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Xiao Fan naturally didn't know the evil god's thoughts, so he stood shoulder to shoulder with Human Emperor?

He never thought about it!

Since practicing, he has only one goal, and that is to live.

He used to think about living by himself, and then helping relatives and friends to survive.

But now, he wanted to take the immortal demon realm's ten thousand flexibility.

As for commanding the ten thousand clan, this is not his goal.

In the sea of time and space, Xiao Fan and the four were walking on the waves, and the powerful spatial tearing force around them acted on them, and their bodies became a little distorted.

The violent pain spread throughout the body, but they dared not relax in the slightest.

The time and space boundary sea is extremely weird, with their strength, they can't fly in the air, they can only walk on the waves against the surface of the sea.

Moreover, those waves are also very strange, as if they contain broken worlds.

Stepping on their feet, a huge suction swept across, as if to drag them into it.

With their strength, they are moving forward as if carrying a universe on their backs.

"Time and space boundary sea? It really deserves its name, such a terrifying power of time and space." Xiao Fan was horrified, and whispered to remind the three godslayers: "Everyone must be careful not to be dragged into by the waves."

The three people of Killing God were extremely solemn, with a trace of sweat oozing out of their foreheads.

They had to admit that they underestimated the time and space boundary.

As they continue to deepen, their feet are getting heavier and heavier, and it is obvious that the suction of the waves is getting stronger and stronger.

They couldn't imagine what terrible consequences would be if they were dragged into the sea of time and space.

Xiao Fan is the easiest one. He has realized the power of time and space, and the impact of the waves of the sea of time and space on him is almost negligible.

At least, at the edge of the sea of time and space.

Time passed, and an hour passed quickly.

Xiao Fan finally realized that something was wrong, the waves around him became bigger and bigger, and time and space became more and more confused.

He couldn't help but glanced at them, but he saw that the three of them were pale, with shocking bloodstains on their bodies, almost drenching their clothes.

Every step the three of them took was extremely strenuous.

In order to catch up with his footsteps, the three of them almost used their strength to feed themselves.

"Be careful." Suddenly, God Killing whispered and grabbed Long Xiao.

Long Xiao's feet were hit by a wave of waves, and huge power enveloped him, trying to drag him into it.

Fortunately, Killing God responded extremely quickly, holding Long Xiao's shoulder with one hand, and dragged him up abruptly.

However, what horrified several people was that Long Xiao's feet were cut off together, **** and terrible.

At this moment, another big wave raged towards the two of them.

If they were hit, the two would have to be swallowed up by the waves.


At the moment of the moment, Xiao Fan appeared next to the two, time and space immortal power blooming, holding up the two of them, avoiding the attack of the waves.

"Boss, we may not be able to walk through this time and space boundary sea." God Killing smiled bitterly.

All along, Killing God has been extremely confident in the face of any enemy.

But today, this sea of time and space makes him a little weak.

Ye Qingcheng and Long Xiao were not much better either. After all, the three of them were only in the realm of Heavenly Kings.

"We came together, no one can fall." Xiao Fan's eyes were firm and he scanned the surroundings from time to time.

To his horror, there was no bounds in the surrounding area, and there was no edge in sight.

As far as the naked eye can be seen, it is dark sea water.

No wonder he was so shocked, you know, when chatting with Cthulhu before, he could see the other end of the sea of time and space at a glance.

Although it is not real, but at least a rough outline can be seen.

But now, let alone seeing the time and space across the sea, even the direction of coming has also been lost.

How is this going?

Xiao Fan's heart was extremely uneasy. Originally, he thought that the time and space boundary sea was just a special sea area.

Now it seemed that the time and space boundary sea was far more terrifying than he thought.

Even he is so strong, not to mention the three Godslayers.

"Palace Master, have you noticed that we seem to have become smaller." Ye Qingcheng suddenly spoke, his expression extremely solemn.

Getting smaller?

Xiao Fan frowned and had to say that he really felt this way.

However, he still shook his head: "It shouldn't be that we have become smaller, but the power of time and space in the sea of time and space is disordered, creating an illusion."

"But even so, it's difficult for us to cross here." Ye Qingcheng took a deep breath, proud as he was, and had never felt helpless at this moment.

After a pause, he added: "However, since Senior Cthulhu allowed us to enter here, it is definitely not for us to die."

Xiao Fan nodded in agreement, and he looked back at the distance.

Although he couldn't see the Cthulhu, what he was certain was that the Cthulhu was definitely watching them.

"Normal methods will definitely not be able to pass this time and space, at least the three of us can't do it except for the boss." God Killing looked at the vast time and space and thought quickly.

"We shouldn't be able to do it." Long Xiao, who had been silent, suddenly said.

As soon as these words came out, the three of Xiao Fan looked at Long Xiao in unison.

Long Xiao pondered for a few breaths, and said, "Our current strength can't pass the sea of time and space, but it doesn't mean that we can't pass."

Xiao Fan's eyes lit up when he heard the words: "You mean, with the help of other means, it should be possible to pass through the sea of time and space?"

Long Xiao nodded: "Not only that, if the three of us can break through the fairy king realm, we should also be able to pass."

"Break through the fairy king realm?" God Killer and Ye Qingcheng exclaimed at the same time, a strange light flashed in their eyes.

They are all quasi-immortal kings, only one step away from the immortal king realm, maybe there is real hope but not necessarily.

However, this is not a good place for cultivation, and they don't have so much time to waste here.

"This matter is set aside for the time being, it is not possible to break through the Immortal King Realm in a short time." Xiao Fan shook his head.

They don't have the blessing of luck now, and they want to hit the fairy king realm. If there is no chance, how easy is it to say?

Speaking of this, Xiao Fan waved his probing hand, and the blood-black bronze coffin of Zhenshi appeared under their feet.

With a bang, the bronze coffin of Zhenshi fell into the sea of time and space, setting off a huge wave.

Strangely, the bronze coffin of Zhenshi actually floated on the surface of the sea.

With a move of Xiao Fan's thoughts, the bronze coffin of Zhenshi quickly grew bigger, like a giant ship, which is as stable as a rock despite the stormy waves.

"Really?" Killing God cried out in surprise, and then the four of them landed firmly on the bronze coffin of the town.

Xiao Fan also breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, his strength alone was not enough if he wanted to cross the sea of time and space.

At least, it is impossible for the three Godslayers to successfully survive on their own.

In the distance, the Evil God and the Evil Sword King saw this scene with a meaningful smile on their faces.

"They are not stupid yet, they can think of this way." Sword Evil King grinned. "This is just the beginning, the good show is yet to come." The Cthulhu said indifferently.

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