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"Young Master, why don't you just leave this to King Yan to do?" Youjin said to his master after seeing off the guests.

Feng Bo's face was indifferent: "I don't need to remind you of Feng's house rules."

Youjin nodded: "The slave knows that its just the young master. This matter is related to Princess Changle and the young masters marriage. Moreover, this matter was originally due to the fault of King Beidi, who died in this Great Zhou Dynasty. , This is why he died."

Feng Bo said, "Don't say these things anymore."

With Jin, I understood, and sighed in my heart, the young master might really lose Princess Changle.

Feng Bo was sitting and drinking tea, only to see his expression, it was obvious that his mind was no longer here.

Although King Yan went to find Feng Bo in private, Zhou Yun still got the news.

Zhou Yun immediately guessed what King Yan was thinking, and sent additional manpower. If he dared to send someone over to kill King Beidi under his nose, then he would definitely tell the people he sent to come back and forth.

And if he was really told to kill King Bei Di, then he wouldn't have to be the prince of Da Zhou anymore.

Changning certainly felt such an atmosphere and asked Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun did not hide it, and said this.

"The King Yan wants to join forces with Young Master Feng, but Young Master Feng will not join hands with him," Changning said.

Zhou Yun looked at her: "The princess is sure?"

"That's right." Chang Ning was quite sure: "How many times have you wooed him, but his statement has always been the same, that is, not mingling with the dynasty's internal fighting. This is the Feng clan's handling principle."

Zhou Yun nodded and said, "That's right, but it's not unreasonable."

Changning didn't say anything, and was about to leave to find her sixth sister.

Zhou Yun stopped her and said, "Changning."

"What's the matter?" Changning also looked at him.

"Is King Bei Di really able to win the hearts of Six Sisters?" Zhou Yun asked.

Changning said, "You ask me this, how can I answer it? I'm not a party."

"I just think that King Bei Di and Six Sisters do match well." Zhou Yun smiled.

Changning ignored him, and went straight to find Qin Weiyang. Qin Weiyang was smashing the herbs, all of which were picked up recently and had the best medicinal effects. Applying these herbs to the wound will make the wound heal faster.

"Sister Si." Qin Weiyang yelled when she saw her coming.

Changning said: "I can smell these herbs as soon as I came here, but the taste before was not bad. Why is the herbs smell so bad this time?"

Qin Weiyang said: "This herbal medicine is suitable for him, and someone is specially asked to gather it for him. It is best to kill him."

Changning glanced at her with a smile, and said: "I heard the prince say that King Yan went to Young Master Feng."

Qin Weiyang knew that the person who shot against King Bei Di this time, although the real brothers of King Bei Di were behind the scenes, they borrowed the sword from King Yan.

Conveniently said: "Do you want to sell your personal affection to your cousin? If it is, I am afraid that it will not be what he wants, and it is impossible for my cousin to get involved in these struggles of their power."

"Are you so sure?" Changning asked.

"This is Feng's rule, and his cousin is the young master of Feng's. He will lead by example." Qin Weiyang was sure.

Changning nodded: "That's the case, but your brother-in-law still sent extra manpower to guard him, so as to save King Beidi from asking people to come in when he is weakest now."

Qin Weiyang didn't say much.

"Master Feng is in Feng Mansion now, can you find some time to sit there?" Chang Ning looked at her and said.

Qin Weiyang pursed his lips when he heard the words, and said, "I don't need to go there anymore."

Looking at her, Changning didn't say anything after all. Otherwise, it would be the best reply. After all, she grew up together, and some words are unspeakable.

"This is sent to you in secret by the imperial concubine, and I just received it." Chang Ning took out a letter from his sleeve and said.

After receiving the letter, Qin Weiyang didn't read it for the first time. The medicine in his hand was fixed and a patch was made, and then someone sent it to the next door for use.

I just opened the letter and started reading.

Naturally, there would be no good things in the letter. Her mother concubine first scolded her, scolded her to be half-hearted at Qin Muchu, and also scolded her for being inconsistent.

Finally, he said: "Your cousin doesnt care if you were bitten by a dog, thats nothing big, so you come back with your cousin. The wedding will be held as usual, and you are still my daughter. If you dont listen to me, You dont have to come back in the future, I'll just give birth to you for nothing, why do you want to go!"

The meaning of the severance of mother-daughter relationship is clearly written in the letter.

Qin Weiyang looked very bad.

Changning asked, "What did the imperial concubine say?"

"The mother concubine said that if I don't go back to finish the marriage, she will sever the relationship." Qin Weiyang said.

Changning sighed and said: "The words of the imperial concubine are too decisive. This is your lifelong event. In the end, it must be your own will."

Qin Weiyang said: "My concubine has been looking forward to me marrying my cousin."

"I can understand the thoughts of the imperial concubine. After all, no matter how you look at it, the Feng family is impeccable. When a mother always wants her daughter to be good, she doesnt know about Beidi, and she doesnt know much about Beidi. Understand, there is no doubt that she will let you choose the young master Feng she knows, familiar and optimistic." Changning said.

"Sister Si, don't get me wrong. I have nothing to do with King Beidi. I didn't marry my cousin, nor is it for him." Qin Weiyang shook his head.

Changning nodded without saying more.

However, there are not only letters from Chu Yue but also letters from the eldest princesses, three princesses and five princesses.

Because Wang Huai seized the opportunity, he even disclosed Qin Weiyang's love for King Beidi to the public, telling everyone that Qin Weiyang, the Princess of Changle, wanted to break the marriage contract with Young Master Feng.

Now it has spread to Dafeng.

As sisters, whether they were the eldest princess, the third princess or the fifth princess, they didn't want the sixth sister to really break the marriage contract with the young master Feng.

This kind of marriage is silly to be dissolved, and it is a good marriage that no one else can ask for!

"They came to persuade you one by one, let me tell you, don't act impulsively, Young Master Feng is the beloved, and King Beidi is not a good match." Changning took the letter to Qin Weiyang and said helplessly.

She looked at King Beidi very well, so why didn't these emperor sisters feel good? The climatic conditions on the side of King Beidi are indeed a disadvantage, but he was born, no matter where he went, no matter what conditions he got, he could always adapt well.

Qin Weiyang has only read these letters, but said nothing.

It was when she came to change the dressing of King Bei Di, she gave her strength, so that King Bei Di could only look at her with tears in her eyes, letting her be a punching bag.

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