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Eternal Spring, Singularity.

"You're awake?"

Mu Lin found himself submerged underwater. He sat up and looked around. Different kinds of plants and trees were present; some of the trees glowed, while some sparkled. One look and anyone would know that they were no ordinary trees. Strangely enough, ordinary animals would fly and hop over the trees and in between them. These animals should've long turned into spiritual creatures! At the same time, he felt a very profound and powerful qi slowly refining his body.

Not far from where he was, he saw scenery that would be forever engraved in his mind. It was Yao'er. His eyes lit up; his gaze thoroughly inspected every inch of her body. She had jade-like skin, a thin waist, ample twin peaks, well-rounded buttocks, slender legs, and the face of a goddess. She was the embodiment of perfection.

Yao'er leaned on a rock and plunged her body, hiding her perfect figure. Her snow-white breasts floated up. "Wow, it seemed like the defeat from before didn't affect you the slightest."

Mu Lin didn't hide his erection and strolled his way to Yao'er. The water level was currently at his knees. He thought that his whole body was deeply submerged in the water, but it turned out he was on shallow ground. He surveyed around and found that they're at the border of the spring. He remembered that his body was full of holes, yet they disappeared without leaving scars. What a miraculous place!

"Did you kill Qin Liao?" he asked. His eyes were focused on the pink buds on her floating peaks.

Yao'er stretched her arms, which made her milky breasts quiver. She yawned and stared at him. "I didn't. Do you want me to?"

"No, he didn't do anything wrong. For me, it was a fight, a small battle. But for him, it was something that could possibly change his fate. It was also my fault for not surrendering. I couldn't say anything."

"That's good. I almost zapped him out of existence. He dared harm my master? He's courting death!" She giggled, but on the next second, her countenance turned chilly, and her eyes dulled. "I really wanted to kill him."

Mu Lin felt warm in his heart upon hearing her. To think that she cared deeply for him. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me. It's disgusting."

"I swear I could've won when I had Core Formation pills with me! Even just a tiny bit of spiritual energy"

"I'll be honest with you, Mu Lin. Your first battleit's a fluke," she said.

"What do you mean?" Mu Lin frowned and stopped walking. He was sure that Luo Qiao was no match against him. He deserved that win.

"You won against Luo Qiao because you exhausted him with your arrows; you used a high-grade spirit treasure. Not everyone at your level has that. Of course, you could argue that it's part of your strength. But what happened on your second fight? Qin Liao destroyed you and didn't give you a chance to fight back. Again, you could say that you have no spiritual energy. But he was the same, right? Both of you were exhausted. In fact, his previous fight was much more intense than yours. Not to mention that they have higher cultivation base, it's a miracle that you even won against Luo Qiao."

Mu Lin clenched his hands, but he said nothing.

"Consuming Core Destruction Pills was the safest and the easiest way to breakthrough to the next major realm. And because of that, the spiritual energy reserves that you have were the same as someone at the first level of the Core Formation Stage. So even if you could fight someone whose level were higher than you, you will still lose if you don't know how to manage your spiritual energy reserves."

"You didn't tell me that before."

Yao'er sighed and facepalmed. "Don't tell me that I have to tell you everything? You didn't even inspect your dantian? Your spiritual energy reserves? You think you have an unlimited supply? From my explanation about this method of advancing before, you could've deduced that you know? The energy that was supposed to be stored was used to crack the core. Tell me, where would you get any extra spiritual energy? Nowhere! Because you didn't temper your core to be able to accommodate large amounts of spiritual energy."

She sighed. "Mu Lin, please don't rely on me. I only know so much. Please think for yourself just like how you lived your life in the mortal world."

Seeing that Mu Lin was still silent, she continued: "I see. Was it because you'll reincarnate back here even if you die? Was that why you've become like this? 'If only you had spiritual energy?' You're looking down on them! They are not nobodies! They have their own lives. They have trained for years! And you said that if only you had spiritual energy? Grow up, Mu Lin! Don't disappoint me!"

Mu Lin felt like he woke up from a dream. Indeed, she was right. Although he had trained for two years within the Door Pathway, he's still far from those hardworking people. That's right. He wasn't really a hardworking person. He just happened to have been blessed with an almighty treasure, yet he got too full of himself.

Now that I think about it, there's really nothing special about me.

"The defeat this time was good for you," said Yao'er. "The earlier, the better. This is the cultivation world. Even if you have me and the Singularity, we're all facing threats all the time. Don't underestimate this world, idiot."

After a while of reflecting, Mu Lin broke the silence. "You're right. Thank you for being there for me, Yao'er. I won't disappoint you again."

Yao'er cringed. "Ew, stop that."

"'You only know so much?' But the way you speak it's as if I'm being admonished by an adult! Also, your movement made you even sexier!"

Yao'er glared at him. This bastard even after all that, he immediately recovered. Did he even reflect on this? She snorted and said nothing. It was unknown what she was thinking.

Mu Lin bitterly smiled. "Even though I suffered defeat this time, I have better grasped on my predictive divine ability!"

Yao'er nodded and paused for a bit. She creased her forehead. "Why didn't you activate your foresight ability to predict what will happen in the next three seconds?"


"Did you underestimate your opponent? If you have done that before the fight began, you could've seen your opponent's first move. That's a huge advantage!"

"No, I'm afraid that I would rely too much on it," he explained.

Yao'er crossed her arms over her chest and scoffed, "You're afraid, aren't you? About the side effects?"

"" Mu Lin wore an awkward expression and nodded. "I won't hesitate the next time. So, where are we?"


Mu Lin inwardly rolled his eyes. "Where in the Singularity?"

"Eternal Spring," she answered. Then, Yao'er explained everything about what happened after he fainted. She also told him about the details of this place.

Mu Lin sat by Yao'er's side and leaned on the rock as well. Her skin was smooth and satiny. Some strands of hair on her snow-white neck and lips made her more enchanting. He plunged his hand down the water and hugged her waist.

"You sure know how to talk like an adult," he whispered while his hand moved up before capturing one of her towering breasts.

Yao'er lightly moaned and ignored his perverted hand. She faced him and asked, "Do you hate me?"

Mu Lin was startled by her question. Looking at her flushed celestial face, his heart throbbed rapidly while his hand squeezed hard.


Mu Lin took this chance and bit her jade ear before pulling her into his embrace.

"Ah! Pervert! You lost! No sex!" she screamed, but the tingly yet pleasurable sensation coming from her ear made her weak.

Mu Lin wrapped his arms around her tightly and kissed her. Her supple body was pressed on him. She struggled for a while, but she hugged his neck and kissed him back in the end. The two of them entangled their tongues until they ran out of breath.

It was unknown when it happened, but Mu Lin's hands had already made their way on her buttocks. He looked at her flushed face and said, "That's my answer. Yao'er, do you hate me for disappointing you?"

Yao'er caressed his face and stared at him. Her pretty eyes peered into his soul. She leaned a bit and exhaled a warm breath. "Yes, I hate you. You're a disappointment," she whispered, before initiating another round of entangling.

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