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The battle ring was quite a scene to behold. People were on all fours, worshiping Feng Tianlan as their grand aunt, as per their bets. Some belly-crawled around the ring, chewing the canvas. Others stripped down to their undies, covered their faces with cloth, then ran around naked.

People who weren't afraid of Luo Yunzhu's threat left with contempt. Those who were slightly under the hoax pretended to comply half-heartedly and moved on within minutes. Slowly, people started to disperse, and the event became an after-meal joke for all.

When most people were far from the battle ring, Luo Yunzhu heaved a great sigh of relief as she pounded her panging chest, panting, "That scared the hell out of me. I almost gave it away. I don't even know if I scared them."

Truth be told, she'd been joking when she'd announced that she was going to blacklist people who failed to deliver their best. After all, she was still too insignificant to make any decisions on her family's behalf. If she followed through, the century-old institution might spiral toward its downfall.

Feng Tianlan looked at the flustered Luo Yunzhu. She thought back to how Luo had selflessly stood up for her against Feng Xiuyu when she'd been in a coma. It warmed her heart. Then, she'd defended her again today. Feng Tianlan smiled warmly and said, "I'm sure you got them good."

For those who desired to learn and enroll in their institution, they would, of course, follow whatever Luo said. As for those with wealth and power, it was only natural that they wouldn't take the bait. First, they knew that they could not disgrace their family. Second, upon deeper consideration, they all understood that Luo had only said this to them to save Tianlan. Nothing more would be done to them.

Luo Yunzhu nodded. She clenched her fists as she looked at Feng Tianlan with ultimate conviction. "Don't worry, once I become the director of Blue Flame Academy, I'll be able to protect you," she said. "I won't let them bully you anymore." The Blue Flame Academy could only be inherited within the family. As the eldest daughter, sooner or later, the academy would be hers.

Feng Tianlan smiled and said, "Okay."

"Tianlan, why do I feel like you are a bit different from before? How could you have beaten Feng Xiuyu?"

Luo Yunzhu gazed at Tianlan's smile, feeling like something had changed. Above all, she was most curious about how Tianlan had defeated Feng Xiuyu, a most unlikely outcome.

"Also, Miss's whipping skills were great!" praised Chuling. "Though you only used a normal whip, as it hit Third Miss, we could smell flesh burning. Her wounds looked scorched and charred, and…" Chuling stopped herself before she could blurt out the three words: "it felt good." She looked around vigilantly, afraid that what she said would reach the wrong ears and be used against Miss Luo.

"Tianlan, did you take any secret pills to enhance your skill levels?" Luo Yunzhu began to worry. "Tell me that you didn't consume that toxic stuff just to save me."

"No, I didn't." Feng Tianlan didn't know how to explain herself, so she simply said, "Maybe my heart was as tired as dead ash, which provoked me."

Tired as dead ash! Hearing those words, Luo Yunzhu's heart was leaden. "Pardon me," she said, "but that piece of sh*t smells so bad that dogs won't even eat him. It's better to give up sooner than later, and I'm sure there will be a better man out there, like the Wargod! He was so charming when he saved you from the villain's arms. It was a classic, novel-like encounter…"

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Luo Yunzhu was already fantasizing about how Si Mobai had rescued Tianlan, imagining them together. Strangely, despite their cold faces, she thought they'd make a most compatible couple. Tianlan emitted a force like she held power over the whole world, while the Wargod gave off the aura of the King of the World. They hadn't muttered a word, but they looked perfect together. Like they were meant to be.

"I don't even know what he looks like," Feng Tianlan replied. Then she laughed and pointed to the scar sprawling across her face. "That's an almighty god out of our reach. Enough with your wishful thoughts."

