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If one had to describe Darcel and Aniela's mood right now, it would be complete awe. All other Doctors didn't matter to them. Their deep black eyes matched and couldn't look away from this woman's eyes.

Even in her tragic mutilated appearance, her eyes were of this strange yet attractive sight of blaring yellow.

These yellow eyes shined over every Doctor there, being even brighter than light. Combined with these unique eyes was an oddly familiar but unfathomable aura that the duo felt in tune to.

More intensely, their blood swirled, and their minds became fuzzy. It was obvious to tell this woman at her peak condition was a terrifying monster in power.

But a foreign yet familiar connection couldn't stop itself from forming for the duo and this woman.

Darcel had to calm his mind to rationally think about just how one look could affect them so much. 'Most obviously it's a part of our bloodline...but just what is our bloodline?'

"Darc, no matter what, we're all breaking through today." Aniela had nudged his arm and spoke in a confident tone.

She as well had no possible way of knowing their bloodline. But one thing is for sure. Her intuition was a hundred percent correct! She clenched her hand in small anticipation, already feeling the edge.

All the while, the duo were having their inner moment. All Doctors here were intensely focused and excited!

They all had blank clipboards magically floating beside them, a pen already right beside it. If they were to succeed today, then their whole way of cultivation will achieve a fundamental breakthrough!

"High Order Doctor, I trust the two special experimenters are with you?" The same Doctor who spoke before asked while situating the table.

Glancing to his left, where the duo looks somewhat dazed, the High Order Doctor nodded, saying, "They're right here. When it's done, just called the order, and they'll immediately respond."

Darcel and Aniela had no outward response since their attentions were still raptured on the woman.

Though neither the high order Doctor nor the green suite Doctor cared about their shock state. As long as they performed their tasks, it was enough.

Turning back to the chained woman, the green suit Doctor told the other three green suits, "Now, fully neutralize her."

Promptly the other three green suit Doctors violently clenched their chains, causing a green substance of energy to flow through the chains.

Like slithering ooze, the green energy drizzled down the chains.

Oddly enough, though, even when the green energy wrapped around the woman. Her mutilated face didn't change at all in expressions.

Her body and Qi may be entirely suppressed. And she's suffering from intense pain, but it was like such matters were small to her with staring at the duo.

This did cause the three Doctors to feel a bit curious though her reactions meant little to them.

"And now"

The final green suit Doctor said and flicked a green liquid syringe towards the woman.

With precise aim, the syringe plunged deep inside the woman's neck. Now more severe pain did get the woman to crease her eyebrows, but her eyes still remained unmoving.

All it took was a few seconds until a green slit opening formed at the center of the woman's bloody forehead. Akin to her very essence being dragged out, a bright yellow ball of Qi was slowly getting dragged out of her.


Immediately when the Qi ball took even an inch outside her body, tremendous waves of power caused utter chaos in the room!

All the Doctors were forced to put up Qi shields and drain all of their energy into protection. They knew what they were dealing with, yet they didn't expect their overestimation to still be an underestimation!

The room itself was cracking, and some of the weaker Doctors had to take a knee from this overwhelming power.

Although, before any more damage could occur,

"Hold it now!" The leader of the green suit Doctors roared out, and Aniela knew it was her time to shine.

Thanks to the high order Doctor, she and Darcel were fine against this unfathomable power. Without him, the two would've simply turned into mushy meat paste by this mere extension of aura.

Moreover, for the high order Doctor, even he was sweating against this far beyond power.

And what was even more terrifying to him was the fact this woman could still wield so much power despite being a step away from death.

In the same process as Darcel, Aniela raised her hand and focused deep inside herself. The familiar calming powers of her that helped keep her sane flared up in response to her calling.

This was her inborn power that stemmed from the soul.


Aniela's hands had ignited in a brilliantly white flash! Doctor's eyes turned to her with undisclosed expectations. And Aniela was sure to meet such waves of expectations.

Calmly she focuses her attention on the small ball of yellow Qi. This yellow Qi though gave Aniela a sense of closeness, but she wasn't in any position to explore this sensation.

Pouring all of her power, causing herself to sweat, a white glow had smoothly formed over the yellow Qi ball.

And instantly, the dramatic power considerably dropped! Now the Doctors could finally move again and regain back their focus. Though cold sweat still drizzles down their faces.

This woman was far too rule breaking!

"You only have thirty seconds. Sever her Qi." The high order Doctor explained to Darcel while all three of them walked up to the woman.

Because the woman was majorly suppressed by waves and waves of power, it was now the perfect opportunity for Darcel to strike. Still, Darcel had to focus up since this won't be anywhere as easy as it sounds.

Igniting his hand in the Darkness Element, Darcel's eyes matched one more time with this woman.

A tremendous mysterious premonition had overtaken Darcel then. He just had a faint feeling that he and Aniela's lives will undergo a fundamental change if he goes through with this.

