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Time was spent in waiting and practicing, sitting cross-legged in the hut where he lived, Yang Yi continued to send waves of icy chill all over his body. The huge murderous aura revolves around his body all the time, and it also affects him.

It's been nearly a year and a half since I came here, and it's only the last game away from the title of the Hell Killing Field Champion. However, Yang Yi found that he seemed to be breaking down.

Within a year and a half, the number of fallen people who died in his hands was more than a thousand. Even though those people were evil and fallen people, Yang Yi would feel that his murderous aura had increased a bit without killing a single person. And these murderous auras are also constantly affecting him invisibly.

It took a year and a half to get closer to the final Yum, except for the number of participants. The bigger problem comes from Yang Yi himself.

The rising murderous aura was nothing at first, but when Yang Yi killed more than a hundred people here, he discovered that these murderous auras began to affect his own mind. At the beginning, only occasional bloodthirsty emotions were revealed, but as time passed, the killing aura became more and more obvious. As if seeing any creature and wanting to kill it. Killing individuals casually is as simple as crushing an ant.

Therefore, besides participating in the competition, Yang Yi's main direction of training is not to improve his own strength, but to suppress the increasingly powerful murderous aura. Fortunately, the quality of his spirit power is relatively strong, and he has eaten some treasures of heaven and earth. And he also got the wisdom skull of spiritual cohesion, his own mind control is extremely strong. It was not controlled by the thought of killing.

At the same time, Yang Yi also regarded the killing during the game as a way to vent.

Until not long ago, when Yang Yi finished the ninety-nine field in the killing field, he faintly felt that he was about to be unable to restrain the murderous aura in his body. At the same time, he also understood why Hu Liena had already achieved ninety-nine victories and had not played the 100th game.

In this slaughter capital, it is no exaggeration to describe the two of them as murderous wild. It is precisely because of their rise in the past year and a half that there are fewer and fewer fallen people who dare to participate in the **** killing field. More people choose to use their previous savings to survive, and those who run out of games survive by contributing blood. After all, compared with dying right away, lingering is definitely the choice of most people.

A bang on the door suddenly sounded from outside, and Yang Yi's suppressed murderous aura rose almost instantly? Ice condensed in the small cabin? Under the pressure of the murderous aura, a solemn aura permeated. The smell of blood was released from Yang Yi invisibly.

"Who? Yang Yi looked at the door and asked in a deep voice.

"It's me." A beautiful voice sounded from outside the door. Although Yang Yi didn't hear this voice many times? But he still recognized that the owner of the voice was Hu Liena.

Frowning slightly? Yang Yi thought to himself, why did she come? Is it that thing?

A wave of hand? A blast of air flowed out and opened the latch, "Please come in." I don't know why Hu Liena came here? Yang Yi suppressed the murderous spirit in his heart? Although he knew Hu Liena would not do anything to himself, it was because he was in the killing capital. In this year and a half, Yang Yi's vigilance has been enhanced to the strongest.

The door opened and Hu Liena, dressed in black, walked in from outside. Her face looked extremely pale? She was drinking slowly with a glass of Bloody Mary in her hand. This seems to have become the habit of the strong in the Slaughter City? With the exception of Yang Yi, there are almost more than ten degenerates in the Slaughter City who often drink blood from nowhere.

Looking at the cup in Hu Liena's hand, Yang Yi frowned slightly. "is there anything?"

Hu Liena did not approach Yang Yi, but stood by the door. She knew very well that in this world of killing? Everyone's vigilance was extremely high. She didn't want to cause Yang Yi's misunderstanding because of her unintentional actions.

"I hope to join hands with you." Hu Liena directly stated her purpose.

"Joining hands?" Yang Yi looked at her with some doubts, "You don't know the rules of the killing fields in hell? You can only have one winner in each game? If we meet, how can we join forces?"

Hu Liena smiled indifferently? How much did the blood-red light fade in the eyes? Just as Yang Yi expected? Hu Liena had been struggling in pain these days, although she also had the help of a head spirit bone, so she didn't go crazy. Plus she also has the same perseverance. But compared with Yang Yi, it was still a bit worse. Today, after finally getting down the killing pressure, I came to Tang San.

