Home Dimensional Chat RoomChapter 764

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Chapter 764: Lulu Xiu's Plan

"Akuya: In other words, it is not 100%. Then why do you still use the word "complete". The information is completely simulated. Should it be 100% restored? If this is not possible, it is easy to use this word. It's misleading."


Ye You didn't want to speak, he felt that this was a lever.

"Yui: Actually, in general, the information overlap rate reaches 90% or more, and ordinary people can't tell it, and even describe it as "exactly the same." After that, every one thousandth point increase is extremely difficult. After all, the information content of physical objects is very huge,"

Yui Science Road,

"Yui Yi: For example, a pair of identical twins who look almost the same, excluding the influence of all external factors, such as clothing, hairstyles, accessories, etc., do you think their information overlap rate?"

"Akuya: Ninety percent?"

"Yui Yi: No, not ten percent."

"Akuya: Not really."

"Yui: Of course, this is because the human body is more complex and contains too much information. Lets take another example. What is the coincidence rate of simple cube toys produced by the same factory through a unified assembly line? ?"

This time the goddess guessed carefully,

"Akuya: One percent?"


"Yui: It's about 80%."

"Yui Yi: But even at that level, it is already difficult for ordinary people to distinguish with the naked eye."

"Aozora: It's just a name, Yui doesn't need to explain so much to her, Akua probably doesn't understand it either."

"Akuya: I don't understand? Why do you have so much? It's you who don't understand. Whether you understand or not, I understand anyway."

The goddess is very angry. Why do people always doubt their intelligence?

After all, I am also a goddess, a respectable existence.

Ye You sighed and did not continue to struggle with her on this issue.

Ye You felt that Akua would pull her IQ to the same level as hers.

Neet Ji seemed to have such a situation before. After they played games together, Neet Ji thought things would be slow.

Is Jiang Zhi Aura?

This is simply the standard configuration of the protagonist of Shuang Wenlong Aotian.

Maybe it can be used as a conceptual weapon to break Akuya into the enemy and collectively reduce intelligence.

Ye You joked secretly.

On the other hand, the information completely simulates the things of space, and it is handed to Yui.

At dinner time, Ye You sent the black cat and Asuna back.

At this time, Lulu Xiu contacted Ye You.

"Orange: The information completely simulates the space, can everyone enter?"

"Aozora: What do you mean by everyone?"

"Orange: Not the other people in the chat room."

"Aozora: Yes."

The premise is that as long as you can come to Aincrad.

Without Ye You's permission, outsiders would naturally not be able to enter.

Lelouch nodded silently, he remembered.

This thing is of great use to him.

Just after Lulu Xiu read the introduction of the complete information simulation space, he had a wonderful idea.

He is now on the line with the Uchiha family, and has a strong pupil technique, writing round eyes.

After reading "Naruto", Lelouch knew very well that the Uchiha clan is powerful.

It has an evolutionary process: single gou jade writing round eyes double gou jade writing round eyes three gou jade writing round eyes (some people can also directly upgrade to double gou jade or three gou jade writing round eyes) kaleidoscope writing round eyes.

However, the process of opening eyes requires certain stimulation.

The Uchiha people originally had great "love", and Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Madara were both younger brothers, and it was not without reason.

Once the Uchiha clan loses love, special chakras will flow out of the brain to reflect the changes in the eyes of the optic nerve.

When this group of people lose their important love, or feel pain for their frustration, special chakras will spring out of their brains, which act on the optic nerve and cause changes in their eyes. This is the eye that mirrors the soul, the so-called writing wheel eye , Shao Lun Yan synchronizes with the power of the soul, which can make people become stronger quickly, accompanied by the power of hatred in the heart.

To put it simply, eye opening has nothing to do with personal qualifications. It must be stimulated to truly unlock the power of writing round eyes.

From hope to the destruction of despair, from the ultimate love to the sinking of dark hatred.

As for how to open the eyes, almost nobody knows about the Uchiha clan. The secret has already been sealed.

Lelouchs idea is very simple. If people of the Uchiha clan are put into the "information-complete simulation space" and let them encounter a tragic experience, can it be exciting and eye-opening?

If possible, Lelouch will have the capital to negotiate with Uchiha Tomitake and recruit some ninjas from the Uchiha family.

After all, until now, almost no one knows how to open the eyes of writing wheel.

And if you use the "painful experience" to stimulate, the price is too great.

Therefore, if the "information completely simulated space" is used to construct a false reality and help the Uchiha clan open their eyes, Futake, the patriarch, will be very happy.

However, at the same time, it will certainly arouse the fear and vigilance of Konoha's senior management, especially Danzo, who will certainly not sit idly by.

How to mediate and balance the forces; how to negotiate with Uchiha Tomitake; and Danzo and others' thoughts on the Uchiha clan fighting faction...

And even if the space is completely simulated with information, how to achieve the most realistic effect? Maybe some memories need to be sealed, and that's what Asuna World's technology can do.

Wait, in Asuna's world, is it possible to use "complete stealth technology" instead of "complete information simulation space"?

Lelouch touched his chin, and pondered.

Lelouch couldn't mess around. With the help of other people in the chat room, it was impossible to drop ten guilds in one effort, unless the water gate took the initiative to open his mouth.

After all, this is Konoha Village, the hometown of Bofeng Water Gate.

If someone entertains you as a guest, you can't make trouble.

"Hey, it's a bit troublesome, it seems that I will be able to go back a little later."

Lelouch was walking on the streets of Konoha Village. When he summoned a certain amount of power this time, it was time to go back and completely overthrow the tyranny of Britannia.

-The beheading plan.

It will not be out of date in any era.

"Speaking of which, if I speak directly like Ye You, will he help me?"

After thinking for a while, Lelouch shook his head again, "I'll do it myself."

Lelouch didn't think he was useless to the point.

You can connect to different worlds, and if you have such vast resources, it would be too shameful to ask someone for help.

Recruiting talents by yourself and forming ninja troops is your own strength, and it is different from asking people for help directly.

On the other hand, Ye You naturally didn't know Lelouch's plan, and would not interfere too much if he knew it.

That is the grievance between father and son.

He is having a headache right now.

"Sajo Aige: Master. When are you coming to pick up the Aige?"

I forgot to leave the love song at St. Freya Academy.

She said pick up? Where did you get it?

Own home? Sakura Village?

Ye You glanced at the dome, headache.

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