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Chapter 665 She Believes Mobai Chapter 666 Si Mobai Flies Into A Rage Chapter 667 I Doubt Anyone But Mobai Chapter 668 Is White Cutie Pie Only Good For Acting Cute Chapter 669 Are You Out Of Your Mind Chapter 670 Feng Tianlan A Bimbo Blockhead? Chapter 671 Cry As Hard As You Can For Grandpa Chapter 672 Stop Hugging Her Chapter 673 Im Willing To Offer My Body Chapter 674 Lusting After Both Men And Women Despite Their Looks Chapter 675 Joining The Mercenary Regiment Chapter 676 Youll Get Beaten Up For Behaving Like This Chapter 677 Laner Youre So Bad Chapter 678 What Extravagant Meeting Gifts Chapter 679 People Should Go A Little Crazy Sometimes Chapter 680 Of The Ten Most Cruel Methods Of Torture Choose One Way To Die Chapter 681 : Make Him Sleep To Death Hammer Him To Death Chapter 682 She Interrupted. White Cutie Pie Smack Her Chapter 683 Its Easy To Get Punched If You Act This Way Chapter 684 Si Mobai Is My Fiance Chapter 685 Another Person Who Thinks Shes Daier Chapter 686 The Emperor Of Xi Yuan Nation Chapter 687 Your Highness Please Quickly Appear Missy Is About To Be Snatched Away Chapter 688 Xiao Laner Are You Jealous? Chapter 689 Questioning The Cause Of Daiers Death Chapter 690 Digging Up Daiers Grave Chapter 691 He Lianhuangs Reminder Chapter 692 Do You Want A Harem Of 3000 Gorgeous Men? Chapter 693 Homecoming Chapter 694 About Her Bounty Mission Chapter 695 It Hurts To Be Punched In The Face Chapter 696 The Chase For Tianlan Was A Crime Of Passion Chapter 697 No Matter What I Firmly Believe In Mobai Chapter 698 The Thunder Fire Mercenary Regiment Has Come To Wage A Battle Chapter 699 Tactics Of Unity Chapter 700 Supreme? Can You Be More Supreme Than A Grandfather Like Me? Chapter 701 Life Is More Than Just Love. Chapter 702 Get Stronger To Provide Her With A Place To Shelter Chapter 703 Must Not Let Her Enter The City Alive Chapter 704 Busybody. Kill Her Chapter 706 The Beauty Is Not That Ferocious After All Chapter 708 Young Master Still Keen? Chapter 709 Once Wanted To Be A Virtuous Wife And Good Mother Chapter 710 Take The Initiative If You Like Him Chapter 710 Take The Initiative If You Like Him Chapter 711 Feng Tianlan Is Popular Among Both Men And Women Chapter 713 Rather Be A Poor Man's Wife Than A Noble Concubine Chapter 713 Rather Be A Poor Mans Wife Than A Noble Concubine Chapter 714 Because I Like Men Chapter 715 Mobai Found Tianlan Chapter 716 Mobai How Did You Recognize Me? Chapter 717 Fooling Around During His Absence? Chapter 718 You Like Si Mobai So What About Jiang Ying? Chapter 719 Could It Be That Daier Could Not Be Trusted Chapter 720 Do You Really Lack Confidence In Me? Chapter 721 She Was The Person Behind The Kill Order Chapter 722 He Wanted To Personally End Laners Bad Romances Chapter 723 Mobai Is Jealous So Pay Attention The Next Time Chapter 725 Just Because Its Feng Tianlan Chapter 726 Honestly Im Scared But I Like You Chapter 727 He Didnt Love The Wrong Person Chapter 728 Why Did You Close The Door? Chapter 729 Put On Your Clothes And Lets Talk Properly Chapter 730 How Was She A Heartless Lad? Chapter 731 She Wanted To Submit To His Beauty Chapter 732 You Promised To Wait Until Our Wedding Night Chapter 733 Im In Love With A Man Named Si Mobai Chapter 734 Ill Love You As Long As You Are Laner Chapter 735 The Honored Guest Token Of The Bailian Alliance Chapter 736 Chen Xinlu Brazenly Asks For A Token Chapter 737 : Thats Right. I Hit You. Chapter 738 I Am Engaged Chapter 739 Meeting Sister Lin Chapter 740 Mobai Youre Not Allowed To Eavesdrop Chapter 741 Reincarnated Into Someone Elses Body And Reborn Chapter 742 Go Directly Tell Imperial Brother That Youre Daier Chapter 743 The Truth About The Dumplings Chapter 744 Just Say The Word And Ill Do It Chapter 745 : Dont Speak Of Dumplings Im Disgusted Chapter 746 Why Do You Believe So Strongly In Shen