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"Boom" the huge dragon force column soared into the sky. The dragon force column presented as nine colors, almost instantly rushing to a kilometer away, while Lan Xuanyu was under the background of this dragon force column, his figure gradually Zoom in and grow to a height of 100 meters. The extremely strong dragon energy centered on his body and quickly spread outward.

The entire Sky Dragon star was shaken, and even in space, the existence of that huge dragon force pillar could be clearly seen. The shocking feeling appeared in the hearts of all dragons.

Each dragon clan felt the huge dragon energy fluctuations from the direction of Shenglongtai. The blood in their bodies was boiling violently, and their own breath was soaring wildly.

"Aung Aung Aung"

A dragon chant first appeared in the city of Shenglong. The dragons in the city of Shenglong walked out of the room one after another, came to a wide place, raised their heads and started the dragon chant in the direction of Shenglongtai. Seeing the rising of the nine colored light pillars, they slowly bowed to the ground.

Immediately after, the scene of this scene began to spread far away. Among the main cities of the dragon clan, the dragon clan who felt the breath of the dragon platform all responded with dragon chants.

All of a sudden, the whole dragon clan seemed to be ignited. The high-pitched dragon roar echoed across the surface of the planet.

Huge figures have already risen into the air, flying fast in the direction of the rising dragon platform. At this moment, the Dragon Race who can take off can only do so at least at the level above the **** level.

The existence of the dragon's roar seems to be heard in their souls. Moreover, they could also tell that it did not belong to the voice of Jiang Weiqiang, the head of the Heavenly Dragon, but more like the dragon world calling them.

All the dragon masters above the **** level have been to the dragon world, and they have at least one chance to go to the dragon world. They are full of respect for the place that once brought them great opportunities.

At this moment, is there a call from the dragon world again? Although I don't know what the situation is, all the dragons, including all the dragon knights, have already dispatched and headed towards the Rising Dragon Platform.

Standing on the Dragon Power Column, overlooking the planet, feeling the rich and incomparable life energy on the entire Dragon Star. Lan Xuanyu's mood gradually calmed down.

Above the head is the dragon world, and under the feet is the dragon pillar.

And this world is where the dragons want to dominate. And here, it is his brand new starting point.

Not long, a huge light and shadow have pierced the sky and came to the vicinity of the Shenglongtai.

The first to arrive was naturally the god-level and above dragon clan of Shenglong City. When they saw the huge Shenglong Pillar that was a thousand meters high, they couldn't help but be stunned. Especially when he saw Lan Xuanyu standing with his hands on top of the Shenglong Pillar, he bowed his head respectfully one by one.

Lan Xuanyu did not speak to them either, but silently felt the huge energy inside the Shenglongtai. I couldn't help sighing in my heart, how powerful was the former Dragon God! Even the energy that has survived for so many years is so huge, far from what he can compare now. In addition to the entire dragon world, I really can't imagine it.

Shanglong City is basically in the relatively central position of all dragon cities, and the god-level powerhouse flies at full speed, and the speed is still extremely fast. Not to mention the super **** level powerhouse who can cross space.

The silver light flickered, and a figure had appeared out of thin air next to the Rising Dragon Tower, it was the second seat of the Tianlong, Zhong Zhichang, the dragon knight of dawn.

Zhong Zhichangs spiritual knowledge is the number one in the dragon clan. When Lan Xuanyu uttered a dragon chant on the Rising Dragon Platform, the first thing he felt was actually him, and he was immediately shocked. This dragon roar, what he could feel was different from other dragons.

Because of the power of the divine consciousness, he can clearly feel the majesty in this dragon chant. That is definitely not something that any dragon clan can issue at present.

already had a premonition in his heart, but when he really appeared next to Shenglongtai and saw Lan Xuanyu on the huge dragon pillar at the top of Shenglongtai, he could not help but produce a strong shock from his heart.

A thousand-meter-high Long Lizhu! The entire Shenglongtai has become a foil for "her" at this time. Is "she" already able to fully mobilize the energy in the Dragon Platform?

And he can also feel that the current blue, his own aura is stronger than him under the background of the dragon force pillar, even stronger than Jiang Weiqiang, the head of the dragon. Although the dragon world above the head did not show up, it seemed that whether it was the dragon world or the rising dragon platform, it was one with "she".

His arrival finally made Lan Xuanyu open his eyes again, looked at him, and nodded to him, but still did not speak.

