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When Lou Xianen found him, Yuan Xianger didn't recognize him.

Last time we met, Mrs. Lou's eldest son was still a big shopkeeper who was a mature man, but now his temples are frosty and old.

Wearing filial piety on his body, he handed a handwritten letter to Yuan Xiang'er respectfully.

Yuan Xiang'er stood up, barely reached out and took the letter, speechless for a long while.

"All these years have passed, sir is still the same as before." Lou Xianen's expression was calm, with a touch of richness peculiar to people, and he waved backwards, a group of servants filed in, carrying large boxes and small boxes. one's gift.

"In the past few years, my mother has been cared for by Mr. Mister. I know that my husband is not lacking these, but I and other mortals are the only ones who can express my heart."

He straightened his clothes, crawled on the ground, and gave Yuan Xianger a grand gift.

"What are you doing?" Yuan Xianger reached out to help him.

Lou Xianen refused to get up, and sturdily knocked Yuan Xianger's head.

"This is a gift I paid for my mother as a son." He pointed to the mother's handwritten note in Yuan Xiang'er's hand. "Mother and she must be very peaceful, but I can't rest assured about this. Please ask your husband for help."

It's winter, and there is heavy snow on Tianlang Mountain

Today's residence is a little far away from here, and Yuan Xiang'er has not been to Tianlang Mountain for a long time.

There is no years in the mountains, the streams and valleys, and the white snow, all seem to be the same as Yuan Xianger's childhood.

Yuan Xiang'er came to the old black locust tree where she first saw misogyny.

Under the black trunk, there is a small and clean stone stele. There are no words on the stele. There are only two girls who are kicking the exquisite golden ball happily.

The misogynist leaned on the tree trunk and looked down at the stone monument in a daze.

"A Chun said, she should not bury her here, so that I can forget her as soon as possible." The girl did not look back when she noticed Yuan Xiang'er's arrival, but she said softly to herself, "So I sent her back and only stayed here. A stone monument."

She turned her head, with a small porcelain white face, black half-long hair, and her bare feet standing in the snow and ice.

"Axiang, this time no matter how long I wait, she won't come back again?"

The temperature here is too low, and the breath out of the mouth turns into a cloud of white mist.

Yuan Xianger took off her hat, put on her misogynistic head, squatted down in front of her misogyny,

"A Chun, what she hopes is that because she has appeared in your life, you will become more like this world and be cherished by this world. But she never hopes that you will be depressed forever because of her, and depressed because of her. Widowed."

When she said this, the handwritten page that Mrs. Lou left to her was flashing in her mind.

After stealing ten years of life, there will be no regrets in this life. I only hope that I will be happy and lonely. Wang Jun helps each other and bows first.

"I will live with us in the future, okay? It's very lively there and there are many friends. So A Chun must be relieved." Yuan Xianger reached out to the little girl who was alone and independent.

After a long time, the little hand of Bai Shengsheng finally stretched out and put it on her palm.

Yuan Xianger squeezed that hand, pulled her over, hugged her, and walked out of this icy world.

The little girl lay on her shoulder, looking at the stele under the locust tree from a distance.

Her shoulders quickly wetted.

"It's okay, I can accompany you back to see her every year. It's not that I won't come back again." Yuan Xianger comforted softly.

"A good person like A Chun will definitely reincarnate into a good family. Maybe there will be a chance to meet him in the future."

"Maybe she is still a little girl, then we will teach her to play Linglong Golden Ball and play together."

"Ah, don't wipe your nose with my clothes."

"Okay, okay. Just cry if you want. There is no one else here."


The horn's residence is very close to Ah Nai. Since he is here, he must be harassed.

When Yuan Xiang'er and others entered the yard, the horns were napping on the beam.

"Why don't you go to the house and sleep in such a place when you are sleepy?" Yuan Xianger woke her up.

Seeing that she was coming, Xiaodi happily slipped off the beam, took Yuan Xianger's arm, and let her into the house with Nan He and misogynistic.

"Axiang, why are you here? It's okay, we snake clan, it's easier to get sleepy in winter."

"Where is your brother Han?"

"Ah, Yuzhi, he went to the mountains to study art, and now he can only come back once a month. Today seems to be the day he comes back."

No matter how Xiaodi and Yuan Xianger persuaded, Han Youzhi finally made his own choice, preparing to live forever as a mortal.

The demons in this world are in a dangerous place. But its spiritual power is abundant, but it is also the most suitable place for practice.

Here dangers and opportunities coexist. When the two worlds were separated, many schools of cultivation gave up their lives in the world and moved to the world.

They hid off the beaten track and survived carefully.

Han Youzhi worshipped such a human sect and became a spiritual practitioner.

"Youzhi said that if you become a monk and forge your body by communicating with heaven and earth, your life will be much longer. Some people can even live to two hundred years old." Xiao Zhu stretched out his hand from the table and held Yuan Xiang'er's hand, "Axiang , I always feel that he was a small child not long ago, how tall he was in the blink of an eye. I am so worried that he will suddenly become old one day."

The courtyard door squeaked at this moment, and a young Langjun pushed the door inside and looked up. Under the thatched snow cottage, Han Youzhi, dressed in white fur, was handsome in appearance and beautiful in quality.

Sure enough, I haven't seen it in a few years. The scrawny boy has grown up.

"Xiaoyou, you are back!" Xiaoyou was extremely happy, swam his tail forward to welcome him, "Axiang and Nanhe are here too."

Han You went up to see the gift, bowed his head and said to the horns next to him, "It's been a hard time waiting for me for a month. You and Sister Axiang will sit down first. I will go to iron some pots of wine and fix some dishes. Lets talk while eating."