Yunya Chapter 747 Didnt You Say You Would Only Marry Daier And No Other Chapter 748 You Dont Love Enough And Are Also Unworthy Of Love Chapter 749 Yaer Lets Postpone The Wedding Chapter 750 Getting Married Is A Major Event In Life How Can It Be Childs Play? Chapter 751 You Dare To Shun Your Husband? Chapter 752 When Will You Restore Your Female Appearance? Chapter 753 This Is My Consort Chapter 754 The Orchestrator Behind The Assassinations Confesses Chapter 755 Dont Dirty This Kings Ears Chapter 756 Shen Yunya Looks For Feng Tianlan Chapter 757 : Shen Yunya Gets Beaten Up Chapter 758 Next Time Ill Have Self Control Chapter 759 Hes Not Normal Chapter 760 How Can A Man Compare To Our Sisterly Relationship Chapter 761 Lacking In Love Or Too Much Of It? Chapter 762 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 1 Chapter 763 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 2 Chapter 764 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 3 Chapter 765 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 4 Chapter 766 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 5 Chapter 767 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 6 Chapter 769 Feng Tianlan Gatecrashes Shen Yunyas Wedding 8 Chapter 770 Xi Jin Poisoned Himself 1 Chapter 771 Xi Jin Poisoned Himself 2 Chapter 772 Xi Jin Poisoned Himself 3 Chapter 773 You Dont Have To Go Hes Dead Chapter 773 You Dont Have To Go Hes Dead Chapter 774 Whos More Important Xi Jin Or Me? Chapter 775 Mobai Is Gone Chapter 776 I Dont Care Chapter 777 Laner Is The Scoundrel Chapter 778 You Rely On The Fact I Like You Chapter 779 Mobai We Have To Be Happy Chapter 780 You Are My Heart Chapter 781 Will You Bear To See Someone Scold Your Fiancee? Chapter 782 Why Do You Always Mistake Someone Else For Daier? Chapter 783 Xi Jin Is Coming To A Realization Chapter 784 Xi Jin Exchanges His Soul For News Of Daier Chapter 785 Xi Jin Learned The Truth About Daier 1 Chapter 786 : Xi Jin Learned The Truth About Daier 2 Chapter 787 : Xi Jins Hatred Towards Them Chapter 788 When Are You Getting Married To The Demon King? Chapter 789 Shen Yunya Wants To Talk To The Demon King? Chapter 790 I Am Afraid I Couldnt Restrain Myself Chapter 791 Giving A Token Of Love Chapter 792 : Spend Ones Whole Life To Love Another Chapter 793 Chen Xinlu Is Humiliated By Si Mobai 1 Chapter 794 Chen Xinlu Is Humiliated By Si Mobai 2 Chapter 795 Chen Xinlu Is Humiliated By Si Mobai 3 Chapter 796 Chen Xinlu Is Humiliated By Si Mobai 4 Chapter 797 Tianlan And Mobai Both Exchange Tokens Of Love Chapter 798 Chen Xinyi Came To See Her Again Chapter 799 Cant You Leave The Demon King Chapter 800 What Am I To Do If She Likes Me More Chapter 801 Suddenly Felt Like Getting Married To Mobai Chapter 802 Get Married To You Immediately Chapter 803 Jiang Ying Visits Feng Tianlan Chapter 804 Jiang Yings Shameless Explanation Chapter 805 Jiang Ying Tries To Snatch Tianlan Away From Mobai? Chapter 806 Si Mobai Disabled Jiang Ying Chapter 807 Taken Away By Mobai Chapter 808 : Xi Jins Transformation Chapter 809 Lets Find An Auspicious Date To Make You My Consort Chapter 810 Brother Jin Dont Give Me Away Chapter 811 Xi Jin Looks For Feng Tianlan Chapter 812 Have You Figured Out How To Get Your Revenge? Chapter 813 Xi Jin Doesnt Believe In Xi Lin Chapter 814 Always Feels Like She Is Daier Chapter 815 Xi Jin Is Getting A Consort Chapter 816 Didnt You Like Jiang Ying Previously? Chapter 817 Never Betray Her Trust Chapter 818 Agitating Shen Yunya Chapter 819 The Most Despicable People In The World Chapter 820 How Can He Marry Someone Else Chapter 821 If I Can Kill Her Once I Can Definitely Kill Her Twice Chapter 823 The Idle Gossip About Shen Yunya Chapter 824 Do You Like He Lianhuang? Chapter 825 Xi Jins Wedding Ceremony Chapter 826 : Its Actually Her What A Sinner Chapter 827 Feng Tianlans Rival In Love Chapter 828 A Good Opportunity To Get