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Looking at Chen Xuanzong, who was slowly turning into an ice statue, Chu Lili was anxious and afraid, yet she was at a loss at what to do. Anguish sprouted from her heart, filling it with dismal and despair.

When Yan Zhaoge shouted "Just in time," she was startled, yet a glimmer of hope appeared within her heart.

Chu Lili turned her head and anxiously looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge sent a voice transmission to Feng Yunsheng and Yan Di, "Escort her here!"

Outside of the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Formation, after feeling the dissipation of the Ice Devils aura, everyones exchange of blows came to a halt.

The Demon Race had achieved their goal. Naturally, they didnt have to go all-out with their offense anymore.

Instead, the Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord was disappointed. Yet, facing the encompassing mighty foes, he could only helplessly accept the reality.

Then, all of a sudden, a spark closed in from afar.

With the Nine-Headed Bugs attack and the Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate exploded, the devilish domain that enveloped the surrounding universe was shredded apart. As a result, the spark could easily traverse through the void and enter the universe they were in.

The Demon and Devil were struck with an uneasy feeling and attempted to block the spark in its tracks.

However, Feng Yunsheng was a step quicker. As she temporarily prevented the advancement of the Nine-Headed Great Sage and the Devil Lord, the spark had already flown across.

" Is that the half-dragon that accompanies Suo Mingzhang?" Dragon King Huanchens brows moved, "He even brought someone else along?"

He attempted to step forward, yet what welcomed him was Yan Dis saber that forced him into retreat.

Both Demons and Infernal Devils were oblivious of what this was about.

The one that came was the Mars Halberd.

As a Leakless Level Immortal Artifact, he was someone on par with a human True Immortal expert. While his strength wasnt weak, he didnt seem capable of affecting the grand scheme of things. After all, not every True Immortal was like Yan Zhaoge.

Yet, precisely due to this, the Mars Halberds appearance seemed queerly abnormal.

To prevent the Daoism martial art practitioners from having any other tricks up their sleeves, the Demons and Devil had already prepared to hinder the Mars Halberd, even if they werent certain what changes it would cause.

It wasnt difficult to prevent Mars Halberds advancement.

A Demon Race Small Saints sonorous voice of the great dao was sufficient in hindering the Mars Halberds movements from afar.

However, Feng Yunsheng, Gao Qingxuan, and the others were a step quicker. They nullified their opponents sonorous voice of the great dao, and worked together to escort the Mars Halberd.

Such behavior affirmed the guesses of their foes.

The situation that calmed down a little after Chen Xuanzong and the Ice Devil had perished together immediately became tense once again.

The battle between the two sides became even more intense.

Meanwhile, the Mars Halberd flew straight towards where the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual was located at.

As embers pranced about, a silhouette appeared from the sea of fire and immediately entered the light sphere formed from the ritual.

Chu Lili looked at the silhouette. After making out the appearance, her heart was filled with complex emotions.

"Senior apprentice-sister"

The woman in white who entered the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual was Chen Xuanzongs first disciple, and Chu Lilis senior apprentice-sister the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong!

Chu Lili hadnt seen her for a millennium.

She had pictured how her reunion would be with Jie Mingkong countless times. Yet, she never imagined it to be under such a situation.

"During the past few years, Senior Jie had been searching for you, Senior Chu." Yan Zhaoge said, "After you fell into the hands of the Nine Underworlds, Ive been worried that Senior Jie would suffer from the same fate and become the hostage threatening the Astro Sovereign and us."

Yet, while there was indeed a hostage, it wasnt Jie Mingkong. Instead, it was the Roving Jade Heavens Vine Sovereign.

Yan Zhaoge went along with the situation and still executed his plan to save the hostage.

However, at the same time, a question surfaced within his mind.If the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils didnt capture Jie Mingkong, where is she now?

The voids boundless outskirts were far too vast. Without any clues, finding someone would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Yet, Jie Mingkong had been attempting to locate Chu Lili previously.

Chen Xuanzong and Gao Han had previously sensed her traces.

This implied that Jie Mingkong had always been concerned about the matters regarding Chu Lili and the Nine Underworlds.

