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The sun shone as far as the eye could see. Everyone was gathered in the center of the plaza.

The referees eyes roamed across the entire plaza. There wasnt a single empty seat, and the plaza was almost completely filled.

"The annual shameless competition is about to begin. Everyone here is a selected contestant."

"Hahaha, Ill definitely be the champion of shamelessness!" Lin Que looked at Si Yehan.

"I forfeit," Si Yehan nonchalantly said immediately.

"I also admit defeat." The white-dressed Ji Xiuran also spoke up with a smile.

Ye Wanwan sat with her ankle on her knee and examined her surroundings. The only true threat here was probably her own brother.

"Well now invite the President of the Fearless Alliance to speak!" The referee looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan immediately stood up and smiled confidently. "When I was fighting with Si Wutian in China, we were outnumbered, but so what? I simply called a number and it was perfectly resolved!"

The host asked, "What number did you call?"

"110," Ye Wanwan replied.

Everyone: ""

"Tch!" Nameless Nie was unconvinced. "When I set up a fight with the local bully when I was young, he brought 10 people, but I was different. I just brought one person."

"Who did you bring?" the referee asked curiously.

"Oh, I brought his dad with me," Nameless Nie answered.

Everyone: ""

"I tricked my baby into my possession with a single shaobing. My baby is the leader of Asura," Ye Wanwan said.

Nameless Nie: "I made a trade for my gorgeous using a single abacus! It was also my mother-in-law who did the trade with me. My gorgeous is the leader of the Rose of Death!"

"I love money as much as my life." Ye Wanwan sneered.

"I earned money from you," Nameless Nie said.

Ye Wanwans lips twitched and she took a deep breath before continuing, "On the deserted island, a certain leader said there wasnt anything he didnt dare to do, so I made a bet with him using his White Tiger Seal as the price, and I won in the end!"

The referee said, "I know that leader. Hes a ruthless character. How did you win the bet?"

Ye Wanwan: "I bet that he didnt dare to eat sh*t!"

The referee: ""

Nameless Nie: "I participated in all kinds of competitions in China and won who knows how many fridges and TVs and washing machines. They had no choice but to stop broadcasting the show and I was eventually blacklisted by all the challenge shows in China and became a competitor permanently on the ban list."

Everyone: "Just what in the world is worth being proud of?!?!"

Ye Wanwan: ""

Nameless Nie: "In my WeChat groups, I never talk. The only way to get my attention is to send red envelopes."

Ye Wanwan: "I got your attention with a single cent!"

Nameless Nie: "One cent is still money!"

Ye Wanwan: ""

"Of course, I also have an ace in the hole." Nameless Nie turned to his mercenary quartet.

Immediately, a shameful slogan reverberated in the plaza.

"Godly Captain, free-spirited and talented!"

"Handsome handsome handsome handsome!"

"Strong strong strong strong!"

Everyone: ""

Thats too shameful

Can we get our tickets refunded?

"FML" was written all over Ye Wanwans face. "I admit defeat."

"Thats nothing! One time, a door was only worth several thousand dollars, but I said the original price was $200,000 and was giving them a 50% off discount, so I managed to sell it at the astronomical price of $100,000! And the buyer was Piece of Sh*t! He was utterly grateful to me too!"

When the referee was about to announce the results, Big Dipper suddenly stood up.

Immediately, Yi Shuihan, who was sitting in the audience, shot Big Dipper a glance.

Big Dipper died.

The referee wiped his sweat. "I announce that the winner of the most Shameless Award in Perfect Secret Love is: Nameless Nie!"

"Godly Captain, free-spirited and talented!"

"Handsome handsome handsome handsome!"

"Strong strong strong strong!"

Ye Wanwan cupped her fists. "Ive disrupted you. Ill be taking my leave now!"