Dawn Dragon Knight Zhong Zhichang also bowed slightly to greet Lan Xuanyu. He faintly felt that something was going to happen. It's just that I have already come, why hasn't the first seat arrived yet?

In a short time, a number of dragon knights have arrived one after another, coming around the Rising Dragon Terrace. The scene they saw in their eyes also shocked them, and when they made eye contact with each other, they all faintly felt that something big was going to happen.

When all the dragon knights except Jiang Weiqiang, the first seat of the dragon, arrived, hundreds of dragon god-level powerhouses from nearby cities had already surrounded the pillar of rising dragon.

Lan Xuanyu glanced over these dragon knights and their dragons, raised his head, and suddenly remembered a long roar.

Suddenly, in the sound of his dragon chant, the entire sky changed color, the entire sky illuminated by the nine-color rays of light lit up, and the dragon realm loomed as a ghost.

The light and shadow of the huge nine-color dragon came out, right in the sky, the aura faintly shrouded Lan Xuanyu's body, setting off his own coercion even more powerful.

"Half-step God King!" Zhong Zhichang was surprised to find that at this moment, Lan Xuanyu's cultivation realm had clearly reached the half-step God King level! Although it seems that this was done with the help of Dragon World and Shenglongzhu. But being able to reach such a level with one's own power, among the dragons, this is still the first! Even Jiang Weiqiang, it was only with the help of many dragon knights that he could temporarily use this level of ability. What's more, the **** aura that Lan is now releasing from his body is far beyond what Jiang Weiqiang can match.

Along with the sound of this dragon chant, almost all the dragons present sank their bodies and fell ten meters down uncontrollably before stabilizing their bodies. One by one couldn't help but look at each other in amazement, their own blood and aura were obviously suppressed by a thread.

This level of bloodline intensity has made them no longer able to produce other emotions besides respectfulness.

"Since the dragon knights are here, let's start now." Lan Xuanyu's voice sounded. In his voice, there seemed to be a special law belonging to the dragon clan in his voice, every word said When it comes out, the blood and breath of the dragon race present will fluctuate.

This kind of strength is really terrifying, so terrifying that no dragon clan can produce the idea of resistance.

"Everyone should know me, I am Lan. Today we are calling you to announce two things. The first thing, Jiang Weiqiang took advantage of my training in the Dragon Realm, and suddenly launched a sneak attack, trying to plunder my blood. Killed by me, already dead."

While speaking, Lan Xuanyu waved his hand, and a ghost appeared in the sky.

Hearing his words, the many dragons present couldn't help but change their colors.

what? Tianlong's first Jiang Weiqiang died? Killed by Blue?

Suddenly, many dragons screamed in exclamation, but at this moment, they heard a soft snort.

Just this light hum made the bodies of all the dragons present drop 100 meters, even the dragon knights are no exception. Their bloodline seemed to have completely solidified at this moment. Can't help looking at the air in amazement.

