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Lin Xi didnt expect Zhang Ping to actually harbor so much evil. His heart completely grew cold. He looked at Zhang Ping, and then said one word after another, "This world is already no longer one of devils."

Zhang Pings lips were full of mockery as he said, "It is similarly already no longer an age of the Divine General, but rather my age."

"Even if it is as you say, that the two of us are the only devils in this world, and that you mock me as being the weakest devil in this world of devils." Lin Xi looked at the elated Zhang Ping and said coldly, "You are nothing more than a cultivator who hasnt cultivated the devil dao for that long. You still cannot compare to the cultivators who have reached the peak of devil dao back then. Even in this type of age, you are but a weak devil."

"You are wrong. I will become more powerful, I will grasp everything." Zhang Ping looked at Lin Xi like he was looking at a pitiful creature. "I have already experienced this type of feeling from the moment I crossed Thousand Sunset Mountain, I grasped all fate. When I gave you those nauseating black worms, it was so that you could also have a taste. When I said that I want to see you kill Yunqin Emperor and return after you get revenge, it was nothing more than rushing you to reach the sacred level a bit faster."

"By forcing you to reach the sacred level faster, the price I paid is similarly to make your body experience quite a few injuries. Moreover, I would be able to quickly arrive at Central Continent City, complete many things the previous Purgatory Mountain Patriarch wanted to complete."

"Of course, there were some matters that didnt go as planned."

After a slight pause, he looked at Lin Xi and said, "According to my plans, after you killed Yunqin Emperor, I would incite a bit of public opinion to turn you into a sinner who committed regicide, likely turn you into the enemy of all of Yunqin Empire. However, I never expected Yunqin Emperor to actually have this deep side to him, actually even merging souls with Principal Zhangs Qilin. He should have died under your hands, yet he instead died under the wrath of Central Continent Citys people. That is why I have always believed that every single person has a chance of changing. So what if Yunqins late emperor and Principal Zhang experienced so much together? Dont tell me that just a still wet behind the ears Changsun Jinse could even make Principal Zhang disappear from the world?"

"Everything you grasp right now is only because of our trust in you." Lin Xi looked at Zhang Ping. "Youve thought about so many things, but dont tell me that you never considered this?"

"Grasping everything includes controlling the peoples will. Cultivators arent ordinary people to begin with, this is especially true about Green Luan Academy and Purgatory Mountains cultivators, they should be existences that transcend the world to begin with. Green Luan Academy getting involved with the world of ordinary people is a mistake in itself." Zhang Ping coldly answered, "There was something else that was unexpected, which was that you all noticed the manufacturing of the single-wheeled puppets in Rong Workshop. This has indeed messed up my plans."

Zhang Pings eyes shifted to Qin Xiyue. He looked at Qin Xiyues ice-cold but still beautiful appearance, at her tall chest, at her wonderful figure, her slender legs. "My plans were originally to continue having all of you trust me. Everyone would continue to trust me, and then one day, because Lin Xi killed Yunqin Emperor, he would suddenly die under a certain Yunqin assassination. Afterwards, I would be able to erase all of your traces, properly manage this world. I would do what everyone else has failed to achieve, make everyone feel that I am more powerful than anyone else, and then Qin Xiyue would like me and become my wife. Each spring, the two of us would be holding hands, offering you a flower together. However, these developments have already changed everything."

When she pictured what Zhang Ping said, Qin Xiyue immediately felt anger and humiliation. Then, she felt disgust.

"You disgust me." She said seriously while looking into Zhang Pings eyes.

"After everything Ive done for you, this is what I receive in return?" Zhang Ping also looked peacefully into her beautiful eyes and said this.

Qin Xiyue shook her head. "You didnt do all of this for me, you have always been acting for yourself. No matter what kind of excuse you use right now, it cannot change the reality of your own selfishness and inferiority. You have no concept of treating others how they treat you, the only thing you have left me with is being unable to understand you at all, making me picture your sickening fantasy."

"I am about to make my move." Nangong Weiyang turned around to look at Lin Xi, seriously saying this.