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Chapter 931 Hen Pecked Brother Chapter 932 A Reasonable Explanation Chapter 933 Courting Death Chapter 934 Shouldn't Air One's Dirty Laundry In Public Chapter 935 The Longest Route Chapter 936 This Is Preposterous Chapter 937 Make A Clean Sweep Chapter 938 The Biggest Winner Chapter 939 Expert At Digging Pits Chapter 940 Who Do You Want To Marry Chapter 941 Master Help Chapter 942 Spit Everything Out Chapter 943 Did She Get The Wrong Child? Chapter 944 Simply A Little Angel Chapter 945 He's Like That From The Start Chapter 946 Mommy's Great Chapter 947 I'll Go Wherever Mommy Goes Chapter 948 Lost His Mind From Missing His Sister Chapter 949 Should We Have A Baby? Chapter 950 Candidates To Be The Real Dad Chapter 951 Am I Your Really Your Child? Chapter 952 This Is Worriless? Chapter 953 I'm The One Who's Most Intimate With Her Chapter 954 Who Does Mommy Love The Most? Chapter 955 Master Help Chapter 956 Today You Look Very Handsome Chapter 957 I'm Giving It To You Chapter 958 Calm Down A Bit Chapter 959 Definitely Is Super Beautiful Chapter 960 Pitch Dark Chapter 961 Where Were You Last Night? Chapter 962 Are You Kidding Me? Chapter 963 Your Son Chapter 964 Do I Look Like A Homewrecker Chapter 965 Officially Recognized As Daddy Chapter 966 I've Only Ever Liked You Chapter 967 How About We Sleep Together? Chapter 968 It's One Of A Kind Chapter 969 The Wind Was Too Loud So I Didn't Hear Anything Chapter 970 Baby Good Morning Chapter 971 The Great Devil That Was Kicked Into The Cold Palace Chapter 972 A Complete Family Of Three Chapter 973 Special Date Chapter 974 Witnessing A Miracle Chapter 975 I Had Him With Ah Jiu Chapter 976 A Greeting Gift Chapter 977 Consider Signing Me? Chapter 978 Who Has A Crush On Whom? 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Chapter 1102 Not As Pretty As You Chapter 1103 Absolutely Won't Climb A Wall Chapter 1104 Only Understand Human Ese Chapter 1105 Well Grounded Chapter 1106 I'll Completely Listen To Her Chapter 1107 Make It For Sure Chapter 1108 Is My Boyfriend Handsome? Chapter 1109 Face Is Beaten Swollen Chapter 1110 Everything You Say Is Right Chapter 1111 This Doesn't Look Too Safe Chapter 1112 Strong Willed But Disabled Physically Chapter 1113 Somewhat Similar Chapter 1114 Whose Little Sister Chapter 1115 There's Still My Son Chapter 1116 Rapid Progress Chapter 1117 Even More Handsome Now Chapter 1118 Getting A Dog Behind Our Backs Chapter 1119 Be A Bit More Vicious Chapter 1120 He Has Issues With His Way Of Thinking Chapter 1121 How Could You Be Afraid Of Your Own Wife? Chapter 1122 Miss Wanwan Drank? Chapter 1123 Igniting My Heart Chapter 1124 My Behavior When I'm Drunk Isn't Too Good Chapter 1125 Mom Help Chapter 1126 Help Tell Your Fortune Chapter 1127 Do You Have A Wife? Chapter 1128 Did He Drink Fake Alcohol? Chapter 1129 Would Your Heart Hurt? Chapter 1130 Return To Our Home Chapter 1131 Youre Not Sleeping With Me? Chapter 1132 What Do You Like? Chapter 1133 Youre Cute So Ill Agree To Anything You Say Chapter 1134 Horses Can Run On The Grass Field Above My Head Chapter 1135 Don't Come Over Here Chapter 1136 I Haven't Reached The Point Of Being Starving And Unselective Chapter 1137 The True Expert Chapter 1138 Enemies Inevitably Clashed Chapter 1139 Handsome Enough Already Chapter 1140 His Acting Skills Are Illogical Chapter 1141 Be Steady And Don't Go Crazy Chapter 1142 A Wooden Club That's Breaking Apart An Affectionate Couple Chapter 1143 After Some Rounding Off Chapter 1144 In Quite A Good Mood Chapter 1145 If Our Luck Was Good Chapter 1146 Their Fate Chapter 1147 The Heavenly Group Of Breathtaking Beauties Chapter 1148 Of Course Its My Boyfriend Thats More Important Chapter 1149 A Hug For You Chapter 1150 Are You Feeling Nervous? Chapter 1151 Simply True Love Chapter 1152 Not Enough Time Chapter 1153 Simply Devilishly Gorgeous Chapter 1154 Guarantee Itll Cure All Illnesses Chapter 1155 Why Is It So Gentle Chapter 1156 Unshakably Confident Chapter 1157 I'm Also Nervous Chapter 1158 It Felt Especially Safe Chapter 1159 I Didn't Disappoint You Chapter 1160 Unprecedented Chapter 1161 Happily Abused Chapter 1162 Brushed Past 100 Million Yuan Chapter 1163 Why Are You Paying So Much Attention To It? Chapter 1164 Defies The Heavens Chapter 1165 Intense Fight Chapter 1166 Especially Thank One Person Chapter 1167 Shock To The Whole Audience Chapter 1168 An Utter Freak Chapter 1169 Can't You See My Head Has Turned Green? Chapter 1170 Age Of The Immortals Chapter 1171 Changed Something Rotten Into Something Magical Chapter 1172 Will Let You See Tonight Chapter 1173 Then I'll Be Married To You Chapter 1174 What's The Difference Between That And A Sheep Entering A Tiger's Den? Chapter 1175 Whoever Wins An Award First Is A Dog Chapter 1176 Did She Want To Seduce him? Chapter 1177 If You're So Capable Poach Even The Cooking Pots Chapter 1178 Then Dont I Look More Like A Troublemaker? Chapter 1179 You Probably Cant Afford It Chapter 1180 Accompany My Man And Son Chapter 1181 Fulfill Your First Wish Now Chapter 1182 Truly Very Educated Chapter 1183 Eye Stinging Taste Chapter 1184 Elder Brother In Law? Chapter 1185 I Didnt Change A Brain Chapter 1186 Possessed By Brother Ye? Chapter 1187 You Went To Seduce Men? Chapter 1188 Truly Does Like Men Chapter 1189 What A Large Face Chapter 1190 Nearly Didnt Recognize You Chapter 1191 Explosive Scoop Chapter 1192 Drunk An Entire Ton Of Fake Liquor Chapter 1193 Afraid Enough Already Chapter 1194 My Sister Likes Them Good Looking Chapter 1195 Quite A Good Result Chapter 1196 I Cant Soften Chapter 1197 His Timing Was Too Opportune Chapter 1198 Tangtang Brand Floral Pruner Chapter 1199 You Lose Based On Your Looks Alone Chapter 1200 What Did You Think I Liked Men? Chapter 1201 Captivate The Whole World Chapter 1202 One Is Marked By The Company One Keeps Chapter 1203 Why Did You Like Me? Chapter 1204 A Real Piece Of Work Chapter 1205 The Position Will Be Held By Whoever Is Capable Chapter 1206 Very Accurate Chapter 1207 Dont Walk The Normal Path Chapter 1208 Pick Up Your Master Chapter 1209 Know How To Charm Girls Chapter 1210 What If I Don't Relinquish Him Chapter 1211 You're Handsome You Go First Chapter 1212 Return To Where He Should Be Chapter 1213 I Have A Request