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Chen Fan blocked Qin Jians attack with one strike. Billions of light rays and countless auras emerged from in between the fingers of his hand and struck the nine Heavenly Treasures, creating some clanging sounds like metals hitting each other. Even though the Heavenly Treasures had Divine Materials inside, they couldnt withstand his attack made with his "Half Nascent Soul Power" and some hand marks appeared on them.

Qin Jian was even shocked by the energy; his body was pushed back as he spurted out blood.


Chen Fan clashed against the five Quasi-Divine Treasures.

He used his body as a weapon and waved his hands to hit the five Quasi-Divine Treasures, letting out billions of light rays. Beams of golden light flew around the sky. Those Quasi-Divine Treasureswhich had completely been awakened and were so powerful they could injure Soul Formation Cultivatorscouldnt hurt Chen Fan in the slightest when they hit his hands and they even bounced back.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

In a blink.

Chen Fan fought with the five Grand Elders one after the other.

The eyes of those Grand Elders were full of fear and they looked extremely stunned. Quasi-Divine Treasures might not be real Divine Treasures, but they were still Divine Weapons made by Grand Cultivators; they were incredibly sharp, since they could even cut the bodies of Grand Cultivators open. And yet, Chen Fan had blocked them with his bare hands."What was this young mans body made of? A piece of intact, indestructible gold?"

"Boom, boom, boom."

Blood Qi surged in space; billions of light rays shone and powerful energy waves were swept everywhere. A lot of onlookers nearby were dragged by the strong energy waves and they were immediately swallowed, together with their battleships. Their bodies shattered and only a few bones and remains of their weapons were left. The others were so terrified they quickly fell back.

An elder of the Qiyun Sect of the Shanyang Planet Region said, "Its too terrifying. This is the most intense battle in the last hundred thousand years. When Song Yufeng attacked the Changshen Sect, he only fought with three Grand Elders and was slightly more powerful. However, this young man is suppressing seven Grand Elders. Five of them have Quasi-Divine Treasures and one of them was even the King of Falling Stars, Qin Jian. What kind of horrifying energy is that? Even Qin Jians fifth brother, the Prince of Apollo Palace, isnt that strong."

Many small sects had already sent people into the solar system a long time before. However, even though they had arrived, they didnt dare move forward because the seven large sects were attacking Earth; they only watched from outside.

"Hes too powerful. Hes truly too powerful! I thought Song Yufeng and Qin Jian were the most powerful cultivators below the Soul Formation Cultivators, but now, looks like Chen Beixuan is truly the unstoppable one! I heard that hes just forty years old. How did he become so powerful?"

"Yeah, I heard that he got the Dao Fruit. I may become more powerful than he is if I could eat the Dao Fruit."

"Ah, even though the Dharma Laws in the Abandoned Planet Region are incomplete, theres a Grand Opportunity to be found here. Thats kind of a blessing in disguise."

Many cultivators discussed.

The older ones sighed and were envious of Chen Fans luck, while the younger ones were in awe of his incomparable power. They were all bedazzled and wished they could take his position.

Quasi-Divine Treasures were artifacts used to guard the imperishable sects. They would normally be in the hands of the Grand Cultivators; not even Grand Elders could have them. Only when they were going out for an important mission would the Grand Cultivators give them the Quasi-Divine Treasures or ask the elders to take the treasures out from the ancestor altar. That time, they brought seven from the Star Ocean and gave three to Qin Feng and the others, just in case.

Still, Chen Fan fought bare handed with the Half Grand Cultivators who had Quasi-Divine Treasures. Such power was indeed astonishing.

If that were to spread to the Star Ocean, the planet regions in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm would be stirred.


Energy light rays flew around and sacred energy was spread. Seven people besieged Chen Fan and attacked him constantly. In the end, the entire sky cracked and the center of the battlefield completely turned into chaos. Only the energies of the Quasi-Divine Treasures could be seen flashing in the sky.

