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What kind of person is Yu Wenjie? He Changan is estimated to be the one who has the most say, because the two grew up together and separated for a few years. He Changan knows Yu Wenjie's thoughts and personality.

This person has language barriers and is accompanied by arrogant attributes. He always believes in the truth of "doing more than saying", and often spends time explaining things to others. Although the expression on his face is not very friendly, his heart is very soft.

Thinking about it now, he really has no regrets when he loses to such a person. It is that he realizes later than others, and no one is ruthless to start. Now he can only bless, and it should be reasonable.

Time flies by, the little prince Yu Wenxian is already ten years old, the beams are in good weather, the country is peaceful, the harem is peaceful and stable, and he is still the queen.

In the past ten years, nothing has changed. The emperor will still accept beautiful women and concubines. If courtiers want to find a way out for themselves, they will go to the harem, but if you really love your daughter, you will not be willing to send people there. In the harem, because everyone knows that entering the harem is no different from keeping a living widow. The emperor will do all the face projects that the emperor should do, but he hasn't actually spoiled anyone.

This is even more irritating and there is no other way. You said that if you want to abolish the Sixth House, courtiers can also apply for pressure or something, but if you stand up and do not favor it, courtiers can never tie the emperor to the bed of his concubines. ?

At first, everyone would consider starting from the queen. After all, women should be better dealt with.

But then they knew how ridiculous their idea was. Who said that women are easy to deal with? The empress's words and actions are more fluid than the emperor's, right? Arrange it if you say it! But the emperor always does not go, what can be done?

In the first two years, everyone thought that the emperor and the queen might be a newlywed Yaner, and there is a little prince, the relationship is too good, and others can't be separated, just wait.

But as the days got longer and longer, Yuwenjie's attitude really remained the same from beginning to end.

Even Huachun felt a little surprised. One day, he was walking with the emperor in the imperial garden, and asked him tentatively: "Don't you think the talented person who entered the palace looks good?"

"It's pretty." The emperor nodded: "I have been swaying in front of me several times."

"The emperor has no idea?"

Glancing at her, the emperor said, "There are many beautiful people in the world, and there are many who are more beautiful than you, but I am not interested."

Look, in just a few years, the ability to talk about love is also improving. What makes Huachun even more happy is that Yu Wenjie does not speak empty words, although he speaks few words, he must be true.

So she was in a good mood to help the emperor change the book for two days.

When Yuwensong was five years old, Huachun was pregnant again, and the emperor paled with fright and was in a dilemma.

"What's the matter?" Looking at him curiously, Huachun asked: "You don't want children anymore?"

"No." Yu Wenjie frowned, with dim light in his pretty eyebrows, and left without saying a word.

Huachun didnt understand what happened to him for a long while, until ten midwives rushed into Renxuan Palace in the evening, and the palace people began to rearrange the palace and wrap all the sharp table corners in the palace with soft cloth. react to.

Is this the last time the premature birth left a shadow? She was so frightened to look like this, which was really unexpected for her. She thought that the emperor wouldn't care about it. After all, the royal family had as many heirs as possible.

"Give birth to a daughter." When he was five months pregnant, Yu Wenjie stood by the Koi Pond in the Royal Garden very seriously and made a wish.

"Don't you like sons?" Huachun rolled his eyes and rolled his eyes: "I said I want a son early in the morning, so I don't need more sons."

"I want a daughter."

Is it too late to repent now? Huachun hummed, her heart was sweet, but she pretended to be angry: "You hated your daughter from the beginning, and your daughter will hate you too."

After that, Huachun Duangduang was pregnant with three children, all sons, and the shadows of daughters were invisible.

Yu Wenjie didn't say anything, but silently asked people to start posting banners of "equality between men and women" and "both boys and girls are the same" in the streets and alleys, and then open court examinations and imperial examinations. Women who are talented can also enter the court as officials. .

As a result, Liang became the most advanced dynasty in history, and a large number of talented and politically thoughtful women emerged. Although they did not completely change the status quo of patriarchy, they became the beginning of the Chinese feminist movement.

When Yu Wensong was ten years old, the beams ushered in the rule of prosperity, the weather was smooth, the national power was strong, the people lived and worked in peace and contentment, the emperor and the queen were loved by the people, and their four sons had their own merits, and they got along well.

He Changan has never been married, even if there are wrinkles on his face, his appearance is not diminished. Huachun did not ask him why he was not married. Naturally, He Changan would not take the initiative to say that they met once a month and talked. For Korean affairs, drink a cup of tea and then say goodbye.

The emperor had dreams for many years, and one day, he suddenly connected all the dreams together, and suddenly remembered many things.

After remembering, she fell ill and almost died, scared Huachun half to death, and she knelt by his bed and burst into tears.

"Okay, I'm not dead, don't cry." The emperor said softly to comfort him, and the emperor's eyes were deep: "When Yuwen is fifteen years old, let's abdicate and go to the mountains and water."

The topic jumped a little bit, Hua Chun didn't react for a while, looking at him blankly.

"I think I owe you too much." Yu Wenjie slightly curled her lips and reached out and held her in her arms, not letting her look at her expression, and said with red eyes: "Since we can be together in this life, Then cherish it."

"You..." Huachun pushed him suspiciously: "Did you know something?"

With eyes flashing, the emperor smiled slightly: "I don't know what you are talking about."

Actually laughed? !

Hua Chun looked dumbfounded, the lines of the emperor's face softened, and she smiled like a smile. The starry eyes were full of sparkling light, making her completely forget what she had heard and what she wanted to say.

"Saliva is about to flow out." The emperor snorted coldly, reached out to help her close her chin, then squinted his eyes and said: "I didn't expect that after so many years, you would still blush at me."

After regaining his senses, Huachun pinched herself, and said in an angry manner: "If you are a little more disabled, I might not blush, but what is going on with the longer the year, the more masculine it is? "

The brows moved slightly, and the emperor rolled over and pressed the person on the bed, and asked in a low voice, "Are you complimenting me?"

"Yes, is there a reward?" Huachun smiled and stretched out his hand.

"Yeah." Nodding seriously, Yu Wenjie took advantage of the situation and kissed deeply.

The bed tent fell, snow fell outside, but Renxuan Palace was warm as spring.

Duke Qin stood outside the door rubbing his hands, whispering to the heater, "Maybe I will have a daughter next year."

The fog dissipated in the air, and the palace was hung with ice and cold. The Ruixue was a prosperous year, and next year would definitely be a good year. The past has passed, and those who have come with pains and joy, there is a future that can be extremely anticipated.

I just don't know if Huachun can give Yuwenjie a daughter.

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