Chapter 1214 I'll Immediately Go And Find Your Mom Chapter 1215 You Dont Want Tangtang Anymore? Chapter 1216 That Face Is Too Powerful Chapter 1217 Want To Be With Mommy And Daddy Chapter 1218 Distant Goal Chapter 1219 Do Whatever She Wishes Chapter 1220 About To Lose Control Chapter 1221 When Will You Break Up? Chapter 1222 Wouldn't Abandon Her Chapter 1223 Heavy Fog Chapter 1224 Mysterious Briefcase Chapter 1225 Touched By Someone Chapter 1226 Doesnt Belong To Herself Chapter 1227 Who Was She? Chapter 1228 Finding A Gap Chapter 1229 Is That Really All? Chapter 1230 Get The Love Letter Chapter 1231 Become Another Person Chapter 1232 Belong To Her Original Self Chapter 1233 But You Have The Money Chapter 1234 A Bigger Scheme Chapter 1235 Important Clue Chapter 1236 This Owner Is Too Dishonest Chapter 1237 Is Mommy Doing Well Chapter 1238 Try Saying It Again Chapter 1239 Hell Beat Anyone Except For Himself Chapter 1240 Is She Actually My Sister Chapter 1241 Eat Or Not Chapter 1242 Just Remarry Chapter 1243 Forgot Her Own Self Chapter 1244 Its Not Like Its Me Who Wanted To Listen To It Chapter 1245 Suddenly So Gentle Chapter 1246 Drink The Strongest Liquor Love The Prettiest Person Chapter 1247 A Song Just For You Chapter 1248 Breaking Up Is Impossible Chapter 1249 Fragmented Memories Chapter 1250 Murdered Chapter 1251 Hidden Secrets Chapter 1252 Accusation Chapter 1253 Premeditated Long Ago Chapter 1254 Eventually Give Herself Away Chapter 1255 Arranged Ahead Of Time Chapter 1256 I Your Father Am Fearless Chapter 1257 Maybe She Partied Herself To Death Chapter 1258 The Missing President? Chapter 1259 A Troublesome Person Chapter 1260 A Waste Of Feelings Chapter 1261 Youre Lucky Chapter 1262 Both Internal And External Trouble Chapter 1263 All The Clues Point To One Place Chapter 1264 Emperor Ji Chapter 1265 Whats Fake Cant Become Genuine Chapter 1266 Have To Leave For Some Time Chapter 1267 A Special Kind Of Existence Chapter 1268 New Journey Chapter 1269 Long Time No See Chapter 1270 Too Weak Chapter 1271 Im Special And Gifted Chapter 1272 She Has A Fiance? Chapter 1273 Bro Flattop Returns To The Great Grassland Chapter 1274 Tyrannical Patrician Family Chapter 1275 Are They All So Friendly? Chapter 1276 Ive Been In The Independent State Since I Was In My Moms Womb Chapter 1277 Came Here To Find Someone Chapter 1278 Four Great Clans Chapter 1279 Meeting Fearless Alliance Again Chapter 1280 Dont Spare A Single Person Chapter 1281 Danger Chapter 1282 Shes Not A Member Of The Zhou Family Chapter 1283 I Dont Freaking Have Children Chapter 1284 Not My Rules Chapter 1285 Is This Woman A Freak? Chapter 1286 This Feeling Of Being Beaten Is Too Familiar Chapter 1287 Youre Really Sister? Chapter 1288 Welcome Back President Chapter 1289 A Sheep Entering A Tigers Den Chapter 1290 Infiltrating The Main Camp Chapter 1291 Smiling On The Outside Cursing On The Inside Chapter 1292 Swim Back Through The Sea? Chapter 1293 Sworn Brothers Who'd Give Up Their Lives For Each Other Chapter 1294 A Bunch Of Garbage Chapter 1295 Actually So Shameless Chapter 1296 Crazy Chapter 1297 Very Good Looking Chapter 1298 Most Likely An Admirer Chapter 1299 The Most Dangerous Man In The Independent State Chapter 1300 Bro Flattops Fiance Chapter 1301 With Another Man Chapter 1302 Two Possibilities Chapter 1303 Truly Angered Chapter 1304 Another Test Chapter 1305 Your Brain Was Bitten By A Dog Chapter 1306 Dug A Hole For Her Chapter 1307 Taste Is Too Weird Chapter 1308 Its Better To Deal With Painful Things Quickly Chapter 1309 Are You Planning To Revolt? Chapter 1310 This Feud Was Established Chapter 1311 Am I That Respected? Chapter 1312 Had To Find Him Chapter 1313 Lets Add Some Excitement Chapter 1314 Beat You To Death Chapter 1315 An Extremely Savage Big Boss Chapter 1316 Did I Say You Could Leave? Chapter 1317 Have You Been Well Recently? Chapter 1318 Getting More Ballsy Chapter 1319 Kill Him Of Course Chapter 1320 No Difference Chapter 1321 A White Tiger Chapter 1322 She Has Another Name Chapter 1323 Cuckolded Emperor Ji Chapter 1324 I Cant Beat Him? Chapter 1325 Courting Great Disaster Chapter 1326 Bro Flattops Adorable Pet? Chapter 1327 Recognize Only One Owner In Your Life Chapter 1328 Inexplicable Closeness Chapter 1329 Doomsday Chapter 1330 I Hope Youve Been Well Chapter 1331 Really Plan To Take Them In? Chapter 1332 Lifes Like A Play And Completely Relies On Ones Acting Skills Chapter 1333 Realization Chapter 1334 Your Pet As Well Chapter 1335 Why The Heck Are We Getting Married? Chapter 1336 Be Good Dont Be Angry Chapter 1337 No Thanks Im Uninterested Chapter 1338 Truly Became A Professional Scapegoat Chapter 1339 Tell Her Who I Am Chapter 1340 Cant Say Things Carelessly Chapter 1341 Pig Teammates Chapter 1342 Why Must You Be So Serious Chapter 1343 Do You Still Remember Asura? Chapter 1344 What Benefit Do I Get? Chapter 1345 Demanding An Exorbitant Price Chapter 1346 So Good At Bragging Chapter 1347 A While Since Weve Partied Chapter 1348 An Unbelievable Phone Call Chapter 1349 Lets Go To My House Chapter 1350 Found The Wrong Place Chapter 1351 Not The Same Level Chapter 1352 Do You Want To Drink? Chapter 1353 Even Boasting Is So Risky Chapter 1354 Visiting A Nightclub Chapter 1355 Emperor Jis Good Looks Chapter 1356 Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 1357 Caught At The Scene By Her Fiance Chapter 1358 Cant Be Jealous Right Chapter 1359 No One Can Save You Chapter 1360 Come To My House Chapter 1361 The Lord Inside Is Lord Asura Chapter 1362 Why Are You Here? Chapter 1363 Absolutely Impossible Chapter 1364 Sheltered By Lord Asura Chapter 1366 People You Shouldnt Long For Chapter 1367 Your Grandfather Is Here Chapter 1368 Is He A Monster? Chapter 1369 Clingiest Beast Chapter 1370 Hold Your Horses Chapter 1371 Its All Mine Chapter 1372 Take Them Down A Notch Chapter 1373 We Dont Have Money Chapter 1374 Do I Look Like Someone That Immoral? Chapter 1375 Fight To The Death With Asura Chapter 1376 Didnt Say I Wont Attack Asura Chapter 1377 Dont Want To Do Anything Alright Chapter 1378 Acting To The Point Of Numbness Chapter 1379 Done Playing With You Chapter 1380 You Should Thank Me Chapter 1381 80 Credibility Chapter 1382 Paying Tribute Chapter 1383 Mesmerized By Your Beauty Ninth Brother Chapter 1384 Disguises