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After a meal.

The Empress of the Cold Realm cleaned up and washed the dishes.

In this yard, it was so peaceful and warm.

Xiao Yi and Xiao Chenfeng sat opposite each other.

At this time, Xiao Yi regained his indifferent expression, and said in a low voice, "You haven't had a good time at the Bai's house these years.

"No." Xiao Chenfeng shook his head and chuckled lightly.

Xiao Yi said coldly, "You know, you can't hide it from me."

Xiao Chenfeng smiled bitterly, "It's the killing intent before."

Xiao Yi nodded, "Family Bai, it's time for trouble."

"The moment I stepped into it, you thought I was from the Bai family."

Xiao Chenfeng smiled bitterly, "Your cultivation base is getting stronger now. The moment you came in, I couldn't even distinguish your breath clearly."

"To be able to reunite with your mother, I can even live in the White House, I'm already satisfied enough."

Xiao Chenfeng was startled suddenly, "Yi'er, don't you tell me what else did you promise the Cold Realm Heavenly Emperor?"

"I'll just say it once, me and your mother are all very well, you don't have to worry about it."

"If you really lied to me and go to risk again, I promise that when I know that moment, I will move away from the Bai family and return to the Yanlong League."

Xiao Chenfeng's expression was so tough.

If all this requires a child to take his life in exchange for it, he would rather not.

Perhaps, in the minds of parents, nothing is more important than the safety of the child.

"Really not." Xiao Yi shrugged.

This yard is remote though.

But compared to this huge and indifferent Bai family land, here is more warm and calm, and more heartwarming.

However, this warmth and calm did not last for a few days.

The news of Xiao Yi's arrival had already spread throughout the land of Dabai's family.

As for Xiao Yi and the Bai family, it was more obviously hostile.

At the gate of the yard, two women walked far away.

The woman, with a young face, looks like she is only in her thirties, but with joking on her face.

"Sister Wushuang." The two of them walked in, just as if they were no one, wandering around in this yard, calling out loudly.

Not far away, the Empress of the Cold Realm frowned first, then squeezed out a smile, "Two sisters are coming to my yard, what's the matter?"

the other side.

Xiao Yi and Xiao Chenfeng were sitting on their own, sipping some fragrant tea.

Xiao Chenfeng frowned suddenly.

Xiao Yi's face was puzzled.

"How?" Xiao Yi asked in a low voice.

Xiao Chenfeng sneered, "This is the fifth and sixth meridian. By all accounts, it's your mother's sister."


Xiao Chenfeng hasn't finished speaking yet.

Xiao Yi already understood.

Because the two people's harsh words have already come.

"No, I heard that my sister, your violent, rebellious eldest son, is back. I'm here to take a look."

The cold female emperor's face became cold, "So, sister is going to see a joke?"

"Tsk," a woman said dissatisfied, "my sister is talking nonsense."

"Just come and see if you can control your age. After all, he was born in such a small place, and he was born without a father, no mother, and no one to discipline him. I'm afraid he is wild and unruly and unbridled."

"After all, Sister Wushuang, you are in poor body. If you are mad at this Nier, what should you do?"

"That is." Another woman sneered. "This little beast doesn't even care about the Emperor of Heaven and his grandfather. He is so rebellious that he may be someone who has no respect for his parents."

"Well, I am both a mother, and I understand that if you are not afraid of children, you are afraid that children are not as good as animals."

"It's also this little animal who suddenly went mad, and you two can't help it. What should I do?"

Xiao Yi's eyes were cold.

On the side, although Xiao Chenfeng's face was ugly, he grasped Xiao Yi's arm and shook his head slightly.

The Empress of the Cold Realm sneered, "The two sisters have been worried."

"Yi'er is not only promising, but she is also extremely filial to me and Brother Chen."

"If there is nothing else, Wushuang will not accept it and will not send it."

"My younger sister issued an order to chase off guests?" The two women pretended to be surprised. "Could we really have discovered it? Afraid that your eldest son will suddenly go crazy?"

"Oh, sister, you are really a wrong step."

"If you didn't come with this Xiao...Xiao Hefeng back then, secretly fornicating, how could there be such a thing as today."

"Like my husband, he is the fourth son of the Patriarch of the Wushou Heavenly Territory Spirit Family. He is born with a strong bloodline and talented person. Now he is powerful; if the child dares to be disobedient, dare to rebellious, just wait for the clan rules."

"It looks like your husband, there is no blood, a waste, I am afraid that you can't beat the baby."

Another woman smiled and said, "My husband is the second son of the Patriarch of the Zhang Family in the Thunder World, and he is also in the blood of the Emperor of Heaven, and is the supreme of the current generation."

"If a child dares to have no respect, his father will tell him to kneel for years and dare not say anything back."

The cold female emperor's face was cold, "Brother Chen is a bloodless talent, but fortunately my two children are both dragons and phoenixes."

"Unlike the fifth elder sister and the sixth elder sister, the younger sister heard that your child always needs help, and it is only the emperor even today."

"Fortunately, they have to be shy. They come back here to find grandpa, and there they go back to find grandpa. They need training resources and martial arts guidance, but they are too dull, and they can't break through."

The Empress of the Cold Realm was obviously angry too.

"You..." The two of them looked cold.

"Dare you compare your two trash boys with our boys?"

"My son was born with a strong bloodline of the Emperor of Heaven, and he was born one of the most noble creatures in this endless void."

"It's your two children, one is a wild species, the other is a despicable creature..."


With a clear slap, the words of the two women stopped, and their faces were unbelievable.

"Sister, you..."

The female emperor of the cold realm looked gloomy, "The only thing I can't bear is Xinghe and Yi'er. Don't force me."

"Good fight." Xiao Yi finally couldn't help getting up.

However, Xiao Yi still held a few files in his hand and looked directly at the two women, "I didn't recognize you."

"But the fourth son of Wugou Tianyu Ling Family, I know, his wife Bai Lin has two sons, the eldest son Lingkong, the pinnacle emperor, now is the leader of Wugou Tianwei; the second son Bai Cong, the emperor level."

"The second son of the Zhang family of Thunder World, I also know that his wife Bai Tang has a son and a daughter, and the eldest daughter Zhang Mei, the peak emperor, now serves in the Thunder Heaven Guard; the second son, Bai Feng, is at the emperor level."

Xiao Yi slowly put down the file.

The two women stared at Xiao Yi coldly at the same time, "What do you mean?"

"Do you dare to harm our children? They are both carrying the identity of two heavenly emperors at the same time, you..."

Xiao Yi interrupted in a cold voice, "You just said that I wouldn't even put the Emperor in my eyes, so why talk about two people from the Celestial Clan?"

"Go back and let your children, who have already gone out to perform tasks, quickly return to the heaven to nest; if you haven't, don't step out of the heaven again in this life."

Xiao Yi snorted, "The great heavenly emperor families, although they are powerful."

"But in the heavens and all realms, I, Mr. Xiao, is the master."

"If they dare to set foot in the heavens and ten thousand realms, I will guarantee that they will never return to the heavens."

"Little beast, do you dare...?" The two were crazy.

"One more curse, I will guarantee that they will evaporate tomorrow." Xiao Yi's eyes were fierce.

The two fell silent for a moment.


Third more.

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