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The dynamic of Ric and Drew changed since that night. They were close previously, but now they became intimate.

They spend the day in this tropical paradise like usual but this time with occasional flirting, holding hands, or kisses.

Like all happy moments, it is also short-lived as their day of departure from this place finally arrived.

"Can't we stay for another day?" Drew wined.

"I'm sorry that our time here is short. Don't worry, I promise next time we will have more time," replied Ric casually.

They packed their bags, entered Ric's yacht, and on their way towards the Airport.

"When are you shifting to your new home," asked Drew when they sat on the yacht

"The renovation will be finished by this month, so, plausibly a month later," replied Ric after some thinking.

Leaving your parent home at 16 is not unusual. Many leave mainly due to not getting along with their parents or having a rebellious phase or a sense of independence.

But Ric is leaving due to his family's unusual tradition. In Jackson's family, when a boy turns 16, he has to start living independently.

His parents also support and follow this tradition resulting in him staying separately.

Unlike his parents, Ric went one step farther with his home.

As he knew, he will have his own home in the future. Ric went on a buying spree.

He bought 3 apartment buildings and two villas in California to reduce his stay in hotels when needed. Also, he bought a 20 Story Building one block away from his parent's house.

The biggest purchase was when he bought a 0.334 km^2 area of land from the Point Dume in Malibu.

On that place, he made a blueprint of making a closed community with 6 villas and his mansion with a park, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pull, and a large garage for his cars.

The design of the area is such, Ric mansion will be close to the Point Dume.

Meanwhile, a road from the mansion's gate cuts the 6 villas with 3 on one side of the road and 3 on the other with a fountain at the center. Villas are placed in such a way that their backyard is facing the Mansion.

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