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As Ye Chen released the real body of the ancient god, a powerful force of qi and blood spread to the surroundings.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen, whose physical strength had been greatly increased, and even felt an extremely strong force oppressing him.

"Ye Shizhu's physical body is so strong that I am afraid that none of my Buddhist presiding officers can match it. Only the golden body of the ancient times can match it."

Zen Master Wan Fa felt the vigorous power of blood in Ye Chen's body, and a look of wonder appeared on his face.

"If you talk about the strength of the physical body, this Ye Chen is deservedly number one in the world. I really don't know how he cultivated such a strong physical body at a young age."

Tang Haocheng said with a look of wonder: "Even in the ancient times, in some of my Tang family's classics, there are very few records of such an amazing Tianjiao."

"A physical body has been difficult to repair since ancient times. Those who are not lucky can not get the Dadao. Ye Chen can have such a strong physical body, it is indeed a rare genius in thousands of years."

Yang Jingzhou nodded aside, his face was full of emotion.

All major sects have martial artists who practice the same physical body, but there are very few people who can make great achievements.

One is because the resource requirements for cultivating a physical body are very high. Although a warrior in the same level who cultivates a physical body is stronger, they pay more attention to talents and resources.

The second is that the exercises are hard to find, especially the top exercises in the physical body.

Even the immortal vajra body that currently exists in Buddhism was not considered a top-notch technique in ancient times, and in Buddhism today, the lack of immortal vajra body technique is extremely serious. No cultivation method exists.

Even so, the difficulty of cultivation of this immortal diamond body is much more difficult than the same level of practice. In Buddhism, a warrior who can cultivate the immortal diamond body to the realm of great achievement is definitely an extremely rare genius.

Various factors have led to the fact that in the martial arts world today, there are very few martial artists who practice the physical body together, and most of them still go to open the Yuanhai and step into the Ning Yuan realm.

While everyone secretly sighed, Zhang Tiansheng and Yu Ange felt extremely strong pressure.

Ye Chen is like the same ancient fierce beast, releasing an extremely cruel aura.


Ye Chen snorted, like a streamer, he directly used the aurora step.

In an instant, Ye Chen turned into a bright golden light, wandering in the void, and appeared in front of Zhang Tiansheng in an instant.

"Fast speed."

Zhang Tiansheng's expression changed, and he did not dare to feel the slightest amount of support.

"Nine Profound Sword Formation!"

Zhang Tiansheng snorted, and a series of nine sword auras flashed across the sky, covering Zhang Tiansheng's body with a very strange connection, and at the same time, he slashed towards Ye Chen in front of him from all angles.

This Nine Profound Sword Formation was Zhang Tiansheng's unique swordsmanship, but anyone who was enveloped by the Nine Profound Sword Formation couldn't get rid of this sword aura at all and could only resist hard.

This Nine Profound Sword Array can not only attack but also defend.

Shrouded by this nine profound sword formation, Zhang Tiansheng can withdraw, but the person who is shrouded must withstand the attack of this nine profound sword formation.

"A mere sword formation, don't want to trap me?"

Ye Chen grinned, a look of disdain flashed in his eyes, and he didn't even dodge at all, so he ran into the nine sword qi.

Suddenly, the moment when these nine sword auras touched Ye Chen's physical body, there was a sound of metal impact.

As the power of Ye Chen's physical body exploded, these nine golden sword auras suddenly shattered, and even Ye Chen's physical body could not be attacked.

"Aurora Step!"

Ye Chen's body was like an aurora, approaching Zhang Tiansheng again, and blasted past with a punch.


The expressions of Yu Ange and Zhang Tiansheng suddenly changed.

This Ye Chen is not only strong in physical body, but also extremely capable of close combat. Now that he has such a weird body technique, it is almost as powerful as a tiger, and they can't avoid it at all.

Being so adhered to by Ye Chen, their strength was also greatly restricted.

"It can't go on like this."

A touch of determination flashed in Zhang Tiansheng's eyes, and he suddenly took out three purple talismans from his arms.

"Vientiane Sky Thunder, Kill Demon and Demon!"

Zhang Tiansheng suddenly bit the tip of his tongue, and a mouthful of blood sprayed on the Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman.

