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Chapter 2: System!

If I say no? Yi Tianyun looked at them coldly. These people are beginning to get nosey. Jade Palace is suppressed by the outside forces to accept more male disciples and therefore can only accept male disciples who have been forced into it.

To put it bluntly, these three have bad intention, they are here just to find woman. According to the regulations, they are regarded as outer disciple since they originated from other sect to begin with, but can participate in training here. And the moment Shi Xueyun gave Yi Tianyun the Dragon Blood Divine Pill, their greedy nature emerged from within.

Dragon Blood Divine Pill is among one of the best pill out there, it really is costly. If they take it, they will be able to make further breakthroughs and reach a higher level of cultivation.

Fang Chen stepping forward: You dont wanna give us that? looking at him and smiled contemptuously: Someone like you who have to rely on palace lords protection to survive still think you are safe now that your aunt is not here? We are member of Spirit Sect, our elders is just located outside of this sect, even if I do something to you right now, your aunt will not dare to do anything to us!

Spirit Sect is relatively strong. In this continent, factions are divided into five levels.

First Level is Palace, Second Level is Sect, Third Level is Mansion, Fourth Level is Empire, Fifth Level is Divine Nation! Jade Palace is naturally inferior to Spirit Sect. It is mainly for female disciples, so in terms of number of disciple will naturally be a fewer, but the overall strength is not weak.

However, the overall strength is still weaker compared to Spirit Sect, so they are suppressed. In the case of being suppressed, they think that even if they are up against Palace Lord, she must give a few faces in front of disciple! Since their hierarchial position is superior

As the saying goes, if you want to beat a dog you must know who the owner. Defying them is equal to defying the Spirit Sect. They are naturally very arrogant, They think that Shi Xueyun does not dare to confront Fang Chen, so taking the Dragon Blood Divine Pill from Yi Tianyun comes naturally.

Yeah, I just save you some dignity here. You are a trash, a cockroach, and you dare to defy us? Zhao Hao, standing next to Yi Tianyun, chastizing and laughed at Yi Tianyun. Zhao Hao really felt like standing next to garbage disposal.

Are you courting death? Yi Tianyun said with dark voice, and killing cold eyes.

Whenever someone calls him a trash, there is a sting in his chest, but hearing it from another trash from outer sect truly make him furious. His killing intent welled up from inside his chest provoking him to become angrier than he supposed to be.

Oh, so persistant are you? You think your aunt can save you every time? You thought that I am afraid of her? I am not some pushover, trash! Fang Chen laughed, taunting Yi Tianyun.

This problem of Yi Tianyun was rumored outside Jade Palace, Palace Lord of Jade Palace, raising a trash!

Either get out of my face, or die! Yi Tianyun flashed a cold eyes, his fists clenched, and his hands pale skin was pinched by his nails.

He can ignore his own reputation, but his aunts reputation, he must take good care of it!

Haah, I see you already tired, you dare to talk shit to me, give me a slap in the face! Fang Chen screamed, quickly rushed over and connecting his punch to Yi Tianyun.

The fierce boxing style is coming like the wind, very fast and accurate and Fang Chen is not even in upper tier in cultivation, he is at fourth level of Body Refinement Realm. Jade Palace is a low disciple, and it is generally at the third level. This fourth level is still in the middle and lower, and the fists that come from Fang Chen is not weak.

This fist was quite slow in the eyes of Yi Tianyun. When he looked up, a cold glow burst out. The fist that Fang Chen waved seems to have become slower. There are countless kinds of evasive methods in his head, and even the method of counterattacking. The attack in front of his eyes is completely flawed! Although he cant train much, he has studied combat skills.


The light flashed in his eyes, he is gently moving to the side to dodge Fang Chens strike. Because of the trains earlier, he is exhausted, and only barely evaded the attack but he lost his footing, and he fell down.

When he fell, everyone squatted and immediately laughed.

Trash is trash, only moved a little, it will fall! Dragon Blood Divine Pill is in your hands, give it to us! Fang Chen laughed, and reached out and grabbed him in his arms.

Yi Tianyuns eyes were cold. He knew that he couldnt escape. He quickly took Dragon Blood Divine Pill in his body, stuffed it into his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed it! This scene made them stunned, a Dragon Blood Divine Pill, were eaten by dogs?

You actually ate my Dragon Blood Divine Pill, courting death! I will kill you! Fang Chen was angry, he thought he could get this Dragon Blood Divine Pill, he did not expect to it to be eaten by Yi Tianyun.

For a time, the three men rushed over and prepared to punch and kick him.

In this moment, the flashing notification sound blinked in his mind!

Ding! Congratulations successfully activated the Crazy Leveling System

Ding! Gained a thousand EXP.

Ding! Congratulations level up to first level of Body Refinement Realm!

Ding! Congratulations level up to second level of Body Refinement Realm!

Ding! Congratulations level up to third level of Body Refinement Realm!

Ding! Congratulations level up to four level of Body Refinement Realm!

Ding! Congratulations level up to fifth level of Body Refinement Realm!

In five breaths, from first level of Body Refinement Realm, to fifth level of Body Refinement Realm! Dragon Blood Divine Pill, can let him rise five levels!

Crazy Leveling System? This is the game system This is simply a game! Yi Tianyun was shocked. As a player, how can he not know what this concept is!