Running Amok Chapter 1385 Couldnt Offend A Single Person Chapter 1386 I Know Youre The Best Chapter 1387 Exposing The Fake Chapter 1388 Which Nie Family? Chapter 1389 Is His Captain Blind? Chapter 1390 Where Did He Get The Face?? Chapter 1391 I Have Business For You Chapter 1392 Is Tangtang Doing Well? Chapter 1393 How Was Baby Bad? Chapter 1394 The Ancient Si Clan Chapter 1395 Is He Really That Strong? Chapter 1396 This Was Too Crazy Chapter 1397 Give An I Owe You Chapter 1398 He Was Too Crafty Chapter 1399 The Nie Family's Little Young Master Chapter 1400 Aren't We All Bandits? Chapter 1401 Explosive News Chapter 1402 Wasnt She Seeking Death? Chapter 1403 Lord Asuras Wife Chapter 1404 Still Have The Face To Demand Money Chapter 1405 Truly Poor Chapter 1406 Too Arrogant Chapter 1407 Leave An Escape Chapter 1408 Swords Drawn Chapter 1409 Striking Glance Chapter 1410 Probably Will Have Major Activity Chapter 1411 What Kind Of Sin Did She Commit Chapter 1412 Seek Justice Chapter 1413 What Does She Have To Do With Me? Chapter 1414 Telling A Bare Faced Lie Chapter 1415 Zealous Wife Protector Is Online Chapter 1416 Biased Beyond Limits Chapter 1417 Causing Trouble By Herself? Chapter 1418 Come Flaunt Your Acting Skills Chapter 1419 You're Not Amazing Just 'cause You're Good Looking Chapter 1420 Cursed Imbecile Chapter 1421 Could It Be That You Regret It Already? Chapter 1422 : Pick Up My Fiancee Chapter 1423 I Didnt Do Anything To Him Chapter 1424 Isn't This Too Absurd? Chapter 1425 Be More Compliant Chapter 1426 Follow Me Home Chapter 1427 Took A Liking? Chapter 1428 Freebie Parents In Law Chapter 1429 Still Inferior To Worriless Chapter 1430 Wouldn't She Be Exposed? Chapter 1431 I Wonder Who He Resembles Chapter 1432 How Was This Woman Capable? Chapter 1433 Eat Less Meat Chapter 1434 Scarlet Flames Academys Legend Chapter 1435 A New Boss Alias Is Online Chapter 1436 You Dare To Steal Something Like This? Chapter 1437 Emperor Ji Gave It To Me Chapter 1438 Not To Be Trifled With Chapter 1439 Probing Chapter 1440 Don't Be A Coward And Just Do It Chapter 1441 When Have We Ever Been Scared? Chapter 1442 Please Give A Five Star Rating Boss Chapter 1443 Eat It Yourself Chapter 1444 Is There Really Something Like That? Chapter 1445 Retreat For Now Chapter 1446 Lets Fight If We Must Chapter 1447 Attack Already Chapter 1448 Eating From Both Sides? Chapter 1449 The Cursed Nameless Nie Chapter 1450 There Arent Fathers And Sons On The Battlefield Chapter 1451 Your Mother I Can't Do It Chapter 1452 My Good Sister Chapter 1453 Mutually In Love Gu Chapter 1454 It Has To Be With Someone I Like Chapter 1455 Youre About To Die So Why Are You Still Being Picky? Chapter 1456 Who Said The One I Like Is Emperor Ji? Chapter 1457 Theres A Knife Above The Character sex Chapter 1458 Both Roads Lead To Death Chapter 1459 Invite Him For Sleeping Chapter 1460 That Scene Was Unimaginable Chapter 1461 All I See Is Lord Asura Chapter 1462 Seal The Door Superglued Shut Chapter 1463 Sleep For A While Before Talking? Chapter 1464 Came To Help You Cure The Poison Chapter 1465 We Can Use Another Method If You Want Chapter 1466 The First Person She Had Intimate Contact With Chapter 1467 I Didn't Lose Control Chapter 1468 Naturally A Great Beauty Chapter 1469 A Raging Sea Of Jealousy Chapter 1470 Die For Sure? Not Necessarily. Chapter 1471 Hes Rather Cute Chapter 1472 Need Your Help Chapter 1473 Do You Have Proof? Chapter 1474 It Really Was Alcohol Chapter 1475 Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 1476 Wrong Focus Point Chapter 1477 Actually Still Alive Chapter 1478 A Terrifying Power Chapter 1479 Who's Afraid Of That Son Of A Btch? Chapter 1480 Too Terrifying Chapter 1481 How Could She Not Be Drunk? Chapter 1482 This Smile Was Familiar Chapter 1483 Truly The President Of The Fearless Alliance Chapter 1484 Youre Back Chapter 1485 Transform Into A Super Expert Chapter 1486 What Wrong Medication Did They Take Chapter 1487 Offend Some Powerful Figure? Chapter 1488 Am I So Terrifying? Chapter 1489 Executed On The Spot Chapter 1490 No Return For Him Chapter 1491 What? Old But Vigorous? Chapter 1492 Im Saying Youre The One Digging Pits Chapter 1493 Can You Bring Tangtang Outside? Chapter 1494 Got Into A Fight Chapter 1495 Deep Hypnotism Chapter 1496 You're Nothing Chapter 1497 Give You Two Paths Chapter 1498 Help Me Order A Bouquet Of Flowers Chapter 1499 999 White Roses Chapter 1500 Sima Zhao's Trick Is Obvious Chapter 1501 Want To Cause Trouble Again? Chapter 1502 I Really Like It Chapter 1503 Wouldnt Do Anything To Emperor Ji Right? Chapter 1504 Ive Always Been So Free Chapter 1505 Night Attack Chapter 1506 Please Respect Yourself Chapter 1507 Rest Well And Replenish Her Strength Chapter 1508 A Type Of Romantic Game Chapter 1509 Fight To The Death Chapter 1510 Arent Young Anymore Chapter 1511 Blood Is Thicker Than Water Chapter 1512 Insult The Sky Insult The Earth Insult The Air Chapter 1513 Always Replaced Chapter 1514 Could It Be That Im The Real Worriless Nie? Chapter 1515 Adopt As A Foster Daughter Chapter 1516 The Landlords Foolish Son Chapter 1517 Watch Your Words Chapter 1518 Dont Want Tangtang To Be Cold Blooded Chapter 1519 Take Tangtang Out To Run Errands Chapter 1520 Hes The Presidents Illegitimate Son Chapter 1521 Mommys Worked Hard Chapter 1522 The Landlords Foolish Son Is Visiting Again Chapter 1523 : All Famous Big Shots Chapter 1524 One For You One For Me Chapter 1525 Ask For Your Help With Something Chapter 1526 Pick Up Two People Chapter 1527 In A Better Mood Chapter 1528 Very Beautiful Chapter 1529 A Girl Will Doll Herself Up For A Man Who Loves Her Chapter 1530 I Wish You A Happy Break Up Chapter 1531 Wow This Is Very Extravagant Chapter 1532 Deeply Attracted Chapter 1533 I Agree To Your Marriage Chapter 1534 Eat With All Youve Got Chapter 1535 Couldnt Stomach Losing This Face Chapter 1536 If They Wanted To Play She Could Stay To The End Chapter 1537 Second Miss Of The Nie Family Chapter 1538 Uninterested In This Man Chapter 1539 I Would Be Seduced With A Single Hook Of Your Finger Chapter 1540 She Was The President Of The Fearless Alliance Chapter 1541 Pork Chop Face Chapter 1542 Need To Seduce Him? Chapter 1543 Sorry I Mistook You Chapter 1544 You Arent Acting Realistically Chapter 1545 Have We Met