She already didnt want to listen to Zhang Ping say anything else, but Lin Xi told her not to make a move. That was why she had to receive Lin Xis agreement before attacking.

"You are already the worlds most powerful cultivator. Why do you still have to act like a bum beetle, have to acquire his permission first, listen to his opinion?" Zhang Ping shouted loudly in mockery without waiting for Lin Xi to speak.

Nangong Weiyang unexpectedly seriously thought over this question.

However, she then looked at Zhang Ping and casually said, "Because I like him."

Everyone here was stunned.

It was because the one who said these words was Nangong Weiyang.

Zhang Ping laughed again. He seemed to have already recalled how to laugh, only, this smile was no longer the smile of a person, but rather the smile of the devil.

"Very good, very good. Everyone likes Young Sir Lin, all of you like Lin Xi. Even if it is Bian Linghan, even you, Hua Jiyue, might like Lin Xi. If Lin Xi liked you, all of you might have become his wives as well."

"You are absolutely correct." Hua Jiyue sneered, nodding without any hesitation. "All of us like Lin Xi, because he is worthy of our fondness. However, we will similarly like other people, but you just refuse to become someone people like."

"That is why all of you must hate me bitterly now." The corners of Zhang Pings lips curled upwards. He slowly shook his head. "However, this seems to be a curse. Ever since I left the academy, misfortune and fortune seemed to always be dancing around me. When I was chosen to cultivate Devil Transformation, someone warned me ahead of time that this was something that would most likely result in death, yet I made it through. After I was discovered to be a spy in Purgatory Mountain, according to normal reason, I should have suffered endless unimaginable cruelties, been thrown into the deepest depths, the most suffocating mines, and worked numbly until my death, yet the one who noticed I was a spy was instead another Yunqin spy. I was chosen to enter Sky Devil Prison Plains. The countless generations of people sent from Purgatory Mountain previously all died, yet I was ordered to head deeper inside. In the end, I became the sole survivor out of ten thousand people, I even obtained the true inheritance of Sky Devil Palace, learning about the events that werent recorded in any of the records. After that Thousand Leaf Pass distinguished meeting, I also felt like there was no chance you all would win against Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, yet I decided to take the gamble that would completely alter my fate, choosing not to try and escape from Purgatory Mountain. Then, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was actually killed by Big Black, thus turning me into the new Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. I have always wandered around the brink of death, thrown to this border again and again by the heavens, yet I was able to survive again and again."

Nangong Weiyang suddenly felt a bit of unease.

She rarely felt this type of emotion. However, a certain aura of intuition made her begin to feel a bit uneasy.

"If all of you didnt discover Rong Workshop earlier, but rather noticed this place first, then I would have died. However, fortune still favored me. What you all discovered was Rong Workshop and not this place, which is why I will still survive this time." Zhang Ping took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. He gave Lin Xi a deep look and said, "I believe you ought to remember that when you met me by Summer Spirit Lakeside, I told you that I was naturally drawn to runes. I told you that I wanted to enter the Natural Arts Department, that my dream was to create the most powerful soul weapon. In reality, no matter how immature I was back then, I knew that the reason why dreams would be dreams was because they were nearly impossible to achieve. Yet today, all of you will witness the realization of that dream."

Nangong Weiyang frowned. She raised her head.

She didnt hesitate any longer.

The instant she raised her head, she truly made her move.

Endless brooks gathered into a river, endless rivers converged to form an ocean The instant she raised her head, an ocean-like torrent of endless power formed in front of her.

After Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Ni Henians deaths, she was already this worlds publicly acknowledged most powerful Sacred Expert.

Meanwhile, at this moment, the power of her attack was even greater than when she faced Purgatory Mountain Patriarch in Thousand Leaf Pass before.

In this entire passage, dark blue radiance gathered to form true water lines.

The graceful flying sword carried mountainous power as it smashed towards Zhang Ping.

However, Zhang Ping only turned around, walking towards the nearby shadows.

In the shadows was a large pile of black and red chains.

Two massive Flame Titans stood side by side, their bodies blocking in front of Nangong Weiyang like shields.

The flying sword smashed fiercely into these two Flame Titans bodies.