At the same time, their fists have already meet with Yi Tianyun, but at this moment, Yi Tianyun feels that he is so full of strength, no longer a state of powerlessness, but a state of extreme strength!

Get lost!

Yi Tianyuns eyes glowing, his hands patted the ground, and began to spin up quickly. His leg sweeping the floor, it containing the strength of fifth level of Body Refining Stage, and a burst of power broke out!

He quickly kicked the three man in front of him strike to their chest.

The three men flew out directly by his leg, and they were posted on the wall. Their cultivation is weaker than him, and they vomited blood directly to the ground!

This, what is going on here? This is basically fifth level of Body Refinement Realm. Isnt he a trash? Fang Chen was dumbfounded. He climbed up hard and his eyes were full of shock. Tianyuns cultivation is higher than them, he is at middle level of Body Refining Stage right now.

In this world, the level is quite clear and is divided into nine levels.

They are Body Refinement Realm Spirit Refinement Realm Core Condensation Realm Core Spirit Realm Core Transformation Realm Void Spirit Realm Spirit King Realm Saint King Realm God King Realm!

Each stage is divided into ten levels. The young Shi Xueyun is already in Core Condensation Realm.

Yi Tianyun looked at Fang Chen, and the strong murderousness made Fang Chens body weak. He hurriedly kneel on the ground and cried: Please let me go, I am wrong, I will never dare to ask for your pill again! So far, if he still cant understand anything, then he is really a fool.

He didnt think that Yi Tianyun was trash like rumored, but he was so powerful, especially the murderousness that came out, and he didnt know how to cultivate it. Moreover, Yi Tianyun has also reached fifth level of Body Refinement Realm. Although it is not heaven defying, Yi Tianyun at least stronger than them.

He can only scream in his heart, and the rumors outside are fake! Who said that Yi Tianyun is a trash, Yi Tianyun stage is not very high, but at least higher than them!

Yi Tianyun slowly came over to him and his eyes were cold.

I said, either get out of my face or die, I have already given you a chance. Yi Tianyun looked cold, and in Fang Chens horrified eyes, he picked up the long spear on the side and pointed at Fang Chens head.

Fang Chen panicked.

He just wanted to make other party fainted, and did not mean to kill him, otherwise Spirit Sect would definitely find him for trouble.

At this moment, Fang Chen screamed, You will kill me! The other hand quickly took out a dagger from his arms, he aimed the dagger at Yi Tianyuns heart so that Yi Tianyun will die before he could kill Fang Chen.

Yi Tianyun saw through Fang Chen move and quickly countered Fang Chen by taking his armed hand and slammed the dagger by Fang Chen hand strike into his chest consecutively slammed Fang Chen in to the ground. Fang Chen was heavily slammed on the ground, and slightly stunned by Yi Tianyun move. Yi Tianyun grabbed Fang Chens hand and pressed it down to his own chest.

The sound of blood clogging in Fang Chen throat fill the space around them

You still dare to attack me!

Yi Tianyuns eyes were cold, and he lifted his foot and slammed it up. Fang Chen was kicked out by his foot and slipped to the ground.


Fang Chen vomited blood in a big mouth, and immediately widened his eyes, his face became dark and inconspicuous, and it seemed obvious that it was a sign of poisoning. In this dagger, it is obvious that there are intense toxins, and the insertion into the heart accelerates the flow of venom.

The next moment, Fang Chens eyes become dimmer and he died.

Ding! Congratulations successfully killed Spirit Sects disciple, Fang Chen, and gained 300 EXP, 5 Crazy Points!

Ding! Congratulations get a human lower level martial arts Eagle Claw Art, Falling Feather Sword Technique, and a Recovery Pill!

Yi Tianyun stunned, did not expect to kill Fang Chen, not only will increase the EXP, but also a Crazy Point, the most important he got martial arts, this is exactly the same as the explosion of treasure! These martial arts are things that Fang Chen learned by himself. Now they all burst out and landed in his inventory!

Its a Crazy Leveling System, killing human can also burst treasures, its equal to killing monsters! Yi Tianyun was ecstatic, he thought that he could only level up by eating, and now it seems that by killing, he can also be level up!

Ding! Congratulations successfully activating character and get a newbie package, open it?

Yi Tianyuns eyes widened, and immediately his thoughts moved, and a Status Window appeared in front of his own eyes!

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 5

EXP: 300/1000

Crazy Point: 5

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: Eagle Grab and Flying Feather Sword

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode (Level 1)

Item: Recovery Pill

In addition, there are equipment bars, inventory bars and the like, which makes him stunned, this is the property of the game! It seems that there are still a lot of things that have not been opened, and it seems to be related to level.

Then he meditated in his heart and opened the newbie package.

The contents of the package that appeared in front of you are: 10 Times EXP Card (a hour), two Recovery Pill, Level 5 Novice Gift Pack.

What did I get?

Yi Tianyun smile widened. He knew that he had passed through, but he did not know what ability he had. He did not expect to get Crazy Leveling System! As long as he keep level up, then his attributes will become crazy and strong: This is broken! He thought to himself, this is not something suitable for martial arts and it have nothing to do with him!

He did not expect that swallowing Dragon Blood Divine Pill would activated this system, it is estimated that this Dragon Blood Divine Pills energy is stronger, reached qualification to completely activate this system! He used to take a lot of pills before, but its useless. It was obviously not have enough energy in them.


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