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In front of an old monster like Kuang Shi Zong, Gong Sun Liang didnt dare to play any tricks, so his narration of the events of today contained no slander or embellishment.

When Kuang Shi Zong heard that all the ancestral tablets had been broken, he became furious and a terrifying pressure fell upon the audience. This pressure was so heavy it felt as if the sky had collapsed and was now weighing directly on everyones heart.

Kuang Shi Zong shot a fierce glare towards Zi Wu Ji at that moment, causing him to immediately cough up a mouthful of blood.

With his shrewdness, how could Kuang Shi Zong not understand that the broken tablets were something Zi Wu Ji had engineered. This was an intolerable disrespect to the ancestors, so he punished him.

Hearing that Yang Kai had fought two opponents at once and actually held the advantage, Kuang Shi Zong raised his brows and looked at Yang Kai with interest.

Yang Kai showed no fear though and simply grinned back at him.

After a while, Gong Sun Liang finished speaking and stood quietly in place, waiting nervously.

The atmosphere was solemn, and no one dared to speak. The place where Kuang Shi Zong stood was the focus of everyone present as no one knew what he was thinking at this moment.

Only after a long silence did Kuang Shi Zong suddenly say, "Why has this old master not heard about my Purple Star having a third Venerable? Boy, where did you obtain your Venerable Token?"

Yang Kai smiled lightly and said, "Seniors question is quite strange, the Venerable Token was naturally given to me by Zi Long."

"He gave it to you? When, where?" Kuang Shi Zong stared sternly at Yang Kai as he pointedly questioned.

Gong Sun Liang, Li Mao Ming, and all the others all looked suspiciously at Kuang Shi Zong, not knowing why he would ask these seemingly irrelevant questions.

Yang Kai frowned slightly as he suddenly had a bad premonition, but he still calmly said, "What does Senior mean by asking this?"

"What do I mean?" Kuang Shi Zongs face suddenly became solemn as he took a step towards Yang Kai. It was only a step, but Kuang Shi Zongs aura seemed to crash towards Yang Kai as a result, forcing him to retreat three steps as his face flushed slightly.

"Zi Long Where is he? Is he dead or alive?" Kuang Shi Zong asked in a deep voice.

Yang Kais face changed slightly and did not make a sound. Kuang Shi Zong asking such a question obviously meant he either already knew the answer or was trying to force a response from Yang Kai in order to make a determination, so the best course of action was to not speak.

"Refusing to speak? Is that a confirmation of your guilty conscience?" Kuang Shi Zong sneered, "Boy, you may not know, but becoming a Venerable of Purple Star is not just about holding a Venerable Token. It is also required for this old master to consent before anything becomes official. Without a nod from this old master, Zi Long would never give out a Venerable Token no matter how much courage he had. You hold a Venerable Token, but this old master knows nothing about your existence, so does Zi Long no longer put this old master in his eyes or is there something else afoot here? Care to explain?"

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai could not help but chuckle and casually said, "Maybe Zi Long was planning to discuss the matter with Senior after thinking about it for a while, and the Venerable Token has already been returned to Great Elder by me, so why dont we end things here for today?"

"Hmph!" Kuang Shi Zong coldly snorted, ignoring Yang Kai and instead turning to Zi Wu Ji and coldly asking, "Is your fathers Life Lamp still intact?"

Zi Wu Ji had just suffered a heavy blow, but he was not critically injured and was currently adjusting his breathing. Hearing this question though, he trembled and hesitated, debating whether he should lie or not, but soon he resigned himself and answered honestly, "Reporting to Martial Ancestor, Lord Fathers Life Lamp has broken!"

"What?" Everyone was shocked, and even Gong Sun Liang showed an expression of disbelief.

They naturally knew what a Life Lamp was and what it meant for it to have broken.

This meant that Zi Long had fallen! Purple Stars Sect Master had died!

Only Li Mao Ming, who received the news from Zi Wu Ji earlier today, remained relatively calm, though a sad and bitter smile still adorned his face. He and Zi Long were as close as siblings when they were young, and though they had later parted ways because of a woman, they were still brothers, not enemies. When he learned that Zi Long had fallen, Li Mao Ming was not the least bit happy and instead was extremely sad.

"As I thought!" Kuang Shi Zong sighed, his already old face seemingly ageing noticeably.

After remaining silent for a moment, he turned to Yang Kai again, his eyes as sharp as a falcons, as if they could penetrate everything in the world, and quickly asked, "Where did Zi Long die?"

"The Severed World!" Yang Kai answered with a frown.

"Who killed him!?"

Yang Kai raised his brow and asked, "Oh? Does Senior feel that the death of Brother Zi Long has nothing to do with me?"

Kuang Shi Zong sneered, "Although you are quite good, youre not qualified to kill Zi Long. If that werent the case, do you think this old master would be bothering to speak with you now? This old master would have already taken your life to avenge Zi Long."

"Seniors mind is sharp!" Yang Kai wore a look of admiration before immediately showing a pained look, "Brother Zi Long died under the Seven-Coloured Radiant Light, it was not under anyones hand!"

"Seven Coloured Radiant Light!" Kuang Shi Zongs face changed. Obviously, he knew what the Seven Coloured Radiant Light was, perhaps he had even entered the Severed World before and thus knew of its power. Lightly nodding, he muttered, "If that is the case, then it was his own fault for acting reckless."

"After Brother Zi Long died, I picked up his Space Ring, and as for the Venerable Token haha" Yang Kai smirked.