The tremendous power instantly carved out countless sword scars on these two Flame Titans bodies.

However, right at this instant, Zhang Pings hands landed on those chains.

Sacred level power erupted from his body for the first time.

Several dozen chains flew, entering the bodies of the two Flame Titans.

The vital energies in these two Flame Titans bodies surged towards him along these chains.

Beneath the chains was a set of armor that had never appeared before in this world.

The density of the sapphire blue thick metal exceeded the imagination of all cultivators in this world, making this set of armors size equivalent to two sets of Green King Heavy Armor.

Golden runes interweaved in an extremely profound manner on the sapphire blue armor.

Inside the amor flickered the radiance of red-purple mist, as if it was an entirely different world.

The instant the chains flew, this armor suddenly broke apart, turning into over a thousand differently sized pieces of armor, floating upwards.

Then, Zhang Ping seemed to have entered a whole new world, immersing himself in the red-purple radiance.

All of these armor plates lowered, gathering around his body.


Nangong Weiyangs flying sword passed through these two Flame Titans bodies.

The two Flame Titans massive bodies fell backwards.

However, in this instant, Zhang Ping already disappeared from everyones sight. He was already inside of that sapphire blue suit of armor.
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Book 10 Chapter 19 So Called Business Only Requires Continuing Success Book 10 Chapter 20 Bandits Ringleader And Underground Trading Company Leader Book 10 Chapter 21 I Am Willing Book 10 Chapter 22 First Snow Auspicious Virtues First Prestige Book 10 Chapter 23 Give A Taste Of Success Book 10 Chapter 24 Raised As A Pet Without Even Knowing Book 10 Chapter 25 Borders Winter Thorn Book 10 Chapter 26 Snowy Mountain Range General Gazing North Book 10 Chapter 27 Domineering Stage Two Book 10 Chapter 28 That Light That Is Still Lively Book 10 Chapter 29 Grand Secretarys Seclusion Powerful General Takes Refuge Book 10 Chapter 30 Internal Signs Book 10 Chapter 31 Standing Firmly In The Secular World Book 10 Chapter 32 Reflection And Thinking Book 10 Chapter 33 Chen Feirong Asks Three Times Book 10 Chapter 34 Raised Brows Book 10 Chapter 35 Go Back And Call Your Mom Book 10 Chapter 36 Simple Against Simple Book 10 Chapter 37 Heavens Revealing The Truth Book 10 Chapter 38 Almost Time My Enemy Book 10 Chapter 39 A Well Worn Story Book 10 Chapter 40 Moving Through The Nigh Book 10 Chapter 41 Erasing Ones Rus Book 10 Chapter 42 Night Of Cold Rain Where To Fight This Level Skipping Battle Book 10 Chapter 43 Why Would The Army Fear Cultivators Book 10 Chapter 44 Slaughtering Under The Army Book 10 Chapter 45 Battle Between Cultivator And Army Book 10 Chapter 46 Lin Xis Confusion Book 10 Chapter 47 A Country A Single Person Book 10 Chapter 48 The Consequences Of That Sword Book 10 Chapter 49 Walking In The Darkness Book 10 Chapter 50 Turn Into A Stone Catapul Book 10 Chapter 51 Zhantai Qiantangs Plea Book 10 Chapter 52 Cultivator Archers Return Book 10 Chapter 53 Fiend Casts Out A Ten Book 10 Chapter 54 A Devil King That Runs