"It is impossible for us to meet in the game. As long as there are more than fifty wins, according to the rules of the killing capital, we will not meet each other. Otherwise, who is still possible to be among the hundred games? I come to you, Its not for this, but I hope to join forces with you when you hit the road to hell."

"Hell Road?" Although Yang Yi had heard this statement when he first came to the Slaughter City, he also knew a little about the situation on Hell Road. At that time, he also asked the black yarn girl, but the black yarn girl did not give an answer, saying that the road to **** is the biggest secret of the killing city, and only the Yum Victor has the power to know.

I just don't know if the road to **** that Hu Liena said is the same as the road to **** I saw together.

Hu Liena nodded seriously, "Yes, it is the road to hell. Although you and I are about to win a hundred victories in the killing fields of hell. But in fact, our strength may not be stronger than the opponents we have faced. It's just that we are all. Have the ability to win without spirit abilities. Only by going to the present. To be more precise, neither you nor I are truly fallen. You dont have to refute me. If I guess right, you should be like me. , Is here to experience, right?"

Yang Yi was secretly surprised, Hu Liena's remarks were extremely credible, at least he could not hear any flaws. And even though Hu Liena was full of murderous aura, she looked at her with sincere eyes at this time.

"What does this have to do with participating in Hell Road?" Although Yang Yi knew what Hell Road would get, he still had to ask to test the correctness of what Hu Liena said. Yang Yi asked lightly.

A cold light flashed in Hu Liena's eyes, "Of course it matters. If you are not a fallen person, it should be almost the end of your experience. Naturally, you have to go through Hell Road to leave here. Moreover, there is a sky hidden in Hell Road. The big secret. Neither you nor me can pass it by our own strength alone. Only when we unite can we have a chance to succeed."

Yang Yi smiled indifferently, "Then why should I trust you? Who knows if you will stab me in the back, don't forget, this is the killing capital. You can't believe anyone's words casually."

Biting her lower lip, Hu Liena knew that Yang Yi's suspicions were normal in this place, but she still felt uncomfortable in her heart. Perhaps deep down, she really fell in love with this handsome young man. But she came to Yang Yi today, but it has nothing to do with feelings.

Hu Liena said: "In order to show my sincerity, I can tell you my history. My name is Hu Liena and I come from the Hall of Spirits. My teacher is the Pope of the Hall of Spirits."

Yang Yi said indifferently: "This can represent your sincerity? What does your origin have to do with me."

"You..." Hu Liena didn't expect Yang Yi to be such a rejection and thousands of miles away.

"Coincidence benefits both. Hell Road does not stipulate the number of people to enter. Whether it is you or me, one person will die if you enter. This is good, I will tell you a secret. If you can walk out of Hell Road, then, not only can Come back here anytime. You can also get a great benefit."

"Oh?" Yang Yi said: "You tell me the situation of Hell Road, maybe I will consider cooperating with you."

If it was Hu Liena before, it would certainly not be so easy to tell the secrets in her heart, but a woman who fell in love with someone would often be rationally manipulated, not to mention that most of her energy now focuses on suppressing murderous intent.

At the moment, Hu Liena said seriously: "The entrance to Hell Road is right at the Hell Killing Field, where we fight every day. Everyone who dies there, blood and soul will be swallowed by Hell Road. What is inside Hell Road? I don't know the situation either. I just know that if you enter there, if you don't have a strong murderous intent to protect you, you will immediately be swallowed by the fierce energy in the road to hell.

"There are many theories about the formation of the Slaughter City, but the most reliable one is a special field left by a great powerhouse who broke through the 100-level limit. The name of this field is called the Killing God field. If you can get through The road to **** is equivalent to being recognized by the Killing God Realm. The Killing God Realm will absorb his own murderous aura and form his own realm, which is attributed to the Martial Spirit. It is also called the Martial Spirit's talent domain. This increase is justified. It is equivalent to that a soul master who has passed the test of **** has one more skill than a normal soul master. It is also the most precious domain skill."