Before? Chapter 1546 Emperor Jis Most Dangerous Faint Smile Chapter 1547 Emperor Ji And Lord Asura Are Fighting Chapter 1548 Got Hot Tempered From Playing Chess Chapter 1549 Who Should I Help? Chapter 1550 Stop Fighting Your Dad Was Hit By A Car Chapter 1551 Follow Me Home Chapter 1552 Casually Having Fun Chapter 1553 Sending Letters Late At Night Chapter 1554 Take You With Me When I Remarry Chapter 1555 Went So Far As To Use The Honey Pot Trap Chapter 1556 Also A Normal Man Chapter 1557 Flutter Through A Flower Field Chapter 1558 Pissed Him Off Chapter 1559 A Great Crisis In Her Pacifying Career Chapter 1560 Dont Start Fighting Chapter 1561 Beautiful Men Are All Passing Clouds Chapter 1562 Nothing Between Us Chapter 1563 Simply An Armageddon Chapter 1564 Whos On Top Whos On Bottom? Chapter 1565 Feels Weird Somehow Chapter 1566 To Reduce The Heat Chapter 1567 Your Acting Is Pretty Good Chapter 1568 Does Anyone Know How To Test Dna? Chapter 1569 Paternity Testing Chapter 1570 You Ate A Bears Hearts And Leopards Gall Chapter 1571 Worriless Nie Is An Impersonator Chapter 1572 Actually Watching A Cartoon Chapter 1573 Not That Simple Chapter 1574 President Fearless Identity Chapter 1575 Since They Wanted To Play She Would Stay Till The End Chapter 1576 Do You Seriously Believe This Woman? Chapter 1577 You Should Call Her mom Chapter 1578 Could I Really Be President Fearless? Chapter 1579 Prepare To Return To China Chapter 1580 Who Are You? Chapter 1581 I Need To Go Undercover Chapter 1582 Cant Say It Out Loud Chapter 1583 Im Going To Die From Laughter Chapter 1584 Self Carry A Hatred Attracting Halo Chapter 1585 Turned Away Outside The Door Chapter 1586 Emperor Jis Recommendation Letter Chapter 1587 An Existence You Cant Afford To Offend Chapter 1588 Scarlet Flames Academy Chapter 1589 Mixed Gender Living Chapter 1590 S Rank Mission Chapter 1591 Practically Tailored For Her Chapter 1592 Whose Master Chapter 1593 Worriless Nie And Ye Wanwan 1 Chapter 1594 Worriless Nie And Ye Wanwan 2 Chapter 1595 Those Two Are Lovers Chapter 1596 Not Anyone Respectable Chapter 1597 Bully New Students Chapter 1598 List Whatever Price You Want Chapter 1599 Why Should I Believe You? Chapter 1600 Do You Want To Kill The Real One Or The Fake One? Chapter 1601 She Was The Real Worriless Nie Chapter 1602 Test Her Dna With Tangtangs Chapter 1603 Dont Be Ungrateful For The Face Im Giving You Chapter 1604 Friends With Young Master Shen Chapter 1605 Intentionally Making Things Difficult Chapter 1606 Recklessly Insult The Instructor Chapter 1607 Suffer Just Because You Want To Look Good Chapter 1608 Three Days Are Enough Chapter 1609 Help Me Test The Dna Chapter 1610 Cant You Follow The Script? Chapter 1611 Superstar King Chapter 1612 Wheres My Sword? Chapter 1613 : The Result Of The Dna Test Chapter 1614 Im Actually Worriless Nie Chapter 1615 She Wanted To See Tangtang The Most Chapter 1616 Baby Dont Be Scared Mommys Here Chapter 1617 Theres Nothing That I Bai Feng Am Scared Of Chapter 1618 They Could Do Anything Chapter 1619 Hold Mommys Hand Forever Chapter 1620 Hes My Son Chapter 1621 He Doesnt Suit Mommy Chapter 1622 : Rich In Beautiful Paramours Chapter 1623 What A Coincidence We Meet Again Chapter 1624 I Like Mountains Of Gold But I Like Beauties Even More Chapter 1625 Want To Discuss A Deal With The Two Of You Chapter 1626 The Type He Likes Chapter 1627 Cant Be Spared Chapter 1628 Try Intimidating Her Again Chapter 1629 Actually Appeared At The Same Time Chapter 1630 You Want To Kill Me By Laughing Too Hard So That You Can Get My Inheritance? Chapter 1631 Mommy Is Certainly Not someone Else Chapter 1632 A Member Of The Nie Family Chapter 1633 A Imitation Was An Imitation Chapter 1634 The Other Method To Cure The Gu Chapter 1635 Are You Free Tonight? Chapter 1636 Do You Want To Try? Chapter 1637 No One Is Allowed To Touch Her Chapter 1638 This User Is Dead Already Burn Some Paper Offerings If You Need Something Chapter 1639 Something Major Happened Chapter 1640 A Charming Catastrophe Chapter 1641 Stole The Presidents Man Chapter 1642 Let You Know What Brutality Is Chapter 1643 Who Did I Just Hit On? Chapter 1644 Am I Not Obvious Enough In My Pursuit? Chapter 1645 You Can Try Chapter 1646 Who Needs Your Reminder? Chapter 1647 Mobilize Elite Members To China Chapter 1648 Avoid Making Dad And Mom Angry Chapter 1649 She Was Black Widow Chapter 1650 Talented Manager Type Chapter 1651 Do I Freaking Want To Lose All Shame? Chapter 1652 Returning To Scarlet Flames Chapter 1653 Line Up Over There Chapter 1654 Cant Say Things Carelessly Chapter 1655 Defected Mercenary Chapter 1656 An Elders Disciple Chapter 1657 Are You Kidding Me? Chapter 1658 Elder Gong Appears Chapter 1659 A Gathering Of Experts Chapter 1660 Disrespectful Of Superiors Chapter 1661 Insult Everything Chapter 1662 I Was Lying To You Chapter 1663 This Woman Is An Idiot Right? Chapter 1664 Why Should I Coach You? Chapter 1665 Worriless Only Took One Year Chapter 1666 A Demon After Getting Drunk Chapter 1667 Possessing Worriless Nies Martial Strength Chapter 1668 Participating In The Martial Competition Chapter 1669 Emperor Ji And Lord Asura Chapter 1670 Ye Wanwans Turn Chapter 1671 Youre Ruthless Chapter 1672 Dont Be Ungrateful For The Face Im Giving You Chapter 1673 Here Comes The Legend Chapter 1674 Enemies Inevitably Clashed Chapter 1675 Win All 27 Matches Chapter 1676 Attack Me Together Chapter 1677 End The Match At Any Time Chapter 1678 Cant Use Force Chapter 1679 Drink A Gulp Of Good Ol Alcohol Chapter 1680 Sweep Across Everyone Unrivaled Chapter 1681 Lie Down Dont Move Chapter 1682 Am I Dreaming? Chapter 1683 Provoked This Kind Of Psycho Chapter 1684 Gorgeous You Look Rather Familiar Chapter 1685 Actually Called Lord Asura gorgeous Chapter 1686 What About Me? Chapter 1687 Want To Purge His Own Sect Chapter 1688 Are You Teaching Me How To Behave? Chapter 1689 Headmaster Of Scarlet Flames Academy Chapter 1690 Did I Win Or Lose? Chapter 1691 You Were Quite Mighty Chapter 1692 Is There A Rule Against Drinking Alcohol? Chapter 1693 Please Show Me Justice Headmaster Chapter 1694 Emperor Ji Is Right Chapter 1695 I Concede Defeat Chapter 1696 Believe In Yourself Youre The Most Useless Chapter 1697 Without A Single Defeat Chapter 1698 Makes Other People Really Envious Chapter 