Towards The Path Of Life Book 10 Chapter 55 Arrow Devil Book 10 Chapter 56 Real Blade And Blade Of Illusion Book 10 Chapter 57 In My Eyes You Are Xuanzang Book 10 Chapter 58 Great Mangs Legends Book 10 Chapter 59 Well Definitely Meet Again Book 11 Chapter 1 The War Against The South Has Already Begun Book 11 Chapter 2 Before The Cold Of Spring Fades Book 11 Chapter 3 Bright Lips In A World Of Darkness Book 11 Chapter 4 We Agree Book 11 Chapter 5 Guo Dongshens Confidence Book 11 Chapter 6 New Master Book 11 Chapter 7 Hidden Struggle Of Authority Book 11 Chapter 8 Revolving Black Clouds Giant City Book 11 Chapter 9 Where Is His Counterattack Book 11 Chapter 10 Besieged City Book 11 Chapter 11 Attack Book 11 Chapter 12 Contemp Book 1 Chapter 13 Loneliness Amidst The Greatest Brilliance Book 11 Chapter 14 The Battle Changes Book 10 Chapter 15 Complicated And Simple Book 11 Chapter 16 I Want One Of His Arms Firs Book 11 Chapter 17 Goodbye But Forever No Longer A Touris Book 11 Chapter 18 Thousand Leaf Pass Remnant Troops Book 11 Chapter 19 Dont Make Us Die For Nothing Book 11 Chapter 20 Baiting Book 11 Chapter 21 Windstalkers Assassination Book 11 Chapter 22 Legendary Assassin Book 11 Chapter 23 Abnormal Prisoner Carriage Noises Book 11 Chapter 24 Encounter Book 11 Chapter 25 Vanished Book 11 Chapter 26 Yunqin Phoenix Book 11 Chapter 27 A Legend That Brings Fear Book 11 Chapter 28 Two Hearts That Have Become Completely Cold Book 11 Chapter 29 The Place That Represents Glory Book 11 Chapter 30 Behind And After Book 11 Chapter 31 Important Intelligence Book 11 Chapter 32 This Land Of Death Is Instead My Way Of Retrea Book 11 Chapter 33 Please Let Me Lead The Army One Last Time Book 11 Chapter 34 Battle Of Revenge Book 11 Chapter 35 Impenetrable But Do Our Best To Break Through Book 11 Chapter 36 For Yunqin Book 11 Chapter 37 Forgetting Honor And Disgrace Living Book 11 Chapter 38 Yunqin Needs Heroes Book 11 Chapter 39 Ten Days Later In Front Of Meteor City Book 11 Chapter 40 He Came Book 11 Chapter 41 Star General's Advance Book 11 Chapter 42 Awaited Bow And Arrows Book 11 Chapter 43 Powerful General Arrives Book 11 Chapter 44 One Arrow Shooting At The City Book 11 Chapter 45 This Is Precisely A Miracle Book 11 Chapter 46 Furious Little Chicken Book 11 Chapter 47 Revenge Is Always A Happy Thing Book 11 Chapter 48 Full Of Miracles Truly Perfec Book 11 Chapter 49 Borrowing The Generals Hand See Whether Alive Or Dead Book 11 Chapter 50 Path Of Authority Book 11 Chapter 51 Old Deb Book 11 Chapter 52 On The Shortest Peak Book 11 Chapter 53 This Perpetually Changing World Book 11 Chapter 54 Simple Bliss Book 12 Chapter 1 The One Who Died Was Instead Me? Book 12 Chapter 2 Those Who Wear Divine Robes Book 12 Chapter 3 We Cant Return Book 12 Chapter 4 Heaven Shocking Assassination Book 12 Chapter 5 Luckys Sinister Attack Book 12 Chapter 6 Arrow Sounds Everywhere Book 12 Chapter 7 Strip Book 12 Chapter 8 Charging Through The Army Book 12 Chapter 9 Divine Robes Ahead Army Behind Book 12 Chapter 10 Fist And Sword Book 12 Chapter 11 You Arent Undefeated In The Eas Book 12 Chapter 12 Search For Those Who Are Still Alive Book 12 Chapter 13 The War Continues Book 12 Chapter 14 He Is Still Alive Book 12 Chapter 