"What? You mean you never were my Purple Stars Venerable?" Gong Sun Liang could not help but yell in a cracking voice.

"Great Elder, forgive me, forgive me!" Yang Kai cupped his fists at him with a smile.

"You you!" Gong Sun Liangs blood rushed to his head and his heart nearly burst from his chest.

Kuang Shi Zong glanced at him coldly before turning to Yang Kai and saying, "Boy, you are not my Purple Star Venerable, you deceived your way into this place, and damaged my Purple Star City! These sins is unforgivable!"

"It wasnt just me!" Yang Kai protested.

"If it werent for you, how could todays situation have happened?" Kuang Shi Zong looked at Yang Kai coldly, his murderous intent so strong it was tangible.

Yang Kai secretly became vigilant and condensed his Saint Qi, preparing to defend himself.

But to his surprise, Kuang Shi Zong did not immediately attack but instead said, "Boy, this old master will give you two options. One, this old master kills you here and now to comfort the departed souls of my Purple Stars ancestors! Two, you join my Purple Star officially and work for my Purple Star! Choose!"

Yang Kai smiled and said, "Why must Senior try to embarrass me? I dont want to die, and I dont want to join Purple Star, so what should be done?"

"Boy, do not refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, this old master appreciates talents and does not want to see someone like you die young, you should consider well before replying."

"I have considered it thoroughly!" Yang Kai nodded sincerely.

Kuang Shi Zong narrowed his eyes as he stared at Yang Kai and said unhurriedly, "You pretending to be my Purple Star Venerable, even going so far as to infiltrate my Purple Star Palace and involve yourself in this muddy water was for more than just your own entertainment, yes? If this old master isnt wrong you came here for these people."

Saying so, Kuang Shi Zong stretched out his hand and waved and from down below, a slight exclamation rang out, then a loud roar accompanied by violent energy fluctuations burst forth as Kuang Shi Zongs face went cold and he clenched his fist.

Several figures flew over towards him uncontrollably at that moment and immediately arrived beside him.

Amazingly, it was Shen Tu and his entourage.

Behind Shen Tu and the others, Xiao Xiao held the Heaven Shaking Pillar and was in close pursuit. Xiao Xiaos body had already swelled up to his Stone Giant form and seemed to be trying to save Shen Tu and the others, but was powerless to do so.

Shen Tu and the others wore panicked expressions at this moment. They had just been rescued by Xiao Xiao and were about to use the chaos to escape from Purple Star City when they were suddenly subdued by Kuang Shi Zong and instantly became the focus of everyones attention.

Kuang Shi Zong fixed Shen Tu and the others in place not far away before turning and frowning at the Stone Puppet below, some curiosity apparent in his gaze.

Even with his insight and experience, he could not tell whether the Stone Puppet was a creature or a puppet and could only vaguely feel that this stone-like thing was not simple.

"What is Seniors meaning here?" Yang Kai squinted at Kuang Shi Zong.

"Nothing," Kuang Shi Zong saw Yang Kai become somewhat anxious when Shen Tu and the others and couldnt help but smile, "So youre from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce? However, this old master has never heard of anyone like you in Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. Who are you?"

"Junior is an unknown person, Senior has naturally never heard of him, but I must say, a Senior of your level resorting to such underhanded methods if word of this were to spread out, wouldnt it invite ridicule?" Yang Kais face was as cold and gloomy as ice.

"Who would dare laugh at me? This old master will kill him and all his family," Kuang Shi Zong said indifferently. "I will give you one last chance, swear allegiance to my Purple Star and I can release this trash, otherwise, all of you will die here today!"

Shen Tu was suspended in mid-air and his strength was completely imprisoned, so all he could do is look towards Yang Kai with a wry smile and say, "Brother Yang, forget about us, just think of a way to esca"

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly paled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Second Young Master!" The cultivators from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce were shocked and one of them even turned his head and cursed at Kuang Shi Zong, "Old Bastard, how dare you"


Halfway through his sentence though, his head suddenly burst open, spraying a mess of red and white all over before his headless corpse fell to the ground.

Shen Tu and the others turned pale immediately as they expected that a master like Kuang Shi Zong would actually lower himself to killing an Origin Realm cultivator he had already subdued.

At that moment, none of them dared to say anything again, for fear of causing their own death.

"This old masters patience is limited. Next, it will be him. This boy seems to have some value. If you do not want him to die, you should seriously consider this old masters offer," Kuang Shi Zong pointed at Shen Tu, his expression cold and unfeeling.

As soon as this was said, Shen Tu could not help shivering slightly.

"You dare!" Yang Kai shouted angrily, his complexion becoming fierce.

Without even mentioning his personal friendship with Shen Tu, just Xue Yues existence was more than enough for Yang Kai to act here. If he really let Shen Tu die at Kuang Shi Zongs hand, Yang Kai would no longer have any face to see Xue Yue.

After all, Shen Tu was Xue Yues Second Brother.

Kuang Shi Zong looked startled for a moment before a strange grin appeared on his face, "No one has dared speak to this old master that way for many years. Interesting, boy, open your eyes and watch whether this old master really dares to kill him!"