Rid Of Feng Tianlan Chapter 829 Crafty Plots And Schemes Chapter 831 Our Wedding Night Chapter 832 Best To Get Her Pregnant Chapter 832 Best To Get Her Pregnant Chapter 833 The Conspiracy And Trap Begin Chapter 834 I Will Not Forgive Those Who Dare Cause Trouble Chapter 835 Dig A Hole And Bury Shen Yunya Chapter 836 Someone Must Have Schemed Against You Chapter 837 - Saying That It Is All Feng Tianlan's Scheme Chapter 838 How Is There No Feud Chapter 839 Luo Shiyun And Shen Yunya Started Fighting Chapter 840 Who Will Xi Jin Help When He Is Awake? Chapter 841 Was He Helping Shen Yunya Or Harming Her? Chapter 842 Why Should He Have To Sully Himself Like This? Chapter 843 Is It Hope Or Despair? Chapter 844 Shen Yunya Was Set Up Chapter 845 Want To Be The Crown Princes Secondary Consort? Keep Dreaming Chapter 846 Using Daier To Dupe Xi Jin Again Chapter 847 Will Not Take A Wife For Life Chapter 848 Feng Tianlan Asks Xi Jin Chapter 849 Yuan Fangfei Wants Feng Tianlan To Return Home? Chapter 850 Your Conscience Has Been Eaten By The Dogs Chapter 851 Start From The People Around Her Chapter 852 There Are Too Many People Whom She Cares For Chapter 853 No Family And Friends Only Laner Chapter 854 Feng Tianlan Meets The State Preceptor Chapter 855 Do You Want To Know About Your Future With The Demon King? Chapter 856 If Fate Goes Against Me Then Ill Go Against Fate Chapter 857 The Connection Between Feng Tianlan And Shen Qingdai Chapter 858 The State Preceptor Peeped At Laners Loveliness? Chapter 859 The Weird Portrait Painted By Si Mobai Chapter 860 Are You Waiting For Me My Beloved? Chapter 861 The Best Mercenary Regiment Chapter 862 Xi Jin Looks For Her Chapter 863 I Want Your Throne. Will You Give It To Me? Chapter 864 Let Me Be The Demon Kings Princess Consort Chapter 865 Feng Tianlan Go To Hell Chapter 866 Live And Die Together Never Cower Chapter 867 A Mysterious Man Assassinates Tianlan Chapter 868 Are They Really That Important To You? Chapter 869 Mobai Youre So Nice Chapter 870 When Youre In Pain I Will Be In Greater Pain Chapter 871 - My Mobai Doesnt Get Jealous That Easily Chapter 872 - : It Was Really Sinful Chapter 873 - Does Laner Want to Give Birth to a Child? Chapter 874 - Getting Punished in Broad Daylight Chapter 875 - How Dare You Side With Shen Qingdai Always Chapter 876 What Happened That Night Chapter 877 Slapping Shen Yunya Chapter 878 Su Jingfeng Wanted To Look For Tianlan Chapter 879 I Am A Husband Who Follows His Wife Chapter 880 Jiang Ying Asks Her Out Chapter 881 Learn From My Mobai Chapter 882 Jiang Ying Says He Is The Man Who Loves Daier The Most Chapter 883 My Mobai Is Great In Every Way And Good With His Hands Too Chapter 884 Jiang Ying Proposed To Her? Chapter 885 Xi Jin Knows That Feng Tianlan Is Daier 1 Chapter 886 - Xi Jin Knows That Feng Tianlan Is Daier 2 Chapter 887 - Xi Jin Knows That Feng Tianlan Is Daier 3 Chapter 888 - Xi Jin Knows That Feng Tianlan Is Daier 4 Chapter 889 - : Xi Jin Knows That Feng Tianlan Is Daier 5 Chapter 890 The Best Revenge Against Shen Yunya Chapter 891 Does Miss Feng Want To Offer A Blood Sacrifice To The Crystal Ball? Chapter 892 Beseech Her To Return To Shen Manor Chapter 893 The Vicious Minds Of Shen Bokang And His Wife Chapter 894 Jiang Ying Courts Feng Tianlan In Public Chapter 895 Rumors And Gossip About Feng Tianlan Chapter 896 Burning The Bailan Alliance? Who Gave You That Courage? Chapter 897 Beating Up Jiang Ying's Mother Chapter 898 Shen Yunya Wants To Meet Her Chapter 899 Shen Yunya Is Pregnant Chapter 900 Everyone Will Betray Her Except Mobai Chapter 901 Is Xi Lin With Child? Chapter 902 Always The Defeated Opponent? Chapter 903 I Was Too Greedy I Was Delusional Chapter 904 Chapter 904 Im Very Happy I Do Not Blame Anyone Chapter 905 I Just Want To Be Closer To Him Chapter 906 Feng Tianlan Fought With Xi Lin? Chapter 907 Mobai Sends A Kiss From A Thousand Miles