1699 The Finest Treatment Chapter 1700 Lost A Segment Of Memory Chapter 1701 More Frightening Chapter 1702 Bought With Money? Chapter 1703 Owe It? Chapter 1704 Missions With High Points Chapter 1705 Thats Called Brutal Chapter 1706 Elated Chapter 1707 Squash Him To Death With A Finger Chapter 1708 Alienate My Relationship With Goddess Chapter 1709 Little Baby Little Fairy Chapter 1710 Get Married To Me Chapter 1711 Fastest And Most Convenient Method Chapter 1712 My Brother In Law Said It Chapter 1713 The Shop Opening Chapter 1714 Make Them Scram Chapter 1715 R Rated Movie Chapter 1716 My Goddess Chapter 1717 Merely Are A Little Good Looking Chapter 1718 New Age Chapter 1719 Finally Back Chapter 1720 Boys Need To Be Careful Chapter 1721 You Want To Play? Chapter 1722 Wouldnt Leave His Family At Peace Chapter 1723 Visiting To Demand Payment Chapter 1724 Hello Everyone I'm Big Dipper Chapter 1725 Close The Door Chapter 1726 Time To Chat About Our Reasoning Chapter 1727 Beat Him Until Hes Compliant Chapter 1728 Go See Dad And Brother Chapter 1729 Living Rather Comfortably Chapter 1730 Using A Sledgehammer To Crack A Nut Chapter 1731 The Empire That Brother Ye Conquered Chapter 1732 Got A Dog Outside Chapter 1733 What Blanks Are You Blindly Filling? Chapter 1734 About To Curl Into A Ball From My Mistreatment Chapter 1735 Best Actor And Best Actress Hurling Their Acting Skills Chapter 1736 Gentler Method Chapter 1737 Want Them To Sleep Together Once Chapter 1738 Because Of Trust Chapter 1739 Isnt Worthy Of Being Mentioned In The Same Breath Chapter 1740 Gong Xus Manager Chapter 1741 Ye Bai Is Back Chapter 1742 Do You Want To Die? Chapter 1743 Who Came Here To Talk Principles With You? Chapter 1744 Theyre Too Vicious Chapter 1745 Worlds 1 Ferocious Dog Chapter 1746 All A Misunderstanding Chapter 1747 A Stray Dog I Picked Up Chapter 1748 I Filmed It Chapter 1749 I Filmed Everything Chapter 1750 Hand Them Over To Me Chapter 1751 Were Reporters Chapter 1752 Fm Just Someone Elses Employee Chapter 1753 Interested Chapter 1754 Professionalism Chapter 1755 Plenty Of Experience Chapter 1756 Villain Mode Unlocked Chapter 1757 Villains Collude Together Chapter 1758 Whos Stronger? Chapter 1759 Theyve Probably Never Died Before Chapter 1760 Isnt That Man Lord Asura? Chapter 1761 Wont Grant You Your Wish Chapter 1762 Warning Of Deliciousness Chapter 1763 Its Perfect Chapter 1764 Dad Save Meee Chapter 1765 Youll Lose Me Chapter 1766 A Talent Indeed Chapter 1767 Was There Any Justice? Chapter 1768 Ill Continue To Be Beautiful Like A Flower Chapter 1769 Am I A Street Performer? Chapter 1770 Move Overi Need To Pose Chapter 1771 Too Wealthy Chapter 1772 I Take Care Of You Like A Son Chapter 1773 He Doesn't Know You Chapter 1774 Who Are Stray Dogs And Cats? Chapter 1775 Dare To Mess With Anyone You Want Chapter 1776 Once Had An Engagement Chapter 1777 I Guarantee I Wont Kill You Chapter 1778 Purity And Chastity Chapter 1779 She Doesnt Have Such Low Standards Chapter 1780 See Whose Backer Is Stronger Chapter 1781 Ungrateful Chapter 1782 A Harem Is Impossible Chapter 1783 Giving So Much Face Chapter 1784 Im Afraid You Cant Afford It Chapter 1785 Dare To Steal Someone From Me Chapter 1786 Steal From Me Chapter 1787 Accept Me Chapter 1788 Bro Youre Incapable Chapter 1789 Hit His Head Chapter 1790 Attending As The Boss Of Stars Entertainment Chapter 1791 1791 The Anniversary Celebration Begins Chapter 1792 1792 Attending In Sunday's Best Chapter 1793 1793 The Pressure Of Public Opinion Chapter 1794 Xie Zhezhi Chapter 1795 Lets Welcome The Boss Of Stars To Come Onto The Stage Chapter 1796 Ye Wanwan Was Stars Big Boss Chapter 1797 What Kind Of Joke Is This?little Sweet Chapter 1798 Please Speak A Few Words Chairman Ye Chapter 1799 What Youre Relying On Chapter 1800 Ingrate Chapter 1801 Requite Kindness With Enmity Chapter 1802 I Never Succumb To This Formula Chapter 1803 The Truth Comes To Ligh Chapter 1804 A Surprising Reward Chapter 1805 Something Interesting Chapter 1806 What A Great Show Chapter 1807 Dark History Chapter 1808 My Sister Will Pay The Bill Chapter 1809 Youve Also Suffered A Beating? Chapter 1810 Had A Boyfriend Since A Long Time Ago Chapter 1811 So Handsome He Shatters The Earths Shell Chapter 1812 My Taste Isnt That Awful Chapter 1813 No Way She Would Give Him An Official Status Chapter 1814 Knew The Truth Bes Chapter 1815 Swindling Both Money And Sex Chapter 1816 Kicked By The Chapter 1817 Boss Hasnt Spoken Yet Chapter 1818 Publicly Propose Chapter 1819 Truly Boring Chapter 1820 Merely Want An Official Status Chapter 1821 More Ignorant Than This Chapter 1822 Havent Become Muddled To The Point Of Being Blind Chapter 1823 Say One Thing But Mean Another Chapter 1824 Si Yehan Is Coming For An Inspection Chapter 1825 Actually So Handsome Chapter 1826 My Girlfriend Chapter 1827 I Agree To This Marriage Chapter 1828 Lots Of Beautiful Scenery Outside Chapter 1829 Most Beloved Person Chapter 1830 Already Married? Chapter 1831 Reveal A Flaw Chapter 1832 Bring The Ring Back Chapter 1833 Experienced Driver Chapter 1834 See What Kind Of Trick Theyre Playing Chapter 1835 Long Time No See Chapter 1836 Is It You Miss Wanwan? Chapter 1837 Helpless To Do Anything Chapter 1838 Kill Him Then Chapter 1839 I Didnt Expect It To Be You Chapter 1840 Si Yehan My Dearest Younger Brother Chapter 1841 1841 Seventh Master Of The Si Family Chapter 1842 Is There Some Kind Of Misunderstanding? Chapter 1843 Old Seven Are You Looking For Me? Chapter 1844 1844 Actually Married Chapter 1845 What Should We Do About Emperor Ji Then? Chapter 1846 Do We Have A Son? Chapter 1847 Were Brothers Chapter 1848 I Didnt Do It Chapter 1849 Eldest Brother Told Me Chapter 1850 Old Grievances Dispelled Chapter 1851 Whos The Mastermind? Chapter 1852 Youre All Idiots Chapter 1853 The Si Familys History Chapter 1854 Si Wutian Chapter 1855 Kill Her Of Course Chapter 1856 The Previous Eric Of The Rose Of Death Chapter 1857 Member Of The Rose Of Death Chapter 1858 Bro Flattop Of The Fearless Alliance Chapter 1859 Scram Chapter 1860 Go To The Shaolin Monastery And Ask Chapter 1861 Was Raised By Fright Chapter 1862 Weve Been Abducted Chapter 1863 Audacious And Shameless Chapter 1864 Clever Indeed Chapter 1865 Are You Awesome Because Youre Rich? Chapter 1866 Hand Over