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Chapter 913 Unable To Agree To Even Half A Word Chapter 914 Returning Chapter 915 Really Pleasant To The Ear Chapter 916 Holy Tombs Change Chapter 917 Fine Like This Chapter 918 Wu Jie Visits Chapter 919 Mysterious Small World Chapter 920 Without A Pill Furnace? Chapter 921 Attacked Chapter 922 Seek Chapter 923 Too Warm Chapter 924 Wait And See Chapter 925 First Use Courtesy Then Use Force Chapter 926 Barbarians Chapter 927 Yang Kai Came Back? 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Chapter 985 Chaotic Abyss Chapter 986 Elder Sister Will Protect You Chapter 987 Land Of Warmth And Tenderness Chapter 988 Little Brat Your Luck Is Good Chapter 989 My Name Is Shen Tu Chapter 990 Who Is The Most Pitiful Chapter 991 Seems Your Good Days Are At An End Chapter 992 Yang Kai Save Me Chapter 993 Insane Chapter 994 Deliver A Big Gif Chapter 995 You Dare Come Back Chapter 996 Best Of Luck To You Chapter 997 Ill Eat You Chapter 998 Boy Toy? Chapter 999 Strange Old Man Chapter 1000 Why Does He Seem Angry Chapter 1001 Brother Its Good To See You Chapter 1002 Star Sect Command Chapter 1003 Cant Appreciate Kindness Chapter 1004 Wu Suos Fortuitous Encounter Chapter 1005 Abundant Resources Chapter 1006 Alchemy Chapter 1007 Showing You The Right Path Chapter 1008 Unbearably Provoked Chapter 1009 This Old Master Means What He Says Chapter 1010 Provocation Chapter 1011 Space Array Chapter 1012 Why Choose Me? Chapter 1013 Were Very Sorry Chapter 1014 Hot Tempered Gui Zu Chapter 1015 Youve Actually Possess Such An Ability? Chapter 1016 Agreemen Chapter 1017 Scream Until Your Throat Goes Dry No One Will Care Chapter 1018 Maid Or Slave? Chapter 1019 Serving Others Well Chapter 1020 Attemp Chapter 1021 Blessing Or Calamity Chapter 1022 Fusion Chapter 1023 Second Order Sain Chapter 1024 Star Source Chapter 1025 Time Is Running Ou Chapter 1026 We Can Leave Chapter 1027 I Must Control Whether You Live Or Die Chapter 1028 Leaving Chapter 1029 Dont Make This More Difficult For Me Chapter 1030 Do You Want To Follow This Old Master? Chapter 1031 Star Emperor Token Chapter 1032 First Stop Chapter 1033 To Refuse Would Be Impolite Chapter 1034 If I Have Any Demands Ill Inform You Chapter 1035 Relic Chapter 1036 Planning Ahead Chapter 1037 Why Are You Chasing Me? Chapter 1038 Battling A Saint King Chapter 1039 This Transaction Must Be Cancelled Chapter 1040 Xue Yue Chapter 1041 Take A Look Outside For Yourself Chapter 1042 Coincidence Chapter 1043 Deadly To Men And Women Alike Chapter 1044 Somewhat Differen Chapter 1045 Struggle And Resis Chapter 1046 Profiting Chapter 1047 Soul Chains Chapter 1048 Youre Even More Attractive Without Clothes Chapter 1049 Good Luck Chapter 1050 Intention To Win Over Chapter 1051 Branch Chapter 1052 Im Not Peeking Chapter 1053 Medicine Garden Chapter 1054 Pills Are Difficult To Refine Chapter 1055 Ancient Ruins Chapter 1056 Profound Yin Sunflower Water Chapter 1057 Remaining Unconscious Chapter 1058 Zong Ao Chapter 1059 Chew And Feed It To Her Chapter 1060 Deal Chapter 1061 Five Coloured Meteor Essence Chapter 1062 I Advise You To Give Up Chapter 1063 Be Chapter 1064 Very Satisfied Chapter 1065 Moon Slaves Chapter 1066 Cultivation Chapter 1067 Third Order Saint Realm Chapter 1068 Wait And See Chapter 1069 Can You Be Quiet? Chapter 1070 At Worst This Old Master Can Worship You As His Teacher Chapter 1071 Outsider Chapter 1072 Burning Ones Boat? Chapter 1073 Heavenly Force Chapter 1073 Heavenly Force Chapter 1074 Pill Clouds Chapter 1075 Undeserved Credi Chapter 1076 Divine Sense Intrusion Chapter 1077 Bite Me Chapter 1078 Im A Man Of Principles Chapter 1079 In The Name Of Xue Yue Chapter 1080 Youre Really Cruel And Heartless Chapter 1081 Determination Chapter 1082 Response Chapter 1083 You Seem Happy Chapter 1084 Sitting On A Mountain Top Watching The Tigers Figh Chapter 1085 Malicious Invitation Chapter 1086 Hiding True Strength Chapter 1087 Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion Chapter 1088 Bird Wood Chapter 1089 Body Tempering Divine Pond Chapter 1090 Why Are You Still Not Dead? Chapter 1091 Sacrificial Altar Chapter 1092 Picked It Up Chapter 1093 It Broke Just Like That? Chapter 1094 Youre Quite Pitiful Chapter 1095 Black Rock Beasts Chapter 1096 Golden Spear Chapter 1097 Slight Effort? Chapter 1098 Shadowed Star Chapter 1099 Wu Yis Anger Chapter 1100 Stopover Chapter 1101 