Away? Chapter 908 Divorce Letter? Chapter 909 Let The World Know The Truth Chapter 910 : So Naughty. Dont Kiss Me If You Can Chapter 911 One Person Takes Up Everyones Love Chapter 912 Instigating Xi Lin To Betray Feng Tianlan Chapter 913 Suffer A Double Betrayal Once Again? Chapter 914 Chapter 915 Xi Lin Told Xi Jin The Truth 2 Chapter 916 Jiang Ying Kneels To Beg To See Tianlan Chapter 917 Teasing Jiang Ying 1 Chapter 918 Teasing Jiang Ying 2 Chapter 919 Teasing Jiang Ying 3 Chapter 920 Xi Jin Interrogates Feng Tianlan Chapter 921 Live Once For Yourself Chapter 922 I Really Like Mobai A Lot Chapter 923 Jiang Ying And Shen Yunya Those Two Btches Chapter 924 Is Big Brother Jin Jealous? Chapter 925 Chapter 925 Threaten Shen Yunyas Trusted Aide 1 Chapter 926 Threaten Shen Yunyas Confidant 2 Chapter 927 Shen Yunya Poisons Xi Jin Chapter 928 The True Cause Of Jiang Ying's Betrayal Chapter 929 Feng Tianlan And Shen Yunya's Battle Had Begun Chapter 930 Digging A Hole And Burying Shen Yunya 1 Chapter 931 Digging A Hole And Burying Shen Yunya 2 Chapter 932 Digging A Hole And Burying Shen Yunya 3 Chapter 933 Digging A Hole And Burying Shen Yunya 4 Chapter 935 Digging A Hole And Burying Shen Yunya 6 Chapter 935 Digging A Hole And Burying Shen Yunya 6 Chapter 937 Set Up A Trap To Ensnare Shen Yunya 8 Chapter 938 Set Up A Trap To Ensnare Shen Yunya 9 Chapter 939 Digging A Hole To Bury Shen Yunya 10 Chapter 939 Digging A Hole To Bury Shen Yunya 10 Chapter 941 Mobai Has Returned Chapter 942 Hop On Ill Carry You Home Chapter 943 Mobai Only Knows How To Bully Lan'er Chapter 944 Shave Your Beard For A Lifetime Chapter 944 Shave Your Beard For A Lifetime Chapter 946 Lan'er Is Mobai's Poison And His Antidote Chapter 947 The Feeling Of Subduing A Man Chapter 948 She Is Already Missing Mobai Right After He Left Chapter 949 Jiang Family Tries To Take Tianlan Away By Force Chapter 949 Jiang Family Tries To Take Tianlan Away By Force Chapter 950 Mobai And I Have A Certificate Of Engagement Chapter 952 I Will Consider Myself Blind If Were To Give You One More Look Chapter 953 Xi Lin's Guilt Chapter 954 Shen Yunya's Scheme Chapter 955 Entering The Xuantian Alliance Chapter 956 Feng Tianlan Is An Abandoned Woman? Chapter 957 Brutally Stepping On Yuan Haizhen Chapter 958 It Will Be Better For Mobai To Shame Them Chapter 959 If You Really Love The Demon King You Should.. Chapter 960 Feng Tianlan Starts Crashing Jiang Ying's Party Chapter 962 Xuantian Alliances Decree Chapter 963 Seeing The Decree Is Like Seeing Master In Person Chapter 964 She Has The Right To Be Arrogant Chapter 965 Have A Wedding Ceremony To Get Married Right Away Chapter 966 Si Mobai Has Returned Chapter 967 Do You Have An Objection To My Beloved? Chapter 968 Even If The Sky Were To Fall I Will Prop It Up For You Chapter 969 His Laner Is Simply Amazing Chapter 970 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 1 Chapter 971 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 2 Chapter 972 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 3 Chapter 973 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 4 Chapter 974 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 5 Chapter 975 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 6 Chapter 976 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 7 Chapter 977 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 8 Chapter 978 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 9 Chapter 979 The Truth About Daier's Death Announced To The World 10 Chapter 980 Exposing Shen Yunyas True Colors 1 Chapter 981 Exposing Shen Yunyas True Colors 2 Chapter 982 Exposing Shen Yunyas True Colors 3 Chapter 983 Exposing Shen Yunyas True Colors 4 Chapter 984 Exposing Shen Yunyas True Colors 5 Chapter 985 Exposing Shen Yunyas True Colors 6 Chapter 986 You Are Not Allowed To Look At My Mobai Chapter 988 I Want You To Continue Talking Not