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When the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light fell in love with each other, the whole heaven was shaken.Their creator descended and gave them a trial to test their love. They have to reborn to the world as human beings and love each other like how they once told their creator....Xu Feihong was born with her parent's identity unknown to her and her only family was killed, later she became a war slave. She could survive years of torture with her intelligence and adaptability. Then a boy saved her from that horrendous place.Liu Weisheng was born with silver spoon in his mouth but he was pretty much hated by people around him for his ruthless and merciless personality. But ever since he met a little angel while on a mission, his whole life changed.He even dared to abandon his throne and disguised as a general of an opposing country just to protect his little angel.But life isn't easy.She have to be strong to protect her family from every danger that awaits them.Read this to see their thrilling, romantic, and funny adventure. Author's note:English is not my mother language therefore there will be minor mistakes. This story won't disappoint you.

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