The Ring Chapter 1867 Report Your Name Chapter 1868 Bring Me The Alcohol Chapter 1869 Invincible In The World Chapter 1870 What If Im Worriless Nie Chapter 1871 Chapter 1872 Chapter 1873 Chapter 1874 Chapter 1875 Chapter 1876 Chapter 1877 Your Goddesss Boyfriend Chapter 1878 I Walk The Tough Man Route Chapter 1879 Give Me A Girlfriend As Compensation Chapter 1880 Give The Position To You Chapter 1881 Are You Saying My Daughter Isnt Worthy Of Him? Chapter 1882 You Have To Use Some Tricks On Men Chapter 1883 Do As The Natives Do Chapter 1884 Return To The Independent State Chapter 1885 Couldnt You Be More Tactful? Chapter 1886 Hereditary Shamelessness Chapter 1887 The Independent States Taboo Chapter 1888 I Have The Antidote Chapter 1889 Image Will Collapse Chapter 1890 Even A Honey Pot Trap Isnt Effective? Chapter 1891 Turned Sick From Longing Chapter 1892 She Cant Be Here To Crash The Banquet Right? Chapter 1893 Spectacular Assembly Chapter 1894 Dont Want To Cause Trouble Chapter 1895 Alright As You Wish Chapter 1896 I Cant Even Touch You Now? Chapter 1897 Hurt A Little From Being Crushed By Money Chapter 1898 In Angry Tears Chapter 1899 Bro Flattop Is About To Wreak Havoc Chapter 1900 Whoever Dares To Compete With Me Chapter 1901 Having A Lovers Spat Chapter 1902 His Taste Is Too Frightening Chapter 1903 Lord Asuras Love For Emperor Ji Was Probably True Love Chapter 1904 You Seem To Like It Chapter 1905 What Happened To Not Being Bewitched By Looks? Chapter 1906 All Robbed? Chapter 1907 Actually So Rich? Chapter 1908 We Didnt Plunder This Chapter 1909 Too Shameless Chapter 1910 Whats Special About It? Chapter 1911 Lovers Ring Chapter 1912 Really True Siblings Chapter 1913 Cant You Be More Tactful? Chapter 1914 Considered Outwitting Chapter 1915 Isnt She Afraid Of Death? Chapter 1916 Im Most Particular About Trustworthiness Chapter 1917 Two Segment Of Memories Chapter 1918 A Convoluted Melodrama Chapter 1919 She Wants To Take Off Into Space Chapter 1920 Im Scared Chapter 1921 An Astronomical Misunderstanding Chapter 1922 Since When Was This New Gig Added? Chapter 1923 A Surprising Discovery Chapter1924 He Mustve Taken A Fancy To My Mom Chapter 1925 Could You Be Worriless Nie? Chapter 1926 It Must Be Asura Chapter 1927 Were Clearly Related To Asura By Marriage Chapter 1928 Personally Go There To Strip Him Chapter 1929 Are You Trying To Murder Your Wife? Chapter 1930 Want To Fight Over A Man With Me Chapter 1931 Ding Pacifying Wan Is Online Chapter 1932 How Could I Not Recognize My Own Man? Chapter 1933 Whats Your Relationship With Ji Xiuran? Chapter 1934 Were Villains Colluding Together Chapter 1935 But The Bosses Are Head Deep In Their Romance Chapter 1936 The Owner Of The Independent States Vinegar Factory Chapter 1937 Just Came Here To Get Some Sleep Chapter 1938 Anyway I Have A Strong Supporter Chapter 1939 Chapter 1940 It Wasnt A Meeting But A Date Chapter 1941 The Great Devil Will Take You On A Flight Chapter 1942 The Beauty Mistreated Me A Thousand Times Chapter 1943 Purely Curious Chapter 1944 Specializes In Robbing His Wifes Things Chapter 1945 Finished The Mission Chapter 1946 Is Ye Wanwan A Demon Chapter 1947 Accidentally Broke A Record Again Chapter 1948 Dna Testing Result Chapter 1949 Relied On My Beauty Chapter 1950 Are You Missing Me? Chapter 1951 Theres Big Trouble Chapter 1952 Simply Timely Help Chapter 1953 Meeting With Emperor Ji Chapter 1954 Make Him Pay For It Chapter 1955 Really Do Have An Engagement Chapter 1956 This Is After Sales Service Chapter 1957 You Cant Bully My Mommy Chapter 1958 A Real Man Doesntt Boast About His Past Achievements Chapter 1959 Are You Talking About Lord Asura Mommy? Chapter 1960 As Long As You Two Are Happy Chapter 1961 Like How You Really Really Like Me Chapter 1962 Are You A Demon Ninth Brother? Chapter 1963 Protect Ninth Brothers Safety Chapter 1964 Dont I Have The Antidote? Chapter 1965 Who You Are Fancying This Time? Chapter 1966 Youve Waited For Ji Xiuran For So Many Years Chapter 1967 This Is Playing With Fire Chapter 1968 Prove My Innocence Chapter 1969 Giant Pig Trotter Chapter 1970 Drink Until Were Drunk Tonight Chapter 1971 Could It Be They Broke Up? Chapter 1972 Fell Asleep Next To You? 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Chapter 2288 Just A Little Selfishness Chapter 2289 Not Doing It For The People Only Doing It For One Person Chapter 2290 2290 Can Fairly Compete Chapter 2291 2291 My Good Daughter Chapter 2292 Si Yehan Lost Favor With Her? Chapter 2293 Probably Want To Abduct And Sell Someone Chapter 2294 Hey Dad Perfect Chapter 2295 Deep Father And Daughter Bond Chapter 2296 Happily Received A New Disguise Chapter 2297 Shoving Away A Great Opportunity Chapter 2298 Got His Woman Stolen By His Brother? Chapter 2299 Theres A Better Show Coming Up Chapter 2300 Forgot I Could Earn A Living With My Face Chapter 2301 A Completely Different Person Chapter 2302 Stealing The Limeligh Chapter 2303 Had To Look At The Master Before Hitting A Dog Chapter 2304 Personal Appearance Chapter 2305 Regarding My Daughter Chapter 2306 Youre Blocking My Way Chapter 2307 Restrain Your Gaze Toward Director Si Chapter 2308 Really Preparing To Matchmake Her? Chapter 2309 Hurry And Introduce Us Chapter 2310 Control Yourself Your Persona Cant Collapse Chapter 2311 Take The Initiative To Attack Chapter 2312 The True Domineering Ceo Wanwan Is Online Chapter 2313 Must Be A Goddess Chapter 2314 Attracting Admirers Again Chapter 2315 What If I Do Have That Kind Of Intention? Chapter 2316 Isnt That Too Coincidental? Chapter 2317 Officially Pursuing Director Si Chapter 2318 Reception Party Chapter 2319 Can Absolutely Seduce Him Chapter 2320 Was She Old And Unable To Lift A Backsword Anymore? Chapter 2321 Forceful Abduction Chapter 2322 Protect Your Purity Chapter 2323 Goods In The Thousands Chapter 2324 Cant Protect His Purity Chapter 2325 Screwed Over Terribly Chapter 2326 Ruining My Plan For No Reason Chapter 2327 Barrel In And Poach People Chapter 2328 Launch Rampage Mode Chapter 2329 You Want To Bribe Me With Just This? Chapter 2330 This Familiar Flavor Of Pda Chapter 2331 Who Doesnt Know How To Compete With Their Dads? Chapter 2332 Choke Them To Death Chapter 2333 Directly Going Public Chapter 2334 Did Something Major Chapter 2335 That Was Gifting