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With a loud noise, the entire stage disappeared in an instant, and a burst of smoke rose into the sky.

When the smoke dissipated, only a figure gradually appeared in the air, and everyone realized that the person who appeared was not Wuxuan, let alone Lin Fan, but Lin Tiancheng, the head of the Taoist Court!

The intensifying void crack was smashed by Lin Tiancheng with a single sword. Otherwise, if it is allowed to grow, not only the stage, but even the entire martial arts field will be swallowed up, and even Wuliang Mountain may no longer exist!

Lin Tiancheng watched the original majestic stage disappear and disappeared, leaving only a bottomless pit, with blue veins jumping on his forehead.

"Asshole, fight as soon as you fight. What do you do with Lao Tzu's acting stage! Lin Fan and Wu Xuan each fined one hundred thousand spiritual stones to repair the martial arts stage afterwards!"

In the next second, the two embarrassed figures instantly fell into the void and fell to the ground, spitting out blood with their mouths open without an image.

Just now the two took the opportunity to escape into the void to avoid the powerful void crack, otherwise their lives would be worrying, and now they heard Lin Tiancheng's words, although both of them were dissatisfied, but they didn't have the strength to speak again.

Lin Fan looked at the angry Lin Tiancheng in the air and curled his lips. He thought that he didn't have any money anyway, so he could punish him anyway. Moreover, he was also honoring the academy. Although the final movement was very loud, he even released one. Uncontrollable big move.

But in any case, I can be regarded as defeating the Wuxuan, and made a huge contribution to the Daoyuan court's glory, and the reasoning should be equal to the merits and demerits!

Thinking of this, Lin Fan turned his head hard, and spit out blood again, looking not far away, he wanted to stand up again, but his legs were soft, and Wuxuan smiled satisfied, who couldn't stand anyway.

It's just that this smile doesn't matter, it involves another injury on the body, and grinning in pain!

Wu Xuan was also unwilling to lie on the ground again at this time. Although he escaped into the void in a timely manner, he was still severely injured, and at this time he was unable to fight anymore.

"Huh, the people in the Taoist Court are all lunatics? That level of void power is simply beyond human control. Could this lunatic want to swallow the entire Taoist Court?" Wu Xuan thought weakly, lying on the ground. .

However, next he saw a terrifying scene, and saw Lin Fan stood up strongly despite his injuries.

"Are you crazy? What do you do to stand up after suffering such a serious injury?" Wuxuan looked at Lin Fan in horror.

I saw Lin Fan slowly walk towards the long sword that fell not far away with blood and blood, then knelt at three steps, walking towards him tremblingly, murderous intent overflowing in his eyes.

"You...stop, stop, this is a communication match, don't you need to?" Wu Xuan screamed in horror while vomiting blood.

He comes from the Five Elements Immortal Gate. The elders led by the Five Elements Immortal Gate are only eight-star Dao Ancestor high-level cultivation bases. He originally wanted to pull himself off the court to heal his injuries at the first time, but he was not disturbed by the Dean of the Dao Court Lin Tiancheng. The excuse of the game was forcibly suppressed at the same place. At this time, let alone saving oneself, even opening his mouth to admit defeat for oneself couldn't speak.

"You are crazy! You are crazy! I give up, I give up... stop!"

Hearing Wuxuan admit defeat, Lin Fan stopped and grinned, "If you are smart, if you have to say one step later, I will kill you!"

After finishing speaking, Lin Fan fell straight behind him, but before he fell to the ground, a figure descended by his side and hugged him. It was the one who had originally shot to wipe out the Void Crack and devour the mighty power. Lin Tiancheng!

"Don't talk, take a good rest!" Lin Tiancheng stuffed a pill into Lin Fan's mouth, and put one palm behind him, using 360 to consume five electricity, instantly recovering some of his serious internal injuries. After a little bit, coupled with the effect of the pill, Lin Fan's originally pale face instantly appeared bloody.

The people present were amazed by this scene. What kind of **** pill can have this effect?

Lin Fan, who was able to bring a severely wounded and almost dying Lin Fan back to the human world in the next second, couldn't help but, the originally bad injury was also recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

"Five Profound!"

An old figure instantly appeared beside Wu Xuan, nervously checking for his injuries, and constantly taking out the medicine pill and sending it into Wu Xuan's mouth.