In an instant, the purple rune on the Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman suddenly burst into purple light, and then the talisman burned directly, and a group of purple electric lights rose into the sky, printing the sky into purple.


I saw a huge ball of thunder light above Ye Chen's head.

A large amount of spiritual energy was dragged by the thunder sphere of light, frantically rushing toward the thunder sphere of light, the color of the thunder suddenly turned into a rich purple, and a powerful sense of destruction suddenly spread.

"This is the Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman? This big handwriting from the Sky Victory used three Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman all at once?"

There was a look of surprise on Tang Haocheng's face.

"This Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman was personally portrayed by Zhang Ling, the first celestial master of Longhu Mountain. It contains extremely strong thunder power. There are not many Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman. I am afraid that there are not many in the entire Dragon Tiger Mountain. Now, its crazy enough to use three Vientiane Sky Thunder Talismans at once for this Heavenly Victory."

Lei Yin frowned, a strange color flashed in his eyes.

For the fellow practitioners of Lei Fa's Lei Family, they also studied the Lei Fa of Dragon Tiger Mountain.

This Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman contains the thunder method of the first celestial master Zhang Ling. The Lei family has always wanted to exchange for a Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman for research, but Longhushan is not willing to change it at all.

Now that the Vientiane Heavenly Thunder Talisman is missing three of them all at once, Lei Yin feels a little distressed.

Suddenly, this Vientiane Sky Thunder Talisman turned into three huge lightning **** and suddenly slammed into Ye Chen's body, bursting into bright purple light.

The entire sky was rendered purple by this thunderball.

"Lao Yu, help me to trap him."

Zhang Tiansheng gritted his teeth and spoke to Yu Ange not far away.

Although the Vientiane Sky Lightning Talisman is very powerful, it is enough to threaten the powerhouse at Ningyuan Peak.

But facing Ye Chen, whose physical body reached the Pill Fusion Realm, it was obviously not enough to defeat him.

"it is good!"

Yu Ange nodded, a solemn color flashed in his eyes.

As the thunder dissipated, Ye Chen's figure appeared in the sight of everyone again.

Except for some damage to his clothes, Ye Chen didn't seem to be affected at all.

"Sleepy Sky Chain!"

Zhang Tiansheng suddenly waved his sleeve robe at this time, only to see a golden chain flying out of his sleeve robe suddenly, and then appeared in Ye Chen's body in an instant, and then directly tied him up.

"Want to use this sleepy sky chain to restrain me?"

Ye Chen looked at the sleepy sky chain tied around his body, and a look of contempt flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, singer Yu An flipped his wrist, and a small black tower appeared in his hand.

"Zhentian Tower, town!"

Yu Ange snorted, the black tower in his hand suddenly flew out, and then turned into a huge black tower hundreds of meters high, and Ye Chen was enveloped in the volley.

A strong black light surrounds the sky tower of this town.

