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Before the planned attack, the three members of the Alliance had gathered inside the Pure ship. There was Tulk, Fareen and Kubo. These three were those that had once gathered multiple factions and were close to becoming a great power, until they had stepped on the toes of Pure and soon after became a part of their group.

Inside the ship itself, there were no longer any Pure members, only those that were loyal to the faction leaders. Since the Pure members had supposedly already escaped from the planet, or at least that's what Tulk had told the other leaders.

Instead, an elaborate plan was made to get rid of the Cursed faction. Lucy was well respected in Pure. Not just because she was one of the higher leaders but because she was also one of the founders of Pure. There were certain people within Pure, like rank 1 who were in the position of power just because of their strength.

Her death would come as a great shock to the leader Mr. 0. Having witnessed Pure's power first hand, Tulk, Fareen and Kubo felt that they knew who the strongest humans in the world were. It was those in Pure. There wasn't a doubt in their mind, even after seeing Lucy die like that to the Cursed faction.

They felt that one day Pure would rule, and if that was the case, then they needed to be put into a position of power and be trusted, and what better way than to get rid of the people, or at least cause severe damage to those who had taken away one of their beloved leaders.

A faction was nothing without those following them, so getting rid of them, would most likely put Quinn and the others in a position where they would have to join up with someone else, at least this was their train of thought.

Upon entering the cursed ship, there were the three leaders and the hundred or so members of Pure behind them. What had come as a surprise to them when first boarding, was how empty the ship was, considering its size.

This was because most of the members had no need to stay on the ship and were resting at home on their planets until they needed to be called upon. So only a token group of people were left behind.

"This only makes our job even easier, let's take over this whole ship!" Kubo shouted, and the three of them split off into three different groups, with three equal size forces.

Tulk, had started his rampage in the main hall of the ship that led off to the different areas. They were engaged in combat with those from the Cursed faction, and Wevil immediately went to inform Linda of the enemy's presence.

Simultaneously, Fareen had gone to the left side of the ship, and Kubo to the right side of the ship, with their own little groups.

The first thing going through Tulk's mind was that the fighting was proving a bit more difficult then he first thought. He thought those in the Cursed faction would be weak. They were a new faction so they couldn't have good equipment, and most of them were from no name factions.

However, they had learnt a lot being with the cursed, and surviving an attack from the Sunshields, one of the strongest families to ever exist. Soon, Linda had arrived, and her blood started to boil as she saw who was behind the attack.

"Wevil, make sure no one dies, help whoever is in the most trouble." Linda said, as she continued to walk forward.

Wevil went where he could, using his super speed and dagger to stop fatal blows, and those that were already seriously injured, he tried to carry and move off to the side for now. As for Linda, she carried on walking forward, not slowing down or speeding up.

One of the members came forward with his blade, and she threw out her fist not even caring if it cut her skin. The blade had barely scraped past the skin on her knuckles before her fist was planted in the Pure's members face. He was sent flying across the room with one hit.

Another fight going on nearby, she proceeded to kick the man, and his legs were shattered as his body spun in the air a couple of times before landing on the ground. Soon, the members, realizing what a threat she was, started to focus their attacks on her, but she dealt with them all with a single hit and carried on moving forward like a robot which had been given a command.

"We have just found peace as humans, and it's people like you.that have to ruin it!" She shouted.

Finally, it looked like someone had successfully stabbed a sword into her back, but turning around she punched the blade in the center, snapping most of it off, before throwing it back at the person who had attacked her, then pulling out the blade from her body, as if it caused her no pain.

The wound was healing and at the same time a hunger was building up inside her, but her temper had already grown too much for her to care.

"Hah, you're a strong one, so your ability must be strength I assume, but let me tell you, there is a reason why my name is Tulk, I was based off of a character who has an inhuman strength and is a little green!" He shouted as he charged forward with his fists.

Tulk's equipment was great, and he seemed to be slightly faster than Linda. He gave a solid strong blow to her stomach. It was powerful, but she didn't flinch and proceeded to give her own punch back hitting him in the stomach as well.

'I'm wearing legendary tier armour, and I can still feel her power.' He thought. 'But if I'm hurting, she has to be hurting as well!' Tulk thought as he continued to deliver blow after blow.

The two of them didn't care if they got hurt and continued to punch at each other, but as time went on slowly one was coming out as the victor. Tulk was soon getting tired.

'She should have a few broken bones, but her power has remained the same this whole time.'

While Tulk's damage was building up, Linda was healing after every single attack. Her power was weaker, due to Tulk's strength ability and armour, and her speed was slower, but her lack of pain felt when taking hits and her regantive powers, eventually would make her the winner.

A last punch was thrown from Linda; towards the battered and bruised face of Tulk. His eyes were cut, and blood was dripping down onto his armour. He tried to twist his body to move out of the way, but a sharp pain was felt, and a broken rib stopped him.

With a clean hit to the face, the punch had knocked him out cleanly.

'I did it.' Linda thought.

She fell to her knees feeling weak, not because of pain, but because something was going on in her body. She turned her head to look behind her and could see not only had Wevil managed to help the others, but reinforcements had arrived through the portals, mostly from the planets of the Parasites, and it looked like they were nearly done as well.

'I need to see if the others are okay.' Linda thought as she would try to get herself up, but an unbelievable hunger pang was felt in her stomach. One she had never felt before.

Wevil seeing this rushed over to her.

"Is everything okay Linda, did something happen?" He asked, but he could only see she was holding onto her stomach.

'Was this because I took too many injuries? Does that mean, I have toeat..'She thought.

Quinn had tried feeding her in the past, and she did eat a little, but the idea made her sick. Just like Peter as a Draugr, she needed to eat human flesh, but unlike Peter, when he was a ghoul it wasn't compulsory unless she had taken on too many injuries.

The problem was in the state she was in, she wouldn't be able to reach the kitchen.

"Wevil, get everyone out of here!" She managed to squeal out.

"But how is that going to help you?'

"Just do it!" She snapped back at him, and a strange look could be seen in her eyes. After clearing the area, Wevil decided to stay behind, unknown to Linda. He could see her on the floor looking around, and then she started to crawl, crawl towards Tulk who she had just beaten.

'What is she planning to do?' Wevil thought

The next few moments, it was nearly impossible for Wevil to stomach. What he could see she was doing to Tulk's body.

It was the only thing that would satisfy the pain, but soon the pain inside her body was replaced with a burning sensation.

Unbeknown to hershe was evolving.


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