Continue Kissing Chapter 989 Think You Can Do As You Like Because You Know I Like You Chapter 990 Mobai Is Furious Chapter 991 I Am Wrong. I Won't Bite You Ever Again Chapter 992 Because Of You The World Becomes Beautiful Chapter 993 After We're Married.. Chapter 994 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 1 Chapter 995 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 2 Chapter 996 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 3 Chapter 997 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 4 Chapter 998 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 5 Chapter 999 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 6 Chapter 1000 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 7 Chapter 1001 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 8 Chapter 1002 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 9 Chapter 1003 Torturing Jiang Ying Brutally 10 Chapter 1004 Stay Kind In Order To Be Happy With Mobai Chapter 1005 How Could Big Brother Jin Do This To Her? Chapter 1006 Chapter 1007 Chapter 1008 Chapter 1008 Chapter 1009 Xi Jin Told Shen Yunya The Truth Chapter 1010 Im Yours I Only Like You Chapter 1011 I'll Be More Satisfied In The Future Chapter 1012 I'll Allow It Seeing How You Throw Yourself At Me Chapter 1014 We Will Have A Home Chapter 1014 We Will Have A Home Chapter 1016 Thats Our Love Flower Chapter 1017 Chapter 1017 Ill Satisfy You Once Im Done Chapter 1018 When Will We Also Be A Family Of Three Chapter 1019 Mobai Marry Me Will You? Chapter 1020 Su Jingfeng Found Yuner? Part 1 Chapter 1021 Su Jingfeng Found Yuner? Part 2 Chapter 1022 Su Jingfeng Found Yuner? Part 3 Chapter 1023 The Defiant Shen Yunya Chapter 1024 The Dongshu Emperor Was Also An Accomplice? Chapter 1025 You Will Never Lose Me Chapter 1025 You Will Never Lose Me Chapter 1027 The History Of Shen Qingdais Mother Chapter 1028 Is Luo Shiyun's Child Xi Jin's Chapter 1029 Xi Jin's Promise To Her Chapter 1030 What's The Relationship Between Tianfeng Nation And The Feng Family Chapter 1031 Feng Tianlan's Mid Autumn Festival Gift For Shen Yunya Chapter 1032 Taking The Shen Family's Treasure Back Chapter 1033 Something All Couples Must Do Chapter 1034 Feng Tianlan's Weird Feeling Chapter 1035 Feng Tianlan's Wishes Chapter 1036 Si Mobai Fights Shu Jingfeng Chapter 1037 Feng Tianlan Meets Feng Yunsheng Chapter 1038 Who Is The Real Yun'er? Chapter 1039 Shu Jingfeng Is A Madman Chapter 1040 The Wishes In The Flower Lanterns Are Opened Chapter 1041 Witnessing A Display Of Affection Early In The Morning Chapter 1042 Shen Yunya Meets Jiang Ying Chapter 1043 Shen Yunya Hurts Jiang Ying Chapter 1044 You Really Are Not Vicious Enough Chapter 1045 I Was With Mobai All This Time Chapter 1046 Feng Tianlan And Feng Yunsheng Meet Face To Face Chapter 1047 Su Jingfeng Could Not Help His Feelings Toward Feng Tianlan Chapter 1048 Your Punishment Is To Kiss Me 100 Times Chapter 1049 Feng Yunsheng Is Her Sister? Chapter 1049 Feng Yunsheng Is Her Sister? Chapter 1051 Dote On The Fake Yuner Like A Treasure Chapter 1052 Her Strange Connection With Feng Yunsheng Chapter 1053 If Big Sister Were Yunyi Then What Are You Going To Do? Chapter 1054 He Lianhuangs Visit Chapter 1055 He Lianhuang Asks For Xi Lins Whereabouts Chapter 1056 Deep Down She Is Strong And Stubborn Chapter 1056 Deep Down She Is Strong And Stubborn Chapter 1058 Reuniting With The United Mercenary Regiment Chapter 1059 Never Betray Advance And Retreat As One Chapter 1060 Feng Tianlan's Generosity Chapter 1060 Feng Tianlans Generosity Chapter 1062 What She Wants Is To Be Unrivaled Chapter 1063 He Lianhuang You Like Daier Dont You? Chapter 1064 I Want To Kill Her Chapter 1065 Chapter 1065 Dont Even Think To Sow Discord Chapter 1066 Xi Jin Threatens Rui'er Chapter 1067 Xi Jin Knows About The Bewitching Elixir Chapter 1068 Mobai Does Not Look Good When He Is Angry Chapter 1069 Spending