Artifact Refining Pavilion Chapter 1102 Grandmaster Yang Yan Chapter 1103 Arranging The Array Chapter 1104 I Can Also Live Here? Chapter 1105 Ill Give You A Chance To Prove Yourself Chapter 1106 Joining A Gang Of Evildoers Chapter 1107 Business Chapter 1108 Golden Bloods Miraculous Uses Chapter 1109 He Came Again Chapter 1110 Qian Tongs Recruitmen Chapter 1111 What The Hell Do You Count For Chapter 1112 Clay Buddha Crossing The River Chapter 1113 A Few More Drops Chapter 1114 Hatch From The Shell Chapter 1115 Good Job Chapter 1116 Stone Race Chapter 1117 You Wont Try To Silence The Witness To The Crime Chapter 1118 Space Spirit Crystal Lode Chapter 1119 Family Ruining Cultivation Chapter 1120 Beat The Snake To Death To Avoid Future Calamity Chapter 1121 Scram Chapter 1122 Youre Quite Arrogan Chapter 1123 Kicked An Iron Plate Chapter 1124 Hundred Mountains Chapter 1125 Disintegrate Chapter 1126 Saint King Realm Chapter 1127 Just A Joke Chapter 1128 Countermeasures Chapter 1129 Saint King Pill Chapter 1130 Already Married Chapter 1131 Yang Yans Power Chapter 1132 Someone To Test The Spirit Arrays Migh Chapter 1133 As You Wish Chapter 1134 Too Easy Chapter 1135 Annihilated Chapter 1136 Cannot Become Friends Chapter 1137 Compromise And Share Chapter 1138 New Method Of Attack Chapter 1139 Space Blade Chapter 1140 What Kind Of Power Is This Chapter 1141 Shi Chapter 1142 Brain Damaged Chapter 1143 Qian Tong Arrives Chapter 1144 There Is No More Xu Family Chapter 1145 Qian Tongs Show Of Goodwill Chapter 1146 Pleasant Surprise Chapter 1147 Black Belly Yang Yan Chapter 1148 Treasure Trove Pavilion Chapter 1149 Disturbance In Front Of The Building Chapter 1150 Should Be Delivered Soon Chapter 1151 What Mistake Did Disciple Make? Chapter 1152 Black Hearted Money Chapter 1153 Ancient Map Chapter 1154 A Small Gif Chapter 1155 Filthy Rich Chapter 1156 Sudden Wealth Chapter 1157 Profound Insect Stone And Three Great Forbidden Zones Chapter 1158 Hot Headed Ge Xiong Chapter 1159 Next Time Be Careful What You Buy Chapter 1160 Dragon Striker Whip Chapter 1161 Bloody Figh Chapter 1162 Terrifying Bidding Chapter 1163 Has Everyone Gone Insane? Chapter 1164 Naturally Ill Go Chapter 1165 Those Who Give Me One Point Of Respect I Give Ten Chapter 1166 Do You Actually Have A Master? Chapter 1167 Gathering Chapter 1168 Information Chapter 1169 Did I Miss Anything Chapter 1170 Buy And Sell By Compulsion Chapter 1171 Seem To Have Guts Chapter 1172 Touching Scenery And Fond Memories Chapter 1173 Is Someone Also Trying To Buy And Sell By Compulsion? Chapter 1174 Chang Qi And Hao An Chapter 1175 Entering Chapter 1176 Those Who Are Skilled Like To Adventure Alone Chapter 1177 Strange Mountain Valley Chapter 1178 Why Did He Die Like This Chapter 1179 Alive And Well Chapter 1180 The Sewing Machine Chapter 1181 Sneak Attack Chapter 1182 Flowing Flame Flying Fire Chapter 1183 Breaking The Spirit Array Chapter 1184 You Found Something Good? Chapter 1185 Hurry Up And Run If You Dont Want To Die Chapter 1186 Silence The Witness To The Crime Chapter 1187 Map Fragments Use Chapter 1188 Emerald Silk Grass Chapter 1189 Soul Cleansing Divine Water Chapter 1190 Stalactite Cave Chapter 1191 Breaking The Barrier Together Chapter 1192 Entering The Pool Chapter 1193 Your Luck Is Really Good Chapter 1194 Crazy Absorption Chapter 1195 Black Po Chapter 1196 Lu Ye Chapter 1197 Soul Warming Lotuss Evolution Chapter 1198 A Man Of Great Destiny Chapter 1199 Running Into Chang Qi Chapter 1200 Saint Crystal Lode Chapter 1201 Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree Chapter 1202 Dragon Bone? Chapter 1203 Leaving Chapter 1204 The Third Layer Chapter 1205 Solidified Space Chapter 1206 Encountering The Flowing Flame Flying Fire Again Chapter 1207 Waiting For Gains Without Pains Chapter 1208 Nothing Good Chapter 1209 Instant Kill Chapter 1210 Chase Chapter 1211 Is This Your Last Resort? Chapter 1212 Ugly Woman Chapter 1213 I Just Found Him Unpleasant To The Eye Chapter 1214 Wei Gu Changs Call For Help Chapter 1215 In Imminent Danger Chapter 1216 At The Critical Momen Chapter 1217 Snow Silk Chapter 1218 Unlucky Chapter 1219 Sun Rising In The Eas Chapter 1220 Red Candle Frui Chapter 1221 Divide Into Camps Chapter 1222 Hostility Chapter 1223 Second Red Suns Rising Chapter 1224 Expelling People Chapter 1225 Sneak Attack Chapter 1226 A Day Felt Like A Year Chapter 1227 Scramble Chapter 1228 Red Candle