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Chapter 1983 Fanwai is called a perfect ending (grand finale)

"I also think that Ren Jian'an is the most suspicious!" He Yi said, passing his mobile phone to Quan Jing.

Quan Jing read the new information sent by the investigator, showing the contents of Ren Aixi's mother's will.

Sure enough, some people think that it is time to start first, otherwise they will have nothing to do with Ren Aixi to make the company bigger and stronger!

At this time, Lan Jin came back with the packaged food, and the three of them ate while discussing the Ren family's grievances.

"You said, how can we force Ren Jian'an to show the fox tail? Ashe should suspect Ren Jian'an, but she has never been able to obtain evidence." Quan Jing frowned in distress.

Bystanders are clear, and the authorities are fascinated.

He Yi thought for a while, turned his head and looked at Lan Jin, "I have a plan. I might as well let Lan Jin be the agent of Ashe to attract the attention of the father and daughter living in the Ren family, and..."

He hooked his finger and let Quan Jing and Lan Jin come over, then whispered the plan...

The next day, Lan Jin called while walking on the school road, "How did you find out for me? How is the progress?"

The girl who had been hanging her tail in the dark held a mobile phone in her hand, and she recorded Lan Jin's every move.

"What? It's suspected to be Ren Jian..." Lan Jin raised her voice and found that it was wrong, and immediately lowered her voice and added, "Suspect her dad? God, if Ash wakes up and knows the truth, she won't be sad?"

The girl kept an effective distance, and walked behind Lan Jin unhurriedly. Sometimes Lan Jin turned her head and swept towards her. She pretended to be calm, so Lan Jin did not make any further expressions, and went to teaching after the phone call. Upstairs class.

Afterwards, Quan Jing and He Yi received the progress of the investigation. The girl called Ren Qian, which proved that Yu'er was about to bite...

Ren Jianan and Ren Qian discussed countermeasures in the company's office.

"Dad, Ren Aixi is not dead, what should we do if she wakes up? She asked Lan Jin to investigate us!" Ren Qian said restlessly.

"That person is really useless! You won't be able to hit her like this!" Ren Jianan's face was black, and he slapped her on the desk.


Ren Qian's phone vibrated, and she received the video from the girl again. She didn't dare to delay, and she watched it carefully with Ren Jian'an.

The video was shot on campus, and Lan Jin was talking to someone. She said, "You must dig out the perpetrators for me at any cost... Yes, there are surveillances along the road. That car doesnt It was just born, right? So all the monitors are called out to see where it came from, and the appearance of the perpetrator is made high-definition clear. The current technology can do it! Go!"

"Crap! They are clinging to the line of the perpetrator! Dad, will that person be found out? If that person is caught by them, they will confess us!" Ren Qian was about to jump in a hurry.

Ren Jianan couldn't sit still anymore and said, "No, it seems that we can't sit still, we still have to send people abroad to be at ease!"

"Well, it must not cost a lot of money?" Ren Qing stammered, she felt sorry for the money.

Ren Jianan doesn't care about money, but he can't take risks.

Who knows that after making several calls, the perpetrator picked up. Ren Jianan asked him to go out for shelter, but he asked for a large sum of money and cash.

No way, Ren Jianan had to carry cash and drove to the designated hiding place to find someone.

Quan Jing, He Yi, and Lan Jin were all excited to receive the news that Ren Jian'an was dispatched.

But Quan Jing was reluctant to leave Ren Aixi for a half step, so he asked He Yi to supervise the formation and arrest them.

After He Yi left, Quan Jing came to the visitation room of the ICU and asked the doctor to watch the live video of Ren Aixi in the ward and let her hear what he said.

He thought that even though she was still in a coma, she would want to hear the investigation progress subconsciously, which might help her wake up.

Ten minutes later, the doctor told Quan Jing that he could watch the video and talk.

Quan Jing put on his earmarks and stared at the video, only to see that Ren Aixi's pierced ears were also wearing miniature earplugs, and a small face was pale and bloodless. He was very sad for a while, and whispered to the mark, "Hey, Are you better? Wake up, don't sleep anymore. I've been investigating your mother's affairs. I believe the truth will come to light soon. You wake up and interrogate the murderer with me, okay?"

Ren Aixi had nothing to say except for the slight exhalation and inhalation of the ventilator, and the ups and downs of the position of his heart.

"Hey, I am Jing, you wake up and look at me, I love you, I have never told you that I love you, don't you want to hear my confession to you with your own ears?" Quan Jing said as he said, his eyes felt Red, the voice choked slightly.

The doctor accompanying him couldn't bear to urge him, and bowed his head sympathetically.

Quan Jing opened his eyes wide, and forced back tears that were about to well. At this moment, Ren Aixi's closed eyelids twitched a few times. He thought he was dazzled, and quickly looked again, she then rolled her eyes again. !

"Doctor! She seems to be waking up! Look!" Quan Jing yelled.

The doctor Huo Di looked at the video, and the doctor on duty in the ICU also rushed over to check Ren Aixi's situation after hearing the instrument prompt.

The video was interrupted, and Quan Jing hurriedly went outside the ward to wait for the news.

The doctor checked Ren Aixi, and Ren Aixi opened his eyes and gave the doctor a simple response.

After a while, the doctor informed Quan Jing that Ren Ashe passed the dangerous period and regained consciousness.

The good news makes Quan Jing and Lan Jin happy like children.

On the other side, He Yi also gave a big gift to Quan Jing and Ren Aixi.

When Ren Jianan gave cash to the perpetrator, He Yi caught him straight!

Ren Aixi can move out of the ICU, Quan Jing arranges her to live in the VIP ward.

Quan Jing personally picked up Ren Aixi and put it on the bed, and asked her softly, "Hey, the one who killed your mother in jail and killed her is Ren Jian'an. What are you going to do with him?"

Ren Aixi grabbed his shirt cuff and said in a muted voice, "Send him to jail."

"Okay!" Quan Jing caressed her cheek fondly.

"Thank you." Ren Aixi said, her eyes full of gratitude and admiration for him.

"I and you are husband and wife, and you are my wife. Thank you for what you say." Quan Jing hummed dissatisfiedly.

Ren Aixi moved her lips, Quan Jing pressed her lips with a finger, "Don't tell me, you didn't hear clearly what I said to you in the ICU."

Ren Aixi was happy, but on the surface he still pretended to be innocent, "What is it?"

"Well, anyway, I plan to tell you again every day, so let's start now." Quan Jing said with a straight face, and holding her small face facing him, "Cough, Ren Ai I hope you listen, my Quan Jing loves you, me, love, you!"

"Ah? Is this a confession?" Ren Aixi deliberately made a dumbfounded expression.

"You wait!" Quan Jing bared his teeth at her, then snapped his fingers.

The people outside the door kept stuffing red roses into the ward until the space was so full that they almost didnt even leave any gaps in and out...

