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So, Tangning and Mo Ting were actually holding a wedding.

The love between the couple had already been a legend in the entertainment industry for a long time, but they always kept a low profile and barely displayed their affection in public. But, this time, Mo Ting was planning to hold a grand wedding for Tangning.

If one checked their age, Mo Ting and Tangning were already in their 50’s, but due to good maintenance, they did not look much over 40.

Even now, no one in the same age bracket could compare their body to Tangning’s.

In the end, the entire Mo Family contributed to the preparation of the wedding. But, of course, this included everyone except Mo Ziyan and Gu Qingli.

After traveling around for a year, the couple finally returned to Beijing.

When Mo Ziyan saw her family, Mo Zichen couldn’t help but laugh at her, “The Mo Family has white skin. Look at you, you’re so dark, in what way do you resemble a Mo Family member now?”

“Brother Two, it’s been a year since I last saw you. Can’t you go easy on me? Why are you so brutal every time I see you?”

Seeing that the brother and sister were busy quarreling, Gu Qingli decided to go greet Tangning and Mo Ting instead, “Dad, Mom.”

“It’s good that you’re back…How’s Ziyan’s body doing?” Tangning asked.

“The doctor said her chance of a relapse is low and her body has recovered well,” Gu Qingli replied.

“Mom, it’s because Brother Four’s medicine was really effective,” Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but praise her husband. “Actually, before I came back this time, I thought all along that he was feeding me medicine prescribed by a doctor. But, when I saw Auntie a few days ago for an examination, she told me that he selected the herbs himself!”


“Mom, don’t worry, I received guidance from a doctor,” Qingli quickly explained. “I would never treat Ziyan’s body recklessly.”


Mo Ziyan looked happy and her complexion was good; it was proof that Gu Qingli took good care of her.

Her cheeks were rosy, her lips were red and her teeth were white. Based on these three factors, no one would believe that Mo Ziyan was ill.

That day, Mo Zichen and Mo Zixi did not want to upset their sister, so they did not bring their kids along.

But, Mo Ziyan tried to look everywhere for Xingzhe, “Where’s my precious nephew?”

Mo Zichen glared at her and realized she didn’t understand their good intentions at all, “He’s at home. I didn’t bring him in case you held onto him and wouldn’t let go.”

“Oh, Big Bro, you’re so narrow-minded!”

“Bite me!”

The entire family was actually treading lightly around Mo Ziyan and being sensitive of her feelings. Even though Mo Ziyan tried her best to act like she didn’t care, everyone knew how upset she was to not be able to bear a child for a while.

At that moment, Gu Qingli pulled Mo Ziyan into his arms and lectured her, “Big Brother didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Must you undermine his good intentions?”

“Is it because we don’t have kids? Haha. Auntie already said that my body is fine and I can fall pregnant again. You guys just wait. I will definitely bear a child soon.”

“Qingli, take her home and teach her well. You’ve spoiled her too much,” Mo Zixi scoffed.

“That’s enough, the main focus tonight is Mom and Dad…” Yao Anqi reminded.

“Exactly, even if you have a big matter at hand now, you will need to put it aside,” Qian Lan backed Yao Anqi up.

The siblings laughed and turned their attention to Tangning and Mo Ting.

“Mom, I heard that Dad personally handmade a wedding dress for you. Can I see?”

Tangning glared at Mo Ziyan, but she did not reject her request, “Come upstairs.”

The mother and daughter headed upstairs to the bedroom. As soon as Mo Ziyan saw the handmade diamond-studded wedding dress hanging inside, she was filled with admiration, “Wow, Mom, did Dad actually make this? Although it’s a little simple, I can imagine the seriousness on his face when he stitched each diamond onto this dress.”

“He learned how to do it behind my back.”

When Mo Ziyan heard this, she was so moved that her eyes turned red, “That’s because he truly loves you.”

Tangning was aware of this. She had been aware of this from the moment they first got married.

When she thought about the day that they got married at the Civil Affairs Office, Tangning couldn’t help but laugh. Even though so much time had passed, she could still remember how brave she was to actually grab the CEO of Hai Rui and ask him to marry her.

“Mom, I really want to see how you look in your wedding dress.”

That was a simple wish to fulfill. After all, Tangning and Mo Ting’s ‘Wedding of the century’ was to be held in two days time.

For this event, Mo Ting did not restrict the media and entertainment journalists from reporting on it. This time, he wanted the entire nation to know how much he loved Tangning.

On the day of the wedding, the entire city was stirred up. Whether in the country or abroad, everyone was talking about this big event.

The wedding was held beside the sea with a beautiful backdrop of flowers. That day, the entire nation was to finally witness Mo Ting in a white suit and Tangning in a wedding dress.

“Mom…you’re really beautiful,” Mo Ziyan’s eyes turned red when she saw Tangning in her wedding dress. “I’m sure Dad won’t be able to hold back his emotions when he sees you.”

Tangning held onto her wedding veil as she looked at her daughter and gave her a hug, “The three of you need to be happy as well. That way, your father and I can relax.”

“Yes, Mom,” Mo Ziyan said as she gently patted her mother on the back and pulled away from her embrace. She then helped her adjust her dress and said, “Get ready, you need to head out soon.”

At that moment, Tangning no longer cared about her children’s matters; she was anticipating how Mo Ting looked in his white suit instead.

That man; her husband…

He was the person she loved the most.

The sky was blue, the clouds were white, and a gentle breeze carried the fragrant scent of roses. At this moment, under these conditions, the wedding march started playing.

With a wedding veil on her head, Tangning appeared from under an arch of fresh flowers and stood at the head of the flower-covered carpet. On the other end, Mo Ting was dressed in a stripy white suit that highlighted his healthy figure. After all these years, he hadn’t changed much. He always had a noble presence and seemed to stand out from the crowd.