However, Wu Xuan's situation was very unsatisfactory, and his injury was still unable to stabilize.

Upon seeing this, the elders of the Five Elements Immortal Sect were also angry, staring at Lin Tiancheng not far away, and said viciously, "Dean Lin, hello, you actually assassinated my sent Tianjiao under the eyes of everyone. This account is for the Five Elements Immortal Sect. take note of it!"

In her opinion, if Lin Tiancheng hadn't deliberately hindered him, she would have been able to rescue Wuxuan in the first time. Now Wuxuan's injuries have almost entered an irreversible state. Even if he returned to the fairy gate, he would not be able to get along with him. The head confessed.

So he vented the anger on Lin Tiancheng.

Hearing what the elder said, Wu Xuan gave a white glance, and said in his heart that he would suffer.

Sure enough, the next second was still raging, and the long aging of the Five Elements Immortal Gate with horizontal eyebrows and vertical fingers flew into the distance like a broken line kite.

On the side, everyone who originally watched the battle was immediately guarded by their elders, and the next moment everyone suddenly understood.

It was Lin Tiancheng of the Daoyuan Court who started it, and the cultivator of the Eight-Star Dao Ancestor's high-level cultivation base was kicked into the air without even supporting a move in front of him.

This Lin Tiancheng is really strong enough!

Wuxuan stood up with difficulty and bowed his hands to Lin Tiancheng, "Dean Lin, please forgive my parents for their ardent feelings, please Haihan for the offense!"

Lin Tiancheng glanced at Wuxuan faintly, "Two hundred thousand spiritual stones!"

"Yes! I'll let people pay it!" Wuxuan smiled bitterly, just because of the words of the elders, he put in one hundred thousand spiritual stones, this... But it's no wonder that others are always looking for them by their elders. , Lin Tianxing was clearly looking for trouble. Whoever told his elder to hit his gun without opening his eyes would naturally be killed as a chicken!

"Lin Tiancheng, do you dare to tell the old man, believe it or not, the Five Elements Fairy Gate..."

Wu Xuan Wenyan hurriedly declared himself a few injuries, squirted blood again, and shouted angrily, "The disciples of the Five Elements Immortal Sect follow the order, and all members return to the sect. Elder Xie's words are ignored. It does not represent any position of my Five Elements Immortal Sect !"

"Yes!" Disciples of the Five Elements Immortal Clan took their orders one after another.

Hearing this, Elder Xie of the Five Elements Immortal Gate was dumbfounded and looked at Wu Xuan incredulously, "Five Xuan! You!"

"Elder Xie, if you have any dissatisfaction with what I said, after returning to the sect, you can tell my master that you are impeaching me as the chief disciple and acting as the lord!" Wu Xuan Qiang resisted the injury in a cold tone. The way.

At this time, saying nothing can make Elder Xie continue to behave, otherwise it will give Lin Tiancheng an excuse to take action, and the Five Elements Immortal Gate will lose even more!

Lin Tiancheng faintly looked at the Five Profounds who commanded the Five Elements Immortal Clan disciples to evacuate Wuliang Mountain regardless of their injuries, "You are very smart, and I hope your head can be as smart as you!"

Hearing this, Wuxuan's face changed slightly, without speaking, he turned and left with the help of the other Five Elements Immortal Clan disciples.

Elder Xie turned his head and glared at Lin Tiancheng, and after a cold snort, followed everyone away. In his opinion, Lin Tiancheng kicked him with one blow while he was unprepared. Otherwise, it would definitely not be so straightforward. After all, Lin Tiancheng The time to enter the invincible territory is not long!

"For what you see, hand in the spirit stone and roll it out, otherwise you may not be able to live without Wuliang Mountain today. You disciples will test against me and I shouldn't care, but what you have damaged is the grounds of our court. You have to lose money!" Lin Tiancheng curled his lips and said.

"You... bully too..."

Before Elder Xie finished speaking, Wu Xuan took the initiative to throw a storage ring to Wunian who was aside, and then motioned to other disciples to take Elder Xie to escape into the void and disappear into Wuliang Mountain.

Lin Tiancheng took the storage ring that Wunian handed over, put it in the divine sense probe, then grinned, and glanced over the monks present, "You better be careful when you are in the game, no matter who breaks it. Every plant and tree in our court must be clearly marked and compensated at the same price!"