Stalk Chapter 1229 Yuan Control Mastery Chapter 1230 Short Rod Chapter 1231 Luck Falling From The Sky Chapter 1232 Transaction Chapter 1233 Go Together Chapter 1234 Travelling Deeper Chapter 1235 Fourth Layer Chapter 1236 Sect Ruins Chapter 1237 Fifth Layer Chapter 1238 Earth Lung Fire Pond Chapter 1239 Artifact Spiri Chapter 1240 Fierce Battle Chapter 1241 Retreating Chapter 1242 Refining Chapter 1243 Complete Refinemen Chapter 1244 Removing Firewood From Under The Po Chapter 1245 Subduing Chapter 1246 Departing Chapter 1247 Sixth Layer Chapter 1248 Ten Thousand Year Incense Chapter 1249 Second Star Emperor Token Chapter 1250 Blood Fusion Pill Chapter 1251 No Difference Chapter 1252 What Reward Can You Give Me Chapter 1253 Demon Blood Thread Technique Chapter 1254 Demon Blood City Chapter 1255 Making Things Difficul Chapter 1256 Dragon Cave Mountains Changes Chapter 1257 Completely Spen Chapter 1258 Blood Sword Grass Seed Chapter 1259 Taking Inventory Chapter 1260 Arrangemen Chapter 1261 Retrea Chapter 1262 Golden Blood Thread Chapter 1263 Two Blessings Descending Upon The House Chapter 1264 Going Ou Chapter 1265 Dai Yuan Visits Chapter 1266 Going Around The Sun To Reach The Moon Chapter 1267 Worried About Thieves Chapter 1268 Setting Ou Chapter 1269 Grand Crystal Mountain Range Chapter 1270 Coloured Glass Mountain Chapter 1271 Kneading Chapter 1272 At Ease Chapter 1273 Detoxify Chapter 1274 Blood Invigorating Mushroom Chapter 1275 Yin Pond Chapter 1276 Detoxification Chapter 1277 Coloured Glass Bead Chapter 1278 Changes In The Mountain Chapter 1279 It Really Was You Chapter 1280 Pursuers Chapter 1281 Kneel Down Chapter 1282 Bond Of Fate Chapter 1283 Beguiling Technique Illusion Chapter 1284 Some Good Methods Chapter 1285 You Wont Regret It? Chapter 1286 Blossoming Lotus Chapter 1287 Who Is Su Yan? Chapter 1288 Yin Soul Chapter 1289 Its Her Chapter 1290 Breaking Through Chapter 1291 Grand Burial Valley Chapter 1292 Continuing Deeper Chapter 1293 Corpse Soldier Chapter 1294 Nested Array Chapter 1295 Corpse Cave Chapter 1296 Secret Cave Chapter 1297 Ten Thousand Year Ice Jade Pedestal Chapter 1298 Suns True Essence Chapter 1299 Succeeding Chapter 1300 Underworld Well Spring Chapter 1301 Meeting Chen Shi Tao Again Chapter 1302 Silver Night Thunder Beas Chapter 1303 Thunder Pond Thunder Liquid Chapter 1304 Disagreemen Chapter 1305 Processing Chapter 1306 Persuasion Chapter 1307 Warning Chapter 1307 Warning Chapter 1308 Black Crow City Chapter 1309 Chen Fan Leis Invitation Chapter 1310 Joyous Union Pavilion Chapter 1311 Special Reques Chapter 1312 Meeting An Old Acquaintance In A Foreign Land Chapter 1313 Ice Soul Bead Chapter 1314 Qian Yues Bitter Experience Chapter 1315 Redeeming Chapter 1316 Bargaining Chapter 1317 Twists And Turns Chapter 1318 Manager Lian Chapter 1319 Deal Chapter 1320 A Little Talk About Life Chapter 1321 Ambush Chapter 1322 Fighting An Origin Returning Realm Master Chapter 1323 Completely Overwhelming Chapter 1324 Third Order Saint King Realm Chapter 1325 Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Ar Chapter 1326 Acciden Chapter 1327 Yu Feng Detained Chapter 1328 Is Your Surname Xie? Chapter 1329 Take Revenge For Your Grudges Chapter 1330 Settling Grudges Chapter 1331 The City Lord Of Heavenly Fate City Chapter 1332 One Move Chapter 1333 Late Night Meeting Chapter 1334 Qian Tong Is Stranded Chapter 1335 You Actually Want Benefits? Chapter 1336 Gathering Chapter 1337 Fallen Emperor Mountain Chapter 1338 Underground River Chapter 1339 Ancient Ruins Chapter 1340 Spectral Cloud Array Chapter 1341 Cloud Beasts Chapter 1342 Brain Damaged Chapter 1343 Qian Tong Arrives Chapter 1344 Ice Road Chapter 1345 World Spiri Chapter 1346 Ice Phoenixs Reaction Chapter 1347 Space Array Gate Chapter 1348 Two Choices Chapter 1349 Three Great Divine Waters Chapter 1350 Exi Chapter 1351 Blocked Chapter 1352 Kill I Chapter 1353 Fierce Battle Chapter 1354 In Imminent Danger Chapter 1355 Self Destruc Chapter 1356 Divide Up Chapter 1357 It Reappears Chapter 1358 Emperor Garden Appears Chapter 1359 Adjacent To The Real Prize Chapter 1360 Yang Yans Knowledge Sea Defences Chapter 1361 All Is Well Chapter 1362 Heaven Shaking Pillar Chapter 1363 Who Can Use It? Chapter 1364 Condensing Golden Blood Chapter 1365 Requisitioning Dragon Cave Mountain Chapter 1366 Had Eyes But Failed To See Chapter 1367 Bringing Contempt Upon Oneself Chapter 1368 Just A