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Chapter 176 Volume 2 Chapter 70 To go back on ones words


Grandpa Qin was alert immediately. Shao Qing wanted to buy a house in Jing Du? Doesnt that mean that she is ready to settle down in Jing Du?

As long as Shao Qing settles in Jing Du, he can see Xiao Baozi as often as hed like, this is a great thing.

Grandfather Qin was very happy with the kindness expressed by Shao Qing. He waved his hand and said: "Go ahead and go back to the survivor base in S City. I guarantee you that you will find a good house ready for when you come back."

"Then I will have to trouble you Grandfather Qin." Shao Qing smiled. She liked the Qin family sincerely from her heart. This family was really good to them.

Before leaving, Qin Zixi specially held a farewell feast for Shao Qing, and then reluctantly sent Shao Qing and others to the gate. He almost wanted to send Shao Qing back to the S City Survivor Base.

But in the end, Shao Qing refused. You sending me and me sending you, it is like taking off your pants to fart, its more than necessary.

Then the group went back to the survivor base in S City. When they returned to the base, it was afternoon. There were not many outsiders. After entering the base, they found that there were not many people in the base.

Shao Qing found someone to ask, and then she realized that most of the manpower in the base was sent to clean up the original S city. Because of the rapid evolution of zombies, the current S city survivor base has become less and less safe.

Therefore, the bases high-level officials were looking into the original S city. They were trying to clear out S city, re-establish the defense system, then move the people from the entire S city survivor base into the city.

In this case, the safety index will be much higher.

However, the city was not so easy to clean up, especially the city that has long been occupied by zombies.t. The city was filled with zombies at level 3, at level 4, and even reportedly a level 5 has appeared.

It was heard that some days ago, the base first cleaned up the zombies near the electric building that controlled the signal transmission tower of S city.

Now people within range have resumed communication and the base is currently undergoing detailed cleanups around the electric building.

They have to clean up all zombies in order to re-enter S City.

In Shao Qings opinion, this was necessary. For example, the current protective measures of the S City Survivor Base were simply terrible. Once a larger zombie tide is encountered, the entire base will be crushed.

After moving back to S City, at least safety is guaranteed and they wont have to worry about it every day for fear that when they fall asleep in the middle of the night, zombies will attack the city.

After Shao Qing got the news, she took her friends back. No matter what, she was about to leave the S City Survivor Base and stay at Jing Du Survivor Base. The matter here was not related to her.

When they went back, Fu Jingmo was cooking. As soon as he heard Shao Qing and the group come back, Fu Jingmo stopped cooking and ran out with the apron on.

Fu Jingmo said with some surprise: "You are back?"

Shao Qing nodded, and then said: "I am going to pack up. Everyone will live together at Jing Du Survivor Base."

Her expression was very calm, but Fu Jingmo was taken aback. He said very seriously: "I will go wherever you go, I can cross oceans and go through fires."

Shao Qing didnt speak, just waved Yan Hanqing over to cook. After everyone ate, they went back to their rooms to sleep.

Early the next morning, Shao Qing took her friends to prepare to leave. Before leaving, she had to go to the base, cancel the registration, and then re-enter the registration after returning to Jing Du.

When she arrived in the lobby, Shao Qing explained her intentions and the girl responsible for registration was troubled. This kind of thing was as troublesome as trying to change your nationality. She turned over Shao Qings sheets while speaking: "Theoretically, you can cancel your household registration, but "

"But what?" Asked Gu Panpan, who had a quick temper.

"In order to prevent the kind of people who change their base after two days and bring unnecessary trouble to the staff, the base stipulates that if you want to cancel your household registration, you must have enough contribution value. Moreover, the contribution value of the group is not enough." The pretty girl said embarrassedly: "Insufficient contribution value means you cant cancel the household registration."

Shao Qing frowned. She never knew there was such a rule. This was really troublesome. Then Shao Qing asked: "Then how much contribution value is missing?"

"Not much, if all of you have to cancel your household registration, a total of more than one hundred contribution points will be needed." the girl said seriously.

Shao Qing thought about it and asked: "Is there a way to quickly get the contribution points?"

"Yes, complete more important tasks such as cleaning the zombies in S City. As long as a certain number of zombies are cleaned, you can get enough contribution value."

The girl spoke very tenderly and Shao Qing made the decision on the spot: "We will take this mission"

Cleaning up a certain number of zombies was not difficult for her. As long as she brought Er Dai, when the time comes, they could go to a remote place and roar, then zombies will keep coming up to give their heads away.

However, when they left, Gu Panpan was still resentful: "Have you heard other bases needing a contract to cancel their accounts? Obviously they are bullying us and squeezing us. Seeing that we are going, they just wanted us to give the base some final effort and hardwork."

Shao Qing touched her head and said: "Cleaning up a certain number of zombies will be quite fast, dont worry."

They went back to clean up then headed towards the abandoned S city. The entire S city has been occupied by zombies for a long time, so to clean out all zombies should still be quite difficult.

