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Everyone healed quickly under the effects of the Spring Breeze Healing Technique.

Chu Kuangren was about to come down to the ground after he cast that technique in mid-air. However, he had a sudden hunch that made him look towards the Ancient Battlefield.

His gaze crossed the sea of clouds and fell onto a white-robed figure that was standing on the Ancient Battlefield’s sand dune.

The white-robed figure was holding a spear. His face was covered with a hideous-looking mask while his deep dark eyes looked at Chu Kuangren.

“The White-Robed General?”

Chu Kuangren frowned slightly as he wondered why he was seeing that person again.

Following that, he saw the White-Robed General struck his spear on the ground and bowed towards him. It seemed like he was either thanking Chu Kuangren or paying his respects to the million now-departed tormented souls.

Chu Kuangren was stunned. ‘What is he doing now?’

Just when Chu Kuangren wanted to ask him some questions, the White-Robed General lifted the spear before his figure disappeared in the sandstorm.

“Is he related to the million-unit Tormented Army? Wait, could he be a citizen of the Tranquil Kingdom?” Chu Kuangren thought.

Since the million-unit Tormented Army was transformed from the Tranquil Kingdom’s troops, could it be that the White-Robed General was a general from the Tranquil Kingdom?

Otherwise, why would he express his gratitude to Chu Kuangren for purifying these one million tormented souls?

The more Chu Kuangren thought about it, the more he felt that it might be possible.

However, there might be some other hidden reasons that he did not know of too. Hence, without thinking any further, he retracted his spiritual power and returned to the ground.

The Horizon Wing Sect Master, Wu Ye, Leng Changkong, and others went up to him.

“Greetings, Sect Leader. I’m the Horizon Wing Sect Master!”

“Greetings, Brother Chu. My name is Wu Ye.”

One by one, the few of them greeted and bowed to him.

Chu Kuangren chuckled. “It’s alright, there’s no need for pleasantries.”

After that, he looked at Leng Changkong who then looked back at him with a bitter smile and said, “Brother Chu, you’ve taken great lengths to hide your identity from me.”

“Changkong, don’t be rude.”

The Horizon Wing Sect Master scolded from the side.

Leng Changkong had come back to his senses too by then. Since his own Sect Master had addressed Chu Kuangren as Sect Leader, it would be impolite for him to address the other party as a fellow Daoist.

His expression turned serious. “Greetings, Sect Leader. I’m Changkong.”

“It’s alright, Brother Leng. You can drop the formalities,” Chu Kuangren replied.

The few of them then went to clean up the battlefield.

The Horizon Wing Sect Master could not hide the sadness in his eyes when he saw the Horizon Wing Sect’s cultivators who had died in battle. “They were all my Horizon Wing Sect’s remarkable children!”

“Please allow me to send them off with a prayer.”

Wu Ye sighed and sat on the ground. A faint Buddhist Light emanated from his body as he started to recite the Buddhist scriptures.

A wave of sanctity and harmonious qi emanated everywhere.

Once the battlefield was cleaned up, Wu Ye went to seek out Chu Kuangren. His eyes were bursting with great interest.

“Brother Chu, are you a Buddhist cultivator?”

“Venerable monk, you must be joking. I’m the Black Heaven Sect Leader, so how can I possibly be a Buddhist cultivator?” Chu Kuangren shook his head and laughed.

“That’s impossible.” Wu Ye shook his head firmly. “If you’re not a Buddhist cultivator, then how do you have that kind of Buddhist Light? I believe that even myself and the Thunder Temple’s Abbott pale in comparison to that Buddhist Light.”

“That’s just a type of technique, so it can’t really prove or explain anything.”

“No Buddhist technique will be able to exert much or even its full power without the support of Buddhism. Since Brother Chu was bathed in Buddhist Light just now, it means that you possess a deep understanding of that Buddhist Technique. For this very reason, I believe Brother Chu’s attainments in Buddhism should be at the top,” Wu Ye said confidently.

Based on that argument, Chu Kuangren was no doubt a Buddhist cultivator!

He was a little speechless.

He had obtained the Tathagata Rebirth Scripture through the Fantasy Roulette, so he never had to learn about Buddhism. After all, the knowledge and insights were directly imprinted into his mind upon retrieving that technique.

However, he did not bother to explain that in detail.

