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The result of this is that the f35 fighter flies like a headless fly. Fortunately, there is no shielding sound in this light, so that they can still hear some familiar instructions, so that they can fumble and operate, instead of letting the fighter directly. Hit the ground with one head.

But if this goes on, it will definitely be the end of plane destruction and death, without any accidents!

"Speed up, speed up, flee at full speed!!"

The captain roared loudly in the communication, and the panic in his heart broke his defenses. There was nothing in sight in front of him, as if he would collide in the next moment. This feeling of not knowing when he would die is the most terrifying. of.

If it werent for their pilots who had received professional training, they would go crazy when they were shrouded in white light and couldnt see what was in front of them!

You must know that they are now driving a fighter plane at an altitude of several thousand meters, but they suddenly become like blind men. Who can't be afraid?

"Received, increase the horsepower, and escape at full speed!!"

The five pilots who clamored for the bombing of Ise Jingu before, are now sweating in cold sweat and want to flee in panic.

Who would have thought that the worlds most powerful fighter f35 would come to the enemy and launch a round of attacks within a single encounter, and then be forced to flee without even knowing the enemys face or what kind of attack the enemy used. The way is also unclear.

Modern weapons are very strong, but humans who use modern weapons are too weak.

"Isn't it possible that there will be no abilities in the future, and the fighters will not be able to open?"

A pilot thought sadly. They lost their vision just as soon as they were illuminated by the white light. They could no longer make any attacks and could only escape far away.

The only thing that is fortunate is that the speed of the fighters is extremely fast. He doesn't believe that the mirror can shine so far. As long as 30 seconds later, they can escape from this terrible place!

Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds...

The five pilots lived in the cockpit like years, and they couldn't see anything in front of them. Only the flight instruments kept emitting various beeps to let them know that they were still flying normally.

"Something's wrong..." A pilot listened, his expression gradually becoming frightened: "I, how did I hear the speed dial making a warning sound?"

"Yes, I... I heard it too!"

Someone immediately agreed.

This kind of sound is very special. The warning sound will only be emitted when the fighter's speed is too low to maintain normal flight.

However, the speed of the f35 is as high as twice the speed of sound, even if it is cruising at subsonic or double the speed of sound in normal conditions, it will not reduce the speed to make the instrument sound a warning.

Even when some pilots were learning to fly a fighter plane, they even laughed when they knew that the speed dashboard had such an audible warning, saying that if the fighter's speed was reduced by that much, it must be that the engine was broken, and there was no need to warn, just parachute off. .

In fact, this speed warning sound is only a final guarantee: in the case that other instruments are broken, the speed of the fighter can still be monitored to prevent the pilot from not knowing that the current speed of the fighter can no longer maintain the flight.

But now, the pilots of the five fighter jets did not hear any warning sound from any other instruments, only the speed dashboard, which was getting crazier and louder and louder.

"Beep!!! Beep!!!"

The sound of warnings became more and more harsh, and they didn't even have time to think about why, and the fighter's intelligent system automatically issued a cold warning tone.