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Chapter 697: Clamor Late At Night Chapter 698: Too Much Misunderstanding Chapter 699: I Won't Play With You Chapter 700: Scumbag Chapter 701: Sleepless Night Chapter 702: See Junyan Through The Clouds Chapter 703: Which Home Is Wrong Chapter 704: Cut The Mess Chapter 705: What Is Incompetence Chapter 706: Turn On Introspection Mode Chapter 707: Raise Your Hand Chapter 708: Behaving Abnormally Chapter 709: Overwhelmed Chapter 710: Ulterior Secret Chapter 711: The Fish Has Been Hooked Chapter 712: Deep Love For Him Chapter 713: Don't Look Forward And Backward Chapter 714: Too Much Information Chapter 715: Falling In Love With Her Chapter 716: Dead Fish Chapter 717: Doubtful Chapter 718: It's Really Tricky This Time Chapter 719: Draw A Circle For Him To Step In Chapter 720: Eavesdrop Chapter 721: Confrontation Chapter 722: The Farce Finally Came To An End Chapter 723: Everything Has To Be Re Planned Chapter 724: Mend Friendship Chapter 725: Foreshadowing Chapter 726: Set Chess Chapter 727: Good Luck Chapter 728: All Tastes In My Heart Chapter 729: Deliberately Chapter 730: Check If Suspicious Chapter 731: Demolition Of The Bridge Across The River Chapter 732: Trust Is Gradually Deepening Chapter 733: Irony In Acid Chapter 734: Amused Together Chapter 735: Did The Most Unpopular Thing Chapter 736: Knock The Mountain And Shake The Tiger Chapter 737: Expose The Lie Chapter 738: Gaffe Chapter 739: Contradiction And Strangeness Chapter 740: It Goes Without Saying Chapter 741: Storm On The Ground Chapter 742: Can't Help But Doubt Chapter 743: Bury The Hatchet Chapter 744: Confidence Chapter 745: Sure Enough Chapter 746: Bother You For Something Chapter 747: Think Someone Else Chapter 748: Half Push Chapter 749: Wait For The Situation To Become Clear Chapter 750: Awake Chapter 751: Covering Up Will Not Help Chapter 752: The Unfavorable Breath Is Approaching Chapter 753: Not An Immortal Woman Chapter 754: The Door Closes Mercilessly In Front Of You Chapter 755: Tug Of War Chapter 756: Finally Pry Out Useful Information Chapter 757: Drunk Crazy Chapter 758: Use Discarded Pieces Chapter 759: There Is Also A Miscalculation Chapter 760: Early Defense Is The Last Word Chapter 761: Don't Blame Him For Being Unrighteous Chapter 762: Nothing No Rest Chapter 763: Lovers Become Enemies In Seconds Chapter 764: Not Calm At All Chapter 765: Shock Wave Chapter 766: On The Matter Chapter 767: Prioritize Company Interests Chapter 768: All Tastes In My Heart Chapter 769: If You Can't Bear It You Don't Have To Bear It Anymore Chapter 770: Can't Eat Chapter 771: Press Conference Scene Chapter 772: All Up To You Chapter 773: He Doesn't Want To Divorce Chapter 774: Daughter Is A Assist Chapter 775: Inspire Parent Child Feelings Chapter 776: Fish Swim Out Chapter 777: Buy A Diamond Ring Chapter 778: Show Your Mind Chapter 779: Became Suspicious And Suspicious Chapter 780: Tonight Chapter 781: Sorry Two Women Chapter 782: Waiting For The Big Show After Dawn Chapter 783: Good Move Chapter 784: Temporary Alliance Chapter 785: Speak Directly Chapter 786: Don't Give Up Without Seeing Evidence Chapter 787: The Acting Is Really Great Chapter 788: Novel Punishment Chapter 789: Cunning Man Chapter 790: You Have Let Me Down Too Much Chapter 791: Still Dead Chapter 792: No One Is Idle Chapter 793: Time To Close Chapter 794: Intimidation Chapter 795: Please Prepare Tuition Chapter 796: Don't Write Bad Checks Chapter 797: Effective Advice Chapter 798: Happily Chapter 799: The Only Plan Now Is To Wait Chapter 800: You Like It Chapter 801: Let Her Toss Chapter 802: National Assists Chapter 803: When The Divorce Is In Progress Chapter 804: The Rival Encourages Him To Cheer Chapter 805: There Is An Effect Chapter 806: Going For Real Chapter 807: Quake The Tiger Chapter 808: The Truth Chapter 809: Clever Eldest Son Chapter 810: No Appetite Chapter 811: Can't Win Sympathy Chapter 812: Iron Tree Chapter 813: It's About To Come To The Bottom Chapter 814: Non Repudiation Chapter 815: Joy From Heaven Chapter 816: Live A Good Life Chapter 817: Everything Is Possible Chapter 818: Meet Big Stars Chapter 819: Reluctant To Separate For A Moment The Finale Chapter 820: Farewell Chapter 821: The Arrogant Rival Chapter 822: Extraordinary New Harvest Chapter 823: I Can't Stand The Trouble Chapter 824: Fan Waizhi Relieved Her Depression Chapter 825: Unspeakable Sadness Chapter 826: Extraordinary Disturbance Chapter 827: There Is An Inside Story About This Incident Chapter 828: Fan Waizhi Bitterly Persuaded Chapter 829: Something Bad Outside Is Happening Chapter 830: Extraordinary Man Made Disaster Caused Chapter 831: Extraordinary Comes As Scheduled Chapter 832: Extraordinary Perfection Chapter 833: Self Sacrifice Chapter 834: Extraordinary Instigation Chapter 835: Fan Waizhi Dared To Lie To Her Chapter 836: After A While Chapter 837: Fanwaizhi Is Going Crazy Chapter 838: Fanwai's Company Wants To Abandon Him Chapter 839: The Misfortune Is Hidden By The Snow Chapter 840: Uninvited Guest Chapter 841: Fantastic Life Out Of Barriers Chapter 842: A Good Location Waiting For Him Chapter 843: Please Find Another Job Chapter 844: Fanwai's Magical Face Change Chapter 845: Fan Waizhi Disdain To Be With It Chapter 846: I Have A Good Heart Chapter 847: Fanwaizhi's Open Secret Chapter 848: Fanwaizhi Completely Talk About Collapse Chapter 849: I'm Not Willing To Hurt Her Chapter 850: She's Very Unwilling Chapter 851: The Final Desperate Bet Chapter 852: Greed And Hatred Chapter 853: Did Fan Waizhi Do It? Chapter 854: Extraordinary Event Fermentation Chapter 855: Xiaoer's Coma Chapter 856: Fanwaizhi Flew To Her Side Chapter 857: Confession Of True Love Chapter 858: Fanwaizhi Happiness That Is Loved By People Wholeheartedly Chapter 859: Fanwaizhi Accompany Him Back Chapter 860: Extraordinary Need To Intervene Chapter 861: Death Can Also Be Said To Be Alive Chapter 862: If You Didn't Do Anything Wrong You Have To Be Confident Chapter 863: There Are Many Loopholes Chapter 864: Who Wants To Hurt Him Outside Chapter 865: Face To Face Chapter 866: The Truth Revealed Chapter 867: Fanwaizhi Is Already Very Smart Chapter 868: Fan Wai Zhi Was Successfully Resolved Chapter 869: Let's Meet In This Life Chapter 870: Unreasonable Trouble Chapter 871: Disheartened Chapter 872: Unexpected Encounter Chapter 873: It's Too Coincidental Chapter 874: Bidding Book Chapter 875: The Crows Are Black Chapter 876: Unpredictable Circumstances Chapter 877: Fan Waizhi Suddenly Fainted Chapter 878: Helpless To Stay Outside Chapter 879: Go To His Company Chapter 880: Outside The Workplace Is Like A Battlefield Chapter 881: Someone From Outside The Country Wants To Teach Her Chapter 882: Special Care Chapter 883: Fan Waizhi Went To Pick Up Her Daughter Together Chapter 884: Fan Waizhi Likes Her To Haunt Me Chapter 885: The Child From The Outside Is A Reissue Of Him Chapter 886: The Feeling Of Blowing Outside Chapter 887: Extraordinary Weapon Chapter 888: The Irresistible Affinity Chapter 889: The Nursery School Chapter 890: Extraordinary Lip And Gun Talk Chapter 891: The Truth Behind Fanwaizhi Chapter 892: Find A Breakthrough Chapter 893: Meet The Rival In Love Chapter 894: The Highest State Of Life Outside Chapter 895: Let's Adapt To Circumstances Chapter 896: Extraordinary Force To Put Pressure Chapter 897: The Outside Life