As long as there was one zombie left, they will be corrupted when they move back to S City.

After all, many of the survivors in S City were ordinary people. If one or two zombies attacked out of nowhere and bit an ordinary person, then the entire base would be in trouble.

Therefore, it was particularly troublesome to hunt them in the beginning. They also had to ensure that the entire city was completely under the control of human beings.
So the people who came to hunt the zombies were divided into three groups. One group was responsible for the first round of hunting, wiping out the majority of the zombies walking around. The second group was in charge of patrolling, looking around the nooks and crannies, and doing a thorough search.

The third group was the most critical. They had to carefully check for the fish that missed the net. After the wave of three groups, it still was not over.

The base would send people to look for the fish who missed the net and kill all the zombies that can be seen, finally bringing stability to the base.

When they took the task, the base had already gone through a period of hunting. Using the power plants as the main piece, the surrounding area around it had been cleaned up a lot.

So Shao Qing brought the group to find a place to begin cleaning up the zombies. The low-level zombies were nothing to Shao Qings team, so while they killed zombies they were even playing Fight the Landlord.

Because two people were enough for killing the zombies, everyone else played cards. Whoever lost was responsible for cleaning up the zombies for the next while.

Even so, they spent a whole three days cleaning up the nearby zombies. As long as there were zombies who saw them, they would all run on sight.

After all, they werent afraid to be killed.

Shao Qing was generally the one who cleaned up the zombies because she didnt like playing cards and among all the people she was the one with the highest lethality.

It can be said that Shao Qing was like a meat grinder, strangling the zombies constantly. Within a few days, they had put together enough zombie crystals needed for the contribution points.

After gathering the crystal nuclei, Shao Qing took the people back. She went to the hall and reported the number of zombies killed in the past two days. Then she took out the crystal nuclei as evidence and quietly waited for their results.

The girls expression changed. She looked at the crystal nuclei and couldnt help but ask: "These were all killed by you?"

Shao Qing nodded, and then said: "We should have enough!"

Unexpectedly, the sister stammered for a while, then said: "Not enough "

Shao Qing was surprised, she asked:" Did you not calculate at that time? How could it be not enough?"

The girl answered: "It was enough at the time, but I made a mistake. Its not that you guys need this, but each of you needs a hundred contribution points. So to say, this is only enough for one persons contribution points."

Shao Qings face sank immediately. She didnt expect that the base would actually do such a thing. The base clearly didnt want to let them go.

In the past, only the group needed a hundred contribution points, but now it suddenly became that every individual needed a hundred contribution points. Isnt that just playing them?

It is simply bullying them with their sincerity.

Without waiting for Shao Qing to get angry, the girl said: "And there is no way you can prove that these crystal nuclei were hunted by you, so I cant "

"What the f*ck!" Gu Panpan had a bad temper. At that time, she jumped out and pointed to the girls nose, saying: "Before you said that the group needs a hundred contribution points, but now everyone needs one hundred each. Do you want to be punched?" Gu Panpan patted the counter: "If you dont give me a proper explanation today, I am not finished with you!".

The girl was crying tearlessly and replied in a small voice: "This isnt my decision, it is an order from above. Even if you speak to me there is nothing I can do. I am just doing things according to the rules."

"Thats how the regulations work?" Gu Panpan sneered: "You still have to prove that these zombies were killed by us. This is the same as telling me to prove that I am a woman. Isnt it nonsense?"

The girl tried to respond to the question: "Its not that Im making it hard for you, its what the higher ups have requested, including checking whether the zombies were killed in S city."

Gu Panpan saw this and laughed coldly: "They just dont want to let us leave, what excuse are you looking for!"
The girl didnt speak anymore. Even if she was asked again, she would only say: "This is the rule set by the higher ups."

Gu Panpan was terribly angry.

The key is how can they prove that the zombies were killed by them in S City.

Do they want them to cut off the zombies every time they kill a zombie, and finally bring them all back for her to see?

Shao Qing patted Gu Panpans shoulder and shook her head at her. The entire S City base was ruled by the base chief. Naturally, what he said was law.

They didnt even have room to refute. This time it was obvious that cleaning up S City was too much trouble, so the base chief needed a lot of thugs and their groups combat effectiveness was also very high in the base. It can be seen in the records of the tasks completed between them.

The contribution points required to cancel the household registration should be a normal rule, but everyone needing points was probably something the higher ups did after they read their information.

After all, its hard to find a good fighter. Once released, it would be a pity. Its better to let them kill more zombies in S city, so that the base can save some other workers.

Look, what a clever idea.

Shao Qings eyes were a little cold. She knocked on the window and then asked, "One hundred contribution points for each person? It wont change again?"

"Yes." The beautiful girl quickly said, "As long as you bring back enough, you can pass the review and get the contribution points."

"No need to prove that these are indeed zombies in S City?" Shao Qing said lightly.

The girl coughed and said, "I believe in you."

Bah, what did you say earlier?

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