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A love story between two men, Young Grand Duke, Aster and his new slave, Ramuja. Since their first encounter, their life in the grand duchy, their separation and reunion, and their story to fight against the world.The complicated feeling of dependency, manipulation, and the greater power behind their budding and blossoming love.This is the tale of forbidden love, madness, revenge, and the taste of a 'Gardenia Kiss'."This slave will follow Young Lord even to the depths of hell." -Ramuja."I will turn this world into hell if that is the only place that would accept us." -Aster.__________Note:This is Yaoi/LGBT/Boys Love with politics in it Expect: - Manipulative, Yandere MC - Lots of love triangles - Heavy politics with many schemes - Drama and AngstNew Chapter updated every weekend! Author usually update three chapters a week!Add this to your library, so you don't miss it~~

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