"Of course, if you don't care, I also welcome it. After all, the Dao Court has not been established for a short time, and more things are very old. I just want to overthrow and rebuild. You are welcome to raise funds!"

After finishing speaking, Lin Tiancheng looked at Lin Fan who was cultivating with his eyes closed not far away, and walked over and kicked him, who hated iron and steel.

"Remember, whoever broke it must be compensated!" When Lin Tiancheng said "No matter who it was", he emphasized his tone.

Lin Fan, who was initially blank, knew instantly, he nodded in excitement like smashing garlic, shining golden light when his eyes fell on the opponent!

When this scene fell in the eyes of others, it was tickling with anger.

The Road Court made it clear that it wanted to intentionally damage things in the next game, and then force other contestants to pay compensation.

Anyway, the price is set by them. Lin Fan is a disciple of the Taoist Court. Lin Tiancheng has the final say on whether to compensate or not. It is clear that he wants to dig money!

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First Cut Chapter 944: Useless Chapter 945: Need The Power Of Love Chapter 946: Got The Wrong Object Chapter 947: Sister Fei Is Just A Dose Of Medicine Today Chapter 948: Upgrade Chapter 949: Breakthrough In Charging Chapter 950: How Lonely Is Invincibility Chapter 951: How Can The World Have Double Integrity? 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982: The Twisted Melon Is Not Sweet Chapter 983: Teach By Example Chapter 984: Winning Is The Last Word Chapter 985: I Top Chapter 986: Slap A Son Chapter 987: Nie Yuan Chapter 988: Faint Blood Chapter 989: Don't Bother Me Learning Foreign Languages Chapter 990: Great Shift Chapter 991: A Blessing In Disguise Chapter 992: Fengshan Chapter 993: Make Things Happen Chapter 994: Ning Knows Nothing About The City And The Country A Beautiful Woman Is Rare Again Chapter 995: Terminally Ill Chapter 996: The Family Is Deep Like The Sea Chapter 997: Don't Recognize You For The Future Chapter 998: Tigers Dont Lie Down In The Road Trapped Dragons Will Rise To Heaven Chapter 999: Even If The Fragrance Disappears And The Jade Perishes I Am Willing To Be A Bell Solver Chapter 1000: You Can Insult Me Chapter 1001: No Solution Chapter 1002: Love Doesn't Know Where It Started But It Goes Deep Chapter 1003: You Are My Dad Chapter 1004: Living Can Die Death Can Live Chapter 1005: I Was Scared By You 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Expansion Chapter 1091: Check Chapter 1092: Make Home I'm Here Chapter 1093: Sonic Therapy Chapter 1094: Treatment Failure Chapter 1095: Study Hard Chapter 1096: Jiulong Mountain Chapter 1097: I Always Have To Pay It Back Chapter 1098: Shameless Chapter 1099: Your Opponent Is Me Chapter 1100: Not Good Chapter 1101: swish Chapter 1102: Golden Bell Chapter 1103: Golden Bell And Lion Roar Chapter 1104: Satisfy You Chapter 1105: Shame Day Chapter 1106: Divination Chapter 1107: Destiny Chapter 1108: Not Ordinary Poison Chapter 1109: Not Afraid Of Carbon Dioxide Chapter 1110: Whose Home Chapter 1111: Someone Wants To See You Chapter 1112: Birthday Chapter 1113: Pit Chapter 1114: Prince And General Xiangning Have A Kind Chapter 1115: Geisha Chapter 1116: Tell Him To Come Up To A Toast Chapter 1117: Zero Mistakes Chapter 1118: Double Master Chapter 1119: Urine Test Chapter 1120: Like To Conquer The Strong Chapter 1121: Ninth Five Chapter 1122: When The Sky Is Bright Chapter 1123: It's Over It's Over Chapter 1124: Chaotianzi Chapter 1125: Family