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Introduction Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated As A Living Armor?

-System and Action Novel-Veronica was a common woman on Earth, who once had dreams of having friends and forming a family. When this opportunity was finally presented to her, fate decided that she was not worthy...Dying of a car accident, alongside her coworkers who had invited her to a party after work, she was sent to a strange white space where a mysterious entity bestows her and her coworkers souls the 'Samsara System' for beta testing purposes.Veronica, a common woman who lacked any social skills was reincarnated as the daughter of the deceased Demon King. Her only cheat... Appraisal and a slightly higher Mana and Magic Stat.Although she was deemed a failure due to her lack of special abilities and powers, she trained harder than anyone while using the Samsara System to grow stronger to protect her Kingdom and to guide her people towards prosperity. However, even with a System, her second life ended at the hands of those who she thought wanted to be her friends in her first life.Due to the mercilessness of a wicked god, her soul was pierced in half, making her reincarnate twice in her third life.Being reborn both as a Living Armor and as a Half-Demon boy, it now seeks to reunite with its other half and to have a relaxing third life... But in a world strangely similar to the one of its previous life, but set hundreds of years in the past, filled with monsters, demons, beastmen, wicked gods, and constant wars and discrimination against non-humans, its path to a 'carefree life' will be filled with hardships and adventures.Watch as Veronica and Ervas, two halves of the same soul that reincarnated individually work together to lead the people they failed to protect in their previous life to their promised prosperity while fighting against fate and those that dare defy their whole existence as 'unholy'. This time, they will not fail. Even if they have to fight against the Gods themselves. ------This novel is about a very common and gloomy woman that suddenly died in a terrible car accident alongside her coworkers and was sent to a white space where a strange and lazy Transmigration God granted them a System designed to save humanity.Their task? Beta test it!Veronica's reincarnates as the daughter of the Demon King of the World of Kritias, named Anastacia.Her first life is filled with hardships and loneliness, but through her perseverance, she reached many things despite being talentless while having a bad cheat skill.However, even after growing so strong, she quickly discovers that her coworkers, the heroes, are in a completely different league than herself.In resume, she tries her hardest but dies horribly.To make things worse, the God that was backing the Heroes is insane and decides that piercing Veronica's soul with his Divine Power was a fitting end for her, diving her soul in two.Due to the will of two mysterious entities, however, both of her split souls reincarnate in... an incredibly similar world... but set in the past?One of her split souls becomes a Half-Demon Boy, son of a Demoness and a Farmer, while the other split soul reincarnates as a Living Armor inside a dangerous dungeon filled with deadly monsters that want to eat her despite being made entirely out of metal!Now watch as both protagonists go through their own hardships in their different lives, all of it to one day finally met with each other and help the people that they have sworn to protect in their previous life reach the prosperity they promised to them!This time, both of them will not fail, even if they have to one day confront that insane God once again.Monsters, Dungeon, Loot, Skills, Spells, Spirits, Demons, Elves, Beastmen, Level Ups, Job Changing, this novel has all of this juicy stuff! So please, give it a look!------Discord: https://discord.gg/N7uVFrzBig thanks to Hesreth for making the lettering of the Novel's Cover!

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