Is Complete Chapter 898: The President Of Fanwai Brought Mengbao To The Door Chapter 899: Unexpectedly Selected Chapter 900: The Accident Before Marriage Chapter 901: Unexpected Situation Chapter 902: Fan Waizhi Really Overestimates You Chapter 903: What's Wrong Is Wrong Chapter 904: Fanwaizhi Got Used To Looking For Her Chapter 905: There Are Only Benefits In The Eyes Of Fanwai Chapter 906: Extraordinary Miracle Happened Chapter 907: The Hate Of The Outside Is Not Iron Chapter 908: You Think Too Much Chapter 909: Outside The Scene Chapter 910: The Trouble Caused By Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Chapter 911: Ask For Foreign Aid Chapter 912: The Joyous Atmosphere Chapter 913: The Premeditated Plan Is Ready Chapter 914: Fan Wai's Wife Guardian Mad Demon Is Online Chapter 915: He Was Moved By Her Chapter 916: Extraordinary Thoughtful And Thoughtful Chapter 917: What If You Are Not Reconciled Chapter 918: The Change Of Eyes Chapter 919: The Powerful Posture Outside Chapter 920: I'm All For Your Good Outside Chapter 921: Fanwai Dreams Are Too Real Chapter 922: I Was Shocked But Not Surprised Chapter 923: To Solve Problems And Troubles Chapter 924: Extraordinary Vision Chapter 925: I'll Give You Everything Chapter 926: Fanwaizhi Is Really Confident Chapter 927: Fortunately She Is Fine Chapter 928: He Did It Too Obvious Outside Chapter 929: Fanwai's Paternity Test Is Released Chapter 930: Extraordinary Evidence Chapter 931: Successful Escape Chapter 932: Step By Step Chapter 933: Fanwaizhihaohao Is Pistachio Chapter 934: I Want To Call My Husband Chapter 935: Fan Waizhi Thought Of A Good Idea Chapter 936: Interview Outside Chapter 937: Quiet Dialogue Chapter 938: Extraordinary Luck Has Always Been Good Chapter 939: Filial Piety And Respect For The Elderly Chapter 940: A Good Game Chapter 941: People Who Must Appear Outside Chapter 942: Fanwaizhi's Paper Can't Hold The Fire Chapter 943: Fan Waizhi Fulfilled His Promise Chapter 944: Taiwan's Enmity And Enmity Chapter 945: Fanwaizhi Is Really Bold Chapter 946: You Are A Liar Chapter 947: The Jealous Rhythm Of Fanwai Chapter 948: Why Did You Kick My Car? Chapter 949: Talking Outside Is Not Bad Chapter 950: The Toast Of The Outside World Does Not Eat Fine Wine Chapter 951: You Owe It To You Chapter 952: Deserve To Be Smashed Chapter 953: Forbearance Chapter 954: It's Really You Chapter 955: The Rules Set By Fanwaizhijia Chapter 956: Nowhere To Start Chapter 957: Fan Waizhi Acted Suddenly Chapter 958: I'm Free Today Chapter 959: Out Of The Blue Chapter 960: Offense And Defense Chapter 961: The Mission Is About To Be Completed. Chapter 962: Suspicion Arose Chapter 963: Is Fanwaizhi So Hard To Accept? Chapter 964: It's Scary Chapter 965: Let's Discuss Things Outside Chapter 966: Fan Waizhi Finally Contacted Home Chapter 967: If You Want To Do It Do It Chapter 968: It's Not Difficult To Enter The Rich Chapter 969: Fanwaizhi Is Not Like Heinous Chapter 970: Nothing Outside Of The Three Treasure Hall Chapter 971: From Now On Chapter 972: The Ugly Daughter In Law Will Finally See The Family Chapter 973: The Atmosphere Outside Is Weird Chapter 974: Extraordinary Explanation Is Invalid Chapter 975: Gathering Of Women Outside Chapter 976: Fan Waizhi Arranged A Blind Date For Her Chapter 977: The Boycott Of The Outside Chapter 978: Fanwaizhi Is Not A General High Rank Chapter 979: Why Didn't Fan Waizhi Listen To My Explanation Chapter 980: Fan Waizhi Offends The Women's Gang Chapter 981: Who Will Take It For You Chapter 982: You Cant Reschedule Chapter 983: Extraordinary Lines Are So Handsome Chapter 984: I Want To Buy Regret Medicine Chapter 985: Extraordinary Windfall Chapter 986: Acting On Orders Chapter 987: He Who Protects You From Outside Chapter 988: The Spearhead Of The Investigation Chapter 989: We Can't Let Him Go Chapter 990: He Came To Rescue Her Chapter 991: Fanwaizhi Saw The Clue Chapter 992: How Guilty Is She? Chapter 993: It's Unreasonable To Make Trouble Chapter 994: Extraordinary Life Choice Questions Chapter 995: You Must Be Happy Outside Chapter 996: Extraordinary Life Is Wonderful Again Chapter 997: The Breakup Is Always Heartbroken Chapter 998: Fanwai's Yuanjia Road Is Narrow And Run Quickly Chapter 999: He Became Her New President Chapter 1000: Free Service Chapter 1001: Let Others Kill Chapter 1002: The Women I Like Are All From The Same Family Chapter 1003: Abandoned Woman Chapter 1004: It's Heartbreaking Chapter 1005: The Little Grapes Chapter 1006: The Unexplainable Connection Chapter 1007: I'm Looking For A Husband For Mommy Chapter 1008: Fanwaizhi Kindergarten Note Chapter 1009: I Will Solve It Myself Chapter 1010: The Forgotten Lantern Chapter 1011: Outside Fight Chapter 1012: Mommy From Outside To Support You Chapter 1013: Why Can't You Hear Me Chapter 1014: Do You Know Whose Site It Is? Chapter 1015: Wrestling Chapter 1016: The Return Of Gui Huahua Chapter 1017: Are You Looking For Me? Chapter 1018: The Temptation To Double Chapter 1019: The Plan Of My Best Friend Chapter 1020: It's So Scary Chapter 1021: A Little Bit Outside Chapter 1022: Fanwaizhi Brand Primary School Chapter 1023: I'm Going To Kill You Chapter 1024: Why Are You Here? Chapter 1025: Extraordinary Encounter Chapter 1026: Fan Waizhi Wants To Do A Big Thing Chapter 1027: Why Did You Do This? Chapter 1028: The Third Party From Outside Chapter 1029: The Disturbing Phone Call Chapter 1030: Fanwai Li Li Is Missing Chapter 1031: The Old Man Who Plays Tai Chi Chapter 1032: Mr. Qi Is Excited Chapter 1033: The President Outside The Fan Haunts Pay Attention To Dodge Chapter 1034: Sowing Chapter 1035: Kangsheng Real Estate Chapter 1036: Extraordinary Guanghua Film And Television Chapter 1037: There Are Three Urgency For Outsiders Chapter 1038: Move Out To Live Chapter 1039: The Mysterious Gentleman Chapter 1040: Accompany Me To Meet Customers Chapter 1041: The Old Man Outside The Kindergarten Chapter 1042: First Place Selected By Fanwaizhi Chapter 1043: Fanwaizhi Accompanied Me To The Banquet Chapter 1044: You Have An Opinion On What I Said Chapter 1045: Is It Convenient To Change A Place? Chapter 1046: Fanwaizhi Attended The Parent Meeting Chapter 1047: The Mirror From Outside Chapter 1048: Fanwaizhiwenju Chapter 1049: Who Dare To Kick Lao Tzu? Chapter 1050: You Are Finally Here Chapter 1051: A Man Who Is Not Chapter 1052: Fanwaizhi This Wine Is Not Bad Chapter 1053: Let's Join Hands Again Chapter 1054: Fanwaizhitai Studio Chapter 1055: You Will Die If You Dont Do It Chapter 1056: Fanwaizhi Is Too Unreasonable Chapter 1057: Don't Touch My Woman Chapter 1058: Don't Blame Me For Being Ruthless Chapter 1059: Who Wants To Dance With Me Outside Chapter 1060: My Love For You Has Never Changed Chapter 1061: Levonorgestrel Chapter 1062: Sickness Outside Chapter 1063: The Horrible Paparazzi Chapter 1064: Extraordinary Violation Chapter 1065: Fanwaizhihai Villa Chapter 1066: The Beauty Of The Little Daughter Chapter 1067: The Blood From The Outside Flows Into A River Chapter 1068: Out Of The Hospital Chapter 1069: The Dog Bites The Dog Chapter 1070: Buy One Get One Free Chapter 1071: What Are You Doing Against Me? Chapter 1072: Old Friend Chapter 1073: I'm Waiting For You At Home Chapter 1074: The Wedding Room Chapter 1075: A Trip To The Ancient City Chapter 1076: Outside Bar Chapter 1077: Fuse Outside Chapter 1078: Are You Looking For