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Du Xiaoli was not worried about the situation in the house. The fire phoenix remembered the things of Baidu Valley two days ago, and naturally remembered what Sima Rui had done.

For Sima Rui, what kind of decisions did they have? She did not qualify for speaking, so she went to her own study.

In the evening, Han Mingqi came back with two children. When the stone saw them, they ran over and hugged Han Mings legs and said, "The father does not take me!"

Han Ming bowed and held the stone in his arms and said, "I didn't say that you didn't go again when you went last time?"

Stone looked at his head and said, "Sister said, the mother said that she can't do anything because she is afraid of anything, so the stone is going!"

"Well, take you there next time." Han Mingyu scratched his nose and said, "What about your mother?"

"Mother is in the study room, I went in the afternoon, I don't know what I am doing, the stone went to she did not play with the stone!" Stone complained.

"Stone, you are so big, you can't bother her when the mother has something to do." Fulin is teaching his younger brother.

"Oh." The stone listened to his big brother's words. He said that when he was busy, he would not bother her and he would not go.

"You go to change clothes and prepare for dinner. I will go and see what your mother is doing." Han Mingyu put the stones down, let the milk lady take them away, and went to Du Xiaoli's study.

Du Xiaoli's study is very different from his, his study is mostly military books, miscellaneous notes, etc., but Du Xiaoli's study is almost all medical books, there are a few books and books on the chess and calligraphy.

When he entered, Du Xiaoli was looking at the medical book under the lamp, and the dim light shone on her body. Her quiet and elegant atmosphere made him feel busy all day.

Du Xiaoli felt that he came in, put the book down, turned to look at him and said, "How come back so late?"

Han Mingqi walked over and surrounded her from behind. Her chin snorted in her hair and said, "Fu Xi is curious about the equipment you designed. He has always let the soldiers show her, and the military camp refuses to come back. "

"What about the Prince?" She leaned on him by himself.

"It has been sent back to the palace by the Royal Forest." Han Mingxi said, "What book are you reading? Stone says you are not playing with him."

"In the study of the disease of the fragrance." Du Xiaoli said, "The situation of the fragrance has improved, the previous treatment needs to be improved. I also want to see if there is a better way."

"Well, her body can heal the best." Han Mingxi said with some feelings, "We are too many brothers to owe her."

"How is she and the windy things? These days, busy with the Phoenix, I forgot to ask this." Du Xiaoli looked up and asked.

Han Mingqi gently kissed her on the lips and said: "The general has given the emperor a kiss. The emperor has already asked about the meaning of the incense, and now he is ready to find the day for the courtesy. It is estimated that the decree will be done in a few days. ""

"Oh, seeing that you shouldn't see it, your eyes should have long needles." A child came from the door and shocked the two inside.

Seeing the little man at the door, Du Xiaoli glanced at Han Ming, and blamed him. He didn't pay attention to someone close to him.

She waved her hand and the stone ran from the outside and threw herself into her arms and said, "Sister said that we didn't see anything."

"Hey--" Du Xiaoli was amused by him, and he laughed at once.

"Not coming in yet?" Han Mingzheng is the color.


I saw Fu Xi coming in from the outside, or the clothes before, it seems that she did not change clothes.

She smiled at Du Xiaoli and Han Mingxi and said, "Father, we are here to ask you to go and eat with your mother."

"Are you not going to change clothes?" asked Han Ming.

Fu Xixi smiled twice and did not answer the question of his old man. He ran over the hand of Du Xiaoli and said, "Mother, let's go eat, I am hungry with the stone. Yes, stone."

She won't say that she deliberately peeked!

"Uh-huh." Stone nodded.

When I came, my sister said, if she said that he was hungry, he nodded. Although he only ate cakes not long ago, he is not hungry now.

But my sister said that she would listen to her and play with him later. In order to play with her brother and sister, he only nodded.

How did Du Xiaoli not know the thoughts of his children, smiled and said, "Go, go eat now."

Then took the two children and left.

"What did Xies go to the military camp today? What can you feel?

"There are ah, there are so many feelings! Those soldiers..."

Han Mingxi saw Du Xiaoli did not say anything, and followed them to the restaurant.

Du Xiaoli has never had the habit of eating without saying anything, perhaps because he doesn't like everyone when they are together too cold.

When she was eating, she told everyone about what happened in the afternoon and Bai Ningyuan.

"Mother, are we going to see my great-grandfather?" Fu Xi looked at Du Xiaoli with his eyes wide and excited.

"Yes, you had a grandfather's 70th birthday, and the mother took you to give my grandfather a birthday." Du Xiaoli said.

"Is my grandfather's family far away?" asked the stone.

"Far, take a carriage for a long time."

"Mother, we can ride horses!" said Fu Xi.

"You forgot the last thing that fell from the moment?" Fulin blew her cold water.

"At that time, I was still young. Now I am growing up!" Fu Xi squatted twice and turned to look at Han Ming, asking: "Does the father go with us?"

"The father is not necessarily, there is no time to see it." Han Mingxi said, "But I try to be with you."

"When you see Emperor's next time, let Emperor Huang not let you do things at that time, you can go with us," Stone said.

Fu Xis eyes turned and smiled secretly.

Bai Qiyuans birthday is at the end of November, because they may encounter university road closures, so they have to go two in advance, that is, they will leave in September.

Now in May, they will leave in four months.

After a few days, it was the birthday of Fu Xi and Fulin. Because these years have not been there, Du Xiaoli and Han Mingyu prepared a birthday party for the two babies, but the banquet was taken by her friends and the royal family. close.