15 Dream Or Reality It Makes No Difference Book 12 Chapter 18 Civil Officials And Military Officers Book 12 Chapter 19 Dimly Lit World Book 12 Chapter 20 Soldiers Restrain Book 12 Chapter 21 Lets See Who Can Kill Me Book 12 Chapter 22 So Called Reverence Book 12 Chapter 23 Honor And Cold Laughter Book 12 Chapter 24 Do Not Forget My Identity Book 12 Chapter 25 A Retaliation Has To At Least Look Like One Book 12 Chapter 26 Mentor Book 12 Chapter 27 This Is True Sacred Ligh Book 12 Chapter 28 Radiance Heavy Armor Ruler And Subjec Book 12 Chapter 29 Chilly Book 12 Chapter 30 Secrets Passed Under Dayligh Book 12 Chapter 31 Hea Book 12 Chapter 32 Joy And Merrimen Book 12 Chapter 33 Emperors Power Book 12 Chapter 34 Life Is Fickle And So Is The Battle Situation Book 12 Chapter 35 The Shortest Sacred Expert Battle Book 12 Chapter 36 Extremely Tall Extremely Powerful Book 12 Chapter 37 Black Book 12 Chapter 38 Borrowing Your Hand Increase The Straw On Your Back Book 12 Chapter 39 Food Is Most Important Baiting With Food Book 12 Chapter 40 Using Truth To Create Fake Fake Also True Book 12 Chapter 41 Seven Carriages Advance Together Book 12 Chapter 42 Eve Of Rupture Book 12 Chapter 43 Alley Figh Book 12 Chapter 44 Blood Soaked Streets And Alleys Book 12 Chapter 45 Losing Control Book 12 Chapter 46 Bestowed By Heaven Book 12 Chapter 47 Shooting At The Lake Book 12 Chapter 48 A Worn Out Person Is Still A Worn Out Person Book 12 Chapter 49 Waiting And Yellow Light Between White Clouds Book 12 Chapter 50 Real Legend Book 12 Chapter 51 Symbol Of Change Book 12 Chapter 52 Emperor Assassination Book 12 Chapter 53 A Chess Piece In That Womans Hand Book 12 Chapter 54 Worlds Most Powerful Bow Book 12 Chapter 55 The Weight Of The Son Of Heaven Book 12 Chapter 56 Where Does Your Confidence Come From Book 12 Chapter 57 Burning Palace Killing Soldiers Watching Mountain Book 12 Chapter 58 Attraction So Called Beliefs Book 12 Chapter 59 Slacking On The Job Book 12 Chapter 60 True Dragon Mountains Secrets Book 12 Chapter 61 Two And A Half Secrets Book 12 Chapter 62 The Dead Can Speak Book 12 Chapter 63 Citys Sacred Experts Book 12 Chapter 64 Mutually Forgetting Those Ruffian Years Book 12 Chapter 65 Those Who Used To Be In Charge Of This City Book 12 Chapter 66 Playing Music For A Duck? Book 12 Chapter 67 A Part Of A Life Book 12 Chapter 68 Just A Step Behind Book 12 Chapter 69 Dao Of The Strong Dao Of A Great Master Book 13 Chapter 1 A New Age Book 13 Chapter 2 This Age That Should Have Been One Of Glory Book 13 Chapter 3 Itll Land Because I Said It Will Book 13 Chapter 4 Divine General Is Precisely Exceeding Levels Book 13 Chapter 5 Futures Battle Todays Battle Book 13 Chapter 6 Brilliant Battle Without Regrets Book 13 Chapter 7 The First Air Battle Of This World Book 13 Chapter 8 No Justice Only Meaning Book 13 Chapter 9 Repercussions Book 13 Chapter 10 Before The Impending Great Battle Book 13 Chapter 11 Immortal Academys Most Powerful Sword Book 13 Chapter 12 Celestial Sword General Sword Book 13 Chapter 13 Those Who Deceive And Those Who Are Truly Virtuous Book 13 Chapter 14 This Session Your Name Is There Book 13 Chapter 15 Youngsters Walking Along The Front Lines Book 13 Chapter 16 A Blossoming Of