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In the middle of the night, a beautiful girl wandering alone in the street, you can imagine what she will encounter.

Of course, Jestis was stopped by a group of gangsters.

Hong Tu couldn't be more familiar with this scene. In the early days, these enthusiastic human beings provided him with a lot of "start-up funds".

Well, now it's Ultraman's human body, there may be some unfavorable developments.

Just like...

A silver light burst into Jestis's eyes, her figure rose into the sky, and the white light exploded, knocking all the daring gangsters around to the ground.

I don't know if it can be regarded as benevolence, these human beings are just injured, but there is no life worry.

Hong Tu's eyes narrowed slightly, and an interesting smile appeared at the corner of her mouth: "Is it really Ultraman?"

He let out a little breath, and the Ultraman human body in mid-air immediately found his trail, abandoning these human beings, and looked at him.

After confirming his position, he directly flew up, turned over in the air, and landed on the top of the building.

"How do you feel about these few hours of travel to the earth?"

"Humanity should indeed be eliminated."

This is the answer that Jestis saw.

The ugly posture of the humans made Jestis confirm that Dracions decision was correct.

"This is the first time I have heard of Ultraman commenting on the earth and human beings." Hong Tu stood on the edge of the building, looking at the brightly lit city below, "I am a little curious, De La Cion's will must be correct. ?"

Hong Tu is a little curious. Just because of the prediction of a prophet, a planet was sentenced to death instead of trying to change the future.

This makes him feel a little strange. Probably because the Ultramans he has ever met are relatively unbelieving and fighting in order to create a better future. Those who "destroy themselves" and "conform to the destiny" like Jestis are instead See you for the first time.

Jestis did not show much hostility at this time. She looked at the sky with a gleam of red light and said: "Thousands of years ago, I also guarded a planet called Sandros. At that time, that planet. It was also predicted by Delacion as a planet that would threaten the universe."

"I chose to protect Sandros."

Her voice was a little erratic, as if she was immersed in memories.

But then, her tone changed, but she became angry: "However, after thousands of years, San Deros endangered the safety of the universe, just as Delacion had predicted. They made weapons on a large scale. , Continue to invade and destroy other planets. In the end..."

Having said this, Jestis glanced at Hong Tu: "Finally, he was wiped out by the dark stars of the Empire."

The planet that I once believed in and devoted all my energy to protect it became an executioner who wielded a butcher knife at other planets. This incident was a big blow to Jestis.

Especially after more planets were destroyed because of this, Jestis felt more guilty.

Probably for the atonement, she finally stood firm on Delacion's side.

Abandoning redundant feelings, even abandoning the so-called dreams and hopes, just fighting for "justice."

"That's it," Hong Tu nodded, as if she understood, but her focus gradually went off track, "Speaking of which, how about my subordinates?"

Justis looked at Hong Tu indifferently: "What are your subordinates doing, don't you know?"

In fact, Hong Tu has always been walking around his subordinates: "..." Ah, it is probably not difficult to imagine.

"The dark stars under you have already occupied many planets and are still expanding."

"Those dark stars are united, and none of the occupied planets will cause riots."

"Isn't that great?" Hong Tu looked at her with a smile, "Those guys, except for the expansion of the territory, there is nothing wrong with them. At least they are relatively safe and will not take the initiative to lead the war."

"Then you will assimilate all the cosmic people into your puppets, so that you can rule the universe?" Jestis interrupted Hong Tu's words coldly, and the expression on Hong Tu became uncomfortable because of this.

The smile on Hongtu's face stiffened, and gradually faded, and her black eyes gradually dyed red: "So that's what Delacion thinks."

Think that those dark stars assimilated by his dark power are his puppets.

Facing those black eyes, Jestis took a step back subconsciously and assumed a fighting posture.

But Hong Tu just glanced at her, and the red light in her eyes faded cleanly: "Don't worry, I have always been very kind to light. At least I won't get rid of you before the real battle."

But Jestis did not speak, but her guard posture has not changed.

The atmosphere between the two became rigid for a while.

In the end, what broke the deadlock was the rooftop gate that was suddenly pushed aside.

Hong Tu and Jestis turned their heads and saw Musashi panting, and the wind blowing behind Musashi.

Seeing the two confronting each other, Kazufuki Musashi was also surprised.

Hong Tu stepped forward and passed the two of them: "I will leave the rest to you."

After speaking, he patted Musashi on the shoulder, walked down the open rooftop door, and left here.

As for the work of persuasion, let's leave it to Musashi.

Musashi nodded and looked at Jestis firmly.

The wind blowing behind him looked at Hong Tu's back and frowned.

But now is not the time to entangle Hongtu, the most urgent thing is Ultraman Jestis.


In the universe, a huge vortex slowly formed. This vortex was not a space-time vortex, but a strange energy vortex.

The whirlpool of blue and purple whirls slowly, with an indescribable rhythm, as if there is something unknown hidden in it.

Before the vortex, a familiar Gloka mothership emerged from the void, filling the space in front of the vortex in an instant.

Immediately afterwards, there were Giga Ndola ships.

When the last Giga Ndola appeared, there were already six Giga Ndolas in this universe.

Coupled with the thousands of Gloka motherships around, it can be seen that Delacion has attached great importance to Hongtu this time.

Now, there are still four hours before the twenty-four hours set by Delacion.

Humans have also discovered the warships assembled in the universe.

But that amount makes everyone's scalp numb.

Now that mankind can be applied to the warplanes in the universe, it is far from being able to resist these densely packed warships.

They are still exploring the universe, and there are very few spacecraft that can fly out of the earth, let alone fighting?

The humans who had promised to resist before had already given birth to a suffocating despair.

I like Ultraman, I really dont want to rule the world. Please collect it: (wuxiaworld) I really dont want to rule the world. The literature is updated the fastest.

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