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Hei Lei Ya is responsible for kidnapping Shanjiao Granny, and Li Zhenxing is in charge of pretending to be an unfair young hero, trying to defeat Hei Lei Ya and rescue Shanjiao.

However, in the process of pursuing it accidentally lost...

However, Black Hoe Thunder Ya did not kill him. Instead, let him come back to report.

"Hand over the recipe of the curry of fate, and I will let this old woman die." Li Zhenxing lay weakly on the ground, blood dripping from the wound on his thigh.

"He also said, don't try to play tricks, he will experiment once and let people go." Li Zhenxing repeated with difficulty: "If you play tricks, he will kill Granny Shanjiao. The time is only seven days, if more than seven days, he will also Tear the ticket."


Xin Zi was stunned!

He didn't expect to encounter such a thing, his mother was kidnapped because of the curry of fate, but he himself did not have the slightest strength.

"Big Brother Xin Zi, don't worry." Li Zhenxing pretended to be Wei Guangzheng and said loudly: "I just didn't check it for a while. When I get well trained, I will fight him again. I will definitely win by then."

Xinzi smiled bitterly: "There are only seven days!"

Hearing this, Li Zhen couldn't help but froze for a moment, as if he just remembered that he had a leg injury, but he was not well-trained in seven days.


Xin Zi's character was very decadent, but she suddenly gave up on this kind of thing...

"I will give him this curry recipe of fate." Xin Zi smiled helplessly: "I'm not familiar with the path. I hope you can help me take another trip."

"Of course!"

Li Zhenxing took the formula and returned to the cave where Black Hoe Thunderya hid, but did not go to Black Hoe Thunderya as agreed. Instead, he found out the flame he bought before and destroyed the entire cave with explosives.

The rock collapsed, let alone the Shinobu, even if the Five Shadows were hit hard, they would not be able to escape death...

A day later, Li Zhenxing used Shi Dun to slowly move away the rocks, turned out Thunder Knife teeth, and left with an inexplicable smile on his face.

There is no distinction between good and evil, the world of spokespersons only talks about rules and strength!

Li Zhenxing likes this world very much, and his story has just begun...

In reality...

After Li Jiexuan hung up his mother's phone, he heated up the cold lunch, and after a simple filling, he turned on the computer and rebuilt a new document with the title and the content.

Li Jiexuan was in trouble when he was just waiting for the code word, but when he needed to name the protagonist...

Still use Li Jiexuan?

Although the name is good, it is both catchy and vulgar. But he was tired and didn't want to end his life again. Even in a virtual life, the feeling is too painful...

Liu Jinxing?

The name jumped into his head.

But as soon as he tapped on the screen, Liu Zhenxing's three words reminded him of that carefree fool, and he couldn't think of any other characters.

It doesnt seem to be very good either, its easy to play, and has a bad personality...

Since it is too tiring to be yourself, being Liu Zhenxing is easy to give away. An interesting name suddenly popped out of Li Jiexuan's head.

"Li Zhenxing!"

Combining the names of the two also seemed to combine the personalities of the two. Li Jiexuan typed the three characters Li Zhenxing on the keyboard, only feeling refreshed.

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