Love An Instance Of Assassination Book 13 Chapter 17 Those Who View Death As A Return Home Book 13 Chapter 18 Key To Victory And Defea Book 13 Chapter 19 Meaning Between Life And Death Book 13 Chapter 20 A Woman From Within The Formation Book 13 Chapter 21 Beauty Like Jade Like A Rainbow Book 13 Chapter 22 Not A Waste Book 13 Chapter 23 Red Lotus In Full Bloom Book 13 Chapter 24 Momentarily Silent Great Battle Book 13 Chapter 25 Tranquility And Hot Tears Book 13 Chapter 26 Bloody Battle Book 13 Chapter 27 Bawling Like A Child Book 13 Chapter 28 Wenren Cangyue And Green Luan Female Studen Book 13 Chapter 29 Only Heaven Knows Divine General Descends Book 13 Chapter 30 City In Hand Book 13 Chapter 31 One Corner Of The Battlefield Book 13 Chapter 32 Strong Feeling Of Autumn Snowfall Book 13 Chapter 33 Song That Incites Tears Book 13 Chapter 34 Great Mangs Arrow Yunqins Arrow Book 13 Chapter 35 Learning Right Before The Battle Book 13 Chapter 36 Should We Call Ourselves Lucky Or Unlucky? Book 13 Chapter 37 Yunqin Sword Book 13 Chapter 38 First Victory Seizing Weapon Book 13 Chapter 39 A Sufficient Price Book 13 Chapter 40 Green Luan Transformation Book 13 Chapter 41 Reasoning Book 13 Chapter 42 Tangcangs Two Swordsmen Book 13 Chapter 43 Just Who Is It That Is Pitiful? Book 13 Chapter 44 Second Thing Book 13 Chapter 45 Biological Crisis Book 13 Chapter 46 Vomiting Lin Xi Book 13 Chapter 47 No Need To Grieve For Us Book 13 Chapter 48 Severed Arm Book 13 Chapter 49 If We Survive Book 13 Chapter 50 Many Years Ago You Were Inside The City I Was Outside The City Book 13 Chapter 51 Shentus Laughter Book 13 Chapter 52 Vacuum Sword Encounters Radiance Book 13 Chapter 53 Passed Expiry Date Book 13 Chapter 54 Darkest Black Book 13 Chapter 55 You Do Not Understand Book 13 Chapter 56 This Long Nigh Book 13 Chapter 57 Snowflake Divine Sword Book 13 Chapter 58 Broken Wall Fire Beacon Sword In Hand Book 13 Chapter 59 Sword Destroyed People Remain Book 13 Chapter 60 News Of Victory Book 13 Chapter 61 City Of Cheers Book 13 Chapter 62 Who Is Trying To Confuse The Empire? Book 13 Chapter 63 Battles Conclusion Book 13 Chapter 64 Unreconciled Book 14 Chapter 1 Ordinary Person Book 14 Chapter 2 Intention Book 14 Chapter 3 The Dead And The Living Book 14 Chapter 4 Tormenting The Mind Book 14 Chapter 5 Attacking The Mind Book 14 Chapter 6 My Life Your Life Book 14 Chapter 7 Do Not Question My Authority Book 14 Chapter 8 You Wanted To Possess Everything From The Very Star Book 14 Chapter 9 Already Old Already White Haired General Book 14 Chapter 10 Autumn Sacrifice Denouncing Book 14 Chapter 11 Locked Down Imperial City Book 14 Chapter 12 Revol Book 14 Chapter 13 Father And Son Book 14 Chapter 14 Secret Weapons Book 14 Chapter 15 First Variable Book 14 Chapter 16 City Gate Changes Book 14 Chapter 17 Great Consecrators Reappearance Book 14 Chapter 18 Battle Between Daoist Immortals Book 14 Chapter 19 Powerful Noise Book 14 Chapter 20 Hard To Pass Through The City Book 14 Chapter 21 - Under Thunder Radiance Book 14 Chapter 22 - Whose World Book 14 Chapter 23 - The Youngsters of This New World Book 14 Chapter 24 Great Generals Childishness Book 14 Chapter 25 The Youngsters Counterattack Book 14 Chapter 26 The Lives