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Chapter 1471: Goddaughter Chapter 1472: Essence Blood Chapter 1473: The First Lot Chapter 1474: Resource Bidding Chapter 1475: Five Million Chapter 1476: Many Good Things Chapter 1477: Bid Up Chapter 1478: End Of The First Day Chapter 1479: Azure Frozen Excalibur Chapter 1480: Participate In The Auction Chapter 1481: Excalibur Chapter 1482: Pegasus Guardian Gem Chapter 1483: Gift Chapter 1484: Reimbursement Chapter 1485: Seven Artifacts Chapter 1486: Eye Of God Chapter 1487: Someone Is Suitable For This Stuff Chapter 1488: Destroying Dragon Armor Chapter 1489: Fierce Competition Chapter 1490: Ice Fire God Card? Chapter 1491: The Reserve Price Won The Of Yin And Yang Chapter 1492: Flame Dragon Spear Chapter 1493: Hand Of Fengshen Chapter 1494: Upside Down The Universe Chapter 1495: Bloody Bidding Chapter 1496: Twelve Million Chapter 1497: Big Shaft Tianburn God Pestle Chapter 1498: Heaven Burned Chapter 1499: Dragon Palace Treat Chapter 1500: Dragon Eighteen Chapter 1501: You Are An Elder.. Chapter 1502: The Last Auction Begins Chapter 1503: Jin Shengju Chapter 1504: Sun Fruit Chapter 1505: Thunder Chapter 1506: Thunder Fruit Chapter 1507: Zidian Chapter 1508: Successfully Won Chapter 1509: Pegasus Meteor Chapter 1510: Ten Million Chapter 1511: Must Take Denglin Fruit Chapter 1512: Golden Sycamore Chapter 1513: Final Big Shaft Chapter 1514: Tianyang Core Chapter 1515: Starting Price 100 Million Chapter 1516: 100 Million Transactions Chapter 1517: Push Your Heart To Heart? Chapter 1518: Disaster Chapter 1519: Return Count The Gains 1 Chapter 1520: Return Count The Gains 2 Chapter 1521: Return Count The Gains 3 Chapter 1522: Return Count The Gains 4 Chapter 1523: Return Count The Harvest 5 Chapter 1524: Return Count The Gains 6 Chapter 1525: Return Count The Gains 7 Chapter 1526: Return Count The Gains 8 Chapter 1527: Marshal Of The Blue Ocean Chapter 1528: Haven't Lifted Off In Twenty Years.. Chapter 1529: Broken Copper And Iron Chapter 1530: Ready Chapter 1531: Heaven And Prime Minister Leave Chapter 1532: For The Glory Of The Blue Ocean Race Go Chapter 1533: Ryoma Federation Fleet Chapter 1534: Military Conference Chapter 1535: Proposal Chapter 1536: Interim Commander Chapter 1537: The Strongest Lurker In History Chapter 1538: Monarch And Minister Dialogue Chapter 1539: Zhong Zhichang Is Here Chapter 1540: Heaven And Emperor Chapter 1541: Two Commands Chapter 1542: Let Me Hug Chapter 1543: The Crimson Realm Is Really Here Chapter 1544: The War Begins Chapter 1545: Powerful Crimson Domain Chapter 1546: No Hurry Practice First Chapter 1547: Rapid Progress Chapter 1548: Scarlet Beam Chapter 1549: Dragon Knight Chapter 1550: The Black King Descends Chapter 1551: The Training Method Of The Dragon Knight Chapter 1552: How To Restrain Immortality? Chapter 1553: Crimson Hall Chapter 1554: Heaven And Wizard Chapter 1555: Tianhe Background Chapter 1556: Tianhe Guardian Chapter 1557: Lan Xuanyu's Response Chapter 1558: Command Ruo Ding Chapter 1559: News Comes Chapter 1560: Reminder From The Poseidon Master Chapter 1561: Recharge Your Energy And Wait For The Opportunity Chapter 1562: Deformed Crimson Domain Chapter 1563: Reinforcements Arrive Chapter 1564: Join The Battlefield Chapter 1565: Golden Dragon Spear Effective Chapter 1566: Tianhe Fleet Chapter 1567: Combination Battleship Chapter 1568: Opportunity For Adventure Chapter 1569: Quietly Swallowed Chapter 1570: Your Own Dragon Level Dragon Marrow? Chapter 1571: The Power That Truly Belongs To The Dragon God Chapter 1572: Transfer Target Chapter 1573: Converge Chapter 1574: Family Reunion Chapter 1575: Parent Support Chapter 1576: Cover Chapter 1577: Yuge Becomes A God Chapter 1578: Don't Miss The Opportunity Chapter 1579: Raid Chapter 1580: Meihuang Chapter 1581: Breakthrough True Level Chapter 1582: Gu Yuena's Worries Chapter 1583: Dragon Core Chapter 1584: That's Amazing.. Chapter 1585: War Is Back Chapter 1586: Legion Of Beamon Chapter 1587: Qian Lei Became A God Chapter 1588: Make A Fortune Chapter 1589: The Eyes Of The Gods Are Not Bad Chapter 1590: Lizard Man Chapter 1591: Kill God Chapter 1592: Lan Xuanyu's Choice Chapter 1593: Use Of The First Rib Chapter 1594: Become Stronger Quickly Chapter 1595: What Is The Purpose Of Crimson Realm? Chapter 1596: Goodbye God And Prime Minister Chapter 1597: Wait Chapter 1598: Thang Long Jue Chapter 1599: Master Slave Contract? Chapter 1600: Real Dragon Knight Chapter 1601: Allied Forces Arrive Chapter 1602: Secret Chapter 1603: Shenlong Fits Together Dragon Descends Into Heaven And Earth Chapter 1604: Betrayal Of The Miku Clan Chapter 1605: Return Chapter 1606: Unshakable Chapter 1607: Did Your Kid Do Something Bad? 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