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"Case of the red dressed boy?" Su Bai had finally calmed down. He stumbled as he stood up and rubbed his neck. He stretched his body and bone-popping sounds could be heard from his body. He walked past the curtain, touched the little fella's head. The little fella was lying on the sofa sleeping; his whole body was on Su Bai's clothes protecting the two guns hidden in his clothes.

That child.

Su Bai smiled. He carried up the little fella and placed him on the other side of the sofa. He immediately put on his clothes and the Hellfire Shotguns were kept back in his trench coat.

The bruises on his body had fully recovered. That was why Su Bai was in a hurry to put on his shirt. With Ying Yinger's professionalism, she would definitely notice that the bruises on his body and neck had disappeared.

"I'm so tired." Ying Yinger pressed herself on the wall as she stood up. She stumbled to her desk, opened a bottle of mineral water, placed some medicine in it and drank up.

Ying Yinger had returned to normal after catching her breath for a while.

"Out of all my customers, regardless of body or mind, you are the hardest to handle. I could feel that you subconsciously tried to relax your body and mind to allow me to enter.


"I am very curious. Sir, what was your profession before this?

"Mercenary? Special Forces?

"Sorry, please forgive the limitations of my thoughts. Based on my experience, only these types of people have admirable physiques and have such strong will. It would be not bad for a majority of people to have one good trait. Really very few will have both.

"By the time most people train up their will, their bodies have started deteriorating. When their bodies are at their peak, their mentality is not mature enough."

"You're thinking too much." Su Bai replied. "Alright, I should be leaving."

"I still do not know what your name is." Ying Yinger was like a lazy kitten lazing on the office chair; she placed her mesmerizing feet on the desk which gave off a special yet weird feeling.

"Su Bai."

"Then, Master Su, I will be looking forward to your next visit."

Su Bai carried the little fella and left the office.

After getting out of the elevator, the wind outside was blowing over, Su Bai suddenly felt a sense of relief which he hadn't felt in a long time.

He found it funny. That type of SM method would actually release the pressure he withheld?

The little fella yawned at that moment and stretched his chubby little body. Both his hands started rubbing his eyes; he then looked at Su Bai and smiled. After that, he placed his face on Su Bai's chest.

"You little imp, what are you laughing at?" Su Bai tapped the little fella's butt and got in the car.

The traffic jam had been cleared up and there were no longer any obstructions on the road. As Su Bai drove, he reached a traffic light. While waiting for the light to turn green, he noticed the little fella who was curled up on the passenger seat looking at him.

Su Bai rubbed the little fella's nose.

"What are you looking at?"

The little fella pouted and sat back normally.

It was already evening when they reached home. A familiar car was parked at his home entrance. After checking the number plate, Su Bai realized who had arrived.

Aroma and Chu Zhao were sitting on the steps before the entrance. Both of them only stood up after seeing Su Bai return; they had obviously waited for quite some time.

"Why didn't you give me a call?" Su Bai asked in confusion.

"We called many times but nobody answered," Aroma replied, "Young master Su is really a busy man, he has no time to entertain small characters like us. Seems like fairy tales are only lies, the words 'not forgetting each other after gaining fame and fortune' are only said for the sake of saying it." Aroma carried the little fella from Su Bai.

Su Bai took out the items he bought from the trunk. He nodded at Chu Zhao when he entered the house; Chu Zhao only gave him a meaningful glance.

Lucky ran over when the little fella entered the house, disregarding Chu Zhao and Aroma. It carried the little fella's clothes with its mouth upstairs and should be getting the little fella ready for a bath. Lucky really cared about the little fella's hygiene.

"Su Bai, where are the tea leaves?" Aroma asked.

"Find it yourself, I myself am unsure. There is fruit juice in the fridge."

"I prefer drinking tea," Aroma walked into the kitchen. "Oh, here it is."

The three of them finally settled down after Aroma carried out three cups of tea.

"Chu Zhao- he had also joined." Aroma said.

Su Bai nodded his head. Su Bai had understood that point when he saw Chu Zhao and he also noticed Lucky's attitude towards him.

"Quite meaningful, the few of us had listened to that broadcast." Su Bai sipped his tea and exhaled, "Come, cheers for surviving your experience task."

Aroma immediately lifted her cup but Chu Zhao did not move at all.

Su Bai clinked Aroma's glass and the whole situation turned awkward.