Of Nobodies Book 14 Chapter 27 Shame And Arrogance Book 14 Chapter 28 Want To Cry Book 14 Chapter 29 Auspicious Virtues Final Road Book 14 Chapter 30 Fail To Understand And Understanding Book 14 Chapter 31 Joy Book 14 Chapter 32 This Is Precisely Yunqin Book 14 Chapter 33 - Fulfill My Wish Book 14 Chapter 34 - Red Waves Book 14 Chapter 35 - Power and Authority Book 14 Chapter 36 - Heroic Book 14 Chapter 37 - Disgrace Book 14 Chapter 38 - Cold Book 14 Chapter 39 - Sixty Years Ago, Sixty Years After Book 14 Chapter 40 - Waiting Book 14 Chapter 41 - True Great Undertaking Book 14 Chapter 42 - Idle Book 14 Chapter 43 - Reasonable and Unreasonable Book 14 Chapter 44 - Vengeance Book 14 Chapter 45 - Gazing Towards Her Husband Book 14 Chapter 46 - This is Truth Book 14 Chapter 47 - Wrath Book 14 Chapter 48 - Overthrow Book 14 Chapter 49 - Will Book 14 Chapter 50 Unknown Book 14 Chapter 51 No Path Book 15 Chapter 1 That Mountain Peaks First Gathering Book 15 Chapter 2 After I Die Book 15 Chapter 3 Another Winter Passes Book 15 Chapter 4 Terror Book 15 Chapter 5 Springs Killing Inten Book 15 Chapter 6 Spring Assassination Book 15 Chapter 7 No Longer Worry Free Youth Book 15 Chapter 8 Sacrificial Victim Book 15 Chapter 9 Have To Trus Book 15 Chapter 10 Race Against Time Book 15 Chapter 11 Your Time My Time Book 15 Chapter 12 If There Are Miracles Book 15 Chapter 13 Bury You Under This Spring Book 15 Chapter 14 Finally Goodbye Book 15 Chapter 15 Grim Battle Book 15 Chapter 16 Mistake Book 15 Chapter 17 Finale Book 15 Chapter 18 Your Era Has Already Ended Book 15 Chapter 19 Courage Isnt Killing Book 15 Chapter 20 Justice Exists In The Will Of The People Book 15 Chapter 21 True Great Figure Book 15 Chapter 22 Endless Sea Of Sand And Great Desolate Swamp Book 15 Chapter 23 Prepare For A Rainy Day Book 15 Chapter 24 Time Book 15 Chapter 25 Palace Peace Negotiation And Heading Eas Book 15 Chapter 26 Green City Book 15 Chapter 27 Travelers In A World Of Fairy Tales Book 15 Chapter 28 Fiend Race Wise One Book 15 Chapter 29 Mutan Book 15 Chapter 30 Rejection Book 15 Chapter 31 My Best Skill Is Cheating Book 15 Chapter 32 An Old Unscrupulous Businessman A Young Unscrupulous Businessman Book 15 Chapter 33 A Different Feeling Of Danger Book 15 Chapter 34 Unending Unknown Book 15 Chapter 35 Darkness Gemstone Book 15 Chapter 36 Powerful Archer Book 15 Chapter 37 Trap Book 15 Chapter 38 Sea Fiend King Book 15 Chapter 39 Mutants Battle Book 15 Chapter 40 First True Cooperation Book 15 Chapter 41 Strength Doesnt Equate Inevitable Victory Book 15 Chapter 42 Ruins Book 15 Chapter 43 Nangong Weiyangs Simplicity Book 15 Chapter 44 Cannot Wait Dont Want To Wait So Wont Wai Book 15 Chapter 45 True Ganging Up Book 15 Chapter 46 Soul Merging Book 15 Chapter 47 Friend Book 15 Chapter 48 Negotiation Book 15 Chapter 49 Great Figures Thoughts Book 15 Chapter 50 A Sword Is Not Returned Like This Book 15 Chapter 51 Would You Be Willing To Gamble Your Life Book 15 Chapter 52 Already Time Book 15 Chapter 53 Facing Death Beginning Trial Book 15 Chapter 54 Dare Figh Book 15 Chapter 55 A Duel As The Prologue Book 15 Chapter 56 Sword Shatters Demonic Tune Book 15 Chapter 57 The One Ni Henian Overlooked Book 15 Chapter 58 Most