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Qin Chen has awe-inspiring eyes and a serious expression.

What Suspended Supreme said is not impossible.

In fact, he has always wondered why the human race was so strong back then, not weaker than the demons, why they were breached by many top forces at the beginning of the war, resulting in almost no resistance to it.

Although the Demon Race had the help of the Dark Race, and the ancestors of the Abyssal Demon had planned for a long time, the resistance of the Human Race was too weak.

At this moment, I heard the words of Xuankong Supreme, if there is a top powerhouse in the human race who colludes with the demon race, then everything is explained.

The demons were prepared for a long time, together with the help of the dark race, and if the human internal traitors were added to help, under such circumstances, the human race suffered heavy losses, it is extremely reasonable.

"who is it?"

Qin Chen looked over coldly, with a serious expression.

The first thing that came to his mind was the ancestor god.

Because the ancestor gods are the top powers handed down from ancient times, and they are also one of the few people who were the top powers of the universe back then, and have been passed down to the present.

Under the leadership of the ancestor gods, the human race was retreating steadily. If it hadn't been for the birth of Xiaoyao Supreme, the human race was afraid that it would have been completely destroyed under the leadership of the ancestor god.

He is the most suspicious person.

In countless years of human-devil wars, too many powerful men have fallen, but the ancestor **** has survived and lived well, so he has to doubt.

"I don't know who it is." Xuankong Supreme shook his head: "But as far as I know, before the ancestors of the deep demon were sent out, your human race had internal responses, and this was the only way to paralyze the many forces of your human race. What princess Lianxinluo accidentally heard, but its just confession.

I was just a small role in the year, and I didn't know much about it later. "

"Princess Lianxinluo?" Qin Chen was shocked. He didn't expect this. He learned from Lianxinluo.

"Yes, it is exactly what the princess said. Back then, the ancestors of the deep demon led the dark clan into the demon world and destroyed the peace of the demon clan. In order to resist the dark clan, the princess transformed herself into a way and forcibly blocked the entrance of the dark clan."

"But the princess once said that she did this only to delay the invasion of the Dark Clan. One day, when her power is exhausted, she will no longer be able to stop the Dark Clan. By then, it will be the time for the Dark Clan to completely invade the Demon Realm. ."

"Furthermore, the princess also said that if there were traitors among your human races, she wouldn't have reached this point." Xuankong Supreme shook his head, then looked at Qin Chen solemnly: "You said your woman is the descendant of Princess Lianxinluo. , Do you have any evidence? You also know that for the inheritance of the demons, my righteous army has been willing to fight against the ancestors of the deep demons for so many years, and suffered heavy casualties.

Not a person who is afraid of death. "

"If you want to threaten me with a race, you dont have to. I am not even afraid of death. Although I am not willing to be annihilated, I will not tell you the secret of the righteous army for the sake of sluggishness. I want me to tell this secret, your previous Those are not enough."

Suspense Supreme said coldly: "Unless you can make me believe you completely, otherwise, if you want to kill or slash, just do it."

Suspense Supreme looks like he is not afraid of death.


Wan Ling Mozun suddenly furious.

Venerable Skyfire's eyes also burst into cold light.

The Lord of the Abyssal Demon took a step forward, and the aura of the Abyssal Demon rose.

Qin Chen raised his hand to prevent them from coming forward, staring at the Xuankong Supreme, and couldn't help but smile: "Interesting, is it possible to resist from the ancient times to the present, is not afraid of death?"

"If you want you to tell the secret, this seat has a way. Do you think it will be okay if you don't want to tell it? If you want it, you can even enslave you." Qin Chen said coldly.

Suspense Supreme looked at Qin Chen.

Enslave yourself?


I am the supreme and powerful, so how easy is it to be enslaved? Even if it is an existence like the ancestor of the abyss, he dare not say that he can easily enslave himself?

"You do not believe?"

Qin Chen smiled and raised his hand.


This side of the world suddenly broke out with a shocking roar, and the breath of the Demon Tree of the Ten Thousand Worlds burst out in an instant.


Endless magical energy floods this world.

In the distance, above the sky, a full-length ancient tree appeared. Above the ancient tree, endless magical energy surged, as if turning this world into a demon world.

As soon as this power appeared, the Suspended Supreme instantly felt that his soul seemed to be pressed by a huge layer of power, and the whole person could not breathe.

This is the power of the Devil Tree of Ten Thousand Realms.

The Demon Tree of the Ten Thousand Realms is the sacred tree of the demon clan, and the Demon God enlightened under the Demon Tree of the Thousand Realms.

And in this chaotic world, Qin Chen, relying on the suppression of the heavens and the earth, and the suppression of the Ten Thousand Realms Demon Tree, could completely enslave the Vast Supreme.

It's just that it takes a lot of energy to disperse Qin Chen's soul breath, which Qin Chen doesn't want.

Now that the Ten Thousand Worlds Demon Tree came out, the Suspended Supreme suddenly had difficulty breathing, and he looked towards the sky in amazement.

"This is..." His pupils contracted, and suddenly thought of a possibility, he said in shock: "The Devil Tree of Ten Thousand Realms."

As the top powerhouse of the Demon Race, he naturally knows the Demon Tree of Ten Thousand Realms, but this tree has already dissipated in the ancient times, how could it appear here?

"Yes, it is the Devil Tree of Ten Thousand Realms." Qin Chen said lightly.

Hearing this, Xuankong Supreme's breathing suddenly rose, and he looked at Qin Chen in disbelief.

"This seat has the Devil Tree of Ten Thousand Realms, do you think I can't enslave you?" Qin Chen's expression was indifferent, "What if you add this to it?"


Qin Chen urged the Demon Tree of the Ten Thousand Realms, and suddenly an invisible soul suppressing breath appeared in the Lord of the Abyss, and a terrible soul curse appeared. The Lord of the Abyss bowed to Qin Chen and said: "Master ."

"Soul slavery."

Seeing the soul curse mark on the Lord of Abyss, Xuan Kong Zhizun sucked in air-conditioning.

No wonder, the Lord of the Abyss will surrender Qin Chen.

Suspense Supreme had always suspected Qin Chen before, even if Qin Chen killed the Nether Demons, as well as the Flame Demon Supreme and the Black Grave Supreme, he did not let go. The reason was the Lord of the Abyss.

Because the secrets he knows are too important, it is related to the survival of the righteous army, how can he easily tell others because of the death of the flame demon supreme and the black grave supreme.

Although the identities of the Supreme Flame Demon and the Supreme Black Tomb are noble, they are far inferior to the survival of his entire righteous army.

But now, after seeing that the Lord of Abyss Demon was actually enslaved by Qin Chen, Xuan Kong Supreme was shocked.

Because he knew the identity and status of the Lord of the Abyss, he was the descendant of the ancestor of the Abyss, even the son of the ancestor of the Abyss, and the successor of the ancestor of the Abyss.

No matter what strategy the ancestors of the Abyss, they would never give treasures such as the Demon Tree of the Ten Thousand Worlds to a human race, or even let a human race control their descendants of the Abyss Demon Race.

As soon as Qin Chen raised his hand, bang, instantly, the countless demon aura dissipated, and everything around him returned to calm. The soul curse on the forehead of the Lord of Abyss also disappeared.

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