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In an instant, Lu Ming and Array Soul blasted more than ten moves continuously, and the Array Soul trembling constantly, the light became a little dim.



Those original bones made strange noises, and there were cracks on them.

And the thirty-six people in the formation were trembling even more, with blood overflowing from the corners of their mouths.

The source-level formation was going to be blown up unexpectedly.

"Continue to set up the formation, stack the source-level formations, and kill him!"

The old man of the extremely evil clan shouted.

There are eight clans in the forbidden area, with more than five hundred origins, and it is impossible to have only one origin-level formation.

Immediately, there were a lot of original masters who were proficient in the formation, and they took out the original bones and began to deploy the formation.

The formation master of the Origin Realm, who arranges the Origin Level formation, originally does not need the origin bones, and can directly deploy the formations with runes.

However, it takes time to directly deploy an array with runes, and there is not enough time, so the deployed array is not powerful.

With the original bones as the base of the formation, the formation speed will be very fast, and the power can also keep up.


The void trembles, and the sky is full of runes.

Soon, two more attacking and killing formations came out.

They also burned the original bones, instantly releasing the energy of the original bones, condensing formations, and killing Lu Ming.

The three formations were superimposed, condensing the three formation souls, and their power skyrocketed, and they were inextricably separated from Lu Ming for a time.

"Sacrifice a big killer, kill him!"

There was a loud roar on the Nine Yin Devil Spider, and a dozen very old Nine Yin Devil Spiders came together to offer a precious mirror.


As soon as this precious mirror came out, it suddenly became larger, covering the sky and obscuring the sun, exploding with terrifying power, as if it could crush the eternal void, and the surrounding space completely exploded, destroyed, and turned into a chaos.

"Quasi Immortal Soldier, the Nine Yin Demon Spider is really big, and it actually sacrificed the Quasi Immortal Soldier!"

Someone exclaimed.

"Quasi Immortal Soldier!"

Lu Ming's face was extremely solemn.

Quasi-celestial soldiers, they are weapons that surpass the source-level magical weapons. Generally speaking, they are exclusive weapons at the level of Crossing the Immortal Tribulation.

How can it be simple if it gets the word "Xian".

But generally speaking, it is difficult to control the quasi-celestial soldiers with the existence of the Origin Realm, nor can it exert the power of the quasi-celestial soldiers.

Obviously, the creatures in the forbidden area are no small things, and most of them have passed some kind of secret technique to motivate the quasi-celestial soldiers.

"Not a complete quasi-immortal soldier, there are cracks!"

Lu Ming discovered that there were a few small cracks on the mirror surface of the treasure mirror, which would be difficult to find unless you look closely.

This is a broken quasi-celestial soldier!

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the Nine Yin Demon Spider can control the quasi-celestial soldiers.

A beam of light shot towards Lu Ming with a beam of light.


Lu Ming's figure flashed quickly and wanted to avoid it, but he seemed to be locked. No matter how much he dodges, he couldn't avoid it, so he could only resist.

In an instant, the beam of light approached Lu Ming.

Lu Ming had no choice but to push his combat power to the extreme, holding his guns in both hands and volleying.

The God of War Spear is bigger than the mountains, and it surrounds the gods of the sky, slamming on the beam of light.


Lu Ming's body shook violently, retreated violently, and coughed up blood at the same time.

Real white smoke came out of his body, as if burned and corroded. Even the top source-level battle armor could not resist, and there were pits and dents on it.

A top-level source-level battle armor was half ruined, and even the God of War Spear had dim light and almost broke.

With just one move, Lu Ming was hit hard.

The power of the quasi-celestial soldier is beyond imagination and terrifying.

In fact, the people of Jiuyin Demon Spider were even more shocked.

Lu Ming was able to resist one move without dying. You know, this is a quasi-celestial soldier, left by a strong man of the clan who has survived the second immortal calamity. It is extremely powerful. Even if it is damaged, its power is still It is not something that the general origin realm can fight against.

Lu Ming was able to make a direct move without dying, his vitality was really terrifying.

"carry on!"

The people of the Nine Yin Devil Spider roared, and they wanted to continue to mobilize the quasi-celestial soldiers to completely kill Lu Ming.

"Hmph, if it weren't for Renwang Broken Sword, it would have directly broken you, a quasi-immortal soldier."

Lu Ming snorted coldly in his heart. This time, without waiting for the opponent to attack again, he rushed in one direction.


The spears of others are united into one spear light, as if eternal.

Over there, there was a soul who wanted to stop, and was directly struck back by Lu Ming.

"Block him, he wants to rush out of the encirclement."

Someone yelled.

"Block it!"

"Block it with all your strength!"

The roar of the Eight Clan of the Forbidden Land, especially those masters who arranged the source-level formation, directly dispersed the soul of the formation and turned into a sky full of glow, like countless divine swords, killing Lu Ming.

There was even a joint attack formation that stood in front of Lu Ming.

Although the quasi-celestial soldiers are powerful, they are too difficult to mobilize and take a certain amount of time.

Can get it!


Lu Ming tried desperately, and the cells all over his body glowed, as if burning up, raising his combat power to the limit.

He wants to rush out of the encirclement before the opponent launches the second attack of the quasi-celestial soldier, or destroy the opponent's forbidden area.


The terror attacks condensed by the source-level formation were broken open by Lu Ming, and then directly impacted on a combined attack formation.

This joint attack formation is also a nine-man joint attack formation, but it is completely useless in the face of Lu Ming, who has raised his combat power to the extreme. It is like a balloon that is rushed by the spear light and bursts directly.


Lu Ming rushed to a huge array of flags.

This array of flags is exactly one of the foundations of the banned soldiers field.

"not good!"

The expressions of the eight races in the forbidden area changed wildly.


Some people in the Nine Yin Demon Spider roared, urging the quasi-celestial soldiers desperately. The broken treasure mirror once again emitted a dazzling glow, and a beam of light formed, shining towards Lu Ming.

At this moment, Lu Ming brandished the God of War spear and slammed on the flag.


Although this flag was extremely hard, it couldn't stop Lu Ming's attack, and it burst directly into pieces.

As long as the formation flag is broken by one shot, the banned area will be broken.

At this time, the beam of the quasi-celestial soldier also appeared above Lu Ming's head.

At this critical moment, Lu Ming finally regained contact with Renwang Broken Sword. In a short while, Renwang Broken Sword appeared in Lu Ming's palm and slashed out against the sky.

A shocking sword light broke out, slashing on the beam of light.

With a puff, the beam of light was directly split open, like a piece of rotten wood, hitting a magic weapon.

"Now, it's my turn!"

Lu Ming's eyes were cold and murderous, the wings behind his back flapped, his figure soaring into the sky, he rushed towards the quasi-immortal soldier, and then cut it out with a sword.


The king broke the sword and slashed on the quasi-immortal soldier's treasure mirror. Suddenly, the treasure mirror was torn apart and flew into pieces.

All the Nine Yin Demon Spiders who controlled the quasi-immortal soldiers vomited blood and their faces were pale.



The people of the eight races in the forbidden area yelled, very decisively, and fled in all directions.

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