Time Alone With Mobai Chapter 1070 I Am Here Chapter 1071 Shot Himself In The Foot Chapter 1072 Little Laner Ill Make You Beg Me In The Future Chapter 1073 My Mobai Is So Good Looking Chapter 1073 My Mobai Is So Good Looking Chapter 1075 Xi Lin Is Going To Marry He Lianhuang Chapter 1076 Love Him So Humbly Chapter 1077 Tianlan Why Are You Not Getting Married Yet Chapter 1078 She Will Definitely Be Happy To Be Married To Mobai Chapter 1079 Shen Yunya Youre Pregnant With A Bastard Chapter 1080 Chapter 1080 Shen Yunyas First Man Appears Chapter 1081 Shen Yunya Has No Choice But To Accept The Truth Chapter 1082 Xi Jin You Are Really Ruthless Chapter 1083 Xi Jin Knows The Truth About The Dumplings 1 Chapter 1084 Xi Jin Knows The Truth About The Dumplings 2 Chapter 1085 Xi Jin Knows The Truth About The Dumplings 3 Chapter 1086 - Xi Jin Knows The Truth About The Dumplings 4 Chapter 1087 - Xi Jin Knows The Truth About The Dumplings 5 Chapter 1088 - Shen Yunya's Death Chapter 1089 - Shen QIngdai's Corpse Chapter 1090 - Shen Yunya's Master Has Come 1 Chapter 1091 - Chapter 1091 - Shen Yunyas Master Has Come 2 Chapter 1092 - Shen Yunya's Master Has Come 3 Chapter 1093 - So I Have Spoilt Her, What's Wrong With That? Chapter 1094 - Deng Hu Asked Feng Tianlan To Compete In Pill Refinement Chapter 1095 - Quietly Watching As Mobai Cornered Them Chapter 1096 - Believe In Mobai Chapter 1097 - Xi Jin Appeared Chapter 1098 - The Painting Xi Jin Saw Chapter 1099 - I Want To Try, I Want To Change Fate Chapter 1100 - You Can Change Her Fate Chapter 1101 - Will Not Believe Feng Tianlan Can Refine Pills Chapter 1102 - You Should Just Admit Defeat Chapter 1103 - Shen Yunyas Viciousness Could Not Be Whitewashed Chapter 1104 - Change The Bet Chapter 1105 - The Pill Medicine They Did Not Know About Chapter 1106 - Comparison Really Does Make One Feel Bad Chapter 1107 - The Demon King Is Only Warm Towards Her Chapter 1108 - The Terrifying Demon King Turned Into A Henpecked Husband Chapter 1109 - Embarrass Him To Your Heart's Content Chapter 1110 - Get Embarrased Chapter 1111 - Is It Too Late to Back Out Of The Bet Now Chapter 1112 - Accept A Medicine King As A Servant Chapter 1113 - There Was News Of Crown Prince Jin Chapter 1114 - Show Some Sweetness To Torture Others Chapter 1115 - Not Allowed To Be Involved With Other Women Chapter 1116 - You Are My Favorite, Mobai Chapter 1116 - You Are My Favorite, Mobai Chapter 1117 - I've Started To Miss You Before You've Even Left Chapter 1118 - I Only Like Mobai Chapter 1119 - Invited Feng Tianlan to the brothel? Chapter 1120 - Feng Yunsheng looked for Si Mobai? Chapter 1121 - Feng Yunsheng Is Chasing Si Mobai? Chapter 1122 - Feng Yunsheng is not Yun Yi Chapter 1123 - A Different Feng Yunsheng Chapter 1124 - Strange Feng Yunsheng Chapter 1125 - Shenger, Let's Get Married Chapter 1126 - I Just Like You Chapter 1127 - King Of Demonic Beasts Chapter 1128 - Danger? Chapter 1129 - Feng Tianlan Saved The Beauty Again Chapter 1130 - A Miniature White Cutie-Pie Chapter 1131 - You're Actually Fine! Chapter 1132 - The Head Of The Shang Institution Met Feng Tianlan Alone Chapter 1133 - The Relationship Between the Head of Shang Institution and Feng Tianlan Chapter 1134 - The Real Lady Phoenix Chapter 1135 - Feng Tianlan's Aptitude Is Mediocre? Chapter 1136 - Have We Met Somewhere Before? Chapter 1137 - Entering The Illusion Beast Secret Realm Chapter 1138 - Feng Tianlans Fast Promotion Chapter 1139 - Feng Yunsheng Investigates Feng Tianlan Chapter 1140 - Feng Yunshengs Struggle Chapter 1141 - Entering The Earth Soul Pagoda Chapter 1142 - Can't Get Out Of This Strange Place Chapter 1143 - He's More Handsome Than You Chapter 1144: - Snatch Feng Tianlan's Ice Soul Sword Chapter 1145 - The Selfless Handsome Man Chapter 1146 - Tianfeng Nation's Prime Minister Chapter 1147 - Just Wanted To Protect Her Chapter 1148 - Acknowledged Her As