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When the two of them entered, there were already a lot of guests. There were not many people who knew the identity of the right guardian of Mu Chenfeng's Demon Cult. After all, people must be captured alive, and it must not be let too many people know. That way, the leaking wind will cause Mu Chenfeng's vigilance is not a good thing.

There are many martial artists who are doing martial arts, and there are also people with outstanding appearances, but the admission of those people is still not as good as Mu Chenfeng, and Mu Chenfeng directly enters with him. This behavior is only for people who do not know him. I feel deviant, and some people have a good control of their expressions, just staring at them for a few moments. Some people, especially some with a little identity, can't completely see this behavior, doing such eye-catching things at other peoples birthday banquets. Those who don't know would really think that Mu Chenfeng was here to make trouble.

The servant led Mu Chenfeng to a place to sit down. The place seemed to be leaning away, some distance from the main table, but there was a wall behind him, and there were people sitting on the left and right. If something happened, it would be here instead. The worst is to rush out the first time.

To say that there is no other meaning in arranging them here, Mu Chenfeng doesn't believe it, but how to say, he has made perfect preparations, and even in this banquet room, Mu Chenfeng knew that his subordinates had come in. The reason why the teaching is called the magic teaching is that there are many talents in it. Mu Chenfeng's famous subordinates are particularly good at small things like Yirong. When the man came in, the man was wearing the clothes of the subordinate and passed by Mu Chenfeng. There was no eye contact, but there was a certain breath passing through the opponent, letting Mu Chenfeng know that it was his own.

Xu Ze didnt know this. No matter how others looked at him, the air here made him feel unclean. Xu Ze was pregnant with his child. After such a place came this time, Mu Chenfeng suddenly felt like It is best to burn a fire.

Not to mention what Mu Chenfeng thought, as soon as he appeared in the villa, someone immediately went to the owner to inform him that the owner was in the study room and there were other people in it. These people were the main members who planned to capture Mu Chenfeng alive. , Their plan is not to poison the wine and vegetables directly. After all, Mu Chenfeng himself is a drug maker. It is not that simple to think about poisoning him. Naturally, things are poisoned in the dishes, but that kind of thing. It is not poisonous by itself, and needs to be combined with another colorless and odorless smoke to generate highly poisonous.

That kind of smoke has been ignited in advance, and it doesn't matter if ordinary guests ask about the smoke. It doesn't cause any harm to people, but if the two are mixed together, it will be more lethal.

Speaking of this kind of poison, it was obtained through some means. The specific source is unknown, and very few people know it. In order to verify whether the medicine is really that effective, these so-called decent people have directly tried it with someone and caught it at night. A beggar has been tested on the beggar, and the effect is fierce.

Now that Mu Chenfeng is seated, no matter how cautious he is, he won't know what poison they are poisoning, and everyone smiles.

Mu Chenfeng is the right guardian of the Demon Cult, and his strength is even rumored that he is not under the leader. If he can capture Mu Chenfeng alive, then it will be easy to break the Demon Cult in the future.

The owner and the other martial arts colleagues discussed in the study for a while, and then arranged the follow-up after Mu Chenfeng was poisoned. The servant came in and reported that Mu Chenfeng did not come in alone, but brought a woman, just that woman. He wore a veil on his face, and he didn't even take it off after sitting down.

"Whoever she is, since she is Mu Chenfeng's person, she is naturally the demon girl. After Mu Chenfeng is recruited, the demon girl can't stay." Xu Zhuangzhu said with cold eyes.

"I want to come here that the demon girl can be admired by Mu Chenfeng, and it should be brought here. It should not be an ordinary role. It is better to hand the person to me and I will interrogate." said one of the head of the dart board.

Master Xu Zhuang glanced at the person, how he didn't know what the so-called interrogation was like, this head has a special hobby, occasionally a young woman disappeared, and when he finally found it, his whole body was eaten by wild dogs. The ground is broken, the side is what this master dart head does, but people are always a little different from ordinary peoples preferences, as long as everyone is in the same team, Xu Zhuangzhu himself does not care about the death of unrelated people. It is his own son who can use it as a tool.

Thinking of his son, the lord Xu Zhuang looked unhappy. The kid actually ran out of the villa behind his back that he was really in collusion with the Demon Cult. When Xu Ze fled, the only one who knew about this was he still had a guard. After the guard lost Xu Ze, he turned his head and returned to the villa. His man was considered ruthless. He was afraid that he would not be too late to walk around. He stabbed himself with a sword, and he fell in the blood. In the yard where Xu Ze was detained, when the other people in the villa discovered the abnormality, they ran in and Xu Ze had already left. He saw that the guard was in a **** coma. Others rescued him. Then, in the guard's lie, It became Xu Ze colluded with the demon cult, wounded the guard and escaped.

I just dont know who the collusion is. The owner of Xu Zhuang originally worried that Xu Zes collusion was Mu Chenfeng. If he let Mu Chenfeng know that Xu Ze had his child in his arms, with Mu Chenfengs character, he wouldnt be so reluctant. At the banquet, Mu Chenfeng came. So far, Mu Chenfeng's performance was normal. They did not realize that they already knew his true identity. As a result, the original worry of the original owner of Xu Zhuang was temporarily relieved. He felt that he was prepared The work is done well enough, and then just wait for Mu Chenfeng to be poisoned.

