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Introduction Little Fool's Peasant Wife

Liu Xiaolan, an elite female chef reincarnates into a peasant girl abandoned by her family. With her modern knowledge and cooking skills, she will open her own path towards a better life. One filled with money, power and a happy family. Once she picked a handsome guy, he turned out to be a little stupid? Some jealous people joked about the fact that she could only marry a fool? All she could do was to disdain them! She had land, money, and her little fool turned out to be a little smarter than she imagined. Every night he takes her to “cultivate land”, making her unable to move. Once, when she woke up in the morning, she greeted her teeth and said: “Can you stop already! I need to cook breakfast!” “Isn’t the lady cooking a little bun with me?” Can she still change her mind? Maybe picking him up wasn’t a good idea!

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