Law Or Criminal Law Chapter 1126: Never Mind Chapter 1127: Still Beautiful Chapter 1128: Come To Appeal Chapter 1129: News Feeds Chapter 1130: The Mouthpiece Of The Party Chapter 1131: If You Think About Small Things Why Don't You Wear A Battle Suit Chapter 1132: Which Mountain To Go To Which Temple To Worship Chapter 1133: Recognize Younger Brother Chapter 1134: Director Zhang's Operation Chapter 1135: Fortune Favors Fools Chapter 1136: Verbal Refusal Chapter 1137: Award Chapter 1138: Hard Work Chapter 1139: Angry Bullet Chapter 1140: The Sky Pays Off Chapter 1141: Fake Show Chapter 1142: This Is Called Into Play Chapter 1143: Versatile Chapter 1144: Zhang Weifeng Is My Brother : Announcement: Event Announcement Chapter 1145: Wei Jiahao Will Come In Person Chapter 1146: 4 ?? 18 Chapter 1147: Ma Yinglong Understand Chapter 1148: I Have An Idea Chapter 1149: Reactive Chapter 1150: Private Order Chapter 1151: Domineering President Chapter 1152: Get Well Soon Chapter 1153: Incomprehensible Style Chapter 1154: Long Night Chapter 1155: Raging Chapter 1156: Hero Promise Chapter 1157: Spirit Buries The Soul Chapter 1158: Lang Lang Do Not Allow Demons To Rule Chapter 1159: Sacrifice Uprising Chapter 1160: Towering Kunlun Chapter 1161: Fair Duel Chapter 1162: People Can't Look Chapter 1163: Pain Pain Chapter 1164: Magical Escape Chapter 1165: Fairies Come Chapter 1166: Exploring Kunlun Chapter 1167: Burn One's Boats Chapter 1168: People Are So Overcast Now Chapter 1169: Fascinating Chapter 1170: Where To Run Chapter 1171: Icloud Chapter 1172: Icloud's Power Chapter 1173: Come On Hurt Each Other Chapter 1174: Lin Shao Has To Work Hard Again Chapter 1175: Criminal Psychology Chapter 1176: Don't Be Too Selfish Chapter 1177: I Hope There Is No War In China. 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Chapter 1242: You Are Innocent Chapter 1243: Baidu Search Engine Chapter 1244: Forgive Me For Not Being Able To Administer The Needle For You Chapter 1245: Use Whatever Needle You Want Chapter 1246: Forensics Chapter 1247: In A Moment Chapter 1248: Erased Memory Chapter 1249: Threaten Chapter 1250: Search In Reality Chapter 1251: God's Will Chapter 1252: Captain M Chapter 1253: Negotiation Chapter 1254: Kidnap The President Chapter 1255: Showdown Chapter 1256: Convoy Chapter 1257: Dying Forever Chapter 1258: Half Mast Chapter 1259: Funeral Team Chapter 1260: On Meritorious Deeds Chapter 1261: The Military Exploits In The South And The North Are Immortal Spring Goes And Autumn Comes And Stays Forever : Announcement: There Will Be A New Event Chapter 1262: L Chapter 1263: My Buddha Is Compassionate Chapter 1264: Melee Chapter 1265: Siege Without Attack Chapter 1266: Everyone Is Still Good Friends Chapter 1267: All Over The Sky Chapter 1268: Millennium Kill Chapter 1269: Bear The Burden Chapter 1270: End Chapter 1271: Farmer App Chapter 1272: Wushelan Chapter 1273: Ordinary Chapter 1274: Broken Soul Cliff Chapter 1275: Jiu Zhuan Wang Sheng Jue Chapter 1276: The Farmer And The Snake Chapter 1277: Phoenix Crested Double Headed Snake Chapter 1278: Forbidden Land Chapter 1279: Zao Wou Ki Chapter 1280: Mysterious Energy Chapter 1281: Do Not Know Good Or Bad Chapter 1282: Chapter 1283: Careless Chapter 1284: Spare Your Life Chapter 1285: Fengming Court Chapter 1286: Ocean Star Chapter 1287: Lin Shao's Counterattack Journey Chapter 1288: Is Very Important To Me Chapter 1289: Need To Tie The Bell Chapter 1290: I Did It On Purpose Chapter 1291: Qunying Court Chapter 1292: Imperial Weapon Chapter 1293: Invite Chapter 1294: Descent Strength Chapter 