Misunderstanding Chapter 1369 Deliver An Invitation Chapter 1370 Everyone Loves Beauty Chapter 1371 Lead You To Have A Look Chapter 1372 Overcrowded Chapter 1373 Room B 13 Chapter 1374 Spirit Storage Bead Chapter 1375 Riding A Tiger Chapter 1376 Seeing Lu Yu Again Chapter 1377 Profound Gold Chapter 1377 Profound Gold Chapter 1378 Fallen Into A Pi Chapter 1379 Another Star Emperor Token Chapter 1380 One Hundred Percent Assurance Chapter 1381 Seeing A Ghos Chapter 1382 Still Not Coming Out? Chapter 1383 Price Chapter 1384 Lu Yes Ambush Chapter 1385 Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insec Chapter 1386 Flying Shark Battle Shuttle Chapter 1387 Tear Space Chapter 1388 Confirm Something Chapter 1389 Who I Am Chapter 1390 Fusion Chapter 1391 Several Forces Collaborate Chapter 1392 Besotted Chapter 1393 Wei Gu Changs Anxiety Chapter 1394 Strong Observers Chapter 1395 Digging Their Own Grave? Chapter 1396 Power Of The Spirit Array Chapter 1397 Luring Into A Trap Chapter 1398 Cut Off The Enemys Retreat And Annihilate Them Chapter 1399 Lost In A Dream Chapter 1400 Ill Be Right Back Chapter 1401 Fierce Battle Chapter 1402 Fish On The Chopping Block Chapter 1403 Monster Transformation Chapter 1404 This Old Masters Name Is Xie Li Chapter 1405 Explosive Rage Chapter 1406 Trap Chapter 1407 Annihilated Chapter 1408 Heroes Emerge From The Younger Generation Chapter 1409 Why Did She Come Chapter 1410 They Deserved Their Deaths Chapter 1411 Five Element World Energy Chapter 1412 Emperor Gardens Mutation Chapter 1413 Bone Incinerating Flame Lamp Chapter 1414 Ill Consider I Chapter 1415 Series Of Twists And Turns Chapter 1416 Sentient Ancient Tree Chapter 1417 Overwhelming Strength Chapter 1418 Dragon Bone Sword Chapter 1419 The Might Of Dragon Cave Mountain Chapter 1420 Some Happy Some Sad Chapter 1421 Emperor Jade Chapter 1422 Supreme Profound Sect Ruins Chapter 1423 High Heaven Sec Chapter 1424 Verdant Dragon Bone Sword Chapter 1425 Subduing Chapter 1426 Quite Lively Chapter 1427 Conveniently Founded Sec Chapter 1428 Unreasonable Chapter 1429 As People Mature Chapter 1430 Mo Yus Reques Chapter 1431 Making Use Of Local Resources Chapter 1432 Good Thing? Chapter 1433 Divine Nullification Stone Chapter 1434 All Five Elements Gathered Chapter 1435 World Energy Funnel Chapter 1436 Astonishing Baptism Chapter 1437 Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi Chapter 1438 Once In A Lifetime Opportunity Chapter 1439 Condensing Shi Chapter 1440 Demon Blood Temples Temple Master Chapter 1441 Hes Here Chapter 1442 Seven Coloured Elk? Chapter 1443 Shocking News Chapter 1444 Turning Down Chapter 1445 Hidden Secluded Home Chapter 1446 Are You Going To Fight Or No Chapter 1447 Fair Proposal Chapter 1448 Heaven Scorching Thunder Fire Chapter 1449 Ruthlessly Exterminate Chapter 1450 Mountain Valley Medicine Garden Chapter 1451 Hidden Cave Mansion Chapter 1452 Distribution Chapter 1453 You Again? Chapter 1454 Running Away Chapter 1455 Wearing Out Iron Shoes While Seeking Ones Fee Chapter 1456 Chased Woman Chapter 1457 Fate Is Truly Unpredictable Chapter 1458 Shan Qing Luos Experience Chapter 1459 Arriving At The Ice Road Again Chapter 1460 Who Is The Hunter Chapter 1461 Ice Phoenix Reappears Chapter 1462 Failing To Agree Chapter 1463 Void Crack Chapter 1464 You Can Die Chapter 1465 What Should And Should Not Be Said Chapter 1466 Pure Life Revitalizing Jade Cream Chapter 1467 Again Chapter 1468 Youre Too Naive Chapter 1469 Astonishing Revelation Chapter 1470 Transcendent Soul Summoning Grand Array Chapter 1471 Symbiotic Monster Spiri Chapter 1472 Deserted Island Chapter 1473 Sea Side City Chapter 1474 Willing Chapter 1475 Lin Yuner Chapter 1476 Black Sea City Chapter 1477 A Quota Chapter 1478 Deep Sleep Chapter 1479 Heaven Defying Pill Chapter 1480 True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture Chapter 1481 Wearing Out Iron Shoes While Seeking Ones Fee Chapter 1482 Star Refining Ar Chapter 1483 Whats Wrong With Her? Chapter 1484 Conspiring Chapter 1485 Fallen Emperor Mountains Mutation Chapter 1486 Invitation Chapter 1487 Towards The Depths Chapter 1488 Five Elements Scattering Array Chapter 1489 Acciden Chapter 1490 Opening The Door Chapter 1491 Feather Spirit Arrow Chapter 1492 Famous Name Chapter 1493 Let Him Pass Chapter 1494 Great Sun Radiant Seal Chapter 1495 A Presumptuous Reques Chapter 1496 Pure Spirit Qi Chapter 1497 Youre Nex Chapter 1498 