It? Chapter 1079: Go To Field Trip Chapter 1080: There Are Three Urgency For Outsiders Chapter 1081: I Wont Be Loved By Others Chapter 1082: Do Evil Chapter 1083: It Must Be Because Of Her Chapter 1084: You Dare To Touch Her Chapter 1085: Fanwai's Intuition Is Always Accurate Chapter 1086: You Stand There And Don't Move Chapter 1087: Fanwaizhi Moved In To Live Together Chapter 1088: Just Call Me Miss Gu Chapter 1089: The Landlord's Phone Number Chapter 1090: How Can I Not Worry About Fanwaizhi Chapter 1091: I Have A House Outside Chapter 1092: Stingy Woman Chapter 1093: The Expectation Of The Outside World Will Disappear In An Instant Chapter 1094: I Know Your Secret Chapter 1095: Some Thoughts Are Hidden Outside Chapter 1096: The Face In The Mind Of Fanwai Chapter 1097: Fanwaizhi Is Daddy's Here Chapter 1098: No Need To Mention It Chapter 1099: She Is My Person Chapter 1100: Hot Mocha Chapter 1101: What Role Does Fanwai Play In The Middle? Chapter 1102: Fan Waizhi Just Waits To Hug Grandson Chapter 1103: You Still Like That Scheming Woman Chapter 1104: Don't Get Rid Of Chapter 1105: Venomous Snake Chapter 1106: Acute Appendicitis Chapter 1107: You Have Uncomfortable Eyes Chapter 1108: Private Affairs Chapter 1109: You Are All Fools Chapter 1110: There Are Others Outside Chapter 1111: Fanwaizhi Is Not A Good Kind Chapter 1112: You'd Better Give Me An Explanation Chapter 1113: Examination A Few Years Ago Chapter 1114: Fanwaizhi Is This Retribution? Chapter 1115: The Answer Is Ready To Come Out Chapter 1116: Go To My Company Chapter 1117: Fanwaizhi Was Fooled Chapter 1118: The Fatal Tenderness Outside Chapter 1119: Fanwaizhi Will Be Off Chapter 1120: Ugly People Outside Chapter 1121: You Should Call My Grandfather Chapter 1122: He's Just A Child Outside Chapter 1123: Don't Leave Tonight Chapter 1124: I Want This Dance Partner Chapter 1125: Auntie Chapter 1126: Fanwaizhi Abandoned The World For You Chapter 1127: The Ugly Daughter In Law Meets In Law Chapter 1128: Shameless Guy Chapter 1129: The Chaotic Love Triangle Outside Chapter 1130: Fan Waizhi Is So Embarrassing Chapter 1131: I'm Not Convinced Chapter 1132: There Is A Light Bulb To Follow Chapter 1133: He Is Funny Chapter 1134: I Wont Be In Line For A Lifetime Chapter 1135: The Amusement Park In Distress Chapter 1136: The Rest Of His Life Chapter 1137: I Had A Car Accident Chapter 1138: What Are You Going To Do To Compensate Me? Chapter 1139: Where Is My Wife? Chapter 1140: Extraordinary Free Delivery And Reverse Post Chapter 1141: I Already Have His Child Chapter 1142: I Almost Died Chapter 1143: There Is No More Calculated Hair Left Chapter 1144: The Dark Ditch Outside Chapter 1145: Nothing Outside Is More Than Life Chapter 1146: The Unspeakable Sense Of Complexity Chapter 1147: Fanwaizhi Rose A Seniority Chapter 1148: What About My Child Chapter 1149: Acquired By Fanwai Chapter 1150: Fanwaizhiyue Is Coming Back Chapter 1151: I Might Be Pregnant Outside Chapter 1152: Brother Fanwai Won't Let Me Paint Chapter 1153: Fan Waizhi Completely Gave Up On Her Husband Chapter 1154: The Bad Relationship Between Mother In Law And Daughter In Law Chapter 1155: She's A Big Joke Outside Chapter 1156: It's All For Revenge Chapter 1157: The Heartache That Flashed By Chapter 1158: Its Hard To Guess Chapter 1159: Extraordinary Interests Are Above All Else Chapter 1160: Fan Waizhi Is Waiting To Sign The Divorce Chapter 1161: Return To Single Chapter 1162: He Is The Biggest Accident Outside Chapter 1163: Other Than That His Charm Has Always Been Strong Chapter 1164: Fanwaizhi Was Made Difficult In Person Chapter 1165: There Is No Fuel Efficient Lamp Outside Chapter 1166: Fanwai's Indifferent Mother Family Chapter 1167: The Pregnancy Storm Chapter 1168: Who Gave You The Right Chapter 1169: Fan Waizhi Was Deceived Back To Her Family Chapter 1170: Fan Waizhi Couldn't Help But Wonder Chapter 1171: Survival Chapter 1172: Fanwaizhi Temporary Refuge Nursing Home Chapter 1173: Life Outside Is Not Easy Chapter 1174: You Know The Money Outside Chapter 1175: Outrageous Man Chapter 1176: He Doesn't Believe Her Chapter 1177: Love And Kill Chapter 1178: Save My Child Chapter 1179: It Turned Out That He Loved Her A Long Time Ago Chapter 1180: It Takes A Lot Of Time Chapter 1181: Fan Waizhi Is Finally Lost Chapter 1182: I Dont Feel Safe Chapter 1183: Fanwai's Help Warm Man Chapter 1184: He Is Her Savior Chapter 1185: Fanwaizhi Really Feels So Chapter 1186: Fanwaizhi Your Idea Is Very Good Chapter 1187: I'm So Stiff Chapter 1188: The Outside Life Becomes Fulfilled Chapter 1189: What About The Public Revenge Chapter 1190: Fan Waizhi Forgave Her For Being A Grudge Chapter 1191: Crazy Woman Chapter 1192: Goodbye And Conflict Again Chapter 1193: You Enjoyed It A Lot At The Beginning Chapter 1194: Keep It Mysterious Chapter 1195: Clarify Their Relationship Chapter 1196: Only You Believe Me Chapter 1197: Don't Be Merciful Chapter 1198: It Depends On Your Attitude Chapter 1199: Fan Waizhi Chose Not To Explore Chapter 1200: The Outside Capital Is Over Chapter 1201: I Dont Want To Repeat The Same Mistakes Chapter 1202: Temporary Reconciliation Chapter 1203: Meet In The Street Chapter 1204: What Do You Want To Test Me Chapter 1205: It's Unexpected Chapter 1206: Fanwaizhi Said Everything In His Heart Chapter 1207: Maybe This Is Fate. Chapter 1208: Love A Person In A Simple Way Chapter 1209: Its A Pity Chapter 1210: Fanwaizhi Has A Lot Of Roads Together Chapter 1211: Don't Worry About Getting The Answer Chapter 1212: I Can Live Without You Chapter 1213: I Didn't Plan To Be Responsible For You Chapter 1214: Fanwais Mother Really Got Cancer Chapter 1215: I've Seen The Death Of Those Outsiders Chapter 1216: What Kind Of Mystery Is Fanwaizhi Playing? Chapter 1217: Extraordinary Surprise Chapter 1218: Fanwaizhi Is Not What You See Chapter 1219: Fanwaizhi Has No Stand To Say Anything Chapter 1220: He Was So Embarrassed To Ask You To Explain Chapter 1221: He Really Lied To Her Again Chapter 1222: Its Not Easy To Be In A Foreign Country Chapter 1223: How Difficult Is It To Be A Single Mother Outside Chapter 1224: Fan Waizhi Gave Birth To A Bear Child Chapter 1225: It's Proud And Sad Chapter 1226: I Want To Go Back And Take A Look At Him Chapter 1227: The So Called Xintiandi Chapter 1228: Fan Waizhi Took The Children Back Home Chapter 1229: He Is Still So Domineering Outside Chapter 1230: I Always Ask You To Respect Yourself Chapter 1231: Uncle Fanwai Didn't Lie To You Chapter 1232: Are You Satisfied Now? Chapter 1233: You Are Not The Only One Chapter 1234: Extraordinary Event Fermentation Chapter 1235: Fan Waizhi Was Curious About His Nervousness Chapter 1236: He's Getting Married Again Chapter 1237: It's Because Your Mother Is Not Good Chapter 1238: I Wont Make Everyone Unhappy Chapter 1239: Little Treasure Is Gone Chapter 1240: What Are You Like? Chapter 1241: The Little Traitor Chapter 1242: He Is Really Driving Her Away Chapter 1243: It's So Outrageous Chapter 1244: Unrememberable Past Events Chapter 1245: This Is A Good Idea Chapter 1246: Let's Take A Look At It Chapter 1247: The Family Of Three Outside The Family Is So Warm Chapter 1248: Fanwaizhi Is This An Enemy Meeting? Chapter 1249: Fan Waizhi Has Some Confidence Chapter 1250: Outside Of His Strong Dissatisfaction Chapter 1251: Fanwaizhi Became A Big Joke Chapter 1252: The Glorious And Stalwart Image Of Fanwai's