Both of Chu Zhao's hands was rubbing his chin as he looked at Su Bai, "Su Bai, is Hui Hui's incident related to Dreadful Radio?"

Su Bai nodded his head. "Related."

Aroma looked at Su Bai as she furrowed her brows, "Chu Zhao, didn't I tell you before? That woman did not bear any good intentions when she approached you. You misunderstood Su Bai."

Chu Zhao remain taciturn; he crossed both his hands as if he was disputing deep in his heart.

"This incident, I could have chosen not to interfere. I noticed the photo you sent to me when I was in Jiuzhaigou. I found it a little odd and purposely returned. Dreadful Radio then issued me a reality task."

Chu Zhao's eyes turned slightly red but he lifted his cup, the drank all in a single gulp and placed the cup on the teapoy. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Go tell your father the things you experienced and see if he'll believe you. Furthermore, ordinary people couldn't feel and comprehend everything that is related to Dreadful Radio. Do you still remember my dorm mate who had a sudden heart attack?

"In truth, it was not a heart attack. I shot him to death with your gun. In the end, weren't all the bullets in your gun accounted for? Did the autopsy state that he died from a heart attack?"

Chu Zhao covered his face with both hands; he sunk into the sofa.

"Are we having dinner together?" Aroma asked.

"What's the ostensible purpose?" Su Bai asked. "To celebrate the three of us listening to that broadcast?"

"Or else? You cook?" Aroma asked, "I remember you are quite good at cooking."

Su Bai waved his hand. "Forget about it. I'm too lazy to cook. Let's go out to eat."

Aroma stood up and tugged Chu Zhao. Chu Zhao sat back up; even though he was a little moody, he had returned to normal. Su Bai was unclear what he was thinking deep within.

Perhaps Aroma and Chu Zhao did not notice, but when Su Bai knew that they had tuned in to Dreadful Radio, there was already a gap in their relationship.

Su Bai was well aware of the mutual love and killing between he and fatty, the monk and others. Since they had already became audiences, it was hard to tell when he would be stabbed. In the story world,


Would change.

Su Bai carried the little fella who smelt good from the bath. Lucky continued to remain upstairs to observe the painting. That cat already had the tendency to draw close to an artist.

The three adults and a child got into the car. Su Bai started the engine and asked: "What are we eating?"

"Western food?" Aroma suggested.

"OK." Su Bai nodded his head. Chu Zhao was still feeling preoccupied and Su Bai was too lazy to ask for Chu Zhao's opinion.

After twenty minutes, Su Bai stopped at the entrance of a western style restaurant. It was considered a high end western style restaurant in Shanghai. The group got down from the car and Su Bai threw the car keys to the valet. He carried the little fella and directly entered.

There was a place for children to play in the corner of the restaurant. There were two staff responsible of taking care of the children. A staff noticed Su Bai carrying a child he walked over, bowed and asked:

"Sir, do you need us to tend to the child?"

Su Bai looked at the little fella; the little fella turned his head with antipathy when he saw a child similar to his age sitting there.

Seems like the little fella couldn't be bothered to play with other children.

"No need, thank you. Please arrange for our table."

"Alright, this way please."

The group got to their table, Aroma was in charge of ordering.

Chu Zhao had fully regained his senses at that moment. He took a bottle of red wine, unscrewed the cork, poured a glass for Su Bai and himself, he lifted the glass:

"This is for making up, sorry."

"There is no sincerity in this apology, I'll pay for this bottle of wine." Even though Su Bai was teasing, he lifted up his glass and toasted Chu Zhao. Both of them drained the glass in one gulp.

It was considered to be...

Letting bygones be bygones.

"Alright, I'm going to the washroom. Help me take care of the child."

"Don't worry. Your little cutie pie would definitely not get lost." Aroma sat over and pinched the little fella's chubby cheeks.

Su Bai stood up and was led by a server to the washroom. He noticed the staff taking care of the child as well as the child by the play area was not around on when he was on his way. The child's parents should have finished dining and left with the child.

Su Bai's body slightly trembled when he pushed open the washroom door and entered.

The scent of blood.

Fresh blood.

Su Bai was sensitive towards blood.

Su Bai observed his surroundings. He finally pushed open the door of a cubicle.

A baby.

There were weights hung on his leg.

He was hung to death in that cubicle.

The baby's head was pricked by an awl or a thick needle and a deep cut could be seen.

At that moment,

The baby had stopped breathing.

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