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Sweeping his eyes around the current room, the deadly daunting silence would be enough to slowly but surely frighten anyone.

Especially seeing how the chained man couldn't make any noise while bleeding out, yet his eyes were terrified. Furthermore, the three Doctors here exuded a combined intimidating presence.

Dacrel cracked a snide smile as he turned his eyes to the open wound on the chained man's shoulder. "You know, maybe for today, you'll get lucky in this crazed research of yours."

"Get to work."

The cold voice of the other Doctor drained into Darcel's ears. In this gray room, he was barely noticeable as if his natural presence was supposed to be inconspicuous.

Darcel snide remarks were ignored, and despite finding it a bit amusing to rile up these cruel people. He also knows when not to go too far.

"Already on it." Raising his hand up, Darcel closed his eyes and began to focus. His usually cold and dark mind became deathly still along with his body.

Concentrating far into himself, Darcel sensed and felt something. It came from his soul's depths, an unique magical power as far he was concerned only he could wield.

This power gave Darcel a cold yet comforting feeling. Like it was an extension of himself, Darcel called upon this power and willed it into existence!


Immediately a dreary cold feeling wrapped the entire small room like a cage. Even for the almighty Doctors, their eyebrows wrinkled a bit from this feeling.

They were obviously thousands of times stronger than Darcel, but a tiny, decrepit feeling crawled in the back of their minds by him.

This was a clear reminder for them on why this kid is so troublesome

There was only one significant change for Darcel. With it being the hand he held up was now utterly covered in this strange black energy.

Staring into his hand was akin to staring into the abyss itself, nearly making you get lost into it. When this energy had formed, Darcel clutched his stomach with his other hand, feeling a stinging sensation there while he thought,

'Ahh...indeed in this suffocating place, my Darkness element let me stay sane'

Darcel gazed into his Darkness energy hand, admiring the simplicity of his work.

The power of Darkness. It was all Darcel could gather what to call this, but even he could tell his Darkness power is more unique compared to others.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be different from the ordinary folks here.

The time that Darcel could use this power was a bit short, however. Swiftly he took a step to the chained man and focused on his wounded hole.

The chained man's scared eyes blare into Darcel's calm, unwavering one who didn't have a shred of sympathy. It was an emotion he lost long ago when performing tasks such as these.

And then without warning, Darcel immediately plunged his darkness hand into the man's open gaping wound!

Like it was a bloody soup, Darcel's hand easily tore into the man, causing a black and red mix to drip on his bound table. Terrifying immense pain ran through the man, yet he could not scream.

The enormous power of the chains holding him suppressed every bone in his entire body. His mind was off the fritz.

What could be worse than watching a cold, unsympathetic youth dig into your body like you were nothing?

It was then the chained man abruptly felt a tremendous change inside himself! Something that was a part of him made him whole was getting forcibly taken out of him!

Darcel, in a habitual pattern, expertly controlled his Darkness power, causing black like tendrils to drill into his body.

Due to his unique mystical Element of Darkness, Darcel's black tendril rushed into man's veins! From there, Darcel sensed and felt an incredible source of energy, getting suppressed and contained there.

At this point, Darcel felt his soul quiver slightly. It was like his Darkness was budding in anticipation of what happens next.

Carefully, Darcel drew out more power inside himself and clenched his hand! Blood spurted from the wound, and Darcel's black tendril latched on to this man's power source.

Because he was suppressed and already bound, Darcel simply had no problem in reigning control. If this man was anywhere near close to his full strength, this would've been impossible to achieve.

The chained man felt like Darcel had just forcefully punctured right into the deepest place of his body.

His soul!

Moreover, his blood was getting profoundly affected by the mystical power of Darcel's Darkness element.

Now the feeling of death was imminent, but the terrifying nightmare was nowhere near over. Indescribable pain ran through his body as Darcel slowly took his hand out of his wound.

It was like his very essence of being was getting pulled from him!


And with one clean swift pulled, Darcel pulled out a blue ball of energy. The ball swirled around in his Darkness hand, pulsating like a beating heart.

'I guess this should be the Element of water Qi or something like this. Not bad at all.' Darcel thought to himself as the blue ball got absorbed into his hand.

On the outside, it looked like his Darkness energy was devouring this mystical blue ball of Qi. And this assumption wasn't far off from the truth.

In Darcel's body, he felt slight energy coarse to him. It was a bit refreshing to feel actually as he let out a slight small smile.

Though that smile soon quickly turned into a frown when the same stinging sensation took away the energy. The process, at least for Darcel, was quick and painless though he wasn't satisfied.

For the chained man, his eyes turned dead and lifelessly bore into Darcel's. What made him, him, was ruthlessly torn out by this youth who looked like he didn't have a shred of remorse.

Worst of all, he simply didn't have the power to resist at all

The gray bind wrapping the man up disappeared once Darcel severed his power away from him. Yet the man just lay there, still, like a broken doll.

Even if he wanted to, he had zero power running through his body, and if left like this, he would have none for the rest of his life.

"I've done my part, now for part two," Darcel commented while backing up from the chained man.

Even when staring into the man's lifeless eyes, Darcel's emotions or consciousness didn't change. Not even through choice did Darcel become desensitized; rather, it was a tremendous forceful change.

By Darcel's comment, the three Doctors whipped out three syringes. The syringes all had corrupt fluid that he never wanted to get close to.

"Dr.Zhi, what are chances with this one?" Luo asked the Doctor when they walked up to the table.

With three presences overshadowing him, the chained man slowly turned his head around to meet indifferent people's eyes.