Father Chapter 1253: Fanwai Dad Doesn't Like Godfather Chapter 1254: Revisiting The Old Place Outside Of The Extravaganza Makes You Sad Chapter 1255: The Tacit Understanding Of The Father And Son Chapter 1256: I Miss The Feeling Of The Past Chapter 1257: Fanwai Is A Raccoon Dog Chapter 1258: The Outside Situation Is Very Complicated Chapter 1259: It's Not Clear Whether The Enemy Is A Friend Or An Enemy Chapter 1260: Fanwaizhi's Very Powerful Secretary Chapter 1261: Fan Waizhi Was Born Immune To Rejection Chapter 1262: One Stone And Two Birds Chapter 1263: I'm Speechless Chapter 1264: Fanwai's Unknown Truth Eaters Chapter 1265: You Can't Do Anything Else At Your Own Risk Chapter 1266: Extraordinary Criticisms Fly All Over The Sky Chapter 1267: Fanwaizhi Takes You To A Good Show Chapter 1268: Fan Waizhi Expressed Concern Chapter 1269: Fan Waizhi Can't Believe What I Saw Chapter 1270: Do You Think I Am Free Chapter 1271: Let Others Misunderstand Chapter 1272: Why Should I Be Jealous? Chapter 1273: Extraordinary Grand Gathering Chapter 1274: The Man Behind The Scenes Chapter 1275: He Doesn't Look Like A Bad Guy Chapter 1276: The Best Choice Outside Chapter 1277: Outsiders Panic Chapter 1278: Fan Waizhi Directly Ignored Her Chapter 1279: The Strangers Will Disappear Quickly Chapter 1280: Fan Waizhi Began To Worry About Him Chapter 1281: Fan Waizhi Changed His Face Chapter 1282: You Still Have To Look At Me Chapter 1283: Since Fanwaizhi Is Here Let's Play Together Chapter 1284: Fan Waizhi Has A Bad Influence On Reputation Chapter 1285: It Turned Out To Be All For Her Chapter 1286: Ways To Deal With The Outside Chapter 1287: It's So Difficult Chapter 1288: Extraordinary Matters Don't Concern Yourself Chapter 1289: Fan Waizhi Gave Her Eye Drops Chapter 1290: He Is Full Of Acting Skills Chapter 1291: Rebellion Chapter 1292: Fan Waizhi Doesn't Seem To Be Needed Anymore Chapter 1293: Fan Waizhi Is Not Surprised Chapter 1294: Fanwaizhi Is Getting More And More Uneasy Chapter 1295: Extra Urgency Is Not Helpful Chapter 1296: I'm Looking Forward To It Chapter 1297: It's Even More Strange Chapter 1298: Fanwaizhi That Is Really Happy Chapter 1299: Extraordinary Things Are Difficult To Handle Chapter 1300: I Haven't Settled Our Bills Chapter 1301: Fanwaizhi Has Reached Its Limit Chapter 1302: How Unwise It Is Chapter 1303: What Kind Of Talent Is It? Chapter 1304: Don't Hide From Me Chapter 1305: You Can Take Precautions Early Chapter 1306: What I Want To Do Most Chapter 1307: Fan Waizhi Still Wants To Step On Two Boats Chapter 1308: I Got Jealous First Chapter 1309: It's Not Easy To Start Chapter 1310: Don't Confuse The Audience Chapter 1311: Fanwaizhi Fell In Love With A Silly Woman Chapter 1312: The Feeling Of Being Welcomed And Recognized Chapter 1313: Fanwaizhi Is So Sour Chapter 1314: Fan Waizhi Is A Little Afraid Of This Old Man Chapter 1315: Fanwaizhi Will Compensate Him Chapter 1316: Fan Waizhi Still Doesn't Trust Her Enough Chapter 1317: Fanwaizhi Calmed Her Emotions Chapter 1318: I'm So Tired From Outside Work Chapter 1319: Vinegar Jar Chapter 1320: I Can't Laugh Or Cry Chapter 1321: You Will Bear It Yourself Chapter 1322: A Day Outside Is Like Three Autumns Chapter 1323: Fan Waizhi Has Done Things Well Recently Chapter 1324: Fanwai Comparison To Appetite Chapter 1325: Fan Waizhi Is Not In The Mood Now Chapter 1326: Fanwaizhi Is Getting More Guilty Chapter 1327: Play A Temper Chapter 1328: Don't Even Want To Run Away Chapter 1329: The Restless Heart Chapter 1330: Fan Waizhi Suddenly Said Something Like This Chapter 1331: If Things Happen Abnormally There Will Be Evil Chapter 1332: I'm So Sad Chapter 1333: Its Too Early To Say Chapter 1334: Fan Waizhi Seems Fair And Optimistic Chapter 1335: I Feel So Happy Outside Chapter 1336: Open News Conference Chapter 1337: Fanwaizhi's Complaints That Seem True Or False Chapter 1338: Declare Sovereignty Chapter 1339: The Soul Of The Outside Does Not Keep The House Chapter 1340: Its Good To Be Young Outside Chapter 1341: It's Pleasing To The Eye Chapter 1342: I'm So Happy Chapter 1343: Fanwaizhi Cannot See Its True Meaning Chapter 1344: You Have To Be Careful Chapter 1345: Fanwaizhi Protect Her Safety Chapter 1346: True And False Chapter 1347: Fortunately She Is Wary Chapter 1348: I'm Here To Help Save People Chapter 1349: Fan Waizhi Made The Decision Directly Chapter 1350: Extraordinary Great Impact Chapter 1351: Fan Waizhi Is So Gentle Chapter 1352: You Are The One Who Suffers Chapter 1353: Some Signs Outside Chapter 1354: Fan Waizhi Likes To Toss Something Up Chapter 1355: The Cost Of False Pregnancy Chapter 1356: Fan Waizhi Avenged Her Chapter 1357: The Tentative Exploration Of Su Xiaocheng Chapter 1358: The Ferocious Eyes Outside Chapter 1359: Schizophrenia Chapter 1360: The Missing Su Xiaobao Chapter 1361: The Intense Anxiety Outside Chapter 1362: You Are Far Away Chapter 1363: Nothing Will Happen Outside Chapter 1364: Let Me Follow You Chapter 1365: The Eyes Of The Outsiders Are Looking Forward Chapter 1366: The Mysterious All Outside Chapter 1367: I Met My First Love Again Chapter 1368: I Saw Little Baby For The First Time Chapter 1369: Sisters Discord Chapter 1370: Fanwai's Inexplicable Care Chapter 1372: Fan Waizhi Reluctant To Hurt The Child Chapter 1371: The Outside Of The Ice Cold To The Bone Chapter 1373: Trouble Caused By Rumors Chapter 1374: Fan Waizhis Previous Love Is All Fake Chapter 1375: Fan Waizhi Treats Her As A Lunatic Chapter 1376: Fan Wai Zhi Hua Zheng Zheng Chapter 1377: A Different Sentiment Outside Chapter 1378: Extraordinary Is Not Normal Chapter 1379: Extraordinary Reason Is Straightforward Chapter 1380: Fanwaizhi Do Everything Possible To Meet Celebrities Chapter 1381: Extraordinary Happiness Comes Too Soon Chapter 1382: The Truth Is Revealed Chapter 1383: Suddenly Realized Chapter 1384: Fan Waizhi Is Lost Chapter 1385: Awkward Scene Chapter 1386: Fanwaizhi Makes Headlines Chapter 1387: What A Coincidence Chapter 1388: The Unbelievable Scene Chapter 1389: You Can Also Meet Him In Bars Outside Chapter 1390: There Is No Place Chapter 1391: Fanwai Monitoring Gives The Answer Chapter 1392: The Promotion Chapter 1393: The Second Life Of Fanwai Kicked Off Chapter 1394: Fan Waizhi Hates Her Even More Chapter 1395: They Come To Listen To His Concert Chapter 1396: The Most Unforgettable Chapter 1397: Long Term Cooperation Outside Chapter 1398: Fan Waizhi Attended The Celebration Banquet Chapter 1399: Fanwaizhi Was Disturbed By Her Chapter 1400: Fan Wai Fan Vs. Idol Chapter 1401: Extraordinary Rebirth Accident Chapter 1402: Fan Waizhi Is In Trouble Chapter 1403: Unclear Boundaries Chapter 1404: The Old Days That You Can't Go Back Chapter 1405: Super Happy Chapter 1406: To Discredit Her Chapter 1407: I Dont Want To Involve More People Chapter 1408: Arrogant Chapter 1409: Facing Reality Chapter 1410: Extraordinary Crisis Chapter 1411: Helpless And Painful Outside Chapter 1412: Did You Recognize It Like That? Chapter 1413: The Warm And Cold Love Chapter 1414: Guardian Chapter 1415: Fanwaizhi Must Know How To Keep A Distance Chapter 1416: The Embarrassment Lingering Outside Chapter 1417: It's All A Crit Chapter 1418: Extra Care And Companionship Chapter 1419: Confession After Drunk Chapter 1420: Not For Extra Love Chapter 1421: I Don't Remember Fanwaizhi Chapter 1422: Fanwaizhi Can Only Be Hostile Chapter 1423: Wedding