The Thousand Star Mirror of the Wuji Sect, the Soul-Destroying Dagger of the Niekong Sect, the Void Sky Caldron of the Taichu Divine Realm

Each of them could shake the Star Ocean.

A lot of the declined imperishable sects didnt even have a Divine Treasure; they only relied on a Quasi-Divine Treasure to save face. Those Quasi-Divine Treasures could even release energy close to the Soul Formation level while held by the Half Grand Cultivators.

But Chen Fan was also extremely terrifying.

Countless beams of light were shot from the spaces between his fingers. At the same time, Chen Fan performed Divine Powers and Dharma Spells to go head to head with the Quasi-Divine Treasures.

Azure Thearch God-Killing Finger, Primordial Five Elements Qi Blade, Connate Grand Qin-na Hand

Chen Fan even pulled out a sword on par with Heavenly Treasures and performed the unstoppable sword art of the ancient God of Thunder: the "Thunder Divine Blade."


At that moment, the sky was split open.

The Grand Elders were knocked a hundred miles away, almost flying out of the center of the battlefield. The Quasi-Divine Treasures in their hands were still shining over an area with a ten thousand feet radius and vibrating along with some buzzing sounds; they werent damaged at all. And yet, the blood of the elders boiled because of the terrifying energy. Chen Fans sword had once left a deep crack on the pillar in the Origin Divine Palace, let alone dealing with those ordinary Half Grand cultivators.

"Hang in there. This kid cant hold on anymore."

After four clashes, that Heavenly Treasure apparently couldnt go head to head with the Quasi-Divine Treasures anymore. It was full of cracks and there were fragments everywhere. Qin Jian and the others immediately shouted when they saw that.

They were also gritting their teeth.

Quasi-Divine Treasures were powerful, but they were like a pumping machine that required a huge amount of energy, sucking the power in their bodies as they worked. Even if those Grand Elders had incredible Dharma Power and had cultivated for fifty thousand years, they still couldnt withstand such intense clashes. They could hang on right now only because they bet Chen Fan would be done soon.

"Youre just a bunch of ants. How would you be able to predict my power?"

Chen Fans eyes were extremely deep.

His blade aura flashed across the sky, creating chaos, splitting Yin and Yang, and breaking the space. That unstoppable sword art of the ancient God of Thunder could finally show its real power in Chen Fans hands, as if a Deity King would have unsheathed his sword. It was unimaginably powerful.


The Thousand Star Mirror fell from Wu Hongbos hands and Wu Hongbo was pushed back as he spurted out blood. His unstable level was shocked violently again and he almost dropped out of the stage of Half Grand Cultivators.

However, Chen Fan had also paid a price.

That sword, which was on par with Heavenly Treasures, was completely shattered and was destroyed.


The other Grand Elders immediately besieged Chen Fan after seeing that and tried to kill him while their eyes shone brightly. However, Chen Fan immediately took out another Heavenly Treasure and fought with them again.

He had killed a few hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators along the way when he returned from Planet Tianhuang. Although many weapons had been destroyed, Chen Fan still had dozens of Heavenly Treasures in store.


These Heavenly Treasures were of low quality. They couldnt resist the attacks from the Quasi-Divine Treasures at all.

Even top Heavenly Treasures were only able to withstand five clashes with the Quasi-Divine Treasures and would shatter afterwards. Chen Fan grunted in the end, and took out a black iron bar.

"Haha, Chen Beixuan, have you used all your trump cards? Why are you taking out a broken iron bar?"

The brawny old man burst into laughter.

"Hm, looks like hes too poor. He was heartbroken when his Heavenly Treasures were shattered, so he just took out a broken iron bar. We cant even see if it has the shape of a knife or a sword. Kid, arent you embarrassed? Youre indeed from an abandoned planet and have no power at all. You only deserve to be my nephews servant." The skinny old man snickered.

"Brother Chen, if you lack treasures, I can give your eighteen of mine. Why do we have to fight?" Qin Jian smiled.