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1396: Watch Movie Chapter 1397: Ding Hu Xiaomeng Has A Good Impression Of 100 Chapter 1398: Ten Golds Open Together Chapter 1399: Ding Colorful Chapter 1403: Waiting Chapter 1407: Clearance Chapter 1408: Xiaomeng's Trial Chapter 1410: Murderous Intent Chapter 1411: Tekken Chapter 1412: Confess Chapter 1414: Dead Man Chapter 1415: All Killed Chapter 1417: Blockade Chapter 1418: Dense Fog In Downtown Chapter 1419: Firelight Chapter 1420: Ghost Killing Array Chapter 1421: Idiot Chapter 1423: Meteor Fire Chapter 1424: Panic Chapter 1425: Borrowed Chapter 1426: Kill Chapter 1427: Ghost Of The Mist Chapter 1428: Died Chapter 1429: Dead And Alive Alive And Dead Chapter 1430: Dead Again Chapter 1431: Ghost Vs. 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Chapter 1540: Couple In The Cell Chapter 1541: Sorry Mandarin Duck Chapter 1542: Relax Chapter 1543: True Love Chapter 1544: Xiaoqian's Wish Chapter 1546: Ghost Chapter 1548: Action On Chapter 1549: Tied Eyes Chapter 1552: With The Monster Chapter 1554: Sabotage I Like It Part 2 Chapter 1559: Body Changes Chapter 1560: Damn Beast Chapter 1562: Ding High Level Shayang Fire Power Chapter 1563: Return My Spirit Fire Chapter 1567: Generous Rewards Chapter 1568: Ding Pill 400 Chapter 1569: Wu Nong Jiao Chapter 1572: Eat Well Chapter 1574: Lord Monster Help Chapter 1575: Boost Chapter 1576: Go Up Chapter 1579: Call Someone Chapter 1580: I Want A Ton Of Tnt Chapter 1581: Bomb Volcano Chapter 1587: Grace And Revenge Chapter 1588: Consultant Chapter 1589: Desperate Wind And Easy Water Cold Chapter 1590: Wait Chapter 1591: You Are The Master Refiner Chapter 1592: Escape Chapter 1593: Toad Calls Chapter 1598: Stronger Magical Powers Chapter 1599: Excalibur Is Released Chapter 1602: A Series Of Operations Chapter 1603: Escape Chapter 1605: Arrogant Self Driving Tour Part 2 Chapter 1606: Volcano Explosion Chapter 1607: Another Magma Lake Chapter 1608: Retreat Chapter 1610: Terrifying Chapter 1611: I Call You Do You Dare To Agree Chapter 1612: Natal Magic Weapon Miserable Chapter 1614: Carrying The Fairy House Are You Envious? Chapter 1616: Extinguishing Chapter 1617: Successfully Conquered Chapter 1618: Ding Choose The Right One Chapter 1619: New Weapon Chapter 1620: Stare Chapter 1621: Hot Spring Hotel Chapter 1622: Be Lost Chapter 1623: Zhao Tianfeng's Entanglement Chapter 1625: I Went Back Chapter 1626: Very Beautiful Don't Lie To You Chapter 1627: Son Sorry Chapter 1628: Xiaoqian Is A Ghost Chapter 1630: Fairy Skirt Chapter 1631: Nine Wings Nine Magical Powers Chapter 1632: Bare Clothes Chapter 1634: Xiaomeng Is Gone Chapter 1635: Ghost Chapter 1636: Little Girl Who Are You From Chapter 1637: Yoshimi Chapter 1638: Trigger Event Chapter 1639: Order The Horses Dont Dare Not Follow Chapter 1640: Just Know To Eat Chapter 1641: Buddha Statue Chapter 1642: Statue Chanting Buddhist Scriptures Chapter 1643: If I Smell Chapter 1644: Gift Chapter 1645: Black Feather Butterfly Evolution Three Winged Black Feather Butterfly Chapter 1646: Try Again Chapter 1647: Universal Detoxification Pill Chapter 1648: Command Chapter 1649: Violent Chapter 1650: I Am A Courtier Chapter 1651: I Come I Command I Conquer Chapter 1652: Su Muxin's Phone Part 1 Chapter 1653: Su Muxin's Phone Number Part 2 Chapter 1654: Investment Chapter 1655: Su Muxin's Caution Chapter 1656: Survey Chapter 1657: Go Shopping Chapter 1658: Yuwen's House Part 1 Chapter 1659: Yuwen's House Part 2 Chapter 1660: Funeral Invitation Chapter 1663: Great Is An Elder Chapter 1664: Hurry