Home Proud Farm Girl With A SpaceChapter 1427

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"Sugar, I love you so much. As expected, only the barbecue you make is the best, oh oh, oh..." Hua Qingyun ate the delicious barbecue, feeling that she was hungry for a day after her wedding. The son is fine.

"Don't love me, no result!" Su Tang really admired this foodie. Although she knew it was a foodie since she knew him, Su Tang really didn't expect it to come out and ask her to eat and drink.

The point is that Su Tang felt inexplicably that these two people were going to rely on her, and they came so unceremoniously.

"Junior sister, I want another piece of roasted leeks!" Thinking of this, Su Tang heard that Murong Zhao next to him had eaten a piece of roasted leeks, and asked for it.

"Pei Xuan'er, close the stall!" When Su Tang saw these two guys like this, he decisively reached out and ordered directly.

Pei Xuan's movements are about to come up and close, Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun looked like this, and quickly protected "What are you doing so stingy!"

"Sorry, I'm a businessman, and I don't want to lose money. Chenghui has a bunch of ten taels of silver!" Su Tang folded his arms in his chest.

"Yes, it must be silver!" Pei Xuan was also talking next to him.

Chasing them away, ignoring Su Yongnuo's existence, is the world of two people, Pei Xuan said that he would never give up.

When the two people finished speaking, they saw Murong Zhao silently take out a few gold ingots.

Oops, the enemy was prepared, they underestimated the enemy.

"Sister, do you still have roasted leeks?" Murong Zhao took out the money and asked Su Tang again.

Pei Xuan looked at the two in front of him, seriously considering the feasibility of strangling them.

On the other hand, Su Tang quietly collected the two gold ingots and greeted the next person to come over "Barbecue!"

Is it easy to get rich, Pei Xuan looked at Su Tang desperately, she really was the little money spirit she knew back then.

With the subordinate barbecue, Su Tang and the four of them sat in the yard together, eating barbecue. It was only until the middle of the moon that Pei Xuan and Su Tang drove them back to the palace.

At the gate of Princess Qinghe's Mansion, Su Tang and Pei Xuan watched Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun riding away from the back, slowly immersed in the dark night.

"Haha..." Su Tang laughed, shaking his head while laughing.

Seeing her like this, Pei Xuan laughed, and took her hand back to the princess mansion. It was late at night, and Su Yongnuo had already gone back to rest. The people had cleaned everything up, and the lights in the princess mansion were bright and dark.

Su Tang and Pei Xuan held hands and walked in the house. After such a quiet night, after the hustle and bustle of play, the world seemed to be the only two of them left.

"It's great!" Pei Xuan sighed after laughing. Although time has changed, they can still play around like this after all, so it's great.

"Hmm, I can't let them smell it next time!" Su Tang touched the gold ingot in her hand. What she likes is not the gold ingot, but the feeling of being together.

"It's amazing to be married, huh!" Pei Xuan thought of the way Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun were together just now, so she curled her lips and looked at Su Tang, "Tang Tang, let's get married too, okay, he is only older than me." At the age of one, I have married two daughters-in-law, and I should get married."

But Su Tang never promised, Pei Xuan would not give up and continue to grind.

When he heard him talk about getting married again, Su Tang turned his head and glanced at the boy next to him, with a smile on his brows, "Let's talk about it when I am eighteen!"

What's the worry about getting married? What's wrong with being in love for a few years? Su Tang doesn't want to get married so early.

Pei Xuan opened his eyes wide, and pulled Su Tang in a pitiful way, "It's still three years, Tangtang, can't it work sixteen?"


"Then seventeen, Tangtang, my classmates are all fathers, I'll be seventeen!"


"That seventeen and a half years old!"


The silhouettes of young teenagers and girls were gradually overwhelmed by the night, Su Tang smiled and continued to say, "Would you like to wait for me to be twenty?"

"Eighteen years old is great. I think that eighteen years old is really the most suitable age for you to get married. I am only twenty-four. I am very young and powerful. It is perfect!" When I heard Su Tang said it even later, Pei Xuan was very quick.

Su Tang smiled when he saw him like this, and took his arm "Let's go, father-in-law!"

"Yes, Your Royal Highness!" Pei Xuan answered with a smile when she heard her calling herself that way.

She met him when she was young, and she met him coldheartedly, so she felt ups and downs for him. They are only just beginning and the future is long, but they all know that the people around will always be each other.

The time is long and the future is long, but they all keep their original intentions and get better and better. Every day in the future, they will go on together until the moment of death.

Orange Cat: Meow, why am I eating dog food frequently recently?

(End of full text)

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