A moment later, he walked towards Tangning one step at a time. When he finally stood in front of her, he grabbed her hand and hooked it around his arm, “Mrs. Mo, I think this marriage is for life.”

Tangning peeked through her veil and noticed that Mo Ting’s eyes were slightly red as predicted.

“We’re already an old married couple. Why are you still so emotional?”

“That’s because I still want to dote on you for another 50 years.”

Not too far away, the three sibling and their partners watched the wedding and felt very satisfied.

After all, who wouldn’t admire a love like this?

But, at a time like this, Mo Zichen couldn’t help but pick on Mo Ziyan, “Look at you, you’ve been gone for over a year. Who’s going to take care of Hai Rui at this rate?”

“Brother Two, what’s so good about your position?”

“Hai Rui was always left for you,” Mo Zichen emphasized.

“Well, I’m rejecting it. My condition doesn’t allow for me to work too hard.”

“How about this? If you give birth to a nephew for me, I will consider quitting my position and taking over the role of CEO for you,” Mo Zichen promised.


Mo Ziyan’s eyes lit up.

In the few years that followed that conversation…

Who said that Mo Ziyan couldn’t bear a child?

She ended up giving birth to one child every year. The rate was unbelievable!

The End

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Chapter 491: I've Never Been a Nice Person Chapter 492: I'll Give You One Last Chance Chapter 493: Tangning's Angry Chapter 494: It's Fair For Me To Destroy Them Chapter 495: This Industry Is Too Messy Chapter 496: You Are Quite Brave Chapter 497: She Was Tangning; She Always Got Her Revenge! Chapter 498: Surving in The Entertainment Industry = Good at Managing a Business? Chapter 499: Not Just a Model and Actress Chapter 500: Expert Negotiator Chapter 501: It's Not The Right Time Chapter 502: Tang Xuan is Humiliated Chapter 503: This Is Just The Start Chapter 504: Do You Think My Wife is a Pushover Chapter 505: You Will Have Your Pitiful Moment Chapter 507: Acting CEO Chapter 508: Tangning and Tang Xuan Chapter 509: My Tang Baby is Amazing Chapter 510: Am I Just an Entertainer? Chapter 511: I Don't Scheme Against Others Behind Their Backs Chapter 512: I Heard You've Kicked Tang Xuan Out Of Tang Corps Chapter 513: Isn't She Attending Chapter 514: Turning a Blind Eye Chapter 515: No Matter What, This Position Does Not Belong to You Chapter 516: A Fatal Trap Chapter 517: Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless Chapter 518: Taking Advantage of His Drunken State to Act Recklessly? Chapter 519: I'll Greet You On Its Behalf Chapter 520: I Request to Look at the Dashcam Chapter 521: Why Did You Replace Song Yanshu Chapter 522: A Boundary He Could No Longer Cross Chapter 523: This Was All Because of That One Night Chapter 524: Trying to Survive in This Difficult Industry Chapter 525: Taking Advantage of the Situation to Advance Chapter 526: Godly Acting Chapter 527: No Fans Turned Up Chapter 528: Retreating From The Industry Chapter 529: I Would Be Very Disappointed Chapter 530: Grandfather Invited to be a Judge Chapter 531: She Had No Idea That Tangning Was Pregnant Chapter 532: Tang Corps' Annual Celebration Chapter 533: This Is The Tang Family's Territory Chapter 534: Isn't This Only Fair Chapter 535: Provoking Someone That Should Not Be Provoked Chapter 536: Tangning Is Also Pregnant Chapter 537: You Don't Mind Getting a Little Bloody Chapter 538: 6th Chapter 539: The Deserved Fairness Chapter 540: I Feel a Little Wronged Chapter 541: All I Have To Do Is Cancel My Vote Chapter 542: Yanshu is Getting Engaged Chapter 543: Xu Qingyan Chapter 544: Idiot, Aren't You In Pain Chapter 545: I Am His First Love Chapter 546: Little Monkey, You're Still As Cheeky As Ever Chapter 547: You Want to Live With Me Chapter 548: I Don't Think You Are At The Level To Do So Chapter 549: How Many Hits Did You Take From My Father Chapter 550: Ye Lan Can't Be Dealt With Chapter 551: You Can't Just Fire My People Chapter 552: I Dare You To Try And Help Her Chapter 553: He Is Even More Frightening Chapter 554: Was It All Fake Chapter 555: She Doesn't Look Like She Will Give Up Chapter 556: Let's Raise The Ante Chapter 557: A Retreated Person Still Poses A Threat Chapter 558: Tangning's Out Of Luck Chapter 559: I Wouldn't Be Playing This Game With You Chapter 560: Mo Ting's Acting Chapter 561: Mr. Mo, Please Control Yourself Chapter 562: Make You Disgusted In Yourself Chapter 563: Please, Let Me Go Chapter 564: Take a Step Back Chapter 565: Hai Rui's Chances of Recovery Chapter 566: Name Removed Chapter 567: All We Need Is Evidence, Right Chapter 568: The Press Conference Chapter 569: Evil Will Not Prevail Chapter 570: The Video Chapter 571: The Entire Hai Rui Won't Be Playing Nice Chapter 572: The Worst Form of Punishment Chapter 573: You Have No Right To Make Me Leave Chapter 574: What Hai Rui Will Do To You Chapter 575: If You Want To Die, Then Go For It Chapter 576: Who is More Hated Chapter 577: There Will Be Plenty Of Chances For You To Cry Chapter 578: I Want To See Tangning Chapter 579: I Don't Play