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Chapter 1427: Why Should I Give You Face? Chapter 1428: Life And Death In One Word Chapter 1429: Unexpected Invitation Chapter 1430: The Difference Chapter 1431: What Do You Say? Chapter 1432: Whereabouts Chapter 1433: Forbidden Land Chapter 1434: What Are You Doing? Chapter 1435: God List Chapter 1436: More Sentimental During The Day Chapter 1437: Tell Me My Name Chapter 1438: The Fierce Lin Yueru Chapter 1439: Kanaya Zangjiao Chapter 1440: Rude Behavior Chapter 1441: Doesn't Look Great Chapter 1442: It Seems That You Did Not Recognize Your Current Situation Chapter 1443: What If I Don't Give It? Chapter 1444: But So Chapter 1445: Rebirth Chapter 1446: Who Do You Think You Are Chapter 1447: God War Chapter 1448: Condition Chapter 1449: Chu Shen Shan Chapter 1450: Lancelot Chapter 1451: The True Strength Of The Main God Chapter 1452: Unexpected Person Chapter 1453: Crazy Woman Chapter 1454: Condition Chapter 1455: Why Should I Sleep Outside? Chapter 1456: Take You To A Good Place Chapter 1457: Don't Roll Die Chapter 1458: Who Are You? Chapter 1459: Augustus Chapter 1460: Turbulent Situation Chapter 1461: Conjurer Genius Chapter 1462: Curse Of Death Chapter 1463: Fenghua Peerless Chapter 1464: Scary Conjecture Chapter 1465: The Pope Is Here? 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Chapter 1504: Feng Qiuhuang Chapter 1505: Tu Shen Mie Xian Chapter 1506: Western Restricted Area Chapter 1507: Get The Business Done First Chapter 1508: You Should Find A Boyfriend Chapter 1509: Want A Baby? Chapter 1510: Candidate Chapter 1511: Acknowledged? Chapter 1512: Angel Necklace Chapter 1513: Responsibility Chapter 1514: Invite Chapter 1515: The Secret Of The Dark Sacred Fruit Chapter 1516: Arrangement Of The Lord God Chapter 1517: Yuxi Is What You Can Call? Chapter 1518: God Blocks And Kills Gods Buddha Blocks And Kills Buddhas Chapter 1519: Can't Take It Die Chapter 1520: Never Die Chapter 1521: Capital Crimes Are Forgiven Living Crimes Cannot Escape Chapter 1522: Extremely Ridiculous Chapter 1523: He Knows What To Do Chapter 1524: Visit Chapter 1525: Octopus Collapse Chapter 1526: Xuanming Chapter 1527: Waiting For You For A Long Time Chapter 1528: Acknowledge? Chapter 1529: Black Dragon Claw Chapter 1530: Ten Years Chapter 1531: Do You Dare To Kill Me? Chapter 1532: The Most Honorable Woman In Jiangnan Chapter 1533: Tentative Chapter 1534: Secret Chapter 1535: Impolite Things Chapter 1536: Poison Chapter 1537: Frozen Thorns Chapter 1538: You Really..will Die Chapter 1539: Want To Quarrel With My Grandma? Chapter 1540: Dark Flower Chapter 1541: What Do You Want? Chapter 1542: Cooperation Chapter 1543: Unexpected Call Chapter 1544: Ji Mengyue's Kindness Chapter 1545: First Date Chapter 1546: Longing And Happiness Chapter 1547: Shocking Scene Chapter 1548: The Sky Is Falling Chapter 1549: Crazy Chapter 1550: Out Of Control Chapter 1551: Secret Chapter 1552: Go Against The Sky Chapter 1553: Elixir Chapter 1554: The Role Of Qingyunling Chapter 1555: Isn't This Bullying? Chapter 1556: Do You Understand The Rules? Chapter 1557: It Turned Out To Be Her? Chapter 1558: Kyanite God Sand Chapter 1559: Jiang Yun Hejia Chapter 1560: The Temptation Of Tongshen Pill Chapter 1561: Invite Chapter 1562: Things You Shouldn't Get Chapter 1563: You Are Not Born? Chapter 1564: Strong Behead Chapter 1565: The Fury Of Danxiange Chapter 1566: Xia's Attitude Chapter 1567: War Chapter 1568: Lava Field Chapter 1569: Might Of The Sky Furnace Chapter 1570: Bai Yan Chapter 1571: Charcoal In The Snow Chapter 1572: Kill Him For Me Chapter 1573: Huiming Dan Chapter 1574: Dragon Ring Ability Chapter 1575: Crazy Xia Mengxian Chapter 1576: Layout Chapter 1577: Bad News Chapter 1578: Treasure Court Chapter 1579: My World Chapter 1580: Master Save Me Chapter 