1295: Five Claw Golden Dragon Chapter 1296: Too One Chapter 1297: Qin House Chapter 1298: Panthera Chapter 1299: Bone Charm Chapter 1300: Try To Move Her Chapter 1301: Seven Star Begonia Chapter 1302: Strongly Chapter 1303: Overweight Chapter 1304: Breakthrough Chapter 1305: Demon Chapter 1306: Song Qingyun Chapter 1307: See My Kunlun Will Not Change Chapter 1308: Jianghu Ren Xiaoyao Chapter 1309: Can't Bear To Have A Wolf Chapter 1310: Bundle Chapter 1311: Willing To Bet Chapter 1312: Alchemy Conference Chapter 1313: Master Menggu Chapter 1314: Great Huantan Chapter 1315: Ambergris Chapter 1316: Double Headed Snake Chapter 1317: Listen To Me Throughout Chapter 1318: Marry You Chapter 1319: Weak Girls Chapter 1320: Silver Wolf Chapter 1321: Xiao Huan Dan Chapter 1322: Too Fast Chapter 1323: Conditions Of The Silver Wolf King Chapter 1324: Brother Do You Think They Are Pretty? 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Chapter 1359: By Nature Chapter 1361: Ten Percent Sure Chapter 1361: Aphrodisiac Chapter 1362: Three Tricks For You Chapter 1363: Grilled Whole Person Chapter 1364: People Behind The Scenes Chapter 1365: Something That Doesn't Have Eyes Chapter 1366: Women's University Not Staying Chapter 1367: Bai People In Jianchuan Miaojiang Chapter 1368: Fan The Flames Chapter 1369: Humiliation Chapter 1370: A Small Leak Will Sink A Great Ship Chapter 1371: Too Late To Explain Chapter 1372: Toxin Backlash Chapter 1373: Subvert The Outlook On Life Chapter 1374: Egg For Egg Chapter 1375: Flying Golden Dragon Chapter 1376: Die For Me Chapter 1377: The Dead Speak Chapter 1378: Midnight Shura Chapter 1379: Bidet Out Chapter 1380: First Come First Chapter 1381: Yao Zong Nie Li Chapter 1382: Liulizong Chapter 1383: Old Zen Temple Chapter 1384: Chi Yang Jing Chapter 1385: Gentama Hand Chapter 1387: Tai Chi Pisces Array Chapter 1387: Fairy In The Picture Chapter 1388: Tai Ah Sword Chapter 1389: Need To Cooperate Chapter 1390: Super Battery Chapter 1391: Camera Chapter 1392: Shocking Secret Chapter 1393: Slaughter The Chicken Chapter 1394: Lie To Yourself Chapter 1395: Catastrophe Chapter 1396: Singled Out Chapter 1397: Can Not Be Like This Chapter 1398: Eventful Autumn Chapter 1399: Apricot Out Of The Wall Chapter 1399: Break Into The Sect Chapter 1401: Beyond The Bottom Line Chapter 1402: Start A Pill Chapter 1403: Live Crime Chapter 1404: Keep One Hand Chapter 1405: Couples In Distress Chapter 1406: Take A Little Brother Chapter 1407: Good For Qin Jin Chapter 1408: Brother Is Angry Chapter 1409: Fairies Come Chapter 1410: Heart Yearning Chapter 1411: Lu Bu Zhan Sanying Chapter 1412: Shining Moon Chapter 1413: Brave Beast Chapter 1414: Disaster Chapter 1415: Don't Bully Honest People Chapter 1416: Shocked Chapter 1417: Tianshen Hanging Upside Down Chapter 1418: Evil Genius Chapter 1419: Talk About It Next Time Chapter 1420: Prodigal Stuff Chapter 1421: No One Can Kill You Chapter 1422: Devourer Spirit Chapter 1423: Changhong Guanri Chapter 1424: Would Rather Die Than Yield Chapter 1425: Two Battles Chapter 1426: Will Of Fire Chapter 1427: Good People Chapter 1428: Tai Ah Jian Shows Off Chapter 1429: Nothing To Report Chapter 1430: Fire Kirin Chapter 1431: Hug Tight Chapter 1432: Chiyang Lingyuanquan Chapter 1433: Successful Promotion Chapter 1434: Blood Vessel Suppression Chapter 1435: Contact Chapter 1436: Big Misunderstanding Chapter 1437: Huo Yan Jue Chapter 1438: Learn Now Sell Now Chapter 1439: Generous Chapter 1440: Bold Ideas Chapter 1441: Fish On Chopping Board Chapter 1442: Good Your Mouth Chapter 1443: Refinement