Up Chapter 1665: Serve Tea Chapter 1666: Give You Five Minutes Chapter 1668: So Bold Chapter 1671: A Master Chapter 1673: Child Adult Chapter 1675: If There Is A Crime I Will Kill You Chapter 1676: The Most Distinguished Invitation Chapter 1677: Surname Palace Chapter 1678: Gong Qingyu's Fiance Is Looking For Her Chapter 1679: Uncle Gongjia Chapter 1680: There Is No Pressure To Fight Four Or Five Masters Chapter 1681: Where To Go Chapter 1682: Villa Complex Chapter 1683: Feng Er Chapter 1684: Call Me Miss Zhao Chapter 1685: Mother In Law Taught A Good Daughter Chapter 1688: Miko Chapter 1689: Get Together Chapter 1691: The Lord Is Coming Chapter 1693: Who Dares To Go Further Chapter 1695: Yuwen's House Part 1 Chapter 1700: Crazy Chapter 1701: Self Investment Chapter 1702: Or Like A Fart Chapter 1703: Tough Chapter 1704: Dong Zhao Jian Sheng Chapter 1706: Escape Chapter 1707: Grandmaster Realm Battle Part 1 Chapter 1708: Grand Master Realm Battle Part 2 Chapter 1709: Review Name Chapter 1710: The World Is Stupid And Obsessed Chapter 1711: Dong Zhao Jian Sheng Chapter 1712: A Sword Chapter 1713: Don't Want To Die Chapter 1714: One Can Be A Thousand Army Chapter 1715: People Who Grow Out Chapter 1716: Earth Fire Chapter 1717: Leap Fire Sword Cut Chapter 1718: All Vain Chapter 1719: Pour A Piece Chapter 1721: Six Word Proverbs Chapter 1722: Stick To The Heart Chapter 1724: Victory To Build A Seventh Level Buddha Chapter 1726: Evil Creature Chapter 1727: On Zen Preaching Chapter 1728: Hinayana Saves Oneself Mahayana Saves Others Chapter 1729: Fate Has Not Arrived Chapter 1730: Ask Female Donors To Take Action Chapter 1731: Gunshots Chapter 1733: From The Sky Chapter 1734: The Third Trick Chapter 1735: Fate Has Not Arrived Chapter 1736: Six Character True Word Chapter 1737: Amaterasu Chapter 1739: Welcome Home Chapter 1741: Kodama Cartoon Chapter 1742: I Want To Be A Fairy Chapter 1743: Fairy House Chapter 1745: Exclusive Fairy Emoticon Pack Chapter 1750: Pure And Flawless Eyes Chapter 1751: Three Flames Chapter 1752: I'm Coming Chapter 1753: We Go On A Date Chapter 1754: My Boyfriend Is Also Handsome Chapter 1755: Master Saint Also Has College Entrance Examination Chapter 1757: No Problem With The College Entrance Examination Chapter 1758: Welcome Chairman Li Yun Chapter 1759: Buy A Building Chapter 1760: Our Goal Is To Global Chapter 1761: Stressful Executives Chapter 1762: Why Am I Being Laid Off Chapter 1763: What Happened Chapter 1764: Goodbye Qianhu Chapter 1765: Come To Negotiate Not Fight Chapter 1766: Qian Hu 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Formation Chapter 2429: Be A Good Man In Your Next Life Chapter 2430: The Base Of Six Gates Chapter 2431: Disturb Chapter 2432: Practitioners Never Look Back At The Explosion Chapter 2433: Iron Curse Chapter 2434: Too Stupid Chapter 2435: Mystery Gate Chapter 2436: Mysterious Little Tower Chapter 2437: Gods Chapter 2438: Push Door Chapter 2439: Phantom Chapter 2440: Empress Nuwa Chapter 2441: Wishful Thinking Chapter 2442: Mother Offended Chapter 2443: Makes Sense Chapter 2444: Options To Change The World Chapter 2445: Killing Intent Fluctuation Chapter 2446: Was Found Again Chapter 2447: Hidden In The Gate Of Life And Death Chapter 2448: Meet Wan Faxian Again Chapter 2449: Calculated Chapter 2450: Life And Death Chapter 2451: Furious Chapter 2452: Peng Zi Chapter 2453: Leave Choose Right Chapter 2454: Inner Ghost Baihe Taoist Chapter 2455: Countermeasure Chapter 2456: Secretary Chapter 2457: Qingsheng I Love You Chapter 2458: Carrying Wife Chapter 2459: Cyan