Mind Games Chapter 580: Snatched Chapter 581: She Is Indeed An Actress Chapter 582: I Don't Like Playing Games That Have No Ending Chapter 583: You Are The One That Doesn't Want Me Chapter 584: A Beauty's Misunderstanding Chapter 585: Tangning Is Unpredictable Chapter 586: Awards Ceremony Chapter 587: The Host's Challenge Chapter 588: The Most Popular Award Chapter 589: Unworthy Of The Name Chapter 590: Surprise Everyone Chapter 591: Wifey, You've Benefited Again Chapter 592: Look At How Powerful Your Sister Three Is Chapter 593: Staked Claim On Tang Jingxuan! Chapter 594: We Aren't The Same Kind Of People Chapter 595: Save The Child Chapter 596: Even Chapter 597: Effective Chapter 598: You Are My Life Chapter 599: Battle Between The Experts Chapter 600: Do You Think My Hatred For Her Is Small Chapter 601: What's Wrong With Being An Actress Chapter 602: You Don't Like Me Chapter 603: Everyone Knows That I Dote On My Wife Chapter 604: Secure The Role Chapter 605: I Won't Allow It Chapter 606: You're The One That Hasn't Kissed Before Chapter 607: I Can Only Have One Wife. Whereas, Mom, I Can Have None. Chapter 608: Villain Chapter 609: I Don't Need Your Life Chapter 610: Hua Wenfeng's Revelation Chapter 611: Stop running Chapter 612: Chen Xingyan Chapter 613: They Did It Behind Closed Doors Chapter 614: How Do You Plan To Prove It Chapter 615: Why Would We Hire You Chapter 616: You Can Tolerate It, But I Can't Chapter 617: Investigation Chapter 618: A Person's Exterior is Nothing Chapter 619: You Still Won't Allow Yourself To Suffer Any Loss Chapter 620: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Chapter 621: Auntie Seems To Have Some Secrets Chapter 622: I Will Take Back What Belongs To Me Chapter 623: Are You Planning To Set A Trap Chapter 624: Cheating Chapter 625: Ruthless Chapter 626: Prove My Innocence Chapter 627: Doesn't He Know That This Will Also Hurt You Chapter 628: I've Never Been An Obedient Person Either Chapter 629: Tangning Is Only Ruthless To Her Enemies Chapter 630: Even If I Was To Run, I'll Bash A Few People First Chapter 631: Your Retribution Isn't Far Chapter 632: I Cut My Own Arm Chapter 633: One Big Show Chapter 634: I've Always Been Ready To Play Chapter 635: Doesn't Hua Wenfeng Feel Guilty? Chapter 636: The Hatred And Grudge Could Never Be Forgotten Chapter 637: DNA Test Chapter 638: She Acknowledges You Chapter 639: If Something Belongs To Me, I Shouldn't Give It Away Chapter 640: Securing Evidence Chapter 641: Do I Need You To Give Me Anything Chapter 642: Tell Hua Wenfeng To Immediately Disappear From My Sight Chapter 643: Who Gave You The Confidence Chapter 644: Chen Xingyan Has Another Identity Chapter 645: Second DNA Test Chapter 646: Awoken Chapter 647: She Only Had Hatred For An Zihao Chapter 648: What A Cruel Scheme Chapter 649: Who Do You Think You Are Chapter 650: Indecent Relationship Chapter 651: Who Took This Photo Chapter 652: Don't You Think He's Biased Towards You Chapter 653: This Was The Dominance That Mo Ting's Mother Should Possess Chapter 654: Silent Killer Chapter 655: Turn Annie Into An Unwanted Piece Of Trash Chapter 656: How It Feels To Be Truly Bullied Chapter 657: Embarrass Annie Chapter 658: How It Feels To Steal Something From Someone Chapter 659: I Still Want To Get Revenge For Her First Chapter 660: Baby Brain Chapter 661: The 'Non-lethal' Tangning Chapter 662: She Asked For It Chapter 663: Secret Weapon Chapter 664: Extremely Awkward Chapter 665: Wait Until After You've Given Birth Chapter 666: You've Gotten Old Chapter 667: Do We Have A Grudge Between Us Chapter 668: Keeping Her Options Open Chapter 669: Are You Suspecting Something Chapter 670: Killing Two Birds With One Stone Chapter 671: It's Not As Serious As You Think Chapter 672: He Doted On His Own Woman Chapter 673: It's Not My First Time Disregarding All Relationships! Chapter 674: Settle The Issue The Way That She Wanted To Settle It Chapter 675: She Has No Brains And No Principles Chapter 676: The Time Was Right Chapter 677: If You Have Evidence, Then Show It Chapter 678: She Is A Fraud Chapter 679: You Are Scum Chapter 680: Don't Underestimate The Media's Ability To Trample A Person Chapter 681: I Think I Should Give You A Tooth For A Tooth Chapter 682: I've Been Replaced Chapter 683: Bearing The Burden Chapter 684: Has She Lost His Adoration Already Chapter 685: Steal a Little Taste Chapter 686: Investigate In Detail Chapter 687: Tangning's Counterattack Chapter 688: Song Xin Suffers A Setback Chapter 689: Are You Declaring War Chapter 690: Doesn't She Just Want To Make Things Difficult For Me Chapter 691: Face Slap Chapter 692: Only You Are Lying To Yourself Chapter 693: Simply Terrifying Chapter 694: Tangning's Revenge Chapter 695: Did My Manager Get Bitten By A Dog Chapter 696: She Also Wanted To See Song Xin's Fate Chapter 697: You Are Wetter Than I Am, You Should Wipe Yourself Off First Chapter 698: Then...Can I Kiss You More Often Chapter 699: Fight Until The End Chapter 700: Who Exactly Plagiarized Who Chapter 701: There's Bound To Be A Flaw Chapter 702: If Elder Wu Hasn't Plagiarized, Where's The