Invitation Chapter 1424: I Have To Endure Chapter 1425: Practical Chapter 1426: Fanwaizhi Creates Opportunities For Them Chapter 1427: Fanwaizhi's Tears For Her Chapter 1428: You Can't Have Anything To Do With Him Chapter 1429: Can You Control It? Chapter 1430: What Kind Of Identity Do You Care About? Chapter 1431: Do You Still Blame Me Chapter 1432: Fan Waizhi Cares Most About Chapter 1433: It's Too Beautiful To Be Restored Chapter 1434: Waiting For The Result Chapter 1435: Its All Premeditated Chapter 1436: Things That Everyone Knows Chapter 1437: Fanwai Flavoring Agent Chapter 1438: Fanwaizhi Who Cares For Her Chapter 1439: The First Breakfast Chapter 1440: Fan Waizhi Always Thinks He Is Weird Chapter 1441: You Are So Kind Mom Chapter 1442: Fanwaizhi Has No Blood Relationship Chapter 1443: Self Blame And Distressed Chapter 1444: The Love Story Goes Very Smoothly Chapter 1445: Cancellation Of The Contract Chapter 1446: The Willing Wendy Chapter 1447: Fan Waizhi Suddenly Understood Chapter 1448: Yelling Chapter 1449: I Can't Do It Outside Chapter 1450: Extraordinary Process Is Not Important Anymore Chapter 1451: Resignation Chapter 1452: Very Curious Chapter 1453: It's Not Good To Stop Chapter 1454: Ready For The Outside Chapter 1455: Fortunately There Is Him Chapter 1456: Extraordinary Harmony Is As Good As Ever Chapter 1457: I'm Looking For A Job With My Own Ability Chapter 1458: The Hurdle Of The Interview Chapter 1459: Fan Waizhi Confided To Him Chapter 1460: During The Concert Outside Chapter 1461: The Transformation Of Idols Outside The Fan Chapter 1462: A Big Move From The Outside Chapter 1463: Indefinite Withdrawal Chapter 1464: I'm Going To Find Her Outside Chapter 1465: Are You Jealous? Chapter 1466: Fanwaizhi Officially Goes To Work Chapter 1467: Looking Forward To The Future Chapter 1468: New Personnel And New Environment Chapter 1469: Extraordinary Candlelight Dinner Chapter 1470: A Beautiful Morning Outside Chapter 1471: Extraordinary Charity Dinner Invitation Chapter 1472: Encounter An Opponent Chapter 1473: Fanwai This Hard Bone Chapter 1474: Guessing In My Heart Chapter 1475: A Lot Of Extra Inspiration Chapter 1476: I Look Forward To Becoming A Family Chapter 1477: Meet Again In Fanwaizhi Chapter 1478: The Bitterness Of Love Outside Chapter 1479: The Subtle Changes Between The Women Outside Chapter 1480: Old Things Chapter 1481: Connected By Blood Chapter 1482: Let's Visit Together Chapter 1483: Silent Crying Outside Chapter 1484: The Hope Of The Outside Is Getting Dwindling Chapter 1485: Fanwaizhi's Request To Eat Together Chapter 1486: Vivian's Invitation Chapter 1487: Three People Outside The Party Have Lunch Chapter 1488: Extraordinary Resoluteness And Courage Chapter 1489: Trust Each Other Chapter 1490: Fanwaizhi Fell Into The Honeypot Chapter 1491: The Right Person Outside Chapter 1492: Open Your Heart Outside Chapter 1493: Find Out The Details Chapter 1494: Extraordinary Ruling Enlightenment Chapter 1495: Outside The Exhibition Site Chapter 1496: Close To The Enemy Chapter 1497: Extraordinary Means Chapter 1498: He Was Beaten Outside Chapter 1499: His New Love Affair Chapter 1500: You Must Have Some Difficulties Chapter 1501: Quit This Dependence Chapter 1502: Fanwai's Attempted Resignation Chapter 1503: Fanwaizhi Almost Collapsed Chapter 1504: Fanwaizhi Didn't Have The Courage To Look Back Chapter 1505: Go And Sign The Contract Before Chapter 1506: The Secret That I Can't Tell Chapter 1507: Fanwaizhi Still Not Give Up Chapter 1508: Well Designed Bureau Chapter 1509: Fan Waizhi Achieved A Staged Victory Chapter 1510: Surprising But Not Dangerous Chapter 1511: The Real And Illusory Outside Chapter 1512: Mutual Tolerance Chapter 1513: Regaining Freedom Chapter 1514: Extraordinary Delay Tactics Chapter 1515: You Let Me Down Too Much Chapter 1516: Deliberately Chapter 1517: My Conscience Wont Hurt Chapter 1518: Fanwai's Protection Of Own Rights Chapter 1519: Fanwaizhijia And Wanshixing Chapter 1520: Just Perfect Chapter 1521: Unexpected Encounter Without Blind Date Chapter 1522: Everything Is Under His Control Chapter 1523: Strange Night Chapter 1524: Cooperate With Him Chapter 1525: The Unexpected Person Chapter 1526: The Misunderstanding Between Them Chapter 1527: Disgusting Woman Outside Chapter 1528: Master Fanwaihuo Chapter 1529: I Don't Know What To Do Chapter 1530: Confrontation Chapter 1531: Take Care Of Her Chapter 1532: Outside He Started To Change Chapter 1533: Extraordinary Initiative Invitation Chapter 1534: Fantasia's Heart Is Pregnant Chapter 1535: Do You Want Me To Come Back? Chapter 1536: Is This A Coincidence? Chapter 1537: The Invisible Heart Chapter 1538: Guardian Of You Chapter 1539: Outside Of His Territory Chapter 1540: A Night Of Drunkenness Chapter 1541: Don't Come Here Anymore Chapter 1542: I Can Control You Outside Chapter 1543: Fanwaizhi Is So Shameless Chapter 1544: I'm So Excited Chapter 1545: The Outside Is All Acting Chapter 1546: Uninvited Guest Chapter 1547: Fan Waizhi's Self Directed And Self Acted Drama Chapter 1548: What I Didnt Know Chapter 1549: Fan Waizhi Wakes Up From Fantasy Chapter 1550: I Have Been Threatening With This Chapter 1551: You Can't Be Nice To Others Chapter 1552: Exacerbation Of The Disease Chapter 1553: Su Mu Fainted Chapter 1554: Long Time No See Chapter 1555: Fanwai Chasing A Mysterious Man Chapter 1556: Misunderstanding Chapter 1557: Night Visit From Outside Chapter 1558: Her Label Chapter 1559: The Outside Will Be Hidden Chapter 1560: Fanwaizhi Is Full Of Gratitude Chapter 1561: The Cowardly Outside Chapter 1562: Its Not The Time To Pierce Chapter 1563: It's Hard To Serve Chapter 1564: Misunderstandings Of Rebirth Chapter 1565: Fanwaizhiguan Is Too Wide Right? Chapter 1566: Fanwaizhi Is Really Lingering Chapter 1567: Continuing Relationship Chapter 1568: Fanwaizhi Overwhelming Reports Chapter 1569: Why Should I Help You Outside Chapter 1570: Extraordinary Strength And Integrity Chapter 1571: Out Of The Blue Chapter 1572: The Invisible Love From Outside Chapter 1573: It's Beyond Their Expectations Chapter 1574: Don't Be Stubborn Chapter 1575: Extraordinary Is A Mistake Chapter 1576: The Unexpected Situation Chapter 1577: Love Field Master Chapter 1578: She Is Lonely Outside Chapter 1579: Extraordinary Heroes Save The Beauty Chapter 1580: She Is Comprehensive Chapter 1581: Fanwai Is Getting Farther And Farther Chapter 1582: Su Minghang's Thoughts Chapter 1583: A Love That Shouldn't Be There Chapter 1584: Have A Nice Drink Outside Chapter 1585: The Restless Days Chapter 1586: A Life Saving Straw Chapter 1587: Fanwaizhiren Chapter 1588: Betrayal And Deception Chapter 1589: She Has A Special Identity Chapter 1590: You Are The Main Thing In The Outside World Chapter 1591: Forced Marriage Chapter 1592: Hello From Outside Chapter 1593: Do I Know You Very Well? Chapter 1594: Foolish Chapter 1595: Fanwaizhi Is Still Endless Chapter 1596: The Brilliance Of Love Chapter 1597: Assassination Chapter 1598: The Unsuccessful President Chapter 1599: The Outside Mission Failed Again Chapter 1600: Fanwaizhi Is Indeed Not Bad Chapter 1601: Extraordinary Matter Backfired Chapter 1602: Fanwaizhi Obey My Command Chapter 1603: Surprise Prepared By Fanwaizhi Chapter 1604: Smile Like A Flower Chapter 1605: Fanwaizhi Has Improved Chapter 1606: Handling The Problem Outside Chapter 1607: Fanwaizhi Can't Bear To