Stele Chapter 2460: 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Buy Chapter 2558: Suggest Chapter 2559: Talk Chapter 2560: The Three Rules Of The Li Family Chapter 2562: Leisurely Afternoon Chapter 2563: Open Air Bath Chapter 2564: Enjoy The Big Villa Chapter 2565: Ding The Fairy Pill Chapter 2566: The Identity Of Li Yunzhui's Son In Law Exposed Chapter 2567: Rich Life Chapter 2568: Go Out Again Chapter 2569: Waiting Again Chapter 2570: World Change Chapter 2571: Diseased Beauty Part 1 Chapter 2572: Diseased Beauty Part 2 Chapter 2573: Tang Anxi Chapter 2574: Ability Chapter 2575: Tang Anxi's First Pot Of Gold Chapter 2576: Half A Million A Ticket Chapter 2577: Sorry Chapter 2578: Crazy In Love Chapter 2579: Ability Chapter 2580: Will Not Fail Chapter 2581: Shengpu Zhen Chapter 2582: Familiar Illusion Chapter 2583: Food Stall Chapter 2584: I Ask You Answers Chapter 2585: Tell A Story Chapter 2586: 200 Million Per Trip Chapter 2587: Guide Chapter 2588: 100000 More Accounts Chapter 2590: Ancient City Murals Chapter 2591: Demon Fox Drinking Chapter 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Chapter 2625: You Are Su Daji Chapter 2626: Kicked Su Daji Off Chapter 2627: Talk Shit Chapter 2628: I'm Su Daji Chapter 2629: Sage Ning Has Kind Chapter 2630: The Truth Is Revealed Chapter 2631: Super Bodyguard Chapter 2632: Controversy Chapter 2633: Hahahaha Chapter 2634: Spiritual Upgrade Chapter 2635: I'm Chang'e's Rival In Love Chapter 2636: Ancient Secrets Chapter 2637: Records Of Young Girls Part 1 Chapter 2638: Records Of Young Girls Part 2 Chapter 2639: Messy Chapter 2640: It's Not That The Enemy Doesn't Get Together Chapter 2641: Fire Abilities Chapter 2642: Opportunity Chapter 2643: Apply For A Maid Chapter 2644: Young Girl's Surprise Part 1 Chapter 2645: Young Girl's Surprise Part 2 Chapter 2646: Come Back Home Chapter 2647: Who Is The Lady Chapter 2648: The Little Princess Of Yongning Chapter 2649: Tang Anxi's Identity Revealed Chapter 2650: Ran Away Chapter 2651: Ding Wan Qing Ya Chapter 2652: Demon Incarnation Part 1 Chapter 2653: Demon Incarnation Part 2 Chapter 2654: Ontology And Incarnation Chapter 2655: Bastard Kid Chapter 2656: The Battle Between The Body And The Avatar Chapter 2657: Let Go Of The Sea Of knowledge Chapter 2658: The Goddess Sitting On The Lotus Platform Chapter 2661: Saint Conspiracy Chapter 2662: New Article Chapter 2664: Mingzhu You Have Changed Chapter 2665: Xiao Mingzhu's Stage Chapter 2666: Not Angry Blame Me Chapter 2667: Gong Qingyu And Xiao Mingzhu Part 1 Chapter 2668: Gong Qingyu And Xiao Mingzhu Part 2 Chapter 2669: Who Is The Co Pilot Chapter 2670: Archaeology Chapter 2671: Xiao Mingzhu Chapter 2672: Classical Hanfu School Girl Chapter 2673: University Is Different Chapter 2674: The Profession Of Women Chapter 2675: Pearl Chapter 2676: Counselor Chapter 2677: You Are Wiping The Wall Chapter 2678: Brother Xue Shen Chapter 2679: Good Friend Relationship Chapter 2680: Roommate Chapter 2682: Still A Topic Of Supernatural Beings Chapter 2683: Huang Guanying Chapter 2684: Tiger King Ability Chapter 2685: In Awe Chapter 2686: Me Too Chapter 2687: Ling Zhi Chapter 2688: Changed Chapter 2689: Ding Xiao Mingzhus Favorability Is Increased By 1 Chapter 2690: Big Star Is Coming Chapter 2691: Really Good Chapter 2692: Listen To Me Chapter 2700: Campaign Chapter 2701: Speech Chapter 2702: Dazzling Bright Pearl Chapter 2703: Wanyuan Group Daughter Chapter 2704: Tiger King Ability Chapter 2706: Vote For The Monitor Chapter 2707: The Wall Fell And Everyone Pushed Chapter 2708: My Deputy