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Xie Feng's gaze was absorbed in the crimson-red flames burning at several thousand degrees Celsius. Such a flame, capable of destroying everything in its path like an erupting volcano, could actually feel so warm and be so kind.

Not only Xie Feng, but Mu Wuying was also the same. She could feel how the flames caressed her skin gently and rolled over her with no intention of hurting her. It was like a curious infant wandering around with its parents, restless.

Even though he knew it, Xie Feng did not get carried away by the beautiful sight and surrounded himself and Mu Wuying with a small wind barrier. Although the barrier created by Xie Feng was put together with minimal effort and randomly, it was enough to resist a few of Yao Xiyu's attacks.... Of course, that was Xie Feng's estimation; as long as the patriarch of the Yao Family was only as strong as the flames he had poked earlier, then even if Yao Xiyu attacked several times he would not be able to do anything.

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