Chapter 1444: Wan Dynasty Returned Chapter 1445: This Is Impossible Chapter 1446: Tree Fall Chapter 1447: Three Year Agreement Chapter 1448: Small Punishment Chapter 1449: Keep Your Word Chapter 1450: First Place Chapter 1501: Tiger Father Without Dogs Chapter 1452: Proper Attitude Chapter 1453: The World Has Changed Chapter 1454: Go To Zhongdu Chapter 1455: Superman Chapter 1456: Special Way Chapter 1457: Fastest Speed Chapter 1458: Black Earth Chapter 1459: Bold Chapter 1460: Don't Force Me Chapter 1461: Ethical Bottom Line Chapter 1462: Seamless Chapter 1463: Ice Prison Chapter 1464: Weird Blood Man Chapter 1465: Father And Daughter Meet Chapter 1466: Return To The Blood Chapter 1467: The Reality Of Husband And Wife Chapter 1468: The Broken House Was Even More Rainy Night Chapter 1469: Ouyang Jie Chapter 1470: Misfortune To Wife And Children Chapter 141: Punish You Chapter 1472: Lin Tiancheng's Woman Chapter 1473: I'm Late Chapter 1474: Spirit Bone Sword Chapter 1475: Ice Palm Chapter 1476: Miki Okami Chapter 1477: Another Secret Chapter 1478: Reckless Chapter 1479: Naranjongru Chapter 1480: Power Shortage Chapter 1481: Fulfill You Chapter 1482: Bloodthirsty Mercenary Group Chapter 1483: Bullying Chapter 1484: Betting Chapter 1485: Three Days Later Chapter 1486: Blood Mother In Law Chapter 1487: Powerless Chapter 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You Chapter 2155: False Orthodox Blood Chapter 2156: Blood Orb Chapter 2157: The Rabbit Bites In A Hurry Chapter 2158: Rootless Fire Chapter 2159: I Can't Blame My Parents For Being Stupid Chapter 2160: Make A Deal Chapter 2161: Ye Huan Was Killed Chapter 2162: After Grandson Breaks For You Chapter 2163: Instigator Chapter 2164: Imprint Of God's Sense Chapter 2165: Shura Power Chapter 2166: Unbelievable Chapter 2167: Kaitenenzan Chapter 2168: You Are Scaring Me Chapter 2169: The White Haired Man Gives The Black Haired Man Chapter 2170: The Soul That Never Fades Chapter 2171: The Holy Physique Chapter 2172: Hard Wings Chapter 2173: Long River Chapter 2174: Although It Is Far Away Chapter 2175: Five Clans Of God's Domain Chapter 2176: Try To Move Him Chapter 2177: Think Carefully Chapter 2178: Don't Break Out In Silence Just Die In Silence Chapter 1279: Brotherhood Chapter 1280: Shang Taiyi Chapter 2181: Hongmen Banquet Chapter 2182: Hope You Can Carry It Chapter 2183: Master Chapter 2184: The Wicked Complain First Chapter 2185: Actor Chapter 2186: Fairyland Chapter 2187: The Secret Of The Fairyland Chapter 1288: Sacred Music Boundary Chapter 1289: The Strongest Move Chapter 2190: Do Not Live Chapter 2191: Balrog Physique Chapter 2192: Not Irritating Chapter 2193: Broken Soul Grass Chapter 2194: Burning The Sky Chapter 2195: Not Interested In You Chapter 2196: Pretend Chapter 2197: Brain Is A Good Thing Chapter 2198: How Can It Be A Trifling Matter Of Marriage? 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2229: Don't Forget To Dig The Well Chapter 2230: Half Step Saint Chapter 2231: If Something Goes Wrong There Must Be A Demon Chapter 2232: See If You Have The Guts Chapter 2233: Portable Power Bank Chapter 2234: Digging Technology Chapter 2235: Hurt Invisible Chapter 2236: The Gate Is Lost Chapter 2237: Expendables Chapter 2238: Go Straight To Huanglong Chapter 2239: If You Want To Add A Crime There Is Nothing Wrong With It Chapter 2240: Poor Family Chapter 2241: Hands And Eyes Chapter 2242: Back To Origin Chapter 2243: I Am Back Chapter 2244: Shura Power Chapter 2245: Needle Chapter 2246: Looking Forward To A Fight With You Chapter 2247: Shura Deity Skeleton