The battle happening by the Domain of Thousand Scales, as well as the all-encompassing devilish domain created by the Grand Heavenly Level Devil Lord, had caused an enormous commotion. It could very possibly alert Jie Mingkong and attract her to the surrounding area.

After casting the Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate, Yan Zhaoge used the opportunity to deliver a message. He requested Mars Halberd, the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi, and the others to locate Jie Mingkongs whereabouts.

At that time, it was merely to prevent Jie Mingkong from being captured by the Infernal Devils, which would ultimately cause more changes to the situation.

But, now, it was time to save a life!

"The Astro Sovereign quoted As a man sows, so he shall reap. Theres no need to mention why hes in such a condition anymore. Whats important is how we should act now." Yan Zhaoge quickly introduced the current situation to Jie Mingkong, "Fortunately, the Astro Sovereign already have two successors who had already ascended to the Immortal Realm."

"This might be a chance to survive for him."

The karma contained within was far too complicated.

Yan Zhaoge looked at the two, "Only you two would have to bear the risk together with the Astro Sovereign. I cant guarantee if youll still have a future."

"These matters happened because of me, because of my father. My master shouldnt be the one bearing the consequences." Chu Lili smiled faintly.

She forced a smile on her expression filled with loneliness, "I managed to meet master once again, and I dont even have to hear the answer from him personally. God is truly treating me well."

Chu Lili looked towards Jie Mingkong, while the latter was doing the same.

Her lips moved, and she wanted to say something. Yet, only a sigh came out. Chu Lili then walked towards the left side of Chen Xuanzong and sat in a lotus position.

She followed Yan Zhaoges guidance and drew a rune by her palm. Then, she pressed it on Chen Xuanzongs left shoulder.

In that instant, ice shards spread from Chen Xuanzongs shoulder to Chu Lilis arm, which then proceeded to cover her entire body.

Chen Xuanzongs silhouette that was gradually vanishing by the ice was about to turn into a statue thoroughly.

Then, his silhouette finally stopped vanishing.

Chen Xuanzong opened his eyes and turned to look at Chu Lili.

No voice escaped from his mouth. However, from his mouths movement, he was letting out a sigh, "Doofus"

Chu Lili smiled, and she transformed into an ice statue as well.

Within the layer of ice, she shut her eyes and entered a deep slumber.

Jie Mingkong watched Chu Lilis actions with an expressionless face.

Only, deep within her eyes, countless waves of emotions were undulating within.

Without any more hesitation, she walked towards Chen Xuanzongs right-hand side.

Then, she looked into his gaze.

Within the layer of ice, the mans expression was so blurry. One couldnt even tell what expression he made anymore. Yet, upon coming in contact with Chen Xuanzongs gaze, Jie Mingkongs entire body vibrated uncontrollably.

Initially, she wanted to place her hand on Chen Xuanzongs right shoulder. Yet, the desire to touch Chen Xuanzongs face made her lift her hand.

As her hand lifted halfway, she suddenly remembered what happened by the land of tranquil streams in the past. Her hand stopped, with hints of guilt and panic filling her expression.

Within the surface of the ice, Chen Xuanzong calmly looked at her and started speaking.

While no sounds escaped, Jie Mingkong understood his words by his lips movement. In that instant, tears filled her entire face.

She started laughing and crying without stopping.

The Female Emperor, someone who had been as cold as a glacier, seemed to have returned to who she was a millennial ago.

All the emotions that had been accumulating for a millennial exploded in that instant, with her self-control and any sense of reasoning ceasing to exist any longer.

Chen Xuanzongs expression remained gentle.

"Oh, Xuanzong" Jie Mingkong whispered and stopped her crying. Then, her gentleness filled her expression, and she stopped trying to touch Chen Xuanzongs face. Instead, she only placed it on Chen Xuanzongs shoulder.

In that instant, layers of frost expanded through her palm.

Then, the Female Emperor Jie Mingkong, turned into an ice statue.

Chu Lili and her were located on each side of Chen Xuanzong.

The frigid ice froze the grudges that had lasted for more than a millennium.

Peacefully and quietly.

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