Evidence Chapter 703: More And More Confusing Chapter 704: Tangning Fights Back Chapter 705: Imminent Disaster Chapter 706: Win Or Lose Chapter 707: Are You Actually Disappointed By Me Chapter 708: Always Hold Back A Little, In Case We Meet Again! Chapter 709: The Baby Kicked Me Chapter 710: Who In The Industry Would Still Dare To Work With You? Chapter 711: Hurt Her Until She Has A Miscarriage Chapter 712: My Ning Is Amazing Chapter 713: Awaiting Labor Chapter 714: The Best Counterattack Chapter 715: A Big Gift Chapter 716: The Baby Chapter 717: Did She Give Birth To A Monster Chapter 718: How Dare She Betray Me Like This Chapter 719: Duan Jinghong VS Song Xin Chapter 720: A Sparrow Will Always Be A Sparrow Chapter 721: Will You Pay Me Back, Or Will She Pay Me Back Chapter 722: Is Elder Song Still OK Chapter 723: Hai Rui's Three Major Crimes Chapter 724: Surrender Chapter 725: Who Could Prove Anything Chapter 726: Hai Rui Makes A Move Chapter 727: One Of The Most Disgusting People Chapter 728: Tangning, Give Me All You've Got Chapter 729: Duan Jinghong Will Accompany Me Chapter 730: I Really Don't Want To Go To Prison Chapter 731: I Can't Wait Any Longer To Eat You Up Chapter 732: My Woman Chapter 733: Does Tangning Need You To Defend Her Chapter 734: President Mo Sure Dotes On His Wife Chapter 735: I Don't Want To Be Ridiculed By Those People Chapter 736: Dirty The Hands Of Others Chapter 737: Turn The World Upside Down And Disregard Everything Else Chapter 738: Leave An Zihao Chapter 739: Don't Act Weak In Front Of Me Chapter 740: Cut Off Any Future Troubles Chapter 741: Good Is Always Ahead of Evil Chapter 742: Staying At Home To Take Care Of The Kids Chapter 743: You Shouldn't Force Me To Be Even More Ruthless Chapter 744: Waiting For Me To Become A Joke Chapter 745: They Will Assume You're Afraid Of Bai Yu Chapter 746: If Something Belongs To My Ning, No One Can Possibly Snatch It Away Chapter 747: Turning Point Chapter 748: The Choice For Male Lead Chapter 749: See How I Destroy Her Chapter 750: Don't Be Impatient, There's A Good Show Coming Your Way Chapter 751: Great. This Was So Tangning. Chapter 752: I Want You Replaced Chapter 753: Bai Yu Was So Tacky Chapter 754: Tangning Is Well And Truly Back! Chapter 755: Our Concubine Is Amazing Chapter 756: Finally, There's Something That President Mo Can't Do Chapter 757: Meet With His Manager Chapter 758: President Mo's Revenge Chapter 759: It Was Fine. After All, He Wasn't The Male Lead Anyway. Chapter 760: No Other Actor Has Any Business Being Here Chapter 761: Looking At The Photos, Tangning Is The Winner Chapter 762: The True Jun Yilan Chapter 763: President Mo, Is Everything Alright Chapter 764: Strongly Request For The Crew To Announce The Name Of The Male Lead Chapter 765: Doesn't It Make You More Attracted To Me Chapter 766: Prepared To Announce The Male Lead Chapter 767: The Actor Playing Jun Yilan Is Chapter 768: This Competition Was Exciting Enough, Wasn't It Chapter 769: The Leader Of The Wife-doting Club Chapter 770: Are You Interested In Exposing Her Chapter 771: Bai Yu Is Eliminated Chapter 772: Payback Chapter 773: As Long As It Makes You Suffer Chapter 774: If They Want To Keep The Child, They Must Be Dreaming Chapter 775: She Deserved To Have A Miscarriage Chapter 776: The Sick Mo Ting Chapter 777: You Are The Murderer's Daughter Chapter 778: The Most Stupid Idiot Chapter 779: Her Father Killed Someone, So Shouldn't She Make Up For It Chapter 780: No Matter How Young You Are, You Are Mine! Chapter 781: I'll Be More Gentle Next Time Chapter 782: A Powerful Entrance Chapter 783: Even If Someone Was Upset By It, Sorry, They Had To Endure It Chapter 784: She Has Sacrificed Enough For Me Chapter 785: Does Mom And Dad Not Like Daughters Chapter 786: I Simply Felt Bad For The Child Chapter 787: Who Do You Think You Are Chapter 788: You Certainly Live Up To Your Reputation As A Complete Moron! Chapter 789: It's My Fault For Not Handling The PR Properly Chapter 790: Let Mo Ting Take The Blame Chapter 791: Tangning And I Are Not In A Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 792: My Wife Gave Birth To Twins Chapter 793: Daddy Ting, Hold Onto Our Ning Tightly Chapter 794: You Are My King Chapter 795: I Will Not Go Easy On You Chapter 796: Tangning Is The Best Example Chapter 797: Why Go Around In Circles Chapter 798: It's Fine As Long As Tangning Likes Her Chapter 799: Who Do You Think Did It Chapter 800: She Thinks That You Are Having An Affair Chapter 801: I Hate Being Threatened Chapter 802: Teach Her How To Behave As A Person Chapter 803: How Did You Offend Tangning Chapter 804: You Misunderstood, But I Didn't Chapter 805: Let Her Continue With Her Act Chapter 806: Ning Jie, You Are Indeed Amazing Chapter 807: She Was Much More Pitiful Than You Chapter 808: I Won't Just Leave It At That Chapter 809: Madam, I Discovered Something Chapter 810: Help Me Set Up A Press Conference Chapter 811: Get Justice For The Dead Chapter 812: People Refuse To Believe You When You Tell The Truth Chapter 813: He Will Be My Manager For Life Chapter 814: Tangning, Will You Be Kneeling