Chapter 2248: Shura Chapter 2249: Hero With Sword Chapter 2250: Create Another Glory Chapter 2251: Shura King Chapter 2252: No Way No Money Chapter 2253: One Enemy Three Chapter 2254: Xuanyin Orthodox Chapter 2255: Don't Want To Get A Needle Chapter 2256: Quasi Saint Chapter 2257: Don't Leave One Chapter 2258: See The Lord Chapter 2259: Help You Chapter 2260: The Old Thief Chapter 2261: I Reminded You Chapter 2262: Bai Xue Was Killed Chapter 2263: Be My Girlfriend Chapter 2264: Zhan Tai Together Chapter 2265: Go To The Fairyland Chapter 2266: Xuanlin Dongtian Chapter 2267: Cave Sky Conference Chapter 2268: Paper Can't Keep The Fire Chapter 2269: Guardian Chapter 2270: Sister Xueling Chapter 2271: Teach Chapter 2272: Ordinary Chapter 2273: Chewing Tongue Chapter 2274: Just Want To Keep A Low Profile Chapter 2275: Sanwenbaizhuan Dan Chapter 2276: Anger Pill Chapter 2277: There Is No Apprentice Who Cant Teach Only A Master Who Cant Teach Chapter 2278: Tracheitis Chapter 2279: I Want You To Die Chapter 2280: Catch The Thief Chapter 2281: Good Wife Chapter 2282: Be A Thief Chapter 2283: My Assistant Chapter 2284: Gloomy Air Chapter 2285: He Is Not Worthy Chapter 2286: The Conspiracy Behind Chapter 2287: Ambush Chapter 2288: The Wicked Complain First Chapter 2289: Roll Chapter 2290: Identity Exposure Chapter 2291: Ziyun Cave Chapter 2292: Fellow Practitioners Chapter 2293: Wang Mengxin Chapter 2294: Tiancheng Is Dead Chapter 2295: Lingjing Chapter 2296: Help Others Chapter 2297: Justice Chapter 2298: Lin Tiancheng's Deterrent Chapter 2299: The Ignorant Is Fearless Chapter 2300: Don't Force Me Chapter 2301: Ignorant Children Chapter 2302: Fully Charged Chapter 2303: Donghuang Bell Chapter 2304: Capsize In The Gutter Chapter 2305: Stinky Beggar Chapter 2306: Don't Stand In My Way Chapter 2307: Vulcanism Chapter 2308: Love Is Not Licked Chapter 2309: Protagonist Halo Chapter 2310: Father In Law Chapter 2311: Dismantle Stage Chapter 2312: Sing A Big Show Chapter 2313: Good Intentions To Do Bad Things Chapter 2314: Nail Health Chapter 2315: When My Three Year Old Chapter 2316: Perfect Match Chapter 2317: Fashion Bar Chapter 2318: Playing A Big Knife In Front Of Guan Gong Chapter 2319: Seeking To Be A Male Pet Chapter 2320: Daydreaming Chapter 2321: Daydreaming Chapter 2322: Say The Point Chapter 2323: Five Carvings Chapter 2324: Rebirth From Adversity Chapter 2325: This Guy Is Definitely A Genius Chapter 2326: Three Phases Chapter 2327: Lost Self Chapter 2328: Tombstone On Chapter 2329: Tian Yan Jue Chapter 2330: Tian Yan Jue Chapter 2331: Man In Black Chapter 2332: Into The Tomb Chapter 2333: Tian Yan Jue Delivered To The Door Chapter 2334: Evildoer Chapter 2335: You Always Rest Chapter 2336: Wait And See Chapter 2337: Li Rufei Has A Play Chapter 2338: Romantic Sunset Chapter 2339: Fish Bait Chapter 2340: Poor Old Man Chapter 2341: Not Lose This Wave Chapter 2342: Die To Face And Suffer Chapter 2343: It's Not That The Enemy Doesn't Meet Chapter 2344: Talking To People Talking Nonsense To People Chapter 2345: Back To Ziyue Chapter 2346: Achieved Life Achievement Chapter 2347: Merry Debt Chapter 2348: Goodbye Li Rufei Chapter 2349: No Crime To Parents No Harm To Wife And Children Chapter 2350: God Brother Chapter 2351: Hobby Chapter 2352: Pig Teammate Chapter 2353: Saint Gu Lost Chapter 2354: Retreat Chapter 2355: I Can Too Chapter 2356: Tianzun Daozu Chapter 2357: Pathfinder Chapter 2358: Sword Boy Chapter 2359: National Blade Team Chapter 2360: Five Swords Chapter 2361: Wu Shihu Vs. 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