"Thats really a broken iron bar. Its full of black and green rust. Chen Beixuan is about to become a Divine Lord to rule a planet region. He doesnt even have a weapon he can get conveniently?" The other cultivators around also widened their eyes.

"Thats right. That is a miserable sight. The Qiyun Sect can take out a hundred Heavenly Treasures whenever we want. Hes a Divine Lord, but hes using a broken iron bar to fight? Does he have a death wish?" The elder of the Qiyun Sect shook his head.

"Is it a special Divine Weapon?" Someone guessed.

But surrounding people immediately laughed at him.

What kind of Divine Weapon was as damaged as that? That black iron bar was full of rust and it looked extremely miserable. Even the Foundation Establishment Cultivators wouldnt use such a Divine Weapon and would give it to the beggars. Besides, even if it were a Divine Weapon, then what? There were five Quasi-Divine Treasures there and it would be useless no matter what Divine Weapon Chen Fan used.

Even the people on Earthincluding the disciples of the North Qiong Sectfelt a bit embarrassed.

Not even a beggar would use that broken iron bar. How could it be used to fight?

Those elders were still taunting him.

But Chen Fan had already grunted.

"Shut up!"

An incredibly powerful Deity Essence Force was infused into that Deity Weapon. The next second, the green rust on the black iron bar instantly disappeared and the black blade became shiny. An unimaginably terrifying energy rose from that old sword.


Countless azure thunderbolts mixed with some five-color thunderbolts appeared outside of the broken sword at that moment. Those werent only Dharma Laws, but were also energies that carried the Laws of Heaven. People felt as if there were a God ten thousand feet tall rising in front of them. Terrifying Deity Light filled the universe and the nearby space, as if another sun would rise outside of Earth and shine over the world. Everyone trembled because of the terrifying rays of dazzling light.

That broken sword couldnt be compared to the other five Quasi-Divine Treasures at all; it was just like a baby in front of adults.

"This is"

Many people widened their eyes.

The few elders even looked terrified. Qin Jian, Fu Yan and the others were also startled; they immediately activated their Quasi-Divine Treasures with their full power to fall back.

But it was too late.


Chen Fan slash them with the broken sword.

"The fourth form of the Thunder Divine Blade, Cracking The Firmament!"

The sky cracked because of that slash.

A crack ten thousand miles long appeared, extending from Chen Fan, then going through the Grand Elders, straight into deep space. Many cultivators nearby had been hit by the blade aura and were immediately crushed to pieces.

Among the seven Grand Elders

The bodies of two of them had been torn open. A blood line appeared on their foreheads and they were split in half by Chen Fans sword, right in the middle. The other five of them had also been injured. All of them looked terrified; their Quasi-Divine Treasures became dim and started whining, seemingly having been severely damaged.

He killed and injured the Half Grand Cultivators with one slash!


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Chapter 1155 Defeating Thousands Of Soldiers With A Cauldron Chapter 1156 Slaying Divine Princes Under The Stars Chapter 1157 Drenched In Divine Blood Chapter 1158 Only A Clone? Chapter 1159 Like Ants Chapter 1160 Unstoppable Power Chapter 1161 Killing Divine Princes Like Dogs Chapter 1162 A Bloodbath In Space Chapter 1163 Crushed Crushed Chapter 1164 : The World Was Astonished Chapter 1165 The Appearance Of A Grand Cultivator Chapter 1166 King Of Falling Stars Chapter 1167 Attacking Earth Chapter 1168 Half Nascent Soul Power Chapter 1169 Defeating Enemies With A Finger Chapter 1170 The Reincarnation Of A Grand Cultivator? Chapter 1171 Slashing Half Grand Cultivators Chapter 1172 Extremely Brutal Chapter 1173 Thousands Of Sects Gathered Chapter 1174 Killing Millions Of Soldiers Chapter 1175 Suppressing Thousands Of Sects Alone Chapter 1176 Incomparable Chapter 1177 The Astonished Star Ocean Chapter 1178 Top Of The Planet Region Chapter 1179 The End Of Planet Earth?