, without hiding anything. I dont think he has done anything wrong."

Ying Zhen raised his voice and said, "I wont allow it!"

Shi Yi said, "Lower your voice, being right does not lie in a loud voice. However, if your voice is too loud, it will make you look guilty."

Ying Zhen, "You-"

"You also cant just lock me up here." Shi Yi lightly complained.

Ying Zhen suppressed it for a long time and said, "You deal with those demonic beasts every day and shovel shit for them, only to earn such little contribution points. I really cant stand to watch."

Shi Yi asked, "So you can just lock me up? "

Ying Zhen fell silent.

Yan Tianhen enjoyed it. Ying Zhen was like a bully in front of him, but in front of Shi Yi, he was like a little milk cat.

Yan Tianhen immediately said, "So thats why I couldnt find Senior Martial Brother anywhere these days. My medicinal pill has been refined and I have wanted to send it over to Senior Martial Brother for a long time."

Shi Yi no longer paid attention to Ying Zhen, and said with pleasant surprise, "Thats fast. I thought I would have to wait a few more days. In that case, I will transfer the remaining contribution points to you."

Ying Zhen slammed a hand on the table and said, "This business deal is void. If you want contribution points, I will transfer them to you. Keep that medicinal pill yourself!"

Yan Tianhen also slammed a hand on the table and said excitedly, "Okay!"

Ying Zhen, "."

Shi Yi, ""

Ying Zhen grimaced and said, "Take out your leaf card."

Yan Tianhen quickly handed over his leaf card to Ying Zhen, and without saying anything, Ying Zhen transferred 7,000 contribution points to Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen knew from a glance that Ying Zhen probably understood the transaction between them clearly and thoroughly, and even knew the price.

Shi Yi tightened his fist, but in the end, he couldnt say too many harsh words. He sighed softly and turned to leave, but was grasped by Ying Zhens hand.

Ying Zhen said, "He has the Fire Heart Lotus and Nine Layered Snow on him. As long as we get those two kinds of spiritual plants, we can refine the remedy to cure a hundred poisons. Shi Yi, I wont ever harm you, no matter what. Dont be angry with me."

He Lianyi showed some sympathy. When Ying Zhen glanced at her, she immediately said, "Yeah, Shi Yi. Prince Ye really does have these two kinds of spiritual plants on hand. Mr. Lan has already said that as long as the spiritual plants in the remedy are collected, he can refine it."

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