This Time Chapter 815: Not Only Does She Have A Bottom Line, She Also Holds Grudges Chapter 816: Continue Living Chapter 817: A Surprise Should Be Left To The End Chapter 818: Don't Provoke Me Chapter 819: You Want To Battle Me On Your Own Chapter 820: Either The Best Result...Or The Worst Chapter 821: He Can't Step On Us And Become Famous Chapter 822: Try To Complain? Get A Face Slap. Chapter 823: Your Debt May Be Settled, But I Haven't Started With Mine Yet Chapter 824: Is She Planning To Make A Comeback Chapter 825: I Think She Should Save Herself First Chapter 826: B*tches Deserve An Eye For An Eye Chapter 827: I Want A Daughter Chapter 828: Ready To Shock Everyone Chapter 829: Tangning's Back Again Chapter 830: Don't Go Meddling With My Artist Chapter 831: I'll Forgive The Two Of You Chapter 832: Threatening Xing Lan To Withdraw From The Competition Chapter 833: The Incomparable Superstar Media Chapter 834: President Mo's Jealousy Chapter 835: The Only Person To Directly Advance Chapter 836: It Has Always Been President Mo's Personal Responsibility Chapter 837: How Did Ning Jie Do It Chapter 838: Her? First Place Chapter 839: Let's See If She Would Still Dare To Compete Chapter 840: Out Of The Two Sisters, Which One Was The Thief Chapter 841: My Daughter Is Not A Thief Chapter 842: The Best Show Of The Year Chapter 843: Not Tangning's Style Chapter 844: Did I See Tangning In The Audience Chapter 845: Don't Make Too Many Enemies Chapter 846: Even If The Sky Falls Down, I'll Hold It Up For You Chapter 847: Are You Angry Because You're Embarrassed, Mrs Mo? Chapter 848: Don't Want To Make Her Upset Chapter 849: Cleaning Her Image Was Much Too Difficult Chapter 850: Will Tangning Succeed Chapter 851: All That Tangning Had To Show Chapter 852: Let Xia Hanmo Go Chapter 853: Save My Manager Chapter 854: Definitely Appearing On The Headlines Tomorrow Chapter 855: Tangning, You Sure Are Arrogant Chapter 856: You Are The Miracle Chapter 857: You Are Capable Of Anything Chapter 858: This Young Woman Was Quite Brave Chapter 859: She Wasn't The Same Lin Qian Chapter 860: You Weren't Seeing Things Chapter 861: Qian Qian, Come Home Chapter 862: You Know That The Child Isn't Mine Chapter 863: Tangning, Luo Sheng's Ruined Chapter 864: Don't Anyone Dare Provoke My Woman Chapter 865: Why Are You Doubting Yourself Chapter 866: No One Should Blame Superstar Media For Ignoring Them Chapter 867: Based On How I Am Now Chapter 868: Without Your Father, You're Definitely Nothing Chapter 869: Put Away Your Pity Act, We Don't Buy It Chapter 870: Can She Still Act Chapter 871: You Still Want To Act Chapter 872: I Don't Think My Feelings Are One-sided Chapter 873: It Appears To Be Related To The Quan Family Chapter 874: Pay Back What You Owe Chapter 875: While I'm Still Being Nice Chapter 876: Show Everyone What It Means To Be A Best Actress Chapter 877: Premiere of 'Survivor' Chapter 878: I Am A Major General In The Air Force Chapter 879: Don't Be Impatient, I Will Definitely Be Back Chapter 880: Indeed The Same Kind Of People Chapter 881: She Was Stunningly Beautiful Chapter 882: You Are So Fake Chapter 883: I Have A Family Member Up There Chapter 884: That's Their Punishment For Leaving Qian Qian Behind Chapter 885: Learn The Meaning Of Regret Chapter 886: I Actually Want To Be Her Fan Now Chapter 887: The Victory Battle Chapter 888: Who Said That We're Fake Chapter 889: My Girlfriend Chapter 890: Find A Chance To Seal The Deal Chapter 891: Personally Deal With The Matter Chapter 892: Be A Part Of The Excitement Chapter 893: No Longer Her Responsibilty To Stand Up For Her Chapter 894: She Was Ready To Show Off To The World Chapter 895: No Adoptive Mother, Just A Future Mother-In-Law Chapter 896: The Climax Chapter 897: Could Tangning Satisfy Him Chapter 898: You're Fired Chapter 899: She Had Deliberately Set This Trap Chapter 900: A Huge Face Slap Chapter 901: All The Tramps Should Step Side Chapter 902: I Can't Be Bothered Talking To Another Female Chapter 903: Don't Blame Me For Not Being Sentimental Chapter 904: It Actually Bothered Her So Much Chapter 905: Immediately Leave And Go Back To France Chapter 906: The Female Lead Has Been Dismissed Chapter 907: The Little Actress Chapter 908: Fighting For Custody Chapter 909: With Me Around, She Won't Be Able To Take Her Chapter 910: She Didn't Like To Underestimate Her Enemies Chapter 911: You Won't Spend Any Less Than Seven Years In Prison Chapter 912: We Have No Evidence Chapter 913: This Slap Is Not For Nothing Chapter 914: Do You Think I'm Wrong Chapter 915: You've Yet To See The Truly Heartless Side Of Me Chapter 916: Only One Option Chapter 917: He Can't Beat Anyone Chapter 918: Is Zhou Qing About To Suffer Chapter 919: He Was Simply Being Played Chapter 920: Go Back To Where You Came From Chapter 921: Who Could Xia Hanmo Blame Chapter 922: A Vengeful Woman Is Frightening Chapter 923: Savor This Game Slowly, You Still Have Plenty Of Opportunities Chapter 924: Has Tangning Overdone Herself This Time Chapter 925: You're Already Living In My Room Chapter 926: You Might Be The Daughter Of A Rich Family