As a teenager, Han Youzhi was very good at doing housework. Now that he is tall and long in legs, he is more adept and natural in this regard.

He took off his fur and rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen. Soon, four or five dishes of side dishes were brought out and put on the table with rice wine to greet the guests to drink.

Holding the broom and rag again, he swept the courtyard house quickly.

Yuan Xiang'er only drank three or two cups with the horns, the messy courtyard had changed a lot, and the windows were clear and quiet and organized.

"Wow, I come back once a month, and I will clean and cook for you when I come back. Your Xiaoyou is so virtuous." Yuan Xianger looked out from the window sill and couldn't help sighing.

Xiaoyou also looked out the window: "Back then, when I saw Li Sheng getting old, I immediately disliked him. But I found that if I changed to Xiaoyou, no matter what he became, I would only like him more and more. He. Absolutely, absolutely impossible to just let go like that."

"I should have listened to you at the beginning, Axiang. I shouldn't have too much bond with humans." The fainted man covered his face, "Uuuuu, as long as I want Xiaoyou to leave, I can't stand it anymore. Now. What should I do?"

Yuan Xianger didn't know how to comfort her friend.

At the beginning of entering the Taoist gate, the master warned her that she should not have too close a bond with demons.

But she herself was unavoidably attracted by the Sirius.

Han Youzhi cleared the courtyard and entered the house to sit down beside the horns.

"I practice magic, and the only purpose is to practice the Tao of Longevity." He poured Nan He a glass of wine and touched each other lightly, "You don't need to think too much, Ah Z. I will do my best. Try not to disappoint you."


After returning from Tianlang Mountain, Yuan Xianger was full of emotion.

At midnight, in the Furong tent, after wanton tossing, Yuan Xianger lay on the pillow, looking at Nan He with the red head and ears beside him.

"Xiao Nan, we are like this. In the human world, it can only be regarded as a matchless fornication. It is also commonly known as cheating." She reached out and touched Nan He's ear, "Hey, although cheating seems more exciting. But I think we are. Its not time to walk the program a bit."

Nan He stood up, surprised and delighted, unable to care that he leaked a room of spring, "Axiang, you mean!"

Yuan Xiang'er and Nan He's decision to join forces came out, and the whole courtyard was boiling.

Wuyuan, Saburo, and Jinyu walked through the courtyard yelling and wearing the red silk that arranged the Xitang, dragging a long touch of festive red behind them.

"Again, why don't you come?" Wu Yuan turned her head and saw the misogynistic standing alone in the corner, so she waved at her, "Come and play with us. You are also a child, and we belong to the same country. Child. No need to work."

"Yes, come here quickly. The child doesn't have to work." Saburo moved under the red silk to make room for the misogynist.

"Come...Again, let's go, gooooo...gooooo." After these years of cultivation, Jin Yu can already say a few human words.

"Come and play, join us!" The three little ones shouted in unison.

The misogynistic bit her lip, stepped barefoot on the soft grass in the courtyard, and rushed into the lively bright red.

Yunniang personally hangs colored silk lanterns in the courtyard.

There was a big water tank in the yard, and a small black fish topped the duckweed on the surface of the water, revealing its head. I dont seem to understand why this human being who has always been steady and gentle suddenly started humming a small tune.

"A Yao, Xiang'er is married. Are you happy as a master?" The woman who feeds her delicious food every day, leaned on the edge of the fish tank and lowered her head to speak to him.

"You are a witness, and you have to attend the wedding banquet. At that time, I will cut a small red flower for you and put it on your head."

Yunniang stretched out her green jade fingers and touched the little fish smoothly on her forehead.

The little fish was shocked and sank to the bottom of the tank. But just after a while, he quietly lifted a piece of duckweed and stuck his head out.

Niang Yun bent down and gently dropped a kiss on his forehead.

"Don't worry, A Yao, take your time, I am waiting for you."


In the Milky Way tonight, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.

Yuan Xianger climbed onto the eaves and saw Nanhe sitting alone on the roof and watching the stars.

"Why sit here? We will get married tomorrow. Are you happy?" Yuan Xianger stood on the ladder, picking up the tiles and looking at Nanhe.

Nan He stretched out her hand and pulled her up, "I can't sleep, it seems a little nervous."

Yuan Xianger sat next to him and watched the sky full of stars with him, "Today's stars seem to be very bright, as if they knew we were getting married."

Nan He looked at Sirius hanging in the sky and held Yuan Xiangers hand.

"I really hope to have the opportunity to show you my parents and brothers, so that they all know that I have found such a good partner."

Yuan Xiang'er didn't seem to hear him, she rubbed her eyes vigorously and looked at the sky in surprise.

The distant Sirius, almost in another world, suddenly lit up in the night.

A little star fell far from Sirius's position.

That little star fell in front of Yuan Xiang'er and circled Yuan Xiang'er a few times.

There are some fine noises from inside,

"To my daughter-in-law... a little meeting ceremony."

Yuan Xiang'er stretched out her palm in confusion, the Xinghui pierced into her skin, and instantly disappeared.

Yuan Xianger staggered, covering her head, "Strange, it seems that something is talking to me."

Nan He hurriedly supported her, "Axiang?"

Yuan Xianger spread out her palms, and there was a Sirius pattern.

(The origin of my name is the treasure of the wolf clan. I was hired by me to tie the sexes well.) A strong and unique voice sounded in Yuan Xiangers mind,

(My power, stabilize the soul, will never go away.)

"He said... he came as a gift from your parents." Yuan Xiang'er raised her head and looked at Nan He, her eyes as bright as the stars in the night.

"He has the effect of stabilizing his soul and keeping memory forever."

(End of full text)

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