Han Ms. and the Queen gave them a lot of gifts. The Prince personally came to them, and the gifts were indispensable. Plus the Emperors Queen, a big box.

Du Yunhan and Du Xiuheng also prepared rich gifts for the two treasures, both valuable and loving.

In addition, Bai Ningyuan, Beiqi Guobaijia, Yaowang Valley, Fire Phoenix, Jijia, Han Mingxiang, and Luolu Temple all prepared gifts for them, and even some of the officials were sent gifts.

That night, Du Xiaoli asked two babies to open unhappy today. Both of them nodded hard and said happy.

When they asked them to be happy, Fu Xi blurted out: "The gift received soft hands."

Han Ming looked at her daughter without words.

Fu Xi climbed to Du Xiaoli and took a kiss on Du Xiaolis face and said, "But these are not as good as the cakes that Niangs parents made!"

"Ghost Elves." Du Xiaoli is increasingly discovering that his daughter is so clever on the surface of the old-fashioned heart. Fortunately, the daughter is obedient, and the work is also very principled, not too mischievous.

"Hey." Fu Xi came down from Du Xiaoli and climbed into the arms of Han Ming, and separated the legs of his old man with the stone.

Du Xiaoli patted Fu Lin, who was quietly on the side, and hugged him in his arms and said, "Fulin is happy today?"

"Happy." Fulin nodded.

"Happy to show it, you see your sister, today, this face is laughing, I haven't seen you laughing." Du Xiaoli is really worried about his son, so young and calm, say good happiness. Childhood?

"Mother, my brother smiled today." Fu Xi sat on the old lame, shaking his legs and said, "I saw it, my brother laughed when the mother brought the cake up."

"Hey son!" Du Xiaoli kissed Fu, and then thought of something, saying: "Ming, Fu Lin does not love to express himself, is it because of inheriting your genes?"

Although Han Mingqi does not know what the gene is, the meaning in Du Xiaolis words is still clear.

"I was much more stable than he was when I was young."

"Yes, so when you meet you, you will have a face all day." Du Xiaoli said.

"Mother, how did you and your father know each other? Tell us about your previous romantic love story." Fu Xixi.

"When we met, I was still a small village girl at that time..."

Du Xiaoli picked up some things that can be said to a few children, and then said a lot of jokes to everyone to listen to. Of course, this joke is for his eldest son, just want to make him laugh.

They only came back for two months, and in the days that followed, she must change her son's temper. Du Xiaoli made a decision in his heart.

"Ha ha ha -"

"How do mothers know so much funny things?"

Both the ape and the guards looked far away at the family who were chatting in the courtyard and were filled with emotions.

In the royal family, how many people can do this kind of fun, completely different from ordinary people? And their master is like this!

When the three children were trapped, Du Xiaoli and Han Mingqi took them to their house, letting them wait for them to wash, and watching them fall asleep before leaving.

In the days that followed, Du Xiaoli was busy and full, and the body of the Phoenix was slowly getting better. After the recovery, she followed the fire master back to the Baidu Valley. Sima Rui, who has disappeared since talking to the fire master, has appeared and left with them.

Bai Ningyuan did not go to Baidu Valley, but returned to the Northern Qi State, with the letter of Du Xiaoli, acting as a messenger.

In August, Han Mingxiang married the monsoon wind and completed the marathon run for two years and more than ten years.

On the day of the marriage, the monsoon winds sitting on his own battle, taking Han Fuxiang's wedding sedan to the bustling streets.

The people sent blessings to the two on both sides of the street. They did not say anything because Han Mingxiang was married. Instead, there were many happiness that blessed her.

Han Mingxiang was sitting in the sedan chair and could hear the blessing from outside.

They all understood the sacrifices they made for their children, so they did not dislike her and gave them the most sincere blessings.

This is enough!

When I arrived at Jijia, Han Msing and the Queen personally married the two, Du Xiaoli and Ji Liuxia, Fu Yalan and Meng Jiangzhuo who came back, looked at them, and they all had tears in their eyes.

Among them, Han Mingxiang has the highest status, but the most twists and turns, suffered so much, and now finally walked to a happy harbor.

"I will call her a scorpion later." Ji Liuxia said with a smile, "Look at a few of us, Yalan became the scorpion of Xiaoli, and the fragrance became my nephew. It's good!"

"Only I am the farthest away from you." Meng Jiangzhuo said.

"I listened to mystery and said that your family will be transferred to the capital in the near future. When we get together, we can be together again." Du Xiaoli said.

"Is there still a few months?" Fu Yalan also knows that she had heard of Du Yunhan before.

"It is said that it is coming up in advance. It is estimated that there will be two or three months to come to Beijing." Du Xiaoli said.

"I want to say, Jiang Zhuo, you don't want to go back, wait for them to come directly to the capital to come back." Ji Liuxia said with a smile.

"Well, I am also planning this way." Meng Jiangzhuo said, "I was going to go back, but I received a letter from him last night, let me spend more time with my mother in the family, and pick up the house afterwards." "

"Haha, then we will be together later!" Ji Liuxia laughed.

Du Xiaoli looked at the unchanging temper of Ji Liuxia for ten years and smiled faintly.

Years are like a shuttle, time is quiet.

On the second day after Han Mingxiangs wedding, Du Xiaoli was summoned to the palace and met Han Mianze and Han Mingyu in the Imperial Library.

When she saw her coming in, Han Mingze smiled faintly, like that, when she had something to do with her.

Her mouth is slightly pumping, this guy is not trying to squeeze her labor, right?

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