Shocking Everyone Chapter 1499 The Array Plates Power Chapter 1500 Send On Your Way Chapter 1501 You Have No Choice Chapter 1502 Coercing Chapter 1503 Emperor Artifac Chapter 1504 Escaping Chapter 1505 Healing Chapter 1506 Annihilation Thunder Bead Chapter 1507 Stone Embryos Change Chapter 1508 Incomplete Sentience Chapter 1509 Heaven Battling City Chapter 1510 The City In Uproar Chapter 1511 Instant Kill Chapter 1512 Rushing In Chapter 1513 Destroying The Array Chapter 1514 Terrifying Starship Chapter 1515 Interrupting Chapter 1516 Promising Chapter 1517 There Is No More Heaven Battling Union Chapter 1518 Thunder Typhoon Canyon Chapter 1519 Star Emperor Mountain Secrets Chapter 1520 Ye Xi Yuns Plan Chapter 1521 Receiving Guests Chapter 1522 Shocking Again And Again Chapter 1523 Star Emperor Mountain Chapter 1524 You Dont Need To Know Chapter 1525 Are You Serious? Chapter 1526 Star Ascendance Peak Chapter 1527 Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip Chapter 1528 Incomplete Small Sealed World Chapter 1529 Sealed World Bead Chapter 1530 Hand To Hand Comba Chapter 1531 You Can Die Chapter 1532 Expanding The Small Sealed World Chapter 1533 Blue Wave Fores Chapter 1534 Blue Wave City Chapter 1535 I Have A Sense Of Discretion Chapter 1536 Dont Worry Chapter 1537 Have You Seen Clearly Chapter 1538 Who Dares Not Give Face Chapter 1539 Greets Sect Master Chapter 1540 You Can Die Conten Chapter 1541 All As Before Chapter 1542 Monster Chapter 1543 Tyrant Strength Body Chapter 1544 Setting Sail Chapter 1545 Dead Zone Chapter 1546 Green Water City Chapter 1547 Blood Prison Trial Chapter 1548 Epiphany Chapter 1549 Pill Spiri Chapter 1550 A Connection From A Great Distance Chapter 1551 Return Tong Xuan Realm Chapter 1552 You Dont Know Me? Chapter 1553 Meeting Old Friends Chapter 1554 Saint King Realm Xia Ning Chang Chapter 1555 Im Back Chapter 1556 Tender Affection Chapter 1557 Source Chapter 1558 Witness Chapter 1559 Control Chapter 1560 Peacemaker Chapter 1561 No Other Motives Chapter 1562 Arrangements Chapter 1563 Return To Spider Mothers Den Chapter 1564 Monster Emperor Star Chapter 1565 Shimmering Moon City Chapter 1566 Guidance Chapter 1567 Commotion At The Gate Chapter 1568 You Dare Refuse To Kneel? Chapter 1569 Is There Something Wrong With Your Head? Chapter 1570 Startling Phenomenon Chapter 1571 Ba He Chapter 1572 A Matter Of Great Importance Chapter 1573 Successful Refinemen Chapter 1574 Half Moon Mountain Chapter 1575 So Hes Just A Boy Toy Chapter 1576 The Role Model For All Boy Toys Chapter 1577 Past Events Chapter 1578 Awkward Assignmen Chapter 1579 It Must Be Hard For You Grandmaster Xia Chapter 1580 Xue Lian Chapter 1581 Head On Chapter 1582 Transform Chapter 1583 Great Shame Chapter 1584 You Look Down On Me Too Much Chapter 1585 Half Monster Race Chapter 1586 Origin Essence Crystal Chapter 1587 Monster Transformation Chapter 1588 Delivering Thanks To The Wrong Person Chapter 1589 Good Methods Chapter 1590 Blood Prison Chapter 1591 Comprehending Chapter 1592 Interesting Thing Chapter 1593 None Of My Business Chapter 1594 I Dont Like Killing Women Chapter 1595 Domain Stone Chapter 1596 Moving Deeper Chapter 1597 Stay Put If You Dont Want To Die Chapter 1598 Domain Stone Mountain Chapter 1599 Cannot Be Judged By His Appearance Chapter 1600 You Can Rest Easy Chapter 1601 This Place Is Off Limits Chapter 1602 Kill Him Chapter 1603 In His Pocke Chapter 1604 Heavy Losses Chapter 1605 Monster Mountain Chapter 1606 You Finally Came Ou Chapter 1607 Insufficien Chapter 1608 Arent You Going To Run? Chapter 1609 Oddly Strong Chapter 1610 Send You On Your Way Chapter 1611 Extinguish Your Soul Chapter 1612 Youth Chapter 1613 Poaching Chapter 1614 A Sect Master Lower Than An Elder Chapter 1618 Dire Situation Chapter 1619 Unexpected Outcome Chapter 1620 Blocked Chapter 1621 Emperor Artifacts Power Chapter 1622 Hiding Chapter 1623 Epiphany Chapter 1624 Star Force Suppor Chapter 1625 Scarlet Wave Stars Pure Ice Island Chapter 1626 Blustering Chapter 1627 You Chapter 1628 Do You Know Him? 