Swallow Chapter 1608: The Consciousness Of Pregnant Women Chapter 1609: Fanwai Rumors Are Everywhere Chapter 1610: Fan Waizhi Still Knows To Be Afraid Chapter 1611: She Is Not A Vase Chapter 1612: A Beautiful Night Outside Chapter 1613: On The Verge Of Anger Chapter 1614: Thoughts On Extraordinary Matters Chapter 1615: Uneasy Mood Chapter 1616: Fanwaizhi Is A Shopaholic Chapter 1617: The Children Of The Outside Are First Chapter 1618: It's A Bit Weird Chapter 1619: You Can't Force It Outside Chapter 1620: It's Very Tight Chapter 1621: Fanwaizhi Is Simply A World Wonder Chapter 1622: Extraordinary Encounter Chapter 1623: Fanwaizhi's Real Name Chapter 1624: What You Can't Get Outside Is Better Chapter 1625: Fan Waizhi Is Her Child's Father Chapter 1626: Who Is Fanwaizhi? Chapter 1627: The Only Clue Chapter 1628: A Prepared Attack From Outside Chapter 1629: Looking Back On The Past Chapter 1630: Outside Of The Deployment Chapter 1631: Fanwaizhi Teamwork Chapter 1632: Extraordinary Strength To Pet His Wife Chapter 1633: Fanwai's Customized Action Strategy Chapter 1634: Outside The Exhibition Chapter 1635: The Body Outside Is Not Afraid Of Shadows Chapter 1636: Extraordinary And Love And Cherish Chapter 1637: Fanwaizhixingshi Asked The Crime Chapter 1638: Looking For A Breakthrough Chapter 1639: My Mother Loves Her Son Chapter 1640: The Tiger From Outside Is Not Showing Off Chapter 1641: The Kid Outside Of The Genius Chapter 1642: There Is No Fear Chapter 1643: Martha Accident Chapter 1644: Due To The Sincerity Chapter 1645: Break Through Chapter 1646: One Of The Extraordinarily Ignited Chapter 1647: The Unexpected Chapter 1648: Escort Chapter 1649: What Kind Of Spectrum Chapter 1650: Fanwaizhi Reluctant To Leave Chapter 1651: Questioning The Daughter In Law Chapter 1652: Abandoned Soldiers Chapter 1653: There Is Art And Depth Chapter 1654: Betrayal Of The Fiance Chapter 1655: Where Is The Coming From Outside Chapter 1656: Fanwaizhi Face To Face With The Male God Chapter 1657: Meeting Room Outside Chapter 1658: Announcement Chapter 1659: The Rain In The Mountains Outside The Wind Is Full Of Wind Chapter 1660: It's Not Peaceful Anymore Chapter 1661: Countless Criticisms Chapter 1662: He Is A Celebrity Outside Chapter 1663: In Addition This Is Magic Chapter 1664: Extraordinary Lightning Acquisition Chapter 1665: It's Tolerable Or Unbearable Chapter 1666: The Manager Outside The Fan Loses To The Staff Chapter 1667: Extraordinary Reasoning Chapter 1668: I Went Back To The House Because Of The Unknown Chapter 1669: True And False Wills Chapter 1670: Demeanor Chapter 1671: There Will Be Retribution Sooner Or Later Chapter 1672: Memories Chapter 1673: 160 Fanwaizhi's Unscrupulous Shot Chapter 1674: Don't Blame Him For Injustice Chapter 1675: 160 Fanwaizhi Ate Behind Closed Doors Chapter 1676: Two Women Outside The Scene Chapter 1677: A Room Outside Chapter 1678: Focus On The Overall Situation Chapter 1679: Take Care Of A Lot Chapter 1680: Fan Waizhi Insisted To Be Discharged Chapter 1681: Fanwai Rumors Spread Chapter 1682: The Thought Of Resigning Chapter 1683: Another Me In The Outside World Chapter 1684: The First Day Of Secretary Work Chapter 1685: Fanwai Standing In Line Hurts Feelings Chapter 1686: Fan Waizhi Cup Share Releases Bingquan Chapter 1687: It's Obvious Chapter 1688: Mysterious Will Chapter 1689: Don't Forget The Original Intention Chapter 1690: Fanwai's Old Face Fell To The Ground Chapter 1691: Encounter With Ex Chapter 1692: Help Chapter 1693: Choosing Clothes Outside Chapter 1694: My Own Life Chapter 1695: Unreasonable Trouble Chapter 1696: Communicate Before The Visit Chapter 1697: Whispering Chapter 1698: Fan Waizhi Attended As A Female Companion Chapter 1699: What Is The Boss Of The Business Outside Chapter 1700: How Could He Be Drunk Outside Chapter 1701: What Does Not Exist Outside Chapter 1702: Chasing After The Wind Chapter 1703: Outsiders Say Awesome Chapter 1704: There Are More Rumors Outside Chapter 1705: The Pain That Can't Let Go Chapter 1706: Fanwaizhi Doesn't Need To Explain To Me Chapter 1707: His Three Marriages Chapter 1708: Fan Waizhi Personally Supervises The Formation Chapter 1709: He Is Attentive And Thoughtful Chapter 1710: Fanwaizhi Started To Have A Play Chapter 1711: Fanwaizhixianyanbao Chapter 1712: It's Really High To Knock The Mountain And Shake The Tiger Chapter 1713: On The Spot Confrontation Chapter 1714: Its Not Good For Anyone Chapter 1715: Return To Singles Chapter 1716: Visit From Outside Chapter 1717: Courtship And Marriage Proposal Chapter 1718: Fanwaizhi Takes Mother Home Chapter 1719: Fanwai's Admiring Eyes Chapter 1720: Apologize Chapter 1721: Fan Waizhi Shouldn't Be So Angry Chapter 1722: Go To Visit Chapter 1723: A Plan Chapter 1724: The Engagement Banquet Chapter 1725: The Magic Of Love Outside Chapter 1726: Fanwaizhi Doesn't Welcome People Like You Chapter 1727: It's Almost Finished Chapter 1728: Fanwaizhiqiangtoucao Chapter 1729: Birthday Wishes Chapter 1730: Leave Early And Return Late Chapter 1731: Tailor Made Design Chapter 1732: Fan Waizhi Cannot Attend The Press Conference Chapter 1733: I Want To Be Red Chapter 1734: The Pitiful Appearance Outside Chapter 1735: Fanwaizhi Faces Reporters Chapter 1736: I Chose Nothing Chapter 1737: The Truth Is Revealed Chapter 1738: Fanwai's Earth Shaking Changes Chapter 1739: Osmanthus Tree Chapter 1740: A Busy Week Outside Chapter 1741: I Didn't Choose The Wrong Person Chapter 1742: Fanwai Is Finally Confirmed Chapter 1743: Don't Cry Outside Chapter 1744: Deja Vu Chapter 1745: Full Of Praise Chapter 1746: New Cooperation Outside Chapter 1747: Those Who Can't Hide Their Minds Chapter 1748: Fanwaizhi Was Cared By A Group Of People Chapter 1749: Fanwaizhi Secretly Swears Chapter 1750: When The Outside Is Fragile Chapter 1751: Outside Chapter 1752: The Provocation Between The Lines Chapter 1753: Vinegar Jar Chapter 1754: Fan Wai's Proposal Rejected Chapter 1755: The Warmth In The Study Chapter 1756: Change The Topic Outside Chapter 1757: Extraordinary Unhappy Chapter 1758: Memories Of The Past Chapter 1759: Fan Waizhi Still Don't Know If It Is Dead Or Alive Chapter 1760: Fan Waizhi's New Chairman Chapter 1761: Fanwaizhi Envy Such Love Chapter 1762: You Won't Understand Me Chapter 1763: A Peaceful Early Winter Outside Chapter 1764: Discuss Countermeasures Outside Chapter 1765: Fanwai's Superb Makeup Skills Chapter 1766: Meet The Enemy Outside Chapter 1767: Fanwai Angered Father Chapter 1768: Sigh In The Early Morning Chapter 1769: Beautiful Encounters Outside Chapter 1770: They Deserve It Chapter 1771: Extraordinary Little Eyes Chapter 1772: Fan Waizhi Was Shocked Chapter 1773: Extraordinary Is True Chapter 1774: Fan Waizhi Marry Me Okay Chapter 1775: I'll Take Care Of You Forever Chapter 1776: Fanwaizhi Found Happiness Chapter 1777: Only Relieved Chapter 1778: Sleepless One Night Outside Chapter 1779: Extra Brothers Reunion Chapter 1780: Extraordinary Belated Honeymoon Vacation Chapter 1781: I'm Here For The Delicious Food Chapter 1782: Taste The World Outside Chapter 1783: A Sense Of Accomplishment Chapter 1784: I Can't Bear To Look Back On The Past Chapter 1785: Domineering Chapter 1786: Fanwaizhi Has Such A Side Chapter 1787: Fanwai Album Chapter 1788: I Have A Good Idea Chapter 1789: I Need Your Cooperation Chapter 1790: Survival Of The Fittest Chapter 1791: The Paper Tiger Chapter 