As for the demon girl brought by Mu Chenfeng, whoever wants to take it, he only needs to live Mu Chenfeng.

Master Xu Zhuang never thought of what he thought was a seamless plan, which was basically transparent to Mu Chenfeng, and the witch he thought was not only the wrong gender, but his true identity was that he sneaked away on the night of the lantern festival. The eldest son.

Xu Ze wore the veil, but he still didnt take it off after sitting down. The table was serving food one after another. It looked delicious, but the delicious food on the table reminded him of what his so-called father had done to him. The martial arts of Xu Ze were gradually abandoned, and Xu Ze had no appetite at all.

There are still people around who are looking at him. No one is wearing a veil, so Xu Ze looks special. Seeing him in purple clothes, the beautiful eyes exposed outside are enough to attract people's imagination, so many people want to take a look. Get a glimpse of his true appearance.

Xu Ze's expression was calm. Obviously he didn't like this place very much. Mu Chenfeng pulled Xu Ze's hand in his palm, and said softly, "It will be over soon."

Xu Zewei nodded, and Mu Shenfeng's words were still credible.

After sitting for a short time, Lord Xu Zhuang came out from behind. He is forty years old this year, but he looks younger in appearance, at most thirty. As the lord of a village, he still has style and majesty. Everyone in the back banquet hall stopped talking, and everyone looked forward.

Zhuang Master Xu knew where Mu Chenfeng was seated, and that position was arranged by him. He glanced casually at the corner. When he moved away, Zhuang Zhuang Xu stopped on the demon girl for a moment, and he felt in his heart Im inexplicable, Im just not sure what it is. There are more important things right now, so I ignore the familiarity that the witch gave him. In fact, as long as he can take a closer look instead of being overly proud, he will know what it is. The demon girl is actually his son.

Master Xu Zhuang looked at the people present and started his speech. It was nothing more than those thanking everyone for their willingness to reward his birthday during their busy schedule, and their attitude was deliberately lowered, and everyone likes to hear such words.

Xu Ze looked at the man not far away. Obviously because he was wearing a veil, the man did not recognize him. It was a reason why the other party didn't look closely. Another reason was that he didn't think he was his son at all.

Such a person is his father, Xu Ze sneered silently with his lips curled, no one could see his expression, only Mu Chenfeng on the side noticed something strange in Xu Ze's place. Mu Chenfeng, please take a picture in Xu Ze's hand , The meaning in the eyebrows means'let it all to me'.

After a warm statement from the host, the guests can start to eat. He himself sat on the main seat in the middle. Someone came to the host to toast the host. The host Xu smiled and exchanged cups with the admirer. .

A kind of colorless and odorless smoke is floating in the air, but the so-called colorless and odorless is just relative to the average person. He is quite aware of his own poison in Mu Chenfeng, and Mu Chenfeng has a sharper sense of smell than ordinary people. He smelled that kind of smoke as soon as it floated. It was really surprising that Zhuang Master Xu used his poison to poison him.

Now that there is a cigarette, Mu Chenfeng knew that there must be another item at the meal. Everyone started to use the chopsticks. Mu Chenfeng was no exception to pick up the chopsticks and start eating. Xu Ze still did not take off the veil. If this is taken down, many people can immediately recognize him. Mu Chenfeng eats his food. He knows that Xu Ze has no appetite and doesn't like the things here, so he doesn't urge him, let alone the medicine in the food. The medicine is not very good for the pregnant woman.

The dishes in front of Mu Chenfeng were all drugged, and some people at the same table stretched out their chopsticks to pick them up. In order to catch Mu Chenfeng, sacrifice a few insignificant people. This is the common view of the owner of Xu Zhuang. When the time comes, just find a reason to fool around. The kind of blockage will not happen immediately. It usually takes an hour or two before the poisoned people have already eaten and left the villa. They are on the road or at home. , But it has nothing to do with the villa, the rest of the meals will be cleaned up, leaving no handle.

This kind of medicine that can poison others does not work for Mu Chenfeng. His physical constitution is different from that of ordinary people, and he will prepare an antidote for his poison in advance. The antidote to this medicine is with Mu Chenfeng. On the body, he secretly obeyed, no one noticed.

The banquet was going on, many people were holding wine glasses to the Master Xus wine. The Master Xus peaceful smile, suddenly someone stood up suddenly, and then his body twitched violently, and the person made a hoarse voice. His face twisted, he clasped his neck in pain, as if he was about to tear his neck out, then the next moment the man fell to the ground, trembling and moaning fiercely.

As soon as this person fell down, it looked like a switch, and other guests also experienced similar situations. For a moment, the original lively banquet room was full of screams and screams. Some people who seemed to be okay to investigate suddenly became painful. What's the situation of the person, it's just that the other person's body is abnormal. The person has a high level of force. First, he clicked some acupuncture points around his body, but that didn't help.

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