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Mr. Young was shocked to his core and his mind was in a buzz just hearing the man's introduction that it took him quite a while to gather his wits again. This old but experienced business man didn't want to believe this claim right at the drop of a hat or at least there first needed to be confirmation of identity if what this person before him had said was true. But one look into this young man's eyes rendered Mr. Young speechless. The face of the man he met at dawn and Ezekiel Qinn's cold eyes suddenly appeared in the old man's mind at the sight of the younger man in front of him. This person didn't have the unfathomable and staggering aura those other two had but he could feel this man was just like them, someone extraordinary and not one he could mess up.

He couldn't even doubt even if he wanted to as he could tell that this person was definitely related to Ezekiel Qinn. How did his daughter get acquainted with these people? And how come Ezekiel Qinn managed to hide his relatives like these? He had tried to investigate Ezekiel Qinn's origins for a long time and he couldn't even find a single relative. So where did this man came from? And more importantly, how could this practical stranger request if that way of speaking can be even said to be a request to marry his daughter like this? Why was he even here in the first place?

Mr. Young then turned around to observe Kelly and when he saw the manner his daughter looked at the man and the gaze she had in her eyes, he realized she indeed knew the man. But in the very next second, a regrettable expression colored the old man's face. He looked as though he had just watched his chance to win the ultimate lottery slip right down the drain.

The old man also knew for a fact that there was no way on God's green earth that Tristan would back out from this wedding. Though late, he would surely arrive and marry Kelly. But wait

"How did you know that Mr. Flynn has forfeited?" Mr. Young asked Kai with eyes filled with suspicion.

Calmly, Kai leaned a little closer to him. "Because I just met him a few hours ago. He told me he's not going to marry Kelly."

"Impossible. Why would he suddenly back "

"Sir," Kai cut him off and he moved an inch closer to whisper right into the ears of the old man. "I'm sorry to inform you this, but Mr. Flynn sold all his rights in your company to me. His shares are also mine now. So he's not going to arrive anymore, Mr. Young. You can go confirm the things I have said with whoever you need to, if you are doubting my words."

Mr. Young's eyes widened like saucers. He took a moment to think before seeming to have made a decision. He then slipped his hand into his pocket, pulled out a cellphone and made a call whilst walking towards the corner of the hall.

As soon as the old man left, Kai's attention instantly returned to Kelly. His serious gaze immediately melted the moment their eyes met as Kelly's glimmered with tears threatening to fall.

"K-kai" she uttered and Kai gently caressed her cheek.

"You're so beautiful, Kelly." He fought the urge to hug her and kiss her.

"I can't believe you're here."

The look in her eyes made Kai swallow hard and he almost kissed her right then and there. Thankfully, the murmurs of the guest's confusion brought him back to his senses.

He pulled his eyes off Kelly and looked at all the guests congregating in the hall's pews. His gaze also fell to the old man to the side of the hall, whose attention was now completely focused on his call.

When he turned his gentled gaze to Kelly again, a mischievous and sweet smile curved on his lips.

The next second, he knelt on one knee in front of Kelly and popped open a small box as he looked up at her. His eyes glimmering, fully focused on her as though she was magic.

"Kelly, will you marry me?" he asked and for a few too many heartbeats, Kelly didn't breathe at all. When she finally did resume breathing, it was with hard gasp and tears of joy.

The audience also gasped in shocked surprise. Everyone's confusion and murmurs were replaced with excitement as they watched a beautiful fairytale unfold right before their very eyes.

Kelly couldn't speak. She felt like her heart was about to burst with overwhelming and extreme happiness. She never thought Kai would do this. He was truly unbelievable.

Fighting the urge to jump on him and kiss him like there was no tomorrow, Kelly frantically nodded. She didn't speak as she was trying her very best not to cry and most probably ruin her makeup in the process. She was also very much aware that they were in a not-so-favorable situation. She was afraid that her father might just walk back into the scene at any moment and ruin this most perfect moment in her entire life.

Looking at Kai's wide and beautiful smile, Kelly's heart swelled with myriads of emotions. She felt like she was dreaming as Kai slipped the diamond ring onto her finger.

"I love you, Kelly." He declared as he kissed the ring on her finger before he rose and hugged her tight. The crowd unexpectedly gave them a roar of approval and an approving applause, causing the couple to look at them. They laughed happily together and just as Kelly thought Kai would lift her up and take her out of the church, he took Kelly's hand and led her towards the altar.

Gasps of shock filled the church hall.

"Now that we're already engaged, it's time to get married, Kelly." He told her and Kelly didn't even need to think anymore as she immediately and happily said "Yes! Yes! Let's get married now!", earning another round of surprised gasps from the guests. This event would probably be recorded as the 'most bizarre wedding of the year'.

The priest was blinking in disbelief when Kai's voice jolted him to his senses. "As you can see, me and my fiance are quite in need of some haste here." He said as he threw a glance towards Kelly's father who was still completely oblivious about what was happening in the church as he was blazing in anger in the corner while speaking on his phone. "Please start now, sir, before the not-so-divine intervention appear to stop our wedding."


Happy 600 chapters helbounders!!! This is my first time reaching this milestone. Thank you for all the supports guys. I love you all.

P.s. This saga will not end yet. There's a third volume after Kai and Kelly's story.

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