His Master Chapter 1149 - Ji You Is Feeling Bashful Chapter 1150 - Attacked By Dark Shadows All Over The Sky Chapter 1151 Chapter 1152 - Female Identity Exposed Chapter 1153 - Fake Gender Chapter 1154 - The Phoenix And White Cutie-Pie Chapter 1155 - Ji You Kneels Down To Acknowledge His Master Chapter 1156 - Tianfeng Nation's History Chapter 1157 - Back At The Original Point Chapter 1158 - Everyone Is Here Chapter 1159 - Don't You Like The Demon King Chapter 1160 - Let's Consummate Our Marriage Tonight Chapter 1161 - Feng Tianlans Desires Chapter 1162 - The Assassination of Feng Tianlan Chapter 1163 - The Disappearance of Feng Tianlan Chapter 1164 - No Wonder His Highness Was Mesmerized Chapter 1165 - Demon Kings Wedding? Chapter 1166 - Whos Impersonating Her? Chapter 1167 - Deeply In Love and Losing Her Mind Chapter 1168 - Missed Lan'er So Much Recently Chapter 1169 - Si Mobai and Feng Tianlan Chapter 1170 - I am Yunyi, Wu Yas Wife Chapter 1171 - Have You Ever Liked Me? Chapter 1172 - Si Mobai, You Are Good! Chapter 1173 - Strangers From This Moment On Chapter 1174 - Feng Yunsheng Impersonating Feng Tianlan Chapter 1175 - Si Mobai Exposed Feng Yunsheng Chapter 1176 - Si Mobai Is Here Chapter 1177 - I Will Be With You, No Matter Where It Is Chapter 1178 - Stupid Mobai, You Still Dare To Kiss Me! Chapter 1179 - Laner, Bite Hard, It Is Not Painful For Me Chapter 1180 - Yet To Differentiate Between Reality And Illusion Chapter 1181 - Please Tell Me, What Difficulties Did You Face Chapter 1182 - I, Your Husband, Am Real Chapter 1183 - The Real Mobai Is Still The Cute One Chapter 1184 - Its Not Painful At All Chapter 1185 - The Trust Between Them Chapter 1186 - Why Not Marry Me Soon? Chapter 1187 - His Heart Will Only Beat For Laner Chapter 1188 - Taking Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 1 Chapter 1189 - Fetch Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 2 Chapter 1190 - Taking Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 3 Chapter 1191 - Take Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 4 Chapter 1192 Chapter 1193 - Taking Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 6 Chapter 1194 - Taking Feng Tianlan Back To Tianfeng Nation 7 Chapter 1195 - Taking Feng Tianlan Back To The Tianfeng Nation 8 Chapter 1196 - Empress Feng Wu Chapter 1197 - Feng Tianlan Makes The Empress Pay Her Respects Chapter 1198 - Feng Tianlan Found Her Mother 1 Chapter 1199 - Feng Tianlan Found Her Mother 2 Chapter 1200 - Suspicious That Feng Yunsheng Was Not His Daughter Chapter 1201 - Wu Ya, The Domain Leader, And Lady Yunyi Chapter 1202 - Feng Tianlan Dreamt Of Her Previous Life 1 Chapter 1203 - Feng Tianlan Dreamt Of Her Previous Life 2 Chapter 1204 - Feng Tianlan Dreamt Of Her Previous Life 3 Chapter 1205 - Did Not Want To Disguise Herself Anymore Chapter 1206 - Are You Willing To Be My Royal Husband? Chapter 1207 - The Truth About Feng Shu All Those Years Ago Chapter 1208 - Knew About The Peony Flower On Feng Yunshengs Wrist Chapter 1209 - The Empresss Attitude Changed Drastically Chapter 1210 - Working Together To Deal With Feng Yunsheng? Chapter 1211 - Getting Married To Mo Bai Chapter 1212 - Su Jingfeng and Feng Tianlan 1 Chapter 1213 - Su Jingfeng and Feng Tianlan 2 Chapter 1214 - Su Jingfeng and Feng Tianlan 3 Chapter 1215 - Su Jingfeng and Feng Tianlan 4 Chapter 1216 - Si Mobai Is Here Chapter 1217 - Lapis Lazuli Was Injured Chapter 1218 - She Deserved To Die! Chapter 1219 - Feng Tianlan Teased Si Mobai Chapter 1220 - Do You Remember Wu Ya? Chapter 1221 - Brother Feng, Lets Get Married Chapter 1222 - It Was Not Considered A Lie, Was It Chapter 1223 - How long will it take to marry you? Chapter 1224 - Discussing Marriage 1 Chapter 1225 - Discussing Marriage 2 Chapter 1226 - Discussing Marriage 3 Chapter 1227 - Discussing Marriage 4 Chapter 1228 - Discussion Of Marriage 5 Chapter 1229 - Feng Yunshengs Apology