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Long Chen nodded his head in understanding. Looking down at his feet, he quickly raised his gaze back up and asked, "What are the most powerful cults and sects within the Wind Cloud City?"

Elder Su stood there motionless, then parted his lips while speaking, "In the Wind Cloud City, there are two Cults and two Sects which dominate most of the place. For the two Sects, there are namely our rival, the Wind Bale Sect, along with the Moonlight Sect. Our comprehensive strength is almost equal to each other, although our Sect gain quite an advantage in terms of our disciple's potential."

Saying this, Elder Su cast an obscure glance at Long Chen, and continued to explain, "As for the two Cults, it is the 7 Flowers Cult, and the Eternal Darkness Cult. Unlike the minuscule difference in strength between our Sect and the Wind Bale Sect, the Eternal Darkness Cult largely trumps over the 7 Flowers Cult, but because there is no other Cult remotely close to the 7 Flowers Cult, it is labelled as one of the two main Cults within the city."

And as Elder Su was talking, Long Chen noticed that his eyes had flashed with a complicated gleam when he mentioned the Eternal Darkness Cult, while his expression had slightly tensed up.

This reaction was meagre, but Long Chen had caught this response, and he could not help but think of the Wild Wolf Gangs who were sent by a mysterious power to kill off the Moonlight Sect's disciples.

It was likely that this unknown power was either the 7 Flowers Cult or the Eternal Darkness Cult, and judging from Elder Su's strange reaction when talking about the Eternal Darkness Cult, he roughly figured that the culprit was most likely the Eternal Darkness Cult.

His brows faintly creased up in worry as he thought about this.

And as he was deep in contemplation, Elder Su abruptly spoke up, and the heavy expression on his face swiftly vanished to become one of his usual serious and imposing one.

"Although you are now a Chosen, you have yet to quality under this Young Genius Roll, since your cultivation has not meet up to standard. Those within the Young Genius Roll are at minimum at the 5th Sky Realm, but the difference is that most of them possess the ability to surpass realms to fight."

"I recommend you to raise your cultivation and fight against those within the Heaven's Pride Ranking first so that you can get a gauge of your combat power, before you decide to charge up onto this list. And I must warn you, that anybody who is ranked within this list, must have the sufficient strength to back up their position." Elder Su solemnly warned.

"I can still challenge those from the Heaven's Pride Ranking?" Long Chen cried out in faint surprise.

"All of you all disciples within the same Sect. Why can't you challenge them, if your cultivation is not too far away from them? Even if you no longer need to care about the Heaven's Pride Ranking list, you can at least challenge yourself and get some combat experience." Elder Su said in a matter-of-fact tone.

After saying this, Elder Su turned around, with his legs positioned to leave, when he abruptly recalled something and turned back his head to look at Long Chen, "The Sect Leader has requested for him to tutor you for this time being, so I will visit your courtyard occasionally to give you some guidance. And there is no need to ask when, because all you need to know, is that I will."

Elder Su withdrew his gaze with an elegant flair, and lightly stepping on the air, he leisurely rose up from the ground and floated away from his sight, looking like somebody who is unrestrained by the world.

Yet, Long Chen softly chortled at this sight, and shaking his head, he was planning to walk in the direction of his courtyard, when a voice suddenly rang out and made him halt in his footsteps.

"Junior Brother Long Chen! That Elder just now was eccentric, isn't he?" A youth flew a few meters in front of Long Chen, and following behind him was Feng Xin.

Long Chen lightly chuckled in response as a form of agreement.

"Even though his character is quite weird, you shouldn't underestimate him. He may not look like it, but he is one of the strongest within the Sect, and is especially famed for his talent in sword play." Xiao Tian smilingly said.

"Oh?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise. Then, the surprise quickly faded away as he remembered the instinctive pressure he had sensed from the elder when he was standing close to him.

Then, switching his gaze between Xiao Tian and Feng Xin, his eyes shined with a questioning gleam.

"Haha, Junior Brother Long Chen, I just want to tell you how great that fight you had with that Sky Realm cultivator was. It certainly shocked me, and I would truly want to exchange a few moves with you when your cultivation improves." Xiao Tian gave a soft laugh, while his face was adorned with a warm smile that was void of ill-intent.

"Senior BrotherXiao Tian, what is your cultivation at?" Long Chen straightforwardly asked.

"He is around Rank 20th in the Young Genius Roll." Before Xiao Tian responded, Feng Xin spoke up and interrupted, while giving Xiao Tian a white eye.

"Junior Brother Long Chen, there is no need to mind him. He has an unquenchable thirst for battle, and it is not unusual for to see him going around and challenging people." Feng Xin spoke up in a soft, delicate voice that was soothing to the ears.

"AhI see. Senior Brother Xiao Tian, it looks like you have to wait a while before I would be ready to exchange pointers with you." Long Chen looked at Xiao Tian and commented.

"No worries. I will wait for that day to come." Xiao Tian replied with a wide grin on his face, his white shining teeth prominently displayed.

A short silence reigned after this, and Feng Xin parted her lips while gently suggesting, "Junior Brother Long Chen, since you have only just been promoted to a Chosen, how about you let us Senior Disciples help bring you about?"

Long Chen looked at Feng Xin, then spoke, "Okay."

Feng Xin and Xiao Tian turned around and began to walk around the Chosens region.

"This region is called the Sky View Region, and around 60 Chosens that have gone through a meticulous selection process, live here. There is supposed to be a trial that you were supposed to go through, but I suppose that the higher-ups will disregard that for you."

"Out of this 60 Chosens, there are always that 4 more prominent ones, which are namely, Chen Yu Yang, Chen Yu Tian, Yun Ran, and.Xiao"

Xiao Tian rolled his eyes, "Stop trying to humble yourself, Senior Sister Feng Xin. You clearly know that you are one of them. If not, why would they add a 'Goddess' in front of your name for?"

Feng Xin slightly lowered her head to look at the ground, seemingly embarrassed by this.

It was at this moment, that Long Chen felt that something was wrong.

"If all 4 of you are the best geniuses, then what about Murong Jing from the Murong family, Yang Zun from the Yang family, and Xiao Ran, from the Xiao Family?" He turned his head to look at Feng Xin.

"All 3 of them are in our rival Sect, the Wind Bale Sect. They did this so that it could raise the competition between their family members and serve as motivation to trigger faster rates of improvement." Xiao Tian explained.

Long Chen furrowed his eyebrows in doubt, but did not ask any further.

"I don't know if they told you this, but when you become a Chosen, you can get around 150 Crystals a day. The Sect is rich, and you can see it just by looking around this area." Xiao Tian directly stated.

Long Chen lifted one of his eyebrows. This was a pleasant surprise. After all, just judging from the density and purity of the Qi energy around here, he could feel that there was an obvious difference from the outside, and to maintain this sort of density of Qi energy, a load of crystals must have been spent just simply for this.

This benefit alone is already good enough for him.

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