Chapter 927: I Will No Longer Acknowledge That I Know You Chapter 928: No Matter How Bad Things Get, You Still Have Us Chapter 929: Put Up A Good Act Chapter 930: If Worse Comes To Worst, We'll Both Go Down Together Chapter 931: Silly Qian Qian Chapter 932: Help Cancel The Wedding Chapter 933: The Smell Of Trash Is Making Me Sick Chapter 934: Don't Go Easy On Your Enemies Chapter 935: I Will Always Wait For You Chapter 936: Brought Trouble Upon Herself Chapter 937: At Your Highest, We Will Genuinely Cheer For You Chapter 938: I Bet That Woman Is Going Mad Chapter 939: He Doesn't Know My Measurements Chapter 940: Definitely Feng Jing's Trap Chapter 941: I Like Pushing You Chapter 942: Diamond Manager Chapter 943: Another Round Chapter 944: I Owe Her Chapter 945: You Guys Can Come If You Want. If Not, Then Get Lost. Chapter 946: Go Ahead And Suppress Me, Superstar Media Chapter 947: Marrying A Pair Of Worn Shoes Chapter 948: How's It Any Of Your Business Who I Marry Chapter 949: Sorry, I Couldn't Control Myself Chapter 950: Was He Forcing Him Chapter 951: Outshined It's Mother Company Chapter 952: Tangning Wasn't Easy To Fool Chapter 953: My Authority Will Not Be Challenged Chapter 954: Is It Really OK For You To Protect Me Like This Chapter 955: Why Don't You Repay Me With Your Body Chapter 956: He Had Never Seen Tangning Cry Chapter 957: Are We Going To Continue Filming Chapter 958: Couldn't She Remain Peaceful Chapter 959: When I Leave, I Hope To See You Leave As Well Chapter 960: I'm Used To Spoiling My Artists Chapter 961: Otherwise, I Will Help Him Disappear Chapter 962: Responding In An Equally Cruel Manner Chapter 963: Support Tangning Chapter 964: Mo Ting's Heart Ached Chapter 965: Your Man's Acting Is Honestly Not Bad Chapter 966: You're The Last Person To Believe In Fate Chapter 967: If You Want Something, Then Tell Me Chapter 968: Don't Compete With Me In Ruthlessness Chapter 969: Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless Chapter 970: How Powerful Chapter 971: Not Suitable Chapter 972: Unless You Want To Go To Jail Chapter 973: Where Are You Chapter 974: Demand For Them To Return Him Chapter 975: I Heard You Nearly Had A Miscarriage Chapter 976: I'll Take You To Get Revenge Chapter 977: Why Did You Have To Bully Qian Qian Chapter 978: If You Want To Die, Then Go Ahead Chapter 979: You Sure Have Guts Chapter 980: That's What You Call Wife Doting Chapter 981: You Don't Know How To Be Cautious Of Your Acquaintances Chapter 982: Who Would Try To Scheme Against You Chapter 983: Did You Enjoy The Little Game We Played Earlier Chapter 984: Don't Let That Jerk Go Chapter 985: Mo Ting, You Played A Good Trick Chapter 986: At This Moment, I've Lost All Humanity Chapter 987: He's Like A God! Chapter 988: You Are Hurting Your Wife Like This Chapter 989: That's Not Your Concern Chapter 990: Where Are You Planning To Go Chapter 991: I Will Answer You With A Project Chapter 992: Too Late Chapter 993: Death Is Better Than Struggling To Live Chapter 994: He Never Belonged To Me From The Start. How Is This Considered Stealing? Chapter 995: Tangning Is The Most Important Chapter 996: I Admit Defeat When Fighting With You Chapter 997: You Are The Second Miss Of The Tang Family Chapter 998: Are You Really Angry Chapter 999: I Have No Right To Be Compared To You Chapter 1000: Has Her Desperation For Fame Made Her Crazy? Chapter 1001: Did You Put On An Act To Trick Me Chapter 1002: Mo Ziyan Chapter 1003: Because You're Too Dopey Chapter 1004: You Need To Feed Me Well Chapter 1005: Couldn't Be Starved For Too Long Chapter 1006: Have You Been Treated Unfairly Chapter 1007: I Hate Being Threatened Chapter 1008: You're Already Dissatisfied Chapter 1009: No Matter How Much She Tries To Copy Her, She Will Never Be Tangning Chapter 1010: If You Don't Appear, I'll Force You To Appear Chapter 1011: You Just Wait For A Good Show Chapter 1012: Maintain Secrecy Chapter 1013: I'm Afraid You Won't Be Able To Handle It Chapter 1014: Rejected Offer Chapter 1015: A Replica Is Just A Replica Chapter 1016: Group Ridicule Chapter 1017: I Dream About It Everyday! Chapter 1018: First Performance Chapter 1019: Isn't It Time You Consider Returning To China Chapter 1020: I'll Be Waiting Chapter 1021: What Does This Have To Do With Tangning Chapter 1022: Are You Really Planning To Give Superstar Media To Me Chapter 1023: You Should Have Known You'd Be Dealt With Sooner Or Later Chapter 1024: Haven't I Returned Chapter 1025: She Simply Wanted To Get Revenge For Long Jie Chapter 1026: What Was Han Xiuche Chapter 1027: A Jerk And A Sl*t Make The Perfect Team Chapter 1028: Divert Trouble Chapter 1029: If That Was To Happen, The Face Slap Would Hurt Even More Chapter 1030: Our Time Is Precious Chapter 1031: You Sure Have Bad Taste Chapter 1032: Please Move Aside Chapter 1033: Wasn't It Obvious How Embarrassing This Was Chapter 1034: Ma Weiwei's Acting Chapter 1035: What Did Tangning Do Chapter 1036: I Am A Parasite On Tangning's Body Chapter 1037: Daddy Ting Is So Cool Chapter 1038: Aren't I Getting Justice For You Chapter 1039: His Words Are So Harsh. Isn't He Afraid