Realizing this, a small crack of a smile etched on Darcel's face.

Swiftly, under hundreds of anticipating eyes, Darcel reached out to touch the yellow ball of Qi.

And when he made the first contact with the Qi,


A Massive amount of uncontrollable power of the woman broke out in the room! Her chains were blasted off from her, and her bloodline flared up in frantic excitement!


The wailing shrieks of the pain of the Doctors bounced off the walls. All hundreds of Doctors got their bodies bloodied and shredded by the woman berserk power,

The green suits Doctors were flung hard into the wall, creating little craters of themselves on impact.

Furthermore, the high-order Doctor was pushed back for a few feet and was forced to kneel under this berserk power.

"Aniela!" Instinctively Darcel reached and wrapped his arm around Aniela's waist. He was similarly feeling the frantic call of his bloodline flare up like the woman.

Moreover, he is completely fine in the face of this absolute power.

Aniela didn't resist and leaned into Darcel's chest with an awe expression. Her bloodline frantically stirred, and she also didn't need to rely on anyone to resist the woman's powers.

It was then the high order Doctor witnessed a small red glow in the mutilated woman body. His eyes burst open with disbelief!

He struggled to get up, but he knew there was simply no time to make it towards the woman or gather up his Qi. In frustration, he could only roar out, "No! After all, we've been through!!"

Alas, his frustration roars would go on deaf ears for the woman.

In a simple manner of a second, the red glow had abruptly grown in size to where everyone's eyes were blinded by red. Sight was impossible, yet all there could tell this was just the beginning.


A large red flash fully lit up the room! No screams of pain or bewilderment were heard anymore.

When the red flash had disappeared, so did every single person in that room


"Yin Pleasure, Yin Pleasure, Yin Pleasure, It's time!!"


With a startling shout, Darcel burst opens his eyes and shot up from the ground.

'Wait a minute...dirt?' Immediately Darcel took notice of his surrounding environment. Before it was odd for Darcel to describe it, but he was sure that very phrase blared in his mind for however long he's been out.

But, whatever that phrase meant was put on the back burner. Slowly his hand clutched the ground and confirmed Darcel's suspicions. He indeed was lying on a patch of dirt!

Looking around to where he was, all that came into his vision was dark black trees filled with an ominous atmosphere. It didn't help that the sky above was also dark and shined with numerous silver lights.

'Somehow, it really did happen' Standing on his feet, Darcel finally understood where he was.

The natural air he breathed in was far more vibrant, and leaked a bit of enchanting power. Being able to stare in what he identified as a sky and no foreboding feeling of someone watching, Darcel smiled.

'Finally...even if it was a stroke of coincidence or luck, I've finally escaped that godforsaken place! I have no idea what planet or realm I'm in, but anything is better...well first thing first.'

The realist side of Darcel kicked in before he tried anything. Just because he was out of the tiger den didn't mean he was entirely out of the woodworks.

Dropped in an unknown forest on an unknown planet, Darcel's mind worked fast. Looking around, he quickly spotted an inconspicuous bush that he could hide in to plan out his next actions.

Using several skills he picked up back in the Organization, Darcel moved silently in the forest.

Skillfully he made sure to avoid any grass patches or tree branches that could make obsessive noises. And seamlessly, Darcel got inside the bushes after making sure there was nothing wrong with it.

'With quite literally no family, background, or wealth. The only thing I have to focus on now is raising my personal power to not be torn to shreds.' Darcel concluded to himself since doing it in here would be far better than out in the open.

The images of the Doctors and that woman popped into his mind as he was sure they got teleported along with him. But then his mind had promptly gone to that troublesome white hair girl.

When getting teleported, Darcel had clearly felt that girl attached to his body until that weird phrase blared into his mind.

And more likely than not, that girl could be on the same planet as him.

But if he wants to make sure, there are vital things needed to be completed first. With no more people tracking or watching his every move, Darcel ignited his hand in his Darkness element.

Gently he put his hand on his lower stomach. Calming his mind to its most relaxed state, Darcel clenched his teeth and reared his hand back.

And swiftly with zero hesitation, he struck towards his stomach!


Brutally, Darcel tore through his own stomach, crazily spurting blood in the bushes.

Pain wracked through his body, and cold sweat poured down his face. But in one shot, Darcel managed to grab a foreign object in his body.

Pulling this object out, causing himself even more pain, Darcel came face to face with a small, disgusting black bug.

'This little shit has been eating up all my progress and work for the last years. Even if my blood could attract scent of Spirit monsters, I'll have more than enough power to at least run away after devouring this bug.'

A full broad smile grew on Darcel's as hatred flow through his veins staring at this bug. The wound on his stomach wouldn't kill him quickly, but it will matter little now.

'Aniela, hopefully, you don't make too many stupid decisions until I come and get you.'

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