Powerful Mixed Army Book 15 Chapter 59 Cannot Continue Fighting Book 15 Chapter 60 Finally Here Book 15 Chapter 61 Divine Generals Migh Book 15 Chapter 62 Still Have Strength To Kill? Book 15 Chapter 63 An Aura Above The Secular World Book 15 Chapter 64 Vow To Not Yield Book 15 Chapter 65 Dark Noble Book 15 Chapter 66 What I Want Is A Great Mang Without You Book 15 Chapter 67 Unrivaled Book 15 Chapter 68 Plugging Up The River Book 15 Chapter 69 Not Dead Book 15 Chapter 70 Great Consecrator Book 15 Chapter 71 Chaotic Situation Book 15 Chapter 72 Hatred Book 15 Chapter 73 Divine Generals Attack Book 15 Chapter 74 Todays Rainbow Book 15 Chapter 75 Distinguished Meeting's Conclusion Book 16 Chapter 1 New World And Trial Pt.1 Book 16 Chapter 2 New World And Trial Pt.2 Book 16 Chapter 3 New World And Trial Pt.3 Book 16 Chapter 4 I Will Kill You Book 16 Chapter 5 Chatting Beating Up The Emperor Book 16 Chapter 6 Sword Study In Winter Book 16 Chapter 7 Dare Or No Book 16 Chapter 8 Everyone Can Make Their Own Choices Book 16 Chapter 9 The Sounds Of Snow Book 16 Chapter 10 Forgot How To Smile Book 16 Chapter 11 Become The Devil Book 16 Chapter 12 Things Important And Cherished Book 16 Chapter 13 Requirements Book 16 Chapter 14 Reunions Book 16 Chapter 15 This Years End Book 16 Chapter 16 Killing A Sacred Expert As An Offering Book 16 Chapter 17 Flying Sword Against Flying Sword Radiance Against Juliu Hand Book 16 Chapter 18 Becoming Sacred Book 16 Chapter 19 Within The Thunder Radiance Who Is Invincible Book 16 Chapter 20 Sword Sacrifice Book 16 Chapter 21 Last Secre Book 16 Chapter 22 Yunqins Death Book 16 Chapter 23 Rong Workshop Book 16 Chapter 24 Citys Missing Book 16 Chapter 25 Rolling Thunder Destruction Book 16 Chapter 26 Disappointed But Wont Despair Book 16 Chapter 27 Devil King Seated Between Flame Titans Book 16 Chapter 28 Can You Still Smile? Book 16 Chapter 29 Greater Truth Book 16 Chapter 30 So Called Childish Dream Book 16 Chapter 31 Impossible To Win Book 16 Chapter 32 Clash Of The Ages Book 16 Chapter 33 The Devil King Spreads His Wings Book 16 Chapter 34 Meaningful Meaningless Book 16 Chapter 35 Your Greatness Is Not My Greatness Book 16 Chapter 36 Bowed In Conquer Book 16 Chapter 37 Everyone Has Their Own Wills Book 16 Chapter 38 Great Devil King Book 16 Chapter 39 Who Wins Who Loses Book 16 Chapter 40 Unknown Fate Book 16 Chapter 41 Serve Or Die Book 16 Chapter 42 Your Reasoning My Reasoning Book 16 Chapter 43 Those Who Resis Book 16 Chapter 44 Take Care Book 16 Chapter 45 A Question Book 16 Chapter 46 I Am Not A Savior Book 16 Chapter 47 Gazing North Book 16 Chapter 48 Devils Aura Book 16 Chapter 49 Academys Most Powerful Swordmaster Book 16 Chapter 50 The Devil Kings Two Houses Book 16 Chapter 51 Destruction And Hope Book 16 Chapter 52 In Front Of The Snow Line Book 16 Chapter 53 No Longer Representing Misfortune Book 16 Chapter 54 Transformation Defeat And Rage Book 16 Chapter 55 First Encounter Book 16 Chapter 56 Omen And Continue Book 16 Chapter 57 Well Die Together Book 16 Chapter 58 Incomparable Battle Book 16 Chapter 59 Devil Kings Achilles Heel Book 16 Chapter 60 Anger Book 16 Chapter 61 Reunion Book 16 Chapter 62 There Will Be Answers Book 16 Chapter 63 Destination