"Given the readings from his core, I would say, we have a small probability for this to work." An astounding low success rate! Yet neither other doctors were bothered at all.

"A bit higher than usual. Prepared the syringes." The third Doctor ordered, and the other two complied.

Dr.Zhi hovered his syringe in between the man's eyebrows. Luo kept his over the man's chest. While the third Doctor placed his over the man's lower stomach.


And with the third Doctor cue, in sync, they plunged their syringes fully into the man. Whatever disgusting fluid prepared in the syringes got forcefully injected, causing an immediate reaction in the once lifeless man.

His eyes sprang open like they were about to burst, and for the first time, Darcel heard rather unpleasant noises from the man.


The thunderous shriek of pain bounced off the walls of the gray room. Unaffected by his wails, the three Doctors took several step backs as they awaited their results.


The man was continuously puking up this strange putrid mix of red-green blood while thrashing about on the table.

And for all four participants watching, they didn't need to wait long before dramatic changes to occur on the man's body. Intensely the Doctors watched as they brought out their blank clipboards.

The man's skin began to transform into this vile green, sickly color. His teeth began to suddenly grow, changing into something far sharper and terrifying to gaze upon.

Red veiny lines began to appear on his bodies while his eyes changed into pure white ones.

And most of all, an immense rise of power started to spur from the man!



Ominous green-red mixed gases oozed out of the transforming man. It was like some kind of aura Darcel noticed since the gases swirl slowly around his body.

But Darcel couldn't focus on the gases for long as he had to prepare himself to stand tall in the face of this surging power.

A suffocating, crushing aura weighed down his body like a mountain! Stubbornly Darcel gritted his teeth, clenched his hands, and remained rooted in his spot.

The three Doctors had no problem facing this crashing wave of power. A pen floated above their clipboards, writing down whatever notes they needed.

And after what seemed like a couple hours to Darcel, when in reality it only been a few minutes,


A ground shaking popped had blasted their ears! All at once, the gases cleared up, and the man ceased screaming and thrashing about.

For the final result, three bloody protruding claws grew out from both of the man's hands. His skin nearly looked scaly like, and foam dripped from his mouth.

"Hm, a small bit of progress for today. At least the transformation process is a fraction there." Luo remarked not that upset over this result.

"Indeed, we're inching close every day with every small step." Dr.Zhi also commented while he finished writing down notes.

The third Doctor didn't speak up, but he had nodded his head. To go against the natural law of cultivation and nearly every species ideals, one would need a bit of patience.

Though for Darcel, for the life of him, he'll never be able to understand just what they are doing exactly.

He could clearly tell this was some kind of inhuman power transformation though to what degree, how it works, and other aspects he doesn't know. Nor will he ever probably know.

Although does he want to know? Darcel could safely say ignorance is bliss in this type of situation.

"Clean up well. Dr.Li still needs some valuable information from this failed test." Dr.Zhi spoke out without even looking at Darcel. And promptly, when saying his piece, he and Luo left the room.

As they left the room, Dr.Li had suddenly flung a small silver needle into the transformed man's neck.

"Can't even give me a chance to prepare?" Darcel sarcastically said once he saw the silver needle go in the man.

It took all of two seconds and then,


The mutated man bounced to his feet! His eyes, filled with a murderous glared bore into Darcel. This was a gaze that would cause tremendous fear in any average person.

Unfortunately, this man was facing off against Darcel


Like a ravenous dog, the berserk man pounced towards Darcel! Spits of green-red mixed-blood spew crazily in the air staining several spots of the gray room.

The berserk man's speed was astonishingly quick, and he needed only one second to jump a few feets to Darcel.

Smirking a bit, Darcel was able to instantly react!

This time both of his hands ignited in his Darkness element. And with accurate precision, Darcel ducked to his right of the berserk man pounced and grabbed on to his wounded arm.

Just barely did the mutated man red claws graze his cheek.

With superior strength, Darcel stood upright as he lifted the man with both of his Darkness hands!


The berserk man was confused at Darcel moving with such timing. This kind of speed had slightly edged out his!

And savagely, Darcel smashed the man into the gray floor!

The beserk man coughed up blood, but his mind was soon overtaken by this strange blood lust feeling. By Darcel Darkness's hand, his blood swirled in a certain way, and Darkness interjected into his bloodstream.

This moment of daze was the perfect opening for Darcel!


Cleanly without any resistance, Darcel plunged his other Darkness hand into the man's head. Simply, Darcel's hand tore through his skull and pierced his brain!

The soft mushy feeling made for an unpleasant sensation for Darcel, but he still showed no hesitation in killing.

It was either kill or get maimed, and Darcel wasn't up for that experience.

Immediately, the light died in the man's eyes as his life slipped away from him.

Taking his hand out the man's head, Darcel was saved from any blood. His Darkness hand absorbs any blood negating any dirt from coming on to him.

Though the stinging sensation did come during the blood absorption, it wasn't as intense as the Qi absorption.

"It's quite curious. For a mere special experimenter, you're oddly quick and efficient." Dr.Li noted while he was still writing down notes.

Darcel didn't look back at him while walking towards the door though he did say,

"I would have to be braindead to not improve myself around these cruel parks. Until next time Doctor."


Back in the depressive gray corridor, Darcel took a minute to calm his mind. While he did keep a calm facade through that short battle, his body and mind was hopped on the adrenaline.

Always, no matter what, the thrill of battle did cause a bit of excitement in him. Although he would've preferred it if it wasn't in this kind of setting.

After taking a couple of minutes, Darcel was prepared to walk again until he noticed the door rattling next to him.

Sighing slowly to himself, Darcel stayed put when the door began to crack open.

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