Of Scarring His Tongue?! Chapter 1040: That Was Awesome Chapter 1041: There To Give A Face Slap Chapter 1042: Selling Superstar Media Chapter 1043: Ning, Hurry And Strike Back Chapter 1044: Assistant Lu, You're Too Late Chapter 1045: Do We Have To Pick Out An Auspicious Date Chapter 1046: A Complete Falling Out Chapter 1047: Both Go Die Chapter 1048: Long Jie, Hurry And Show Us Your Evidence Chapter 1049: Have You Knelt and Apologized Yet Chapter 1050: What's With The Act? Chapter 1051: What's So Interesting About The Life Of A Performer Chapter 1052: No One Would Be Able To Escape Chapter 1053: You Definitely Need To Listen To What I Say Chapter 1054: You Schemed Against Me First Chapter 1055: He Might Not Be Willing To Meet With Me Chapter 1056: My Ning's New Film Is Being Released Chapter 1057: Who Would Jinx Their Own Film Like That Chapter 1058: The First Promotional Trailer Chapter 1059: Take A Screenshot And Slap Him In The Face Chapter 1060: President Mo Is So Strict Chapter 1061: Mo Ting Understood Her Chapter 1062: Clashing With Tangning?! Chapter 1063: You Can't Fool Xiuche Chapter 1064: Is Something Going On Chapter 1065: His Heart Was Breaking Into Pieces Chapter 1066: Doesn't He Still Owe My Wife An Apology Chapter 1067: No One Can Bully You Chapter 1068: Give Tangning A Surprise Chapter 1069: I Trust You Chapter 1070: If You Can't Accept It, Then Keep Your Mouth Shut Chapter 1071: I've Also Been Down That Road Chapter 1072: I Want To Speak Up Chapter 1073: Those That Deserve To Kneel Should Kneel Chapter 1074: If Tangning Dares To Appear Chapter 1075: Are You Kneeling Or Not Chapter 1076: Her Name Is Impossible To Clear Chapter 1077: You Protect Others And I'll Protect You Chapter 1078: I Did It To Stick Up For You Chapter 1079: I Should Put More Effort Chapter 1080: I Give My Word Chapter 1081: Escape So Easily Chapter 1082: I Must Have Been Possessed Chapter 1083: Using Death To Prove His Innocence Chapter 1084: The True Protagonist Has Arrived Chapter 1085: He Was Happy To Let Her Dream Chapter 1086: Create Some Drama Chapter 1087: It's Not Clear Enough Chapter 1088: An Internal Fight Chapter 1089: He Deserves To Be Angered To Death Chapter 1090: Kneel And Apology Chapter 1091: This Must Be Karma! Chapter 1092: Xiuche's Dead Chapter 1093: Handle In Secret Chapter 1094: The Most Pitiful Is Han Xiuche Chapter 1095: Everything Was Worth It Chapter 1096: No One's Willing To Help Me Chapter 1097: What? You Don't Think I Qualify Chapter 1098: Not Only Did You Bring Your Child, You're Also Showing Off Chapter 1099: Everyone Was Bound To Meet A Jinx In Their Life Chapter 1100: The Socialite World Is Too Deep Chapter 1101: Tangning Could Do It Chapter 1102: Bei Chendong Was Furious Chapter 1103: You Have No Business Here Chapter 1104: Two Paths To Choose From Chapter 1105: Your First Film Created A Best Actor Chapter 1106: We Will Talk When We Get Home Chapter 1107: If She Dared Chapter 1108: Who Does She Think She Is Chapter 1109: She Isn't Very Welcoming Towards You Chapter 1110: Who Said This Woman Was Brainless Chapter 1111: Let's Leave Her For Now... Chapter 1112: Mrs. Mo Is Indeed An Expert Chapter 1113: Hai Rui Was Quick, Direct And Ruthless Chapter 1114: A Woman's Heart Is Deep Like The Ocean Chapter 1115: How Shocked Was She Going To Be? Chapter 1116: Give Me Back My Money Chapter 1117: That Was Liang Yongyu's Fate Chapter 1118: Everyone That Comes In Contact With Me Experiences Bad Luck Chapter 1119: Strange Tastes Chapter 1120: In This World, There Was Only Tangning! Chapter 1121: Improve Upon Herself Chapter 1122: What Do They Take Me For Chapter 1123: Consequences Need To Be Faced Chapter 1124: Were There Still Rules Chapter 1125: I Am The Biggest Amateur Chapter 1126: Nangong Quan's Invite Chapter 1127: The Mo Family Has Always Been Tricky Chapter 1128: It's Pitiful For A Child To Lose Their Mother Chapter 1129: Look How Tricky The Mo Family Are Chapter 1130: Their Enemy's Daughter Chapter 1131: I'm Sorry, I Said The Wrong Thing Chapter 1132: You Should Just Die Chapter 1133: Did You Think I'd Fall For Your Trap Chapter 1134: I Don't Need To Dirty My Hands Because Of You Chapter 1135: Are You In A Rush Chapter 1136: Uncle Qiu Already Passed Away Ten Days Ago Chapter 1137: Perhaps, This Will Help Change Her Destiny Chapter 1138: It's Not Worth It Chapter 1139: Has Your Anger Been Dissolved Chapter 1140: Desires Chapter 1141: Forever Irreplaceable Chapter 1142: Not As Handsome As The Father Of The Twins Chapter 1143: I Will Find Out Who It Is Chapter 1144: Save You? Why Should I? Chapter 1145: You Are My Only Hope Chapter 1146: Heading On Set Chapter 1147: If You Continue To Insult My Brother, I'm Going To Hit You Chapter 1148: It Couldn't Be Possible Chapter 1149: I Will Definitely Protect You With All My Life Chapter 1150: Couldn't Give Him Any Opportunities Chapter 1151: I Will Definitely Send Him To Hell Chapter 1152: The Mo Family Owes Me Chapter 1153: Battling Face-To-Face Chapter 1154: From What I See, You've Already Done Enough Chapter 1155: How Dare They Bully The Mo Family's Kids Chapter 1156: Rich, Huh