Monitor Chapter 2711: Shameless Chapter 2712: Future Chapter 2713: Short Meeting On Chapter 2714: Short Meeting Below Chapter 2715: Fallacy Chapter 2716: Three Bedrooms And One Living Room Chapter 2719: Class Group Chapter 2720: Thanks For Xiao Mingzhu Chapter 2721: Military Training On Chapter 2722: Military Training Part 2 Chapter 2725: Giant Monster Chapter 2726: President Of Ability Association Chapter 2727: You Do Not Deserve Chapter 2729: Li Yun's Speech Chapter 2732: Miki Village Chapter 2735: Monster Cannibal Chapter 2736: Go To Chapter 2737: Three Locust Trees Chapter 2738: Ancestral Hall Chapter 2739: A Family Killed Chapter 2740: Lin Youde Chapter 2742: The World Is Changing Too Fast Chapter 2743: Three Dead Chapter 2745: Bad Feeling Chapter 2746: Choice Weird Chapter 2747: Do Evil Part 1 Chapter 2749: Confused Chapter 2750: It's Cold Chapter 2751: Yin Qi Chapter 2752: Night Chapter 2753: Camp Chapter 2754: The Unknown Chapter 2755: No Silver Here Chapter 2756: Problem Occurs Chapter 2757: Scene Top Chapter 2758: Scene Below Chapter 2759: Quarrel Chapter 2760: Excuse Chapter 2761: Confusing Part 1 Chapter 2762: Confusing Part 2 Chapter 2763: Turned Soil Chapter 2764: Missing Person Chapter 2765: Absconding Chapter 2767: Weird Walk Chapter 2769: All Get Rich Chapter 2770: One Million Per Person Chapter 2772: The Person Who Scents Below Chapter 2773: Cursed Chapter 2774: Die Six At A Time Chapter 2775: Strangely Coincidental Chapter 2776: Young Girl's Change Chapter 2777: Dead Again Chapter 2778: Husband And Wife Chapter 2779: Analysis Chapter 2780: Ten Murders Chapter 2782: Nightmare Chapter 2784: Ding Xiao Mingzhu Has A Good Feeling Chapter 2785: Dear Among Friends Chapter 2786: Grotesque Explanation Chapter 2787: Zhou Qiaofang Who Came Back From The Dead Chapter 2788: Show Up Chapter 2789: Reveal The Truth Chapter 2790: Killing Revenge Chapter 2791: Shot Chapter 2792: Relief Chapter 2793: Pure Love Chapter 2794: Fairy Club Chat Chapter 2795: Goodbye Nie Xiaoqian Chapter 2796: Son You Are Here Chapter 2797: Forever And Ever Chapter 2798: Don't Dislike Chapter 2799: Life Experience Chapter 2800: I Don't Join Chapter 2801: Back To Zhonghai City Chapter 2802: Meeting Chapter 2803: Slap Chapter 2804: Faceless Chapter 2805: Go To Bed Early Chapter 2806: Wake Up Chapter 2807: Xiao Mingzhu Is A Green Grass Chapter 2808: Chat Group Chapter 2809: What's Wrong With The Mirror Chapter 2810: Single Dog Chapter 2811: Morning Assembly Chapter 2812: Three Days Off Chapter 2813: The Female Ghosts Have Suffered Chapter 2814: Traverse Chapter 2815: Time And Space Fantasy Chapter 2816: International Students Chapter 2817: Silver Ticket Chapter 2818: Sold Newspapers Chapter 2819: Era Chapter 2820: Hero Forgive Chapter 2821: Wentai Road Chapter 2822: Four Roads Chapter 2823: Long Three Books Chapter 2824: Shencheng Paper Expensive Chapter 2825: Xiangling Book Residence Chapter 2826: Cloth Teacher Chapter 2827: Ten Step Fragrant Dust Raw Socks Chapter 2828: Li Gongzi It's Polite Chapter 2829: Pan Suyi Chapter 2830: Roll Chapter 2831: Big Tone Chapter 2832: I See You Off Chapter 2833: Go Out Chapter 2835: Nonsense Chapter 2836: Go Out Chapter 2837: I Pay 10 Million Chapter 2838: And A True Heart Chapter 2839: Who Dares To Block Chapter 2840: Plain Clothes Are So Beautiful Chapter 2841: Worry About You Chapter 2842: Don't Be Afraid Chapter 2843: Son Is Real Chapter 2844: Mami Tsukiiro Chapter 2845: Three Lives Iii Chapter 2846: Unravel Chapter 2847: Son I'm Not Expensive Chapter 2848: 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