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The emperor looked at Su Wan and saw that she had been hesitating. Her phoenix-like eyes were as dark as the sea in the middle of the night.

What on Earth was this woman struggling about?!

The mans eyes turned cold. His originally calm expression now seemed to be shrouded by a dark cloud, giving off a frightening aura.

Su Wans lips opened and closed, but she still could not organize her words.

No matter what she said, she would end up in an awkward situation.

No one would believe her if she told the truth. Lying was also against her heart.

Most importantly, she did not want to let Jiang Xuecheng misunderstand. However, looking at the mans expression, she felt that he was already imagining something.

Actually, Diyas guess was not wrong at all. She was already married.

And the person she was married to was right beside her.

But who would believe her if she said it out loud?!

Only Ming Ye claimed that he was willing to believe her, but it was a pity that it was of no use. It was useless to resolve the situation today.

Su Wan pursed her lips and finally chose a relatively gentle answer.

"This was given to me by my family."

When husband and wife had been together for a long time, the lover was also your closest relative.

Therefore, Su Wan did not lie, but she avoided the important points and avoided the important points.

Seeing Su Wan hesitate for so long, Diya sneered in her heart. Of course, she would not let Su Wan off so easily.

What a joke! If Su Wan was not married, why did she look so hesitant?!

This woman obviously had something to hide!

"Oh, I wonder which relative? Male or female? Whats their name?"

The corner of Diyas lips curled up slightly. There was an obvious sneer on her face. She was just short of saying that Su Wan was lying?

Seeing that Diya was making things difficult for the person he liked, Fiennes was also a little angry.

"Diya, enough! Why are you prying?!"

Ever since the banquet had not started, Diya had been making things difficult for Su Wan. Now, she was becoming more and more aggressive.

Fiennes naturally did not believe that Su Wan was married because he had solid evidence.

Seeing Fiennes yelling at her for Su Wan, Diya turned her face around in disbelief. Her amber eyes quickly revealed a layer of grievance.

Her brother was actually so biased towards an outsider!

"Brother, Im not asking the root of the matter. Cant I just be curious? If Miss Su isnt married, cant she just deny it directly? And she still has to beat around the bush like this!"

Seeing Diyas aggrieved expression, Fiennes finally coughed lightly and laid out his evidence.

"Diya, youre really thinking too much. Miss Su is unmarried. Shes not married yet. Do you still want to label Miss Su as married? What if it affects Miss Sus marriage?"

Diya knew that her brother liked Su Wan. She thought that Fiennes was just trying to give Su Wan a way out.

"Brother, you must not be deceived by this womans appearance! You have no proof. In any case, I dont believe"

Seeing that Diya was still unwilling to give up, Fiennes felt helpless. He could only reach out and stroke Diyas head.

"Diya, dont say that there is no proof. Miss Su is serving in the Gods Palace. I have checked her resume with His Highness. If you dont believe me, you can ask His Highness directly."

Thats right. Even if she was working as a chef in the Gods Palace, not everyone could enter. At the very least, a clean background was the most important thing.

Of course, this didnt mean that she couldnt become a chef just because she was married.

It was just that Su Wans resume did indeed have the label "Unmarried.".

Because Fiennes liked Su Wan, he had specially gone to investigate.

Hearing this, Diyas expression stiffened. Thats right. How could she have forgotten about this? If Su Wan had been married before, then her resume naturally couldnt be unmarried.

Holding on to her last bit of hope, Diya raised her head to look at the man who had been silent the entire time.

"Your Highness is this true?"

Diya bit the corner of her lips. The weak expression on her face made ones heart ache.

The emperor glanced at the delicate and pitiful girl in front of him before immediately shifting his gaze away.

"Miss Diya, what do you think?"

His voice was faint. It was clearly a question, but it carried an unquestionable tone.

The deep male voice brushed past her ears, and Diyas heart instantly felt a little empty.

could it be that Su Wan really wasnt married?!

Diya glared at Su Wan hatefully, her heart still filled with resentment and disbelief.

Su Wans previous attitude was really too strange. Based on a womans innate intuition, Diya felt that things were definitely not that simple.

Even if Su Wan was not married, just based on how much Su Wan cherished that ring, it was likely that the ring meant a lot to her.

Since it was not a husband, then could it be a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend or something?!

In short, it was something that Su Wan deeply missed but could not forget

Looking at Su Wans beautiful appearance, it was obvious that she was not a peaceful person.

As long as Su Wan had been entangled with someone else, whether it was her current or her ex, things would be much easier for Diya.

Money makes the mare go, not to mention she also had power. She did not mind finding out the person in Su Wans heart and creating some trouble for Su Wan, so that Su Wan would not be able to stay in the Gods Palace.

Ha, this was not her fault!

Since Su Wan already had someone in her heart, and she still wanted to pester the emperor, then she must be shameless!

However, Su Wan did not have the time to pay attention to Diya. When she heard Fiennes answer, she was already relieved in her heart, and the words of Jiang Xuecheng made her feel even more relieved.

No matter what, it was better to have someone to help her out than to create more misunderstandings.

All of a sudden, there was a burst of beautiful violin music in the garden. The romantic music flowed in the moonlight was intoxicating.

Su Wan was stunned. She suddenly saw many men and women standing by the side in pairs, holding hands with each other.

What was going on?

Su Wan was very confused.

When Diya heard the music, her amber eyes immediately lit up,

She lowered her head towards the man she had fallen in love with not too far away. Her lips curled up like a flower, and her pair of watery, beautiful eyes shone brightly.

"Your Highness, May I dance the opening dance with you?"

When Su Wan heard this, her entire body quivered. She finally understood why those men and women had to stand together!

So it was to dance this tiring opening dance.

Without thinking, Su Wan immediately stood in front of Jiang Xuecheng and justifiably blocked Diyas gaze.

"Miss Diya, I think you seem to have made a mistake. I am His Highness female partner. Miss Diya, if you are lacking someone to dance with, there are still many choices around you."

"Su Wan! Who do you think you are, daring to reject me on behalf of His Highness"

Diya had long been displeased with Su Wan. She had always been unruly, so she could not be bothered to pretend anymore. She raised her hand angrily, wishing that she could slap Su Wan in the face.

However, the expected crisp sound did not ring out.

A slender hand suddenly stretched out. Diya felt a wave of pain on her wrist, as if someone was going to break it.

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