Chapter 1157: Kindness Before Force Chapter 1158: Paving Every Single Path Chapter 1159: You're Doing It For President Mo's Sake Chapter 1160: Mo Ting Has Built Hai Rui On The Basis Of Loyalty Chapter 1161: After All, We're Married... Chapter 1162: Let's See How Hai Rui Clears Her Name This Time Chapter 1163: No Way In Hell Chapter 1164: The CEO Has A Good Wife Chapter 1165: Follow Chapter 1166: He Was Surprisingly Friendly Chapter 1167: Letting A Wolf Into The House Chapter 1168: If You Don't Like Her, Then I Don't Like Her Either Chapter 1169: I Know How To Take Care Of My Own Daughter Chapter 1170: Break Ties Chapter 1171: The Thought Of It Makes Me Blush... Chapter 1172: Mommy, What's Wrong Chapter 1173: I Never Thought That This Would Happen Chapter 1174: Maintain Your Composure Chapter 1175: Tangning Didn't Lie Chapter 1176: You're Certainly Cruel Chapter 1177: I Have Faith! Chapter 1178: Are You That Confident Chapter 1179: Can't Be Mentioned In The Same Breath Chapter 1180: Seeing You Like This Makes My Heart Ache Chapter 1181: How's That Possible Chapter 1182: Other People Have Dignity Too Chapter 1183: What Do You Have To Be Sorry About Chapter 1184: Who Plagiarized Who Chapter 1185: They Disappeared From School Chapter 1186: Your Grandfather's Dead Chapter 1187: If You Want To Report Me, Then Go Ahead Chapter 1188: He Began To Cry Chapter 1189: Let Her Pick The Younger One Chapter 1190: You Are My Queen Chapter 1191: Epilogue: I'm Interested In Him Chapter 1192: Double Identity Chapter 1193: I Know What To Do Chapter 1194: You Don't Care, Do You Chapter 1195: You Caught Me Chapter 1196: You're Different Chapter 1197: Mo Ting Is My Father Chapter 1198 He Was Once Qian Lan's Boyfriend Chapter 1199 I Dont Want My Family To Use You Chapter 1200 Dont You Want This Family Anymore Chapter 1201 Has Brother Two Been Fighting Chapter 1202 She Was Abandoned On Her Wedding Day Chapter 1203 I Might Still Feel Hatred For You Chapter 1204 I Didnt Deliberately Save Myself For You Chapter 1205 This Is My Fiancee Chapter 1206 I Can't Get Myself To Trust You Chapter 1207 Silly Woman She Was Disturbing Someone's Sleep Chapter 1208 You're Mine So I Will Take Responsibility For You Chapter 1209 Your Fiance Is Really Handsome Chapter 1210 After My Anger Subsided I Would Have Still Stayed By Your Side Chapter 1211 You Are Also A Person With A Family Chapter 1212 I'm A Little Overwhelmed Chapter 1213 You See That? Shes In The Military Chapter 1214 How Much Longer Do You Want Me To Wait Chapter 1215 I Wont Bully You Chapter 1216 My Daughter Wont Marry Mo Zichen I Dont Agree To It Chapter 1217 Our Wedding Night Is The Main Priority Chapter 1218 She Has No Requests Chapter 1219 The Things I Asked You Today Can You Keep Them A Secret Chapter 1220 You Have A Son Now Chapter 1221 She Admitted To It Chapter 1222 I Feel Like I've Stolen Someone Else's Man Chapter 1223 I Really Dont Want To Break Up Chapter 1224 Do You Think You're A Robot Chapter 1225 I'm Not Your Sister In Law Chapter 1226 Did You Reconcile With Chen Jingrong Chapter 1227 You Should Let Mo Zixi Go Chapter 1228 From Now On Please Take Good Care Of Zixi Chapter 1229 He Couldnt Be Snatched Away Chapter 1230 Is He Legally Mo Zixis Son Chapter 1231 Your Had Really Bad Taste In The Past Chapter 1232 His Last Bit Of Mercy Chapter 1233 Sleeping Together Chapter 1234 Do You Have Any Dignity Chapter 1235 Is Anqi Ok Chapter 1236 Love At First Sleep Chapter 1237 I Understand My Heart Chapter 1238 You'll Know When You Get Married Chapter 1239 Mo Zixi And I Are Already Married Chapter 1240 Its All My Fault Chapter 1241 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Chapter 1243 What A Killjoy Chapter 1244 You Provoked Me First Chapter 1245 The Same Kind Of People Chapter 1246 But You Are A Monster Chapter 1247 Why Are You Apologizing To Me Chapter 1248 You've Lost Against Me Chapter 1249 If Shes Your Precious Little Gem Then What Am I Chapter 1250 Its Tiring To Have A Crush Chapter 1251 You Know Everything I Like Chapter 1252 I'm Not As Scary As You Think Chapter 1253 I Would Like To Be Your Boyfriend Chapter 1254 But Im Lacking You Chapter 1255 When A Couple Works Together They Wont Be Tired Chapter 1256 Don't You Like Professor Gu Anymore Chapter 1257 Can Your Words Not Be So Cryptic Chapter 1258 Stop Creating Drama Chapter 1259 Please Tell Mother In Law That Ive Been Behaving Chapter 1260 Slightly Lost Control Chapter 1261 What Do You Think About Student Teacher Relationships Chapter 1262 Youve Only Passed My Test Today Chapter 1263 Who Would Dare To Bully Professor Gu? Unless They Want To Fail Chapter 1264 Are You Saying That You're Quitting Chapter 1265 I Heard Your Wife Is The Ceo Of Hai Rui Thats Amazing Chapter 1266 President Mo If You're Jealous Then Just Say So Chapter 1267 You Havent Even Proposed Chapter 1268 Already So Famous Chapter 1269 You Should Notify Your Family First Chapter 1270 Don't Call Me Auntie I Haven't Acknowledged You Yet Chapter 1271 You Are More Important Chapter 1272 Ive Never Seen You Anxious Before Chapter 1273 Can You Accept This Result Chapter 1274 End The End