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More than two months have passed since the announcement of the economic development policy. The state of ShenZhou City completely changed. With the advanced technology and the ability of military engineers, construction progress is much faster than a rocket.

The walls were torn down. Making the scenery of ShenZhou city wide open to see the surrounding scenery. And no one in the Great Continent Yan Huang dared to imitate. Even the martial artists had to use the Great Wall as an outpost to deal with threats.

The main concrete road of the city has been expanded to 5 lanes on each side. In the middle of the road, trees have been planted to add shade. And on both sides of the road, street light poles have been installed to illuminate the night.

Only stuck with a large power generation problem Nowadays, insufficient amounts of electricity are produced for military use only to maintain radio performance and functionality. It will have to wait until the power plant is built for electricity to be distributed throughout the city.

Many industrial factories built up rapidly. The number of factories sprang up like a mushroom. The production line went into mass production. Some previously produced Zhao Lingxin distributed at a reasonable price to the people of the city. Wait until the product is large enough, Zhao Lingxin will begin to open up for enterprises to trade freely.

Many trendy products are rapidly gaining popularity in ShenZhou, including soap, toothbrush, mirror, ready-to-wear clothes. Many people line up to buy these items.

Military engineers have concluded to tear down all abandoned houses. Because most of them are wooden structures to accommodate the number of people in the future, a whole new building was planned. Many workers are building three-story buildings that fill all areas of the city.

Water supply and drainage system, Fortunately ShenZhou is rich in copper, and the people of this age are the smallest currency. Zhao Lingxin urgently issued a decree to collect all the copper available to improve the city's water supply system.

ShenZhou City is full of heavy dust from large construction. People are roaming fast to work. The faces of the people were smiling, full of hope for life. There are occasional announcements from the radio.

Ready-made garments are more popular than everything. In the old days, clothing was expensive; it was used as a currency. Zhao Lingxin designed ready-made garments, including pants and shirts, at a price that the public couldn't believe. If people explore the city, ShenZhou is beginning to resemble European towns in the early 1900s. Close to the era of World War 1

Everyone felt a better life than before. In comparison, three months ago, DaZhou City was like hell, Starve, low security. Now is like heaven in the sky. The people praised the Emperor for giving them this peaceful life.

In the hall today there will be a big meeting. All the ministers and the Emperor were all present in unison.

Zhao Lingxin had summoned additional officers from the system to take over the cabinet position. Causing a slight adjustment to the government, Lieutenant Colonel Guo Ling was originally appointed Prime Minister. Minister of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance To lighten the duties A few days ago, there is a decree allowing Major Fang Han Jing to take Minister of Internal Affairs. Lieutenant Colonel Yau Long is the Minister of Finance.

Ministers from all six ministries Came to sit at a round table for a meeting.

Zhao Lingxin, the chairperson, began to speak first.

"Today, our Cabinet has already held positions. To honor and honor the prime minister of the Empire's status, I agree to give the general position to Guo Ling in a particular case. Has anyone objected?"

Guo Ling's military rank was Lieutenant Colonel, which was lower than that of Defense Minister Colonel MaQun. Zhao Lingxin saw that as the Prime Minister of the Empire, there should be more prestige.

The Cabinet agreed to the proposal. The rank of General Guo Ling does not have any authority in the army. For them, it was just a name. In practice, Guo Ling's power was second only to the Emperor. Just adding the name of the general is almost nothing different.

"So everyone is considered to agree."

Zhao Lingxin signed a decree appointing Lieutenant Colonel Guo Ling to the general in a particular case.

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

General Guo Ling sincerely thanked Zhao Lingxin. Even if he was summoned from the system, he was loyal to Zhao Lingxin. But Guo Ling himself was still a human being. He was delighted with the position.

Zhao Lingxin looked at Guo Ling, who had a joyful expression. This was the only thing that Zhao Lingxin could repay him. The Great DaZhou Empire abolished all nobles. Zhao Lingxin could not give the title of noble to anyone. Only a military rank can be awarded at this time.

"Your Majesty, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has found a problem," said Major Fang Han Jing, Minister of Internal Affairs.

"Please speak Fang Han Jing." Zhao Lingxin prepared to listen to the problem.

"The progress of the industrial plant has made significant progress. From the report of the Ministry of Industry, we opened 32 additional factories in two months. But this caused a lot of problems."

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