A Kill Chapter 2336 Isnt That Too Coincidental? Chapter 2337 Probing Chapter 2338 Going According To Her Plan Chapter 2339 You Honored Us With Your Presence Chapter 2340 The Two Of Them Have An Illegitimate Son Together Chapter 2341 You Vicious Woman Chapter 2342 What Act Was He Pulling? Chapter 2343 What A Good Hand Of Hatred Drawing Chapter 2344 Miscalculated One Thing Chapter 2345 Play A Good Game With You Chapter 2346 The Next Step Chapter 2347 Its About To Start Raining Chapter 2348 This Risk Was Worth Taking Chapter 2349 Ninth Brother Isnt Managing You? Chapter 2350 Too Shameless Chapter 2351 Hidden Past Chapter 2352 She Probably Has Issues With Her Eq Chapter 2353 Tangtang Takes After Mommy Chapter 2354 Hes Your Real Son In Law Chapter 2355 : I Can Be Her Guarantor For Her Whole Life Chapter 2356 Everything Was Swell Chapter 2357 Second Term Chapter 2358 Do You Deserve It? Chapter 2359 Give Me A Look Of Your Treasure Chapter 2360 You Are Very Correct Chapter 2361 Is There Something Wrong With Your Head? Chapter 2362 He Wants To Kill Me Chapter 2363 Rejected Eight Times Chapter 2364 A Dry Faggot On A Blazing Fire Chapter 2365 Whoever Has A Partner Is A Dog Chapter 2366 Come Here To Keep You Company Every Day Chapter 2367 Especially Thick Thigh Chapter 2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? Chapter 2369 Have To Hug The Thigh To The Max Chapter 2370 Dad This Daughter Was Wrong Chapter 2371 Indeed Had A Child Together Chapter 2372 How Did You Guess? Chapter 2373 Hes Too Easy To Deceive Right? Chapter 2374 A Dragons Wrath Chapter 2375 No Need For The Trouble Chapter 2376 Hand Over The Person Chapter 2377 Im Your Great Aunt Worriless Nie Chapter 2378 Her Whole Family Includes Me Chapter 2379 Acted Out A Whole Play Chapter 2380 Dont Dirty Your Foot Chapter 2381 Have You Mistaken Something? Chapter 2382 Wtf Chapter 2383 Wheres That Child? Chapter 2384 Merely A Piece Of Trash Chapter 2385 Are You A Celestial Maiden Older Sister? Chapter 2386 Hurry And Eat This Older Sister Chapter 2387 Arent You Scared Of Me? Chapter 2388 Place Him Next Door Chapter 2389 Eat Dinner Together Chapter 2390 Tangtang Is Angry Chapter 2391 Tell A Story Chapter 2392 Dont Be Afraid Grandma Chapter 2393 This One Is Pretty Chapter 2394 : Bring It Over I Will Try It On Chapter 2395 Do You Really Have A Heart? Chapter 2396 Adding Fuel To The Flames Chapter 2397 Shouldnt Anger A Girl Chapter 2398 Melting Ice Chapter 2399 This Is The Time For Growth Chapter 2400 Cook Herself Chapter 2401 Who Is That Gutsy? Chapter 2402 Just A Little Hot Chapter 2403 Theres A Type Of Cold Called grandma Thinks Im Cold Chapter 2404 I Trust Tangtang Chapter 2405 So Delicious Chapter 2406 Truly Like Tangtang Chapter 2407 Trouble You To Take Care Of Him Chapter 2408 There Wasnt Harm Before The Comparison Chapter 2409 Regret His Past Deeds Chapter 2410 Then Ill Give Her A Ride Chapter 2411 This Might Be A Bit Difficult Chapter 2412 Im Grandmas Favorite Chapter 2413 : No One Would Hate My Mommy Chapter 2414 Bask In The Sun Together Chapter 2415 Anonymous Report Chapter 2416 Take Good Care Of Tangtang Chapter 2417 Never Thought About Struggling Chapter 2418 No One Is Allowed To Take My Grandma Away Chapter 2419 Did You Think I Was A Feeble Minded Child? Chapter 2420 Unforgettable Evidence Gathering Experience Chapter 2421 Tangtang Will Protect Grandma Chapter 2422 A Happy Family Together Chapter 2423 This Maneuver Is Too Flashy Chapter 2424 Very Sweet Chapter 2425 Chapter 2426 2426 Not A Problem Well Satisfy You Chapter 2427 2427 Everybodys Happy Chapter 2428 2428 Pass By Unanimous Vote Chapter 2429 2429 Because Of Love Probably Chapter 2430 2430 Brother In Law Ill Help You Fight In The Van Chapter 2431 2431 Discuss Marriage Chapter 2432 2432 Like You More Chapter 2433 2433 Cant You Sweet Talk Him? Chapter 2434 2434 Want You To Wear One For Me Every Day Chapter 2435 2435 Calm Down A Little Baby Chapter 2436 2436 Lets Go Home Chapter 2437 2437 Already Know Chapter 2438 2438 Support Everything By Yourself Chapter 2439 2439 More Afraid Of You Leaving Chapter 2440 2440 The Meaning Of My Existence Chapter 2441 2441 Birthday Surprise 1 Chapter 2442 2442 Birthday Surprise 2 Chapter 2443 2443 Birthday Surprise 3 Chapter 2444 2444 Birthday Surprise 4 Chapter 2445 2445 Announce It To The World Chapter 2446 2446 Abandon A Harem Of 3000 Chapter 2447 2447 Wedding Tour? Chapter 2448 2448 Wedding Sidelight 1 Chapter 2449 2449 Wedding Sidelight 2 Chapter 2450 2450 Wedding Sidelight 3 Chapter 2451 2451 Wedding Sidelight 4 Chapter 2452 2452 Wedding Sidelight Chapter 2453 2453 Wedding Sidelight 2 Chapter 2454 2453 Wedding Sidelight Chapter 2455 Wedding Sidelight 8 Main Story End Chapter 2456 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran 1 Chapter 2457 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2458 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2459 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2460 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2461 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2462 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2463 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2464 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2465 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2466 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2467 2456 Side Story: Ji Xiuran Chapter 2468 Side Story Nameless Nie 1 Chapter 2469 Side Story Nameless Nie 1 Chapter 2470 Side Story Nameless Nie Chapter 2471 Side Story Nameless Nie Chapter 2472 Side Story Nameless Nie Chapter 2473 Side Story Nameless Nie Chapter 2474 Side Story Nameless Nie Chapter 2475 Side Story Nameless Nie 8 Chapter 2476 Side Story Nameless Nie 9 Chapter 2477 Side Story Nameless Nie 10 Chapter 2478 Side Story Nameless Nie 11 Chapter 2479 Side Story Nameless Nie 12 Chapter 2480 Side Story Nameless Nie 13 Chapter 2481 Side Story Nameless Nie 14 Chapter 2482 Side Story Nameless Nie 15 Chapter 2483 Side Story Nameless Nie 16 Chapter 2484 Side Story Nameless Nie 17 Chapter 2485 Side Story Nameless Nie 18 Chapter 2486 2486 Side Story Nameless Nie 19 Chapter 2487 Side Story Nameless Nie 20 Chapter 2488 Side Story Nameless Nie 21 Chapter 2489 Side Story Nameless Nie End Chapter 2490 End Mini Scene: Shameless Competition