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Chapter 1936: Liu Jianyun Chapter 1937: New realm Chapter 1938: Bi Yuzong Chapter 1939: Sweeping snake Chapter 1940: Actually not dead Chapter 1941: Don't want to die, just go away Chapter 1942: You are unlucky Chapter 1943: Mysterious sound Chapter 1944: Protection method Chapter 1945: Virtual snake Chapter 1946: Source crystal Chapter 1947: slander Chapter 1948: Rolling Chapter 1949: Summon Chapter 1950: Ice cliff Chapter 1951: Shock Chapter 1952: Virtual king three layers and new secrets Chapter 1953: Ice flower Chapter 1954: Snow if clear Chapter 1955: Antiphasic Chapter 1956: Sword-inspired Chapter 1957: The birth of the strongest blood beast Chapter 1958: Desperate Chapter 1959: Assault Chapter 1960: Shameful shame Chapter 1961: Re-entry into the bone Chapter 1961: Heavenly warfare Chapter 1963: Wu Mengchuan Chapter 1964: metropolitan? Chapter 1965: Get out of trouble Chapter 1966: Parting ways Chapter 1967: I am so old. Chapter 1968: Big delivery Chapter 1969: Not vasculitis Chapter 1970: Pig teammate Chapter 1971: Why are you attacking me? Chapter 1972: Who are you? Chapter 1973: Descendants of the Holy Spirit Chapter 1973: Scramble Chapter 1975: Burning out the Quartet Chapter 1976: Fenglin City Chapter 1977: Danfang Chapter 1978: Deed of the soul Chapter 1979: Digging the wall (Happy New Year's Day) Chapter 1980: remuneration Chapter 1981: Yuan Ning Dan Chapter 1982: Nine-day Xuan Dan Chapter 1983: Dragon and snake mixed Chapter 1984: Give you a big creation Chapter 1985: Still alive Chapter 1986: I am not so irritated. Chapter 1987: Pull the tiger skin to make a big banner Chapter 1988: Damn liar Chapter 1989: Chicken rib Chapter 1990: Tailored Chapter 1991: Five-color pagoda Chapter 1992: Blue smoked princess Chapter 1993: Old liar Chapter 1993: Five-color pagoda Chapter 1995: altar Chapter 1996: Shenglongtan Chapter 1997: Longwei oppression Chapter 1998: Sneak attack Chapter 1999: Soul knife Chapter 2000: Scam (thanks to everyone for their support) Chapter 2001: one question Chapter 2002: Reject Chapter 2003: Golden crystal grass Chapter 2004: Huge ore Chapter 2005: Natural gravity field Chapter 2006: Heavy soil Chapter 2007: Earth vein beads Chapter 2008: Want to see the source? 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Chapter 2067: Shocked (Happy Festival) Chapter 2068: Its a misunderstanding Chapter 2069: The first battle of Daoyuan Chapter 2070: Horse cell Chapter 2071: Funeral dog Chapter 2072: Magical plunder Chapter 2073: Rampage Chapter 2073: Hu is so entangled Chapter 2075: Dare to stop me and die (Happy New Year) Chapter 2076: Magical Besieged City (Give you a New Year) Chapter 2077: No retreat Chapter 2078: Daoyuan Dan Chapter 2079: Resist Chapter 2080: Trap Chapter 2081: One husband Chapter 2082: Sneak attack Chapter 2083: Help Chapter 2084: Revenge Chapter 2085: Unusual Chapter 2086: Soul Chapter 2087: Blackbird troll Chapter 2088: Xuanwu Seven Array Chapter 2089: Request (at the beginning of the month, ask for a monthly pass) Chapter 2090: Flower blue Chapter 2091: Want to Chapter 2092: I didn't do anything yet. Chapter 2093: Repression Chapter 2094: Blood returning to Dan Chapter 2095: Broken limb reborn (thanks to the Fifth League Lord for rewards) Chapter 2096: Bloody battle (Happy Lantern Festival) Chapter 2097: Sudden change Chapter 2098: Blackbird Chapter 2099: Zhibao Xianwei Chapter 2100: I'm just kidding Chapter 2101: Respected Chapter 2102: One enemy three Chapter 2103: Means Chapter 2104: Flaming light Chapter 2105: Dark unbounded Chapter 2106: Unintentional Chapter 2107: Two-color seal Chapter 2108: Visiting Chapter 2109: discuss Chapter 2110: despair Chapter 2111: Long Island Order Chapter 2112: Inquire Chapter 2113: The reaction of the ethereal jade Chapter 2114: Refining dragon blood Chapter 2115: Different trees Chapter 2116: Heaven and earth and the robbery Chapter 2117: Jade girl Chapter 2118: Red woman Chapter 2119: Hello, Fengqi Chapter 2120: Shocked Chapter 2121: Qingyang Mountain Range Chapter 2122: Broken Chapter 2123: projection Chapter 2124: Red dust Chapter 2125: Where have you seen you? Chapter 2126: For him Chapter 2127: Stronger Chapter 2128: Make a bet Chapter 2129: You can't manage Chapter 2130: The situation has changed Chapter 2131: Xia Wei Chapter 2132: set off Chapter 2133: Anonymous valley Chapter 2134: Impermanence Chapter 2135: There is a kind of hit me Chapter 2136: Goodbye, Yu Yuqing Chapter 2137: Entrance open Chapter 2138: Beast Chapter 2139: Aura sea Chapter 2140: Wanted Chapter 2141: court death Chapter 2142: Power of the Holy Spirit Chapter 2143: One enemy three Chapter 2144: The power of the law Chapter 2145: Capricious Chapter 2146: Weird promotion Chapter 2147: Do not want a face