"Are domain skills valuable?" Yang Yi asked lightly.

Although Yang Yi asked this, Yang Yi still knew the importance of the field in his heart, and Yang Yi thought to himself, "It really is the field of killing gods."

Hu Liena said anxiously: "I really don't know how your teacher taught you. Domain skills are of course important. Generally speaking, only when the spirit master reaches the titled Douluo realm, the ninth spirit ability can appear. . And the probability of appearing is only one in ten. Domain-type spirit abilities, also known as the best spirit abilities. Apart from obtaining them at the Title Douluo level, only the talent skills of the martial soul may appear. It belongs to oneself. In the realm of, ones own strength will be amplified while the opponents strength will be suppressed. If applied properly, the effect will be extremely terrifying."

At this point, Hu Liena paused, and continued in Shen Ning's tone: "Moreover, the talent field will continue to evolve as its own strength increases. For example, the Killing God field will increase with the increase in murderous aura."

Yang Yi teased indifferently, "Do you still know quite clearly."

Hu Liena took a deep breath, with a hesitant light in her eyes. After a while, she said, "Because, I know a strong man with the Killing God Realm. These are all she told me, otherwise, why would I be so disgusting? Where to come."

Yang Yi glanced at the cup with the Bloody Mary in her hand, "Disgusting? I think you have adapted well."

Hu Liena wrinkled her eyebrows slightly, and the blood-red light in her eyes was obviously strengthened a bit, "This is not adaptation. Just drinking it will calm my mood and stop being so restless."

"For the sake of telling me about the killing of the gods domain, just to mention you, in this killing city, itself is poisonous. The more you drink this thing, the deeper the poisoning. That is a kind of concealment. Chronic poison in the blood. I dont know what effect it will have after creating Hell Road and leaving here. But I can be sure that this chronic poison should be affected by Hell Road. It took more than a thousand years for eight people to leave here. This is not just the horror of Hell Road itself. I am afraid that this kind of poison has played a big role."

Snap--, the cup fell to the ground, the bright red liquid spilled, Hu Liena's face suddenly became hard to look.

"Poisonous?" She looked at Yang Yi in disbelief.

Yang Yi said faintly: "I have studied it carefully. This poison did not appear in the blood at first, but in the air. Affected by the toxins in the air and stimulated by its own murderous aura, blood is needed to calm the restlessness. , I am afraid you will become addicted. The poison in this blood will be exciting and even stronger. But once the poison is stimulated, I am afraid no one can resist it. You are not deeply poisoned. Stop drinking blood. , There is salvation. If you continue, I am afraid that you will not be my partner in Hell Road, but the person who caused me trouble."

Of course Yang Yi hadn't studied this thing. Yang Yi just had some memories of his previous life. He just remembered that the Bloody Mary in the Killing City seemed to be poisonous.

Telling this to Hu Liena, of course, it wasn't because Yang Yi was grateful to her for telling the murderer domain. From Hu Liena's words, he could hear that the golden generation of Wuhun Palace did not lie to himself, nor did he deceive himself.

Although Yang Yi's strength is relatively strong, the road to **** is obviously not easy. That's why Yang Yi told her about her poisoning.

In this place, there are now no enemies or friends to say, as long as it is good for your survival, you don't hesitate. Everything has to wait until I can leave here.

He took out a pill from the space ring and threw it over. Yang Yi said, "If you can trust me, just eat it. In about three days, you will have some diarrhea and gradually empty the body of toxins. If you don't believe me , Then in Hell Road, we dont need to cooperate anymore. I dont want a time bomb by my side at any time."

That was when Yang Yi left the Star Dou Great Forest and asked the Detox Pill that the Ten Thousand Demon King had taken. Yang Yi was able to live well in the City of Killing and was not harmed by any poison.

Seeing Yang Yi's plain and depressed eyes, Hu Liena took the pill, threw it into the mouth without hesitation, turned and walked outside, while leaving, her last words floated into Yang Yi's ear, "I believe you. Also. Please believe me. Because we all need to leave alive."

Three days later, the killing fields of hell.

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