Meanwhile, seeing how silent Chu Kuangren was made Wu Ye more certain that he was a Buddhist cultivator who possessed a vast amount of Buddhist knowledge.

A hint of respect flashed across his eyes as he said, “Brother Chu, I’ve traveled to the Ancient Battlefield because the concentration of rage qi is the densest here. I wanted to release these tormented souls while taking the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into Buddhism by doing so. I’ve been stuck in a bottleneck for many years now, I hope Brother Chu can provide me with some guidance.”

Chu Kuangren was dumbfounded.

Provide guidance?

What kind of guidance could he possibly provide? His only understanding of Buddhism was limited to some famous proverbs, novels, and plays from his past lives.

“You’re too polite, venerable monk. My understanding of Buddhism is very shallow, so I’m not worthy to even speak of it at all. I’m afraid you’ve found the wrong person.”

“There’s no need to be humble, Brother Chu. Please do provide me with your guidance.”

Wu Ye looked at Chu Kuangren excitedly.

He was too eager to break through his current state.

As a dignified monk disciple and also the leader of the younger generation of Buddhist practitioners, Wu Ye had been known as the most intelligent figure in the Thunder Temple for thousands of years.

However, no one knew that his Buddhist attainments had reached a bottleneck and the fact that he could not make any progress troubled him a lot.

He had been trying to find a way to break through his bottleneck in Buddhism for all these years. He had gone through all of Thunder Temple’s Buddhist scriptures so many times that he could almost recite all of them by heart. Despite that, it only had a little effect on him, and he still could not break through his bottleneck.

It was only when he saw Chu Kuangren’s Buddhist Light and the towering golden ancient Buddha statue just now did a flicker of hope ignite within his heart.

He figured that person could perhaps solve his dilemma.

Chu Kuangren had a slight headache when he saw how persistent Wu Ye was.


‘I guess I’ll try to make something up.’

He casually replied, “See through, let go, be free.”

Those mere six words immediately unleashed the depths of Wu Ye’s mind.

“See through”

“Let go”

“Be free”

It may only be six words, but it contained most of Buddhism’s essence.

The mystery and wonders in those words were hard to comprehend even for a monk disciple like Wu Ye. However, he seemed to have grasped something amid that process.

“See through Let go Be free!”

Wu Ye’s expression kept changing as he mumbled on.

‘What should I see through? What should I let go of? How do I be free?’

The more Wu Ye tried to gain insight into those words, the crazier he gradually looked. Even the spiritual energy on his body was fluctuating subconsciously.

“That’s not good, he’s going to go mad.”

Next to him, the Horizon Wing Sect Master suddenly exclaimed.

He could feel his head numbing.

Those six words alone managed to make a monk disciple rack his brains and even show signs of going mad. It was extremely terrifying indeed.

“Why can’t I feel anything at all then?”

A puzzled Leng Changkong asked. Although he heard the six words that Chu Kuangren uttered as well, nothing happened to him.

“You’re different from the monk disciple. Those six words contain countless essences of Buddhism. Since you’re not well-versed in Buddhism, it’s natural for you not to understand the mystery within it. But the monk disciple has been reading Buddhist scriptures since young and has a very high cultivation level in Buddhism. That’s why he ended up like this when he grasped the profound meaning within those six words.”

The Horizon Wing Sect Master explained in a serious tone.

Leng Changkong was confused instead.

To put it in another way, nothing happened to him because he understood too little.

The Horizon Wing Sect Master looked at Chu Kuangren sternly and said to him with his voice trembling, “I can’t believe the Sect Leader’s attainments in Buddhism are so profound. Just the essences of Buddhism in those six words alone were enough to make even a monk disciple struggle.”

“Is it that overwhelming?”

“Your level of understanding is still insufficient, so, naturally, you can’t comprehend anything.”

Leng Changkong’s mouth twitched slightly.

‘That’s great. This is my first time being called stupid and I can’t even refute it.’

“Sect Leader, I’m afraid that the monk disciple will go mad if this goes on. What should we do now?” The Horizon Wing Sect Master asked anxiously.

When he looked to the calmed-faced Chu Kuangren beside him as if nothing had happened, an immense admiration towards him suddenly filled his heart.

‘The Sect Leader is no doubt worthy of his role. He’s so calm even in a situation like this.’

“It appears that I still have much to learn.” The Horizon Wing Sect Master secretly sighed and lamented.

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