1792: Fanwai's Camera Repair Chapter 1793: Extra Careful Thinking Chapter 1794: Fanwai's Willpower Is Very Firm Chapter 1795: Fanwaizhi Is A Real Mother Chapter 1796: How To Spend My Birthday Chapter 1797: Need To Recruit People Chapter 1798: Extraordinary Joy On The Brow Chapter 1799: The Treasure Knife Outside Chapter 1800: It's Delicious Outside Chapter 1801: The Person Who Does Not Have Eyes Chapter 1802: Fanwaizhi Was Disturbed Chapter 1803: Impatient Chapter 1804: The Extra Crime Deserves It Chapter 1805: Fanwai's Cute Nirvana Chapter 1806: The Little Brother Outside The Fan Actually Ignored Her Chapter 1807: Fan Wai Zhi Mi Mei Chapter 1808: Curious Staff Outside Chapter 1809: The Long Awaited Interview Chapter 1810: Fanwai Interview Situation Chapter 1811: Interviewer With Exhausted Body And Mind Chapter 1812: Fanwaizhi Became A Part Of The Company Chapter 1813: Another Snack From The Outside Chapter 1814: Jealous Chapter 1815: The Appearance Of The Jaw Dropping Chapter 1816: I Can't Finish Talking About Food Outside Chapter 1817: The Prestige Is Outside Chapter 1818: Extraordinary Shock Is Heaven And Human Chapter 1819: She Will Be Jealous Chapter 1820: Jealous Woman Chapter 1821: The Reason For The Anger Chapter 1822: Birthday Party Chapter 1823: Good Intentions Chapter 1824: Out Of The Game Chapter 1825: Out Of The Frame Chapter 1826: The Evil Mother In Law Chapter 1827: Scheming Father In Law Chapter 1828: Fleeing From The Outside Chapter 1829: There Is No Way Out Chapter 1830: Begin Your Performance Chapter 1831: She Begged To See Him Chapter 1832: What On Earth Do You Want? Chapter 1833: For Money Chapter 1834: Peaceful Breakup Chapter 1835: Difficult To Get Along Chapter 1836: It's Too Much Chapter 1837: Extraordinary Appearance Is In Harmony Chapter 1838: The Past Chapter 1839: The Fighting Family Chapter 1840: Fanwaizhi's Big Eyes And Small Eyes Chapter 1841: Shameless Chapter 1842: Don't Let Her Cause Trouble Chapter 1843: I Wont Just Forget It Chapter 1844: A Woman Like Fanwaizhi Chapter 1845: It's Better Not To See Chapter 1846: You Can Treat Him As A Treasure Chapter 1847: A Car Accident Chapter 1848: The Mouth Is Not Forgiving Chapter 1849: Give You A Fair Chapter 1850: Do You Still Love Me? Chapter 1851: Fanwai's Tricks To Urge Marriage Chapter 1852: Fanwaizhi Found Lu Jing's Hiding Place Chapter 1853: The Ins And Outs Chapter 1854: I've Had Enough Of You Chapter 1855: What Will He Do Outside Chapter 1856: Fan Wai Zhi Tian Luo Di Net Chapter 1857: Fan Waizhi Is Going To Get Married Chapter 1858: Sorrow And Change Chapter 1859: Take Away Your Curiosity Chapter 1860: Fantastic And Terrified Chapter 1861: I'm Too Worried About The Big Brother Chapter 1862: Love Is True Chapter 1863: Extraordinary Proposal Chapter 1864: What's Right And Wrong Chapter 1865: Fanwaizhi Continues To Pretend To Be Disabled Chapter 1866: About The Death Of Your Father Chapter 1867: Who Did Fanwaizhi? Chapter 1868: Trivia Chapter 1869: There Is No Sense Of Disobedience Chapter 1870: Extraordinary Plan Takes Shape Chapter 1871: Fanwaizhi Is Indeed A Little Suspicious Chapter 1872: I Will Always Be With You Outside Chapter 1873: Fanwaizhi Have You Suffered Such Pain? Chapter 1874: Don't Rush Everything Outside Chapter 1875: Calm Down Chapter 1876: Fanwaizhi Began To Doubt Chapter 1877: Be Strong Chapter 1878: I Cant Tell The Truth Chapter 1880: The Dislikes Are Obvious Chapter 1881: Behind The Mask Of Fanwai Chapter 1882: Stupid Fish Outside Chapter 1883: Extraordinary Glorification Chapter 1884: Fan Waizhi Accompanied Him To The Dance Chapter 1885: The Big Joke Chapter 1886: What On Earth Do You Want To Do? Chapter 1887: This Is The Truth Chapter 1888: Misunderstanding Chapter 1889: Two Sides And Three Swords Chapter 1890: Fleeing From The Outside Chapter 1891: Frustrated Expectations Chapter 1892: Someone Is Instigating Chapter 1893: Save Me Chapter 1894: I Am Coming Chapter 1895: Misunderstandings Solved Chapter 1896: Timely Rescue Chapter 1897: I'm Sorry Chapter 1898: Fanwaizhixingshi Asked The Crime Chapter 1899: The Speed Of Face Change Chapter 1900: The Child Outside The Fan Is Innocent Chapter 1901: I Let It Go Easily Chapter 1902: The Quality Of Professional Drivers Chapter 1903: A Peerless Husband Chapter 1904: The Engagement Banquet Chapter 1905: Unexpected Situation Chapter 1906: He Is The Beloved Person Chapter 1907: I Will Guard You Outside Chapter 1908: Hidden Knife In The Extra Smile Chapter 1909: The Extraordinarily Fulfilled Wish Chapter 1910: Frequent Contacts Chapter 1911: Fanwai Rumors Are Everywhere Chapter 1912: Did You Miss Me? Chapter 1913: Fanwaizhi Is Not Here To Fight Chapter 1914: Find A Way To Verify Chapter 1915: A Lot Of Outside Harvest Chapter 1916: The Extra Laugh Is True At The End Chapter 1917: First Meeting Of Fanwaizhi Chapter 1918: Fantastic Ideas Chapter 1919: Get A Certificate Chapter 1920: Get Everything You Need Chapter 1921: At The Wedding Outside Chapter 1922: Performance Obligations Chapter 1923: The Tenderness Of The Outside Chapter 1924: Extraordinary Benefits Chapter 1925: Fanwaizhi Respects My Choice Chapter 1926: She's So Bully Outside Chapter 1927: Punishment For Disobedience Chapter 1928: The Amount Of Food Outside Is Amazing Chapter 1929: Fanwaizhi Is Really Dead Chapter 1930: Extraordinary Jacquard Must Be Reported Chapter 1931: It's Sad Enough Chapter 1932: How Can I Not Remember The Hate Chapter 1933: Fan Waizhi Is Allergic To Coriander Chapter 1934: Extraordinarily Ridiculous Chapter 1935: Fan Waizhi Now Knows I'm Afraid Chapter 1936: What Kind Of Person Is Fanwai's Father? Chapter 1937: Who Framed Fanwaizhi? Chapter 1938: The Outsiders Stared At Her Chapter 1939: The Raccoon Dog Chapter 1940: Thanks To You Chapter 1941: I'm Not At Ease Chapter 1942: Fanwaizhi Fell Into The Pit Of Love Chapter 1943: Fanwaizhi Is Built On Mutual Benefit Chapter 1944: Extraordinary Shocking Eyes Chapter 1945: Be A Good Individual Chapter 1946: Outside Is The Queen Chapter 1947: The Headache Is Not Good Chapter 1948: Do You Know Who I Am? Chapter 1949: Special Trust Chapter 1950: Her Sophistry Chapter 1951: True Or False Chapter 1952: Mrs. Fanwai Chapter 1953: A Topic Outside Of The Show Chapter 1954: Extraordinary Special Seductive Chapter 1955: Extraordinary Brain Circuits Are Different Chapter 1956: They Know Chapter 1957: Fan Waizhi Unexpectedly Met Chapter 1958: The Ruthless Father Chapter 1959: The Speed Of Change Chapter 1960: Don't Know What's Wrong Chapter 1961: Blind Date Chapter 1962: The Cramped Look Chapter 1963: Very Pleasant Surprise Chapter 1964: I Dont Forgive The Reason Chapter 1965: Fanwaizhi Is About To Become A Nerd Chapter 1966: I Feel Conspiracy Chapter 1967: A Worthwhile Trip Chapter 1968: What Benefits Do You Want? Chapter 1969: Fanwaizhi Is Deliberate Chapter 1970: I Wont Be Out Of Money Chapter 1971: Only She Deserves Chapter 1972: Fanwai's Heart Is Softened Chapter 1973: Who Gave You The Courage? Chapter 1974: I'll Be Your Assistant Chapter 1975: Fan Waizhi Looked Down On Her Chapter 1976: It's An Eyesore Chapter 1977: Fanwaizhi Is Not Hurrying To Withdraw Chapter 1978: I Lost My Face Chapter 1979: Young Master Outside Fan Has Fever Chapter 1980: Fanwaizhi Is Really Happy For Him Chapter 1981: I Was Wrong Chapter 1982: The Unexpected Appearance Chapter 1983: Extraordinary Is The Perfect Ending Grand Finale