1581: Kill Chapter 1582: Strategy Chapter 1583: Betting Chapter 1584: Fight On The Top Of The Valley Chapter 1585: Great Elder Shot Chapter 1586: Sword Domain Chapter 1587: Talent And Supernatural Powers Happy New Year Everyone Chapter 1588: The Power Of Dragon Ring Chapter 1589: Identity Exposure Chapter 1590: Profound Fire Formation Power Chapter 1591: Shocking Chapter 1592: Dragon Flame Chapter 1593: Sneak Attack Of The Dark Council Chapter 1594: Reverse Chapter 1595: Demon God Reincarnation Chapter 1596: Kill Chapter 1597: Substitute Chapter 1598: Misfortune Chapter 1599: The Most Valuable Baby Chapter 1600: Fire Spirit Chapter 1601: Fire Spirit Chapter 1602: Visit Chapter 1603: Get Off The Horse Chapter 1604: These Two People Are Tricky Chapter 1605: Hit And Hit Who Is Afraid Of Whom? Chapter 1606: Take A Step Back Broaden The Sky Chapter 1607: The Face Of The Old Way Chapter 1608: Yin And Yang Blend Chapter 1609: Tianfoyin Chapter 1610: Lost Money Chapter 1611: The Third Condition Chapter 1612: Talk Broke Chapter 1613: Weird Igloo Chapter 1614: I Can Cure Chapter 1615: I'll Rely On You This Time Chapter 1616: How Did You Do It? Chapter 1617: Things Are In Hand Chapter 1618: Interrogation Chapter 1619: In Danger Chapter 1620: Seal Of The Four Spirits Chapter 1621: Rongdan Chapter 1622: Dan Thunder Tribulation Chapter 1623: Ultimate Sublimation Chapter 1624: Reborn Chapter 1625: Su Xiaozhu Are You Going Back? Chapter 1626: Its Better To Forget Each Other Chapter 1627: Select Chapter 1628: Regret It Chapter 1629: What A Smart Woman Should Do Chapter 1630: Dark Worm Chapter 1631: Unexpected Visitor Chapter 1632: Hungry? Chapter 1633: News Leaked Chapter 1634: Ye Chen's Plan Chapter 1635: Come Here Chapter 1636: Really Think I'm A Bully? 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Chapter 2413: Thank You Chapter 2414: Presumptuous Chapter 2415: One Palm Chapter 2416: Give Me An Explanation Chapter 2417: Upset Chapter 2418: Su Family Chapter 2419: Xiangzhuang's Sword Dance Is Intended For Peigong Chapter 2420: The Feeling Of Eating Soft Rice Chapter 2421: The Rules Of The Su Family Chapter 2422: The Ancestor Of The Su Family Chapter 2423: Ancestral Land Chapter 2424: Su Family Secrets Chapter 2425: Now Am I Eligible? Chapter 2426: Feng Qiuhuang Chapter 2427: The Role Of Dragon Ball Chapter 2428: You Know Nothing About Power Chapter 2429: Summer Insects Can't Speak Ice Chapter 2430: All The Heroes Chapter 2431: The Account Of The Martial Artist Chapter 2432: What Is Power? Chapter 2433: One Step To The Sky Chapter 2434: Action Chapter 2435: Killing Chapter 2436: He Came Chapter 2437: Life Is Better Than Death Chapter 2438: Plan Chapter 2439: The Danger Of The Palace Chapter 2440: Angry Chapter 2441: Butler Chapter 2442: Who Dares To Stop Me? Chapter 2443: Ye Chen's Plan Chapter 2444: The Real Body Of The Ancient God Chapter 2445: Give Me An Explanation Chapter 2446: Kill Chapter 2447: Only Chapter 2448: Rod Of The Earth Chapter 2449: Strong Chapter 2450: Help Chapter 2451: Body Of Titan Chapter 2452: The Gods Gather Chapter 2453: Poseidon Domain Chapter 2454: Moon Kill Chapter 2455: God In The Ocean Chapter 2456: Noah's Ark Chapter 2457: Lay Down Chapter 2458: Royal Blood Chapter 2459: Wealth Does Not Return To The Hometown It Is Like Walking At Night In Jinyi Chapter 2460: The Final Countdown Chapter 2461: Together Forever Chapter 2462: Open The Furnace For Alchemy Chapter 2463: This Medicine Is A Bit Strong Chapter 2464: Reborn Chapter 2465: Visit Chapter 2466: Sanyuan City Chapter 2467: Leave It To Me Here Chapter 2468: Come Home Chapter 2469: Peng's Baby Chapter 2470: Relics Chapter 2471: Shot Chapter 2